2.6 / October 28, 2017
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Innovative software that uses the GPS signal to reach a geographiclocation.Shorter you can:1)save a location and retrieve itlater2)know how far you are away from target3)know in whatdirection it is3)take a picture referred geolocated4)forward yourposition with sms5)look target position on the map6) POI's import

App Information FindMyCar

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    October 28, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Travel & Local
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    Via M.Resistenza, 79 60125 Ancona ITALY
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Phone Alcol Test 2.2 APK
Calcola il tasso alcolemico con il tuo cellulare in base alletabelle ministeriali allegate al Decreto del 30 luglio 2008. Altermine del calcolo,in relazione al tasso alcolico teorico, ilprogramma riporta una panoramica delle sensazioni ed abilitàcompromesse nonché delle sanzioni attualmente previste inItalia.Calculates the BAC with your mobile phone according to thetables attached to Ministerial Decree of 30 July 2008.At the end ofthe calculation, in relation to the theoretical alcohol, theprogram provides an overview of impaired sensations and skills aswell as the penalties currently in Italy.
Cryptext 1.5 APK
Register on the phone to secure your passwords or sensitivetext.Save crypted details of login or other sensitive data forlater retrieval if necessary.The data can be seen clearly only withthe key with which they were generated, therefore, you have just toremember ONE ONLY password (the key) to get access to all theothers.The strength element of this application is based on thefact that there is no login to access the list (easily reversible);the data are encrypted directly using the password typed readingplain text of the data depends on the password which is then fedback; If you enter any other password the system does not returnany error, simply it will not be rebuilt and you will not see anytext.The program does not require any permission for access to theInternet so the only chance to make a save backup is to export onthe sd card or transmit the file to another device. The exportedfile will contain the encrypted data, but you can re-import it byentering the correct password.
PhotoGeoTag 3.0 APK
With this application you can take pictures, inserting into themthe geographical location data, and you can send them via email.The Exif data obtained from the GPS receiver, can be incorporatedinto the photos, along with a brief note. If you know thecoordinates, not having the GPS receiver, you can also write byhand the geographical data. Once photos have been geotagged, theycan be sent to a specialized server (eg.flickr.com,picasa.google.com, panoramio.com). These sites are ableto recognize geotagged photos and place them on the mapautomatically, without manual operations. You can keep memories ofthe best places encountered on a trip - in real time - so yourfriends will enjoy with you the most exciting moments. The programis very useful also from the professional point of view. On manyoccasions it is useful to record the geographical position linkedwith an image (eg. real estate sales, technical inspections,accident, etc.).
Phonetic Alphabet 1.7 APK
Tool for the production of words to use to spell phonetically.Youwrite a word and you get a list of characters according to the NATOphonetic alphabet.You can also create and observe the translationof the single Morse character.Finally, you can create and see thetranslation in sign language.
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ZipRSS 1.3 APK
Up to 90% savings to receive RSS news.Innovative software thatallows the reception of RSS feeds at low cost. The applicationconnects to our server and ask for the required feed;The serverobtains the feed at the site that produces it;The server performsthe compression;The feed is sent back and decompressed by phone.
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