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Enjoy amazing pictures while you find the differences between them.Improve your observation skills and train your brain playing Findthe Differences 300 levels!This free puzzle game won’t let you stopplaying! Are you ready for the challenge? • 300 levels to find thedifferences!• ZOOM for the pictures!• No time limit!• All levelsunlocked• Endless hints to help you out• HD pictures for phones andtabletsFind the Differences 300 levels is a free puzzle game knownas “Find differences”, “Spot the difference” or “Find thedifferences” where you look for differences between two pictures.If you enjoy playing games like Hidden Objects this puzzle game isperfect for you!

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    June 8, 2018
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Find the Differences: Rooms 1.3.7 APK
Do you love playing guess the differences-type mind games? If yes,the free android app Find the Differences: Rooms will tickle yourbrain by offering unique look and find games to play unlimited onyour android device! The puzzle game offers two almost similarpictures on screen and you (the player) have to find thedifferences between these two pictures. Each of the pictures has 5differences and you have to spot them out as fast as you can! Youwill enjoy three hints to survive in the game. If you initiate awrong attempt to spot the difference, you will lose a life. Thisinteresting puzzle game will support you to improve yourconcentration and observation skills: Playing the game is fun andawesome awareness while finding the differences will make yourextra alert for checking details! The app presents:• More than 60funny levels: the app will have more updates at regular basis.• Theapp Find the Differences: Rooms is designed for phones andtablets!• The app presents high quality pictures!Take a look at theinteresting features of this app: it will help you to enjoy the appFind the Differences: Rooms at its best.• Easy to understand userinterface.• The players will get the challenge of finding 5Differences per level.• You can Zoom the pictures.• Enjoy thefacility of large screen: this facility will help you to spot thedifference between two look like pictures with better ease.•Players will get advantage of app integrated helping system fordifficult cases (3 hints per level).• The “what’s the difference”game is totally free to download as well as free for unending playon your android devices!• You can off/on sound, music, vibrationvia setting menu.• You will get your total game performance inSTAT: You can share you score in Facebook and Twitter.Download theapp Find the Differences: Rooms now and start playing with its lookalike pictures for finding the hidden differences. Try to play themind game without using hints: Play without wasting lives, and getto accumulate better score.
4 Pics 1 Word 1.0.6 APK
Are you brainy? Do you like to play brain games such as word gamesand picture puzzles? Introducing Wordbrain: 4 Pics 1 Word. We willdisplay four pictures in this photo puzzle and you have to guessthe word that describe the similarities of all the pics. This is atricky word puzzle and you have to use your brain and knowledge,and sometimes thinking outside the box, to be able to answer allthe questions correctly. This 4 pictures one word is a FREE wordgame so you can have fun without spending a dime. People who arebrainy love to do brain exercises in many forms like playing braingames and word games. Sharpen your intelligence with our 4 pic oneword game. One of the aspects of IQ test is to guess thesimilarities between some things that look different at firstglance. This is the concept that we take when we create our picturegame: 4 pictures one word game. Instead of 4 words, we usephotography to create this picture puzzle. We take four differentpictures which look different but share one common trait. Your jobis to see the similarity and guess the word to get the score. Sincewe use pictures and photo, we prefer to call our game photographyor photo game rather than word puzzle.If you enjoy photography, youwill enjoy our 4 pic one word game. The pictures in our photo gameare high quality and beautiful to look at. It’s a very relaxingword puzzle and entertaining at the same time. Although this is abrain game, we also want our FREE word game to be a relaxingpicture puzzle for everyone. TOP FEATURES OF WORDBRAIN: 4 PICS 1WORD :• FREE word game for everyone. This brain is safe for kidsbecause our picture game contains no inappropriate content.•Challenging picture puzzle. See four pics and guess the word. •Easy game control. Simply tap on the letters to form a word thatdescribe the pictures. • Great high quality images. We get the bestpictures depicting various objects and sights from all over theworld.• Use HINT if you are stuck in this brainy photo puzzle.• 4levels of difficulty: Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard. • Hours andhours of addictive gameplay. HOW TO PLAY WORDBRAIN: 4 PICS 1 WORD?For example: you will see four pictures depicting the beach, ocean,waves, and waterfall. The words should contain 5 letters. You canform the word from the letters we provide. What is the correctanswer to this word puzzle? The correct answer is WATER. Once youtry our 4 pictures one word game, you will get hooked. We all lovechallenging word games and brain games, and this 4 pic one wordgame is one of the best word game to sharpen our mind. When you canguess the word of every level and every question in this picturegame without hint, you really prove yourself as a genius. So,download 4 Pic 1 Word now and enjoy all the excitement and fun ofguessing the correct answer for every level in this game!
4 pics 1 word ~ deluxe 1.0.5 APK
4 pics 1 word is a photo game where you have to find the similaritybetween 4 pictures and write the word with the letters that we giveto you.Do you like beautiful pics? Do you like mental games? Do youlike word games? This is the perfect mental game for you where wecombine words and many, many pics.4 pics 1 word is a thinking game,like these another games : Photo quiz game, 2 pics 1 word, guessthe word, pics and words.Some Features• Totally FREE : We DONT sellnothing in-game, like coins, hints, etc.• Challenging picturepuzzle: See four pics and guess the word. • Easy game control:Simply tap on the letters to form a word that describe thepictures. • Help system: Every certain period of time you candiscover a letter for free.• Clue system: If you get stuck, we canhelp you with a clue to guess the word.• 4 levels of difficulty:Beginner, Easy, Medium, Hard.• Many languages: English, Spanish,Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch.• Repeat option: You canrepeat the level in another language.• No time limit: You can playthe game all time you want.Try our free game 4 pics 1 word fromTANapps, and discover our innovation in games of 4 pics 1 word,like help system, repeat in another language, clue system, and manyothers awesome things.
Find the differences 300 level 1.1.0 APK
Try our find the differences 300 levels and enjoy beautiful imagesin a classic puzzle game, training and relaxing your brain forhours and hours. It's quite similar to the hidden object game.Characteristics: • Up to 300 levels ! • No time limit ! • Alllevels unlocked • 3 free hints per level • Designed for smartphonesand tablets • Great zoom system to help on the search • Amazing HDpictures • On/Off music and sounds (relaxing and beauiful music) •Very easy interface in many different languages • Excellentsave/load system for differences found in non-completed levels Tryour free game find the differences 300 levels, a very exciting andclassic game know as "Spot the differences", "Find thedifferences", "Game Differences", or "Spot it" where you have tofind and spot five hidden differences between two similar pictures.Remember that you have no time limit and you have three hints perlevel for a completely relaxing game.
Find the Differences: Blocks 1.0.8 APK
It is rightly said that regular brain exercise makes humanobservation skill more powerful. Playing with brilliant games is anamusing way to boost brain power, eye for detailing, and minuteobservation skill. The free android game Find the Differences:Blocks is one such comprehensive android game, not onlyentertaining; it is a stress buster, brain stimulant, andchallenging game that keeps its users engrossed for long anddevelops better observation power.How to play the game:The gameplay is simple. Post download the app Find the Differences: blocks,you will find two almost similar pictures of blocks on your screenand you have to find the differences between these two blockpictures. These plastic blocks are of different size and shapeslike avenger models, motorman model or of army models, etc. Thereare at least 5 differences between each of the sets and you have tofind these 5 differences as fast as possible preferably withoutusing any hints. The features:The app Find the Differences: blocksis full of entertaining features. Check the features before youdownload the game and stay amused for long:• More than 50entertaining game levels: the app will offer regular updates to allits users,• The app Find the Differences: blocks is optimized forboth android phones and tablets!• You will get the challenge offinding 5 differences per level,• You can Zoom the image of theplastic blocks for finding dissimilarities with better ease,• Youcan enjoy the leverage of app integrated support system fordifficult cases (3 hints per level),• You will get your total “spotthe difference” game performance in STAT section: You can shareyour score in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter,•You can off/on sound, music, vibration via setting menu accordingto personal discretion.Download the app Find the Differences:blocks and start playing finding the differences game. The mindgame is interesting enough; furthermore you will find itultra-addictive, and playing this game at least 3-4 times a weekwill help you to improve your cognition and observation skill forsure._______________________________________Disclaimer: LEGO its atrademark of The Lego Group, which does not sponsor, authorize orendorse this application. We do not claim in any way the ownershipor the copyright which are property of their respectiveowners.Disclaimer: The Avengers its a trademark of Marvel WorldwideInc. (Marvel Comics), which does not sponsor, authorize or endorsethis application. We do not claim in any way the ownership or thecopyright which are property of their respective owners.
Spot the Differences: Houses 1.2.3 APK
Spot the Differences: Houses is a free android game where theplayers will get to play what’s the difference game unlimited. Inthis “spot it” game, players will get two almost similar pictureson screen and they need to find 5 differences between these twopictures.How to play the game:The free app Spot the Differences:Houses offers a lively search and find difference game where theplayers have to spot the hidden dissimilarities between twopictures. There are at least five differences and players will getthe advantage of using three hints to find these differences. Ifthe users induce a wrong attempt to find the difference in theirgame play, they will lose a life for each wrong attempt. Thisstimulating mind game will help players in improving theircognitive and close observation skills: Playing this search andfind game is full of fun and detecting differences by watching twosimilar pictures offers extra boost to attentiveness.This find thedifferences app presents a bunch of fascinating features: it willsupport the players to enjoy the app Spot the Differences: Housesat its best.• Brilliant user interface: more than 50 funny levelswill keep players engrossed for long,• Players can zoom the snaps:this facility will help them to spot the difference between twolook alike pictures,• Players will enjoy advantage of appintegrated helping system for difficult cases (3 hints per level),•Players can customize the app’s setting: setting is integrated withoff/on facilities of sound, music, vibration.• Players can gettheir game performance summary in STAT: they can share their scoreand delight in social networking sites like Facebook andTwitter.Now it’s your turn! Download the app Spot the Differences:Houses now and start playing with its look alike pictures forfinding the hidden differences. Attempt to play the mind gamewithout using hints: Try playing without wasting lives, and catchhigh score. The app Spot the Differences: Houses is optimized forandroid phones and tablets!
Find differences on minions 1.0.0 APK
Do you love playing find the differences-typemind games? Would you like be a minion and help us in the search?If yes, this free app Find differences on minions will tickle yourbrain by offering unique look and find games to play unlimited onyour android device!The puzzle game offers two almost similar pictures on screen andyou (the player) have to find the differences between these twopictures. Each of the pictures has 5 differences and you have tospot them! You will enjoy three hints to survive in the game. Ifyou initiate a wrong attempt to spot the difference, you will losea life.Some info:• More than 50 funny UNLOCKED levels.• The app Find differences on minions is designed for phones andtablets!• You have no time limit.• The players will get the challenge of finding 5 Differences perlevel.• You have a great zoom system.• Players will get advantage of app integrated helping system fordifficult cases (3 hints per level).• The “what’s the difference” game is totally free to download aswell as free for unending play on your android devices!• You can off/on sound, music, vibration via setting menu.______________________________________Disclaimer: Minions its a trademark of Universal Studios, whichdoes not sponsor, authorize or endorse this application. We do notclaim in any way the ownership or the copyright which are propertyof their respective owners.
Find the differences 150 level 1.0.9 APK
Download Find The Differences 150 Level for FREE and play the mostexciting spot the difference classic puzzle game on your device.The objective of this picture game is to see if you can spot what’sthe difference between two similar images. There are 5 differenceson each pair and you only need to tap on the different parts tomark the spot. Do you think you have what it takes to beat all 150levels of this picture puzzle by yourself? Try this game now andsee if you have the perfect attention to detail and sharp eagleeyes!This picture game is a fun and relaxing game all at once. Weall need a break now and then and there are times when we are inthe mood to play something simple and easy while still challengingenough so we don’t get bored. Find the Differences 150 Levels is anawesome relaxing puzzle. The rule is pretty simple: spot 5differences between 2 similar images to win each level by tappingthe spots on your device. However, you also need to concentrate andfocus to find what’s the difference between the pictures becausethey are very similar. You need sharp eyes to win this picturepuzzle. There is no time limit to this game, so you can take yourtime and find the difference one by one. Find the Differences 150Levels will engage you in fun activity for hours! With 150 levelsyou play, you will have plenty of picture puzzle to play. You canalso replay the levels you like to see if you can spot thedifference faster this time. Enjoy the beautiful images while youare playing and zoom in to see the details if you fail in findingthe hidden differences easily.==========================================FIND THE DIFFERENCES 150LEVELS TOP FEATURES: ==========================================•FREE TO PLAY! Play our spot the difference app anytime and anywhereon your device for FREE.• BEAUTIFUL IMAGES. You will find plenty ofdifferent high quality images in this game that will make findingthe difference more enjoyable.• SIMPLE RULE AND GAMEPLAY. Find 5differences between two similar pictures and tap on the spots tomark them.• HOURS OF FUN. With 150 levels to play we provide youwith hours of entertainment and fun gaming experience. • ZOOMABILITY. If you can’t find the hidden differences easily, don’tforget to zoom in to get better view of the picture puzzle. • NOTIME LIMIT. Our picture game is the perfect relaxing puzzle becauseit does not rush you to find the solutions within a certain timelimit. Take your sweet time finding the 5 differences and justenjoy this game. ==========================================Thispicture puzzle is suitable for kids and adults. Everyone can playthis classic puzzle game because our pictures are suitable for allages. Bored at the office during break time? Want to kill timewhile queuing for your coffee or waiting for the bus? This is aperfect relaxing puzzle to play. There is no commitment, noleveling up, and not even time limit. Our objective is to make youenjoy yourself for a while for FREE. So, what are you waiting for?Try our Find the Difference game now and get hooked in finding theset of 5 differences on each level. Find the Differences 150 Levelsis created by TANapps. We strive to bring the best gamingexperience for our users and we are always trying to improve ourgame. Contact us through our email (email address) if you find anyissue with our app. Please leave a rating and review to show yoursupport for our game.