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Financial Calculator:features include:-Currency features-exchangerate converter-percent-TIP configurations and calculator-calculateloans-rolling sales tax on the fly-customize your discount ratesand compare savings-wages-fuel cost calculator-mortgage monthlycost using the same formulas the bank do to solve for compoundinterest given the interest rate and length of term.-interest /compound interesttaxes, interest, tips and savings all post resultsin its own mini display. the APPLY button beside the hidden displaywill allow you to merge the cost into your current cost making ittotal cost if you choose to do so.-change feature will make changeof any number you insert displaying a list of all the bills andcoins required to make the displayed amount-Memory features to savea number. Memory feature uses your phones storage to allow you tosave a number over several uses.-Presets button will open hiddensettings for all the values of your function buttons allowing youto change interest, tax rates, fuel costs, wages, etc. -closing thepreset window will automatically save your settings in your phonesstorage allowing your own custom settings to always be ready foryou. This PRO version is 100% Ad-FREE!**Known issues onlaunch**-the auto save feature for presets will automatically lookfor your saved settings upon start up. The first time you startyour calculator, the calculator will look for your saved settingswhich will not be available yet and the default will be establishedinstead.There are cases where the first time a calculator is usedon some phones, the calculator will result in a debugging error.This will not crash again after the first time since the defaultwill save and will continue to work as intended. We are working onresolving this issue.Developer Contact: redsealtest@yahoo.com

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Kodi Guide 2: Advanced 1.0 APK
This is the follow up to the Kodi Guide: FreeTV & movies which walks beginners through all the stages ofsetting up a kodi system.In this guide, I address requested issues such as:-How to help eliminate buffering issues-How to Back up and Restore your system-How to change skins-How to set weather radar for your area-How to create new user profiles-How to create Master Locks to protect settings or content-How to add adult content if you wish to do so**Adult content is at the end of the guide and does not includeany graphic pictures or inappropriate language or explicitpictures. It is merely a simple how to guide pointing at which zipfile to locate in and how to install. Our app is a guide only andcannot access this content or any content for that matter that kodican access.As like the first guide, Kodi Guide 2: Advanced is a simple, likekodi for dummies way of explaining how to use kodi settings usingsimple language and easy to follow pictures.Some of the guide assumes you have installed or used our firstguide and will make references to source files used in the firstguide as well as what we named them.Enjoy!
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Your Handyman helper...right on your phone! Construction CalculatorFREE can calculate numeric values, imperial measurements, degrees,rafters, concrete volume, and so much more! All the operations andconversion buttons you could ever need include:feet to cubicmetrepi radius squaredpercentsquare rootsquaredhypotenusereversehypotenusefeetinchesfractionsconvert (converts displayed numberinto feet & inches)degreespitchspancommon rafterhip/valleyrafterjack raftermiles to kmkm to milesyards to metresmetres toyardscelsius to fahrenheitfahrenheit to celsiuslitres to gallonsgallons to litreskilograms to poundspounds to kilogramsinches tommmm to inchesinches to cmcm toinches+/-radiansinsin-1coscos-1tantan-1abslogFormula'sinclude:-Basic Stair Calculationsin this section you only need toenter the Total Rise of a stair case, and the ideal Tread Run(length)The calculator will calculate the rest for you and give youa list of desired information and results.-Basic RoofCalculationsIn this section you only need to enter the shortestspan of a house and the roofs pitch. Also you can change thedefault 1 foot overhang. Hitting update will result in:commonrafter lengthcommon rafter birdsmouthhip/valley lengthhip/valleybirdsmouth1st jack rafterTotal RiseTotal Run*Details about how tocalculate common rafters can be seen if selected-Basic ConcreteCalculationsThis section is broken into two sub categories:Cylindercalculations or Square/Rectangle calculationsYou input the lengthwidth and height for rectangles in feet and hit update for a resultin both cubic metres and cubic yards. Altering the numbers thenhitting update again without hitting clear first will add the newtotal to the current total. This is for rapid adding of area todetermine concrete volumes.In the event you do not know the valuein feet, there is tiny mm and inches buttons beside each inputboxes. You can input 1 value in mm and hit the mm button toinstantly convert it to feet for you, while placing another valuein inches and hitting the inch button to convert to total feet indecimal format.This program will allow the entry of feet, inch, andmm and convert it all to be feet in decimal format to solve theequations into both cubic metres and cubic yards.-OHM's Law: Inputany two of the Power/Watts, Resistance/OHM's, Current/AMPS, orVoltage to result in the other two required information. Quick andSimple!-Wall Finishes (5 subs) -Paint Calculator -Brick/BlockCalculator -Siding Calculator -Framing Wall Stud Calculator-Drywall/Gypsum Board Calculator-Board Feet & CostcalculatorInput Length, Nominal Width, and Nominal thickness todetermine how much board feet you have or need. Also input thequantity you need and price per BF to figure out the total costs orrequired material!-Bubble Level3-4-5 Calculator - helps figure outwhat the hypotenuse would be of X and Y measurements to determineif you are 90 degree square or not on any given project.-Fractionsbutton: This is an entirely new calculator as a sub menu. This isstrictly for adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing fractionsand whole numbers. There is a show/hide decimal button to convertyour answer into decimal..support: redsealtest@yahoo.com* Upgradetoday for an Ad-Free experience, follow this link to upgrade:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_SleddLine.ConstructionCalculatorPRO
Concrete Calculator FREE! 3 APK
This App allows you to quickly figure out the amount of concreteyou will need in both cubic metres or cubic yards, depending onwhich region you live in and how concrete is ordered.Simply inputyour measurements in feet and the cost per cubic metre then hit theupdate button for the results... its that simple!Don't havemeasurements in feet? no problem! beside each input box there is aninches button and a mm button. Since the program calculates infeet, you can simply enter your dimensions in mm or inches if youwish then hit the mm or inches conversion button beside each inputbox and the program will convert it all for you... no thinkingrequired! Just input your numbers in what ever format you wish andconvert...and done!As for the price, the program calculates basedon cost per cubic metre. But if you live in an area where concreteis ordered by the cubic yard instead, simply enter the cost percubic yard instead and hit the convert button. No matter if itscubic metres or cubic yards, you will get the exact cost of theconcrete you need provided you input the local cost per cubicmetre/yard in your area. Its so simple!For multiple measurements ofarea, simply change the current data you entered and hit updateagain, your current total will not be erased, instead... the newtotal will add to the current total to add concrete on the fly!Justhit the clear button when you want to zero out your numbers for anew project.Example:If you have an L shaped wall, do the area forone of the rectangles first, hit update, then without hitting theclear button, change the dimensions to the second half of the L...the second rectangle and hit update again! The new total willautomatically add to the current total making adding areas quicklyand easily showing you everything you need to know at once!(Running Total Cost, and Total Concrete required in both cubicyards and metres!)Got a round column to measure? No Problem!Thisprogram not only does rectangles, it also measures cylinders usingthe pi radius squared x height formula.Instantly get the resultsyou need for anything from driveways, sidewalks, patios, stairs,cylinders, walls, piers, footings, columns and so much more!Want tocheck your drainage slope? or check level of finished concretework? we got that covered too with the in-App bullseye and bubblelevels for a quick reference!As an added bonus, we have includedfeatures of of Construction Calculator app to bring to you yourvery own construction calculator! Think Calculated Industries got agood calculator? Were not as pretty, but wait till you see whatours can do! Calculator includes 4 pages (lists) of functions toselect from including many many conversion buttons, quick feet tocubic metres conversion button, and all the bells and whistles youcan imagine! Convert any decimal number into feet, inches andfractions with the click of a button! Add, subtract, multiply ordivide feet, inches and fractions with ease! Its all included!Bringthis calculator to your next project, job or estimate for speedyresults!Satisfaction guaranteed!Please leave us some feedback so wecan better shape and develop this app to the growing needs of theconcrete business, or contact us at: redsealtest@yahoo.com
REDSEAL Electrician EXAM Prep 1.0 APK
RED SEAL Exam Practice Questions for Construction Electrician.Mainquiz is 100 randomly selected questions from our database testingyour knowledge as an Electrician preparing to challenge forjourneyman certificate. All questions are multiple choice. 70% isrequired to pass this practice exam.All questions are randomized atthe start of any test so that any time you take an exam, patternswill not be learned on how to answer questions, but ratherencourage you to study and know the actual answer.All answers willbe shown for each question AFTER you submit your answer so that youcan remember and learn the material.Options menu available forindividuals who wish to take a shorter version of the testdepending on the amount of time available they have. Choicesinclude: 75 Questions, 50 Questions, 25 Questions and 10 Questionsfor speed testing. This app was intended to help indivduals who arepreparing to write their final exam within the trade to becomejourneyman. It offers mobile studying so you can constantly quizyour knowledge where ever you go!
RED SEAL Hairstylist EXAM Prep 1.0 APK
100 Multiple Choice Red Seal Prep EXAM questions for HAIRSTYLIST(Cosmetology) Trade.This is a test which you need 70% to pass toresemble the official exam for Journeyman Candidates of theHAIRSTYLIST (Cosmetology) trade.The test will give you 100 randomlyselected questions from our database testing your knowledge withinthe trade. If you do not have time for a full test, with in theoptions menu you can select four smaller versions of 75 questions,50 questions, 25 questions or a real quick: 10 questions. Note:This is NOT a real test and the results to which you score on thistest will not reflect or have any baring on obtaining your officialCertificate of Qualification. This is for study purposes ONLY! Thistest will bring the convenience of being able to study and testyourself anywhere you go. Mobile Studying will keep you skillssharp and exam ready!
Construction Calculator PRO 0 APK
Your Handyman helper...right on your phone! Construction CalculatorPRO can calculate numeric values, imperial measurements, degrees,rafters, concrete volume, stair cuts, board feet, ohms law, and somuch more!All the operations and conversion buttons you could everneed include:feet to cubic metrepi radius squaredpercentsquarerootsquaredhypotenusereverse hypotenusefeetinchesfractionsconvert(converts displayed number into feet &inches)degreespitchspancommon rafterhip/valley rafterjackraftermiles to kmkm to milesyards to metresmetres to yardscelsiusto fahrenheitfahrenheit to celsiuslitres to gallons gallons tolitreskilograms to poundspounds to kilogramsinches to mmmm toinchesinches to cmcm to inches(positive + / negative-)radiansinsin-1coscos-1tantan-1abslogFormula's include:-BasicStair CalculationsEnter the Total Rise of a stair case, and theideal Tread Run (length)The calculator will calculate the rest foryou and give you a list of desired information and results.-BasicRoof CalculationsEnter the shortest span of a house and the roofspitch. Option to change the default 1 foot overhang. Hitting updatewill result in:-common rafter length-common rafterbirdsmouth-hip/valley length-hip/valley birdsmouth-1st jackrafter-Total Rise-Total Run**Details about how to calculate commonrafters can be seen if selected-Basic Concrete CalculationsCylindervolumes or Square/Rectangle volumes:You input the length width andheight for rectangles in feet and hit update for a result in bothcubic metres and cubic yards. Altering the numbers then hittingupdate again without hitting clear first will add the new total tothe current total. This is for rapid adding of area to determineconcrete volumes.In the event you do not know the value in feet,there is tiny mm and inches buttons beside each input boxes. Youcan input 1 value in mm and hit the mm button to instantly convertit to feet for you, while placing another value in inches andhitting the inch button to convert to total feet in decimalformat.This program will allow the entry of feet, inch, and mm andconvert it all to be feet in decimal format to solve the equationsinto both cubic metres and cubic yards.OHM's Law: Input any two ofthe Power/Watts, Resistance/OHM's, Current/AMPS, or Voltage toresult in the other two required information. Quick andSimple!Board Feet & Cost calculatorInput Length, Nominal Width,and Nominal thickness to determine how much board feet you have orneed. Also input the quantity you need and price per BF to figureout the total costs or required material!Wall Finishes: -Sidingcalculator & Cost Estimating -Brick / Block calculator &Cost Estimating -Drywall calculator & Cost Estimating -Paintcalculator & Cost Estimating -Framing wall stud calculator& Cost EstimatingBubble Level-This is both a bubble level andbullseye level for quick and handy checking of a project to see ifit is plumb or level.3-4-5 button:input any two lengths from yourcorner your trying to square 90 degrees. The output will be infractions and decimals for both metric and imperial users. you caneven combine one with the other in the input. Enter a decimalnumber in the X or Y axis slot, and in the other axis you can mixit with a fraction and still get both results in decimal andfractions. This is advanced feature not offered in the freeversion.Fractions button:This is an entirely new calculator as asub menu. This is strictly for adding, subtracting, multiplying ordividing fractions and whole numbers. There is a show/hide decimalbutton to convert your answer into decimal.inputting a decimal toreturn the fraction will be added in a future update.tech:redsealtest@yahoo.com
Kids Games: LilyPAD 10-in-1 4.0 APK
As a parents of 3 kids (13-6-2 years old) my wife and I have beeninvesting in children's educational toys, games, books, programsand watching all the latest cartoons from teletoons, treehouse andDisneyJunior for over a decade. We wanted to create a program thatwe personally think was very specific to helping our youngest learnthe basics of life from colours to numbers to alphabets, to foods,and anything else we could possibly think of....which led us tostart creating this program here for our toddler Lily. This is avery personal and on going project created with special attentionto how Lily reacts to everything we add. The updates will not stop!We are constantly evolving this project.This game here is notthrown together in a studio by a high end gaming company who's solepurpose is branding. We are parents who have tested each learninggame personally with our toddler and did what ever we could tomaintain her attention so that she has fun and giggles without evenrealizing that she is actually learning the basics of life.Theresults have so far proven to be very effective.So, we introduce toyou our very own daughter's personal game that was created for herand named after her. Lily'sPAD includes 10 different learningstyles of very important parts of early childhood development.1-Paint*This is a simple painting program where a child can use theirfingers to select up to 8 different colours and draw on one of 6different canvas's. one Canvas is just a white page for freedrawing, one is a chalkboard, the other 4 are creative fun pictureschildren can scribble on. Also added was a camera button to snapreal pics to scribble on. Our daughter loves this feature!2-MusicInthis program, children can hit different keys of a full screenXylophone to make fun or soothing music. features include recordingand playback modes.3-Numberswe count to 10 flashcard-type but withmore then one way to communicate the idea of numbers to children.Each flashcard has the number on it, the number spelled, balls thatequal the number, hands with the current number of fingers up andmy wife's beautiful voice saying the number. We wanted to cover allways a child absorbs and processes the idea of numbers.4-Alphabetgoforward or back to see each letter one at a time. We learned thruexperience that showing an entire alphabet at once and pointing toeach number is not as effective because childrens eyes wonder toletters or other things that are not the letter your trying toteach. We isolate each letter on its own and again, my wife speaksthe letter as well.5-Animalsso far we added 10 animal flashcardswith funny sound effects. but each animal has tiny info buttons forchildren to push. one which says the type of animal, another thatplays the sound that animal makes. The globe button is not activeyet but we will add world locations eventually for each.6-ShapesItsa match game with random large shapes popping up and 6 shapebuttons on the bottom. The child we hear clapping sound when theyselect the right shape to move on to the next card.7-Colorsthe 3Primary colours and 3 secondary colours each with a button to pickone. a large box of that colour pops up.Historically, colours aretaught in books with shapes and objects. But a red star..saying itsred...whos to say the child does not think the shape of the star iswhat is called red? We eliminate that by being specific with justthe colour..no objects to confuse them.8-Food10 foods listed withvoice speaking what each is.9-Simple mathWe use a math problem,show the number of dots under the question, and the number offingers above the question to help show children how toadd.10-Games menuso far one promo game is added to help withco-ordination time..squish the bugs! bees sting thou! The phoneactually vibrates when a child touches a bee instead. this helpswith early rules, co-ordination, and awareness not to touch bees!
Carpentry Exam FREE! 2 APK
This is a DEMO (free) version of the Carpentry Advantage AppMostfeatures of the paid version are disabled in the free version, andonly the "Full Exam" button will allow you to practice examquestions. In this version only 10 random questions are givenbefore getting the result page, but we do understand that noteveryone wants to pay for apps so we do allow the 10 randomquestions to be generated from our pool of 600+ questions. With thefree version you will have access to all available 600+ questionswithin the paid program. For a limited time...get the FULL app for90% off! Yes, thats right! The Full version is now available forless then 1 dollar for the next 100 customers! Act NOW! (located onour google playstore)-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tolearn about our PAID upgraded version, read on to see itsfeatures:Carpentry Advantage Red Seal readiness app! This app isstacked with loads of exam-ready questions to prepare you for yourexam all broken down to individual categories! Take the Full Examand get 100 randomly generated questions from all of ourcategories, or select 1 of 5 individual categories to isolate yourstudy by where you feel needs improvement. Categories include:Math, Forming, Framing, Interior, and Exterior. Also included is aBonus 110 questions in our Bonus Test! All Tests will tally yourscore on the fly showing you your total with percent. Flick on the"Study Mode" button and when you do any of the exams with thisactive, the answer will be posted below the questions. Allquestions are based on Canadian standards and are equivalent to anyCertificate of Qualification Exam taken across Canada. We do notissue licenses to customers, this is for practice only.Refresh yourwhmis symbols with the whmis button, or take a peek at theinternational crane hand signals for a quick reminder of anysignals you may need to use or remember.Included in appfeatures:Construction Calculator complete with working roofcalculations, and feet,inch, fractions of inch inputs. Fullyfunctional with 4 complete lists of functions to scroll through.Formula button links the user to both roof and stair diagrams withcalculations. Easily solve those nasty tasks quick with thesefunctions! No more scrambling for your calculator or framingsquare!Many conversion buttons included.GPS to jobsite featureallows you in add your jobsite address and check on the GPS map tosee how many minutes away you are. --Powered by Google Maps.Timesheet tracker works like a filing cabinet. Easily store any workingday into your time sheet to track your hours, vacation, and howmuch you made. Just select any date on the Date Picker and you canadd or edit any existing entry already stored.For UnionCarpenter's, the Hour Tracker keeps you informed when your ready togo up another step in your apprenticeship and ready for a raise!Click on the Union icon to get up to date news across theCarpenter's Unions.The Tool list button shows the expected toolsrequired through out your apprenticeship by the time you finish andare ready to become a journeyman. Also included is the Carpenter'sUnion mandatory tool list as used for a check list during theannual provincial apprenticeship contests.The draw feature allowsyou to sketch on a blueprint canvas, or jot a few ideas on thenotepad. Also, a camera button allows you to snap a picture of anyproject and convert the picture to a canvas to sketch on. Anysketches can be saved and reloaded at later times.a Bubble leveland Bullseye level are both included.**All pictures listed are fromthe PAID upgraded version and are available when you upgrade to iton our Google Play Store.launch version:Version 1.0 beta knownissues:--no known issues--issues resolved: