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Fingerprint-Lock Screen Prank

You can lock and unlock your phone using your fingerprintonbeautiful door! Get fun with FINGERPRINT LOCK!
Lock screen joke, Laugh with your friends and let them try toopenyour mobile fingerprint.Door Lock Fingerprint is awesome&beautiful lock screen app with fun and will secure & lockyourscreen till the scan count aren't matched with already savedvaluein phone settings. It works like your secret number and youknowonly that number so when you press thumb on the fingerprintscreenit will count how many times scanned and you will removeafter therequired scanned and your phone screen unlocked


- Place your finger on the thumb scanner panel and scanyourfinger print, It starts giving you a beep.
- Remove your finger from the fingerprint sensor when 2 Sound`s(2times BEEP) completes, It will Unlock your phone.
- Your Device will still be locked if it gives you more than2Sound`s (BEEP) or less than 2 Sound`s ( BEEP ).
- You can change Number of sounds (Beep) to unlock your devicefromSettings.
- By default sound is set to 2 times announcement. you cansetNumber of sounds to unlock your phone as per you need. Ifyouchange the Number of sound = 4 , it means that you will havetoscan your thumb till 4 times sound announces to unlock.


- Incredible sound effects at Locking & Unlocking time
- HD Wallpapers and real looking finger prints animation
- Vibrates on Unlocking time
- On screen Digital Clock which shows Date & Time
- On screen Network operator and Battery strength

Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank is a prank, joke or simulate app.

App Information Fingerprint-Lock Screen Prank

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    Fingerprint-Lock Screen Prank
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    August 31, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    J Dee Studio
  • Installs
    5,000 - 10,000
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Fingerprint Lock ScreenIf you lock and unlock your screen by your fingers orthumbimpression then Fingerprint lock screen is the best lockscreenapplication for you. You can show your friends that yourdevicehave the bio metric features and you can lock and unlock yourphoneby fingerprint fancy screen lock. Awesome wallpaper are usedtomake the screen attractive.If you get tired from so many borelockscreens then must try this unique fingerprint lock screenFeatures• Professional looking interface and compatible withalldevices• Option to enable/disable the Fingerprint lock screen• Ever best customization used to satisfy the user likeVibrationcontrol, SoundControl, Scanning Count and awesome wallpaper• New trick to lock and unlock your smartphone• Stylish Interface and easy to use• Stunning HD graphics• Contain sounds and unlocking timeEnjoy this beautiful fingerprrint lock screen app now full freeforyouow to Use• When you will start the Fingerprint Lock Screen Prank Itwillautomatically take you at the setting page where you cancustomizethe vibration, Sounds, Wallpapers and speciallyscanningcounts• You can control lock and unlock by setting number ofscanningcounts. After adjustment memorize the number of scanningcount tounlock your screen• Touch the sensor area of the screen with your fingers and holdit.The icon starts blinking,count the blinks according to yoursettingan release the finger and the finger print screen will beunlocked.Your friends will not now the trick and you can tell themit willscan your finger.Attention•Finger Print Lock application does not actually scanyourfingerprint and smart phone screen cannot be used as abio-metricfingerprint scanner. The trick is that you can changewith a simpletrick the scanning count and your friends will thinkthat you havebuilt a bio-metric scanning app for android to unlockyour device.It’s a great fun for you. Play with your friends andenjoy it free.Please note that this is not a security applicationand lockscreen. Fingerprint lock screen prank is a funny app it isnotpossible to scan your finger with smartphone
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Most entertaining screen lock zipperapplication with Beautiful Fish Aquarium . If you are a fishaquarium lover then you will must like this zipper screen lockunique idea. Enjoy the live fish floating in the aquarium. Mostadvance screen lock ever your tried.If you get bored from screen lock apps then this Aquarium Fish Ziplockscreen is the best application for your entertainment. Cute andfancy Aquarium is now available to decorate your android devicewith zipper screen lock.If you are a aquarium lover then you mustlove this aquarium zipper app. Unzip the cuteness with thisadorable aquarium zipper lock screen. Fish lovers are invited touse this zipper lock screen with unique idea. Aquarium livewallpaper, beautiful, lifelike fish showing on your phonescreen behind the zip, so your phone screen distinctive♥ Lock and unlock your smart phone with Aquarium Fish zipperlockscreenKey Features♥ Beautiful & stylish interface♥ Cute and lovely Fish in the Aquarium♥ Option to enable/disable the Aquarium Fish zip screen lock♥ Next generation graphics♥ Realistic fish floating♥ Original Aquarium♥ User Friendly Aquarium Fish Zip appNote:We will not collect any personal information .Please contact us athighlogix786@gmail.comfor giving your feedback. Don’t forget to rate us