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Find Differences Game is the latest version1.01 on WorxmartTechnologies which is free for every week!Here, Compare two imagesand spot five differences between them. Improve attention skillsand exercise brain while playing this completely FREE arcade gamewith different-different of levels.Use your 5 hints while unable tocomplete level. High quality images, works equally great on phonesand tablets!Spot the difference!

App Information Find Differences

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    Find Differences
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    July 7, 2017
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    Worxmart Technologies
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Find Differences 1.05 APK
Find Differences Game is the latest version1.01 on WorxmartTechnologies which is free for every week!Here, Compare two imagesand spot five differences between them. Improve attention skillsand exercise brain while playing this completely FREE arcade gamewith different-different of levels.Use your 5 hints while unable tocomplete level. High quality images, works equally great on phonesand tablets!Spot the difference!
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