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Blink and it's gone! Keep track of the Emoji. The object of thisgame is to keep your eye on the cup that hides the Emoji. Once theEmoji is shown, it will be covered by a red cup and mixed. Eachlevel gets faster and more difficult. Perfect time killer for allages! One of the most addictive games on the Play Store. Have funand Good Luck!For all ages. Everyone will have lots of fun playingthis Emoji game.One of the best Emoji games free for kids.Everybodyroundhere saying this game will hit the top chart.If you like Candycrush will love this free game.Age range from 1 - 100 years old.I'mthinking about adding more Emoji's. Please leave suggestions in thecomments.

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    Find The Emoji
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    August 30, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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K53 Test: Learner’s Licence 1.7 APK
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------WATCHTHE APP PREVIEW VIDEO TO SEE HOW ITWORKS----------------------------------------------------------------------------------TheK53 Test App helps you pass your learner’s licence the firsttime.The app includes 255 multiple-choice questions based on thoseasked in the official learner’s test that you will take at thetraffic department. Adapted from The New Official K53 Manual, whichis endorsed by ArriveAlive.co.za and the Justice Project SouthAfrica.Why should you use this App?———————————————* Uses the LATESTAVAILABLE questions* Very similar to the OFFICIAL K53 TEST given bythe traffic department* OVER 250 QUESTIONS from all 3 topics:Vehicle controls, Rules of the Road and Road Signs* RANDOMISEDTESTS — Unlimited number of tests that simulate the officiallearner’s test * REVIEW YOUR ANSWERS and see where you went wrong*Covers LIGHT motor vehicles, HEAVY motor vehicles and MOTORCYCLES*Includes information about the COMPUTERISED learner’s test* LOCALCUSTOMER SUPPORT — We are based in South Africa and can assist youby phone or email
Print Text Messages 4.4 APK
Print Text Messages is the simplest way to transfer SMS messagesfrom your phone to a computer for printing. Simply select thecontact you wish to print text messages from and the app willcollate all the SMS messages from your device into a printablelist.You can then export the copied SMS messages into your chosenapp or web service or you can choose to email the text messagesusing your email client or GMail.Print Text Messages supports avariety of web services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote,Adobe PDF and many others. You can quickly and easily export yourtext messages using any installed service you have.Print TextMessages is useful if you need to print SMS messages for businessor if you need to show evidence of an ex sending your threateningor abusive text messages. If someone is sending you abusive SMSmessages simply select them from the contact list and email thetext messages to your lawyer or print out the text messages topresent to a law enforcement agency.This free version of Print TextMessages only shows the first 12 messages in a text message thread,you can print entire message threads by upgrading within the app.
Print Text Messages (Pro) 4.4 APK
Print Text Messages is the simplest way to transfer SMS messagesfrom your phone to a PDF file for printing. Simply select thecontact you wish to print text messages from and the app willcollate all the SMS messages from your device into a printablelist.You can then export the copied SMS messages into your chosenapp or web service or you can choose to email the text messagesusing your email client or Gmail.Print Text Messages supports CloudPrint so you can print them directly if you have a network printersetup.If you have no printer available you can also generate a PDFof your text messages that can then be sent with a variety of webservices such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Adobe PDF andmany others. You can quickly and easily export your text messagesusing any installed service you have.Print Text Messages is usefulif you need to print SMS messages for business or if you need toshow evidence of someone sending your threatening or abusive textmessages. If someone is sending you abusive SMS messages simplyselect them from the contact list and email the text messages toyour lawyer or print out the text messages to present to a lawenforcement agency.We offer a full money back guarantee if this appdoes not enable you to print your text messages directly from yourphone. Contact us from the link in the app with your device detailsif you have any problems. You can also try out our limited freeversion before choosing to upgrade.
DVLA Road Tax & MOT Check 1.3 APK
Enter your car registration number and make to find out the currentroad tax expiry date and MOT expiry date.You can also carry out anMOT history check, showing details of previous MOTs, including bothpasses and fails.We've now added the option to print or save yourMOT history as a PDF for adding to your car historydocumentation.Road Tax Check - enter your registration number tosee when your current tax expires.MOT Check - Enter yourregistration number to see when your MOT expires.MOT History Check- Enter your registration number to view a history of all of yourcars MOTs. Fails will show the parts it failed on as well asadvisories. The mileage at each MOT is also shown, which is handywhen buying a second hand car.Unlike other apps, all searches arecompletely free courtesy of the new open Gov.uk databasesystem.Contains DVLA public sector information licensed under theOpen Government License v2.0.
Sasol Soogdiere vir Beginners 1.0 APK
Het jy geweet?• 'n Luiperd se stert is so lank soos sy liggaam. •Grondeekhorings fluit hard wanneer hulle bedreig word.• Leeus brulso hard dat hulle van 10 km ver gehoor kan word!Leer meerinteressante feite oor Afrika se diereryk met behulp van die SasolSoogdiere vir Beginners toep.Die toep is handig en maklik om tegebruik, en is 'n ryk bron van inligting oor die mees algemenediere wat jy in die streek sal teëkom – óf in ’n nasionale park ofnaturreservaat, óf op ’n staptoer in die natuur, óf selfs langs diekus. Van die ‘Groot Vyf’ tot die soogdiere wat in die oseaan leef,hierdie toep dek alles.Die toep is hoogs geskik vir beginners sowelas besoekers aan die streek. Dit sluit in pragtige foto's, video'sdiereroepe, kaarte en maklik leesbare teks oor Suider-Afrika senatuurlewe (insluitend die bewaringstatus van elke spesie).Die toepwat hier afgelaai kan word bevat 5 gratis spesiebeskrywings. Dieres van die 41 spesies kan ontsluit word met 'n enkele in-toepaankoop. Die aanvanklike aflaai grootte van die toep is omtrent 140mb, want al 46 spesies word terselfdertyd afgelaai. HOOFKENMERKE•Maklik om te gebruik, navigeer en soek • Bevat 46 spesies• Ongeveer240 foto's• Video's and diereroepe is ingesluit, waar beskikbaar
Bull Horns Panic Button 4.0.2 APK
Allows you to instantly alert your community, security company orthe police to come and help you. As seen on national television.Ideal for use by Community Policing Forums (CPF) and NeighbourhoodWatches in South Africa. Sends your emergency contacts yourlocation by SMS and, if your security company partners with us,they can see your exact location in real-time. You can also add andreceive local crime and suspicious activity reports. This app onlyuses GPS and data when it is open and being used. - in anemergency, your emergency contacts receive an SMS notification withyour location. We (or your security company if they partner withus) can also remotely track your location in real-time, even if youcan't speak or are on the move. - your phone will call theemergency number you selected. - activate the panic with just onepress from your earphones or your Android Wear smart watch (beta).- receive notifications of crimes or suspicious activities near toyou. - easily report crimes and suspicious activities andautomatically notify people in your community. - view crimelocations and hotspots on a map. - allow us to track your locationif you are going into a situation you are nervous about. - recordaudio with one touch (to, for example, record an officialsoliciting a bribe). - upload a "selfie" photo to help the policeor your security company recognise you in an emergency situation. -the app has national emergency numbers of more than 150 countriespre-loaded. - generate data to combat crime. Powered by theIntelligence Bureau South Africa. This SOS app works anywhere inthe world and is free. Help deter crime by utilising the power ofthe community to #crowdfight crime. Please note we do not activelymonitor or respond to panic or follow me activations. Youremergency contacts may or may not do so. If your security companypartners with us they will receive alerts including a link to showyour details and location and they may use this information toactively respond. The performance of third parties (including thepolice and security providers) is out of our control. FrequentlyAsked Questions. Why does the app require all these permissions?Some app users are concerned about the number of permissions theapp requires, which is especially obvious in Android 6(Marshmallow). In general, the app only uses additional permissionswhen the user initiates specific activities where these arerequired. Here are the specific examples of how it uses thepermissions: Contacts - When you add emergency contacts, you canselect them from your existing contacts. Location - When youactivate the panic button or the “Follow Me” button, the app cantell your contacts and security company (if they partner with us)where you are. It is also used when you want to add home locationor location of crime alerts. SMS - When you press the panic buttonit will send an SMS to your emergency contacts showing yourlocation. It will also send SMSes to contacts when you cancel thealert. Phone - To make phone call to your emergency contact whenyou press the panic button. Photos/Media/Files - So you can add aphoto of yourself (at registration) or a crime (when adding analert). The app never does this in the background - you mustinitiate this. Microphone - To record audio when you press the“Record Audio” button only. Data - The main way the app uses datais when you press the panic button or follow me button (to send asmall data alert to the backend database), at registration andadding crime alerts (to save details to the database), to use themap (e.g. to find your home location or crime locations) or to usethe online shop. Identity - So Google Play knows who has downloadedit and so users can access across devices. Device ID and callinformation - Device ID so we can synchronise your app details if,for example, you delete the app and re-install it. Please [email protected] if you have further questions.
Sasol Birds for Beginners 1.0 APK
Please note: The app includes 5 free species accounts. Theremaining 41 species can be unlocked with a single in-app purchase.The size of the app is about 170 mb, as it includes all 46 speciesin the initial download. Did you know?– Great White pelicans canlive for up to 30 years in the wild.– Flamingos are born grey-ishwhite and only turn pink because of the high volume of carotenoidpigments in the crustaceans that they eat.– The Western Barn Owlswallows prey whole, then disgorges the prey’s hair and bones in asmall pellet. Learn these and other interesting facts aboutsouthern Africa’s majestic birdlife with the Sasol Birds forBeginners app. Quick and convenient, this app highlights the birdspecies you are most likely to spot in your neighbourhood, nearwetlands, dams and rivers, or while out in the bush. The app isperfect for beginners, or someone visiting the region for a shortwhile. It includes beautiful photos, videos, bird calls, maps andeasy-to-read information about the species (including theirconservation status). KEY FEATURES • Easy to use, navigate andsearch • Contains 46 species• About 240 images• Videos and birdcalls included where available • Available in Afrikaans as SasolVöels vir Beginners
How Rare Is My Car? 3 APK
Search the DVSA MOT database to find out how rare your car, van orbike is. The perfect app for all petrolheads. Enter yourregistration to find out how many cars are identical to yours basedon make, model, year, colour and engine. You can also search formake, model and year without entering a registration number. Thedata used is updated daily as cars pass MOTs and is provided by theDVSA. It is the same data that is on the V5C logbook for each car.