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Alert! The city is in danger! The building is on fire. Who willextinguish the fire? Of course, Hippo and fire patrol are ready forthis! Don’t panic, rescuers are on their way! This time, a funnygame Hippo Fire Patrol is added to the free family games section.Everybody likes cartoons about firefighters and rescue workers. Nowwe have an opportunity not only watch cartoon, but try interestingadventures with our favorite characters. To extinguish the fire isnot as easy as it may seem. This is not a cartoon, where everythinghappens on its’ own. Today, Hippo and fire patrol are waiting foryour help. You need to get to the building on fire as soon aspossible and get some water on your way. Control the truck, avoidobstacles, so that rescuers could arrive right on time. Havingarrived to the place, start rescuing people from a building on fireand extinguish the fire. Remember, it is not a cartoon. A disasterwill happen without your aid. Try our new game from the free familygames series. Hippo and fire patrol is waiting for you! Playtogether with your family members! Have positive emotions togetherwith your kid. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free games willalways make you and your kids happy!

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    Fire Patrol
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    January 14, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Hippo Baby Games for Girls and for Boys
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Funny Talking Phone 1.1.3 APK
Funny game for kids "Hippo. Baby Talking Phone" Interactiveeducational games for baby - "repeater" will entertain the babycheerful voice of Hippo and her friends. To make a call to someonein the phone book you will choose one of the Hippo friends: Cat,Raccoon, Giraffe, Pig or dog and tap on the icon. After selecting acharacter, the talking phone - repeater call him and start talking.Animals will repeat your words that you speak as classicalrepeater. Depending on the character selection talking phone -repeater will change the tone of voice. - Great funny for baby -Fascinating interactive game - Colorful pictures - Funny repeater -Favorite characters Hippo and friends Enjoy the new game Hippo.Baby Talking Phone.
Kids Circus with Hippo 1.0.9 APK
Hippo and her friends decided to play a kids circus. It's so funnyand exciting!What a great idea to play in the circus, Mommy Hippofound necessary items without which it would be impossible to makethe present submission. To do this, a lot of things do not need.Apportion the items that may be needed for the performance. Whenyou cope with these easy task - you can start playing! The gamewill have a lot of favorite characters Hippo and her friends.Youcan choice whose performances you want see: Dog, Elephant, Raccoonor Giraffe. And even take part in the presentation!Elephant canjuggle balls, help her catch a 3 ball, and then she will be able toshow their performance. Dog - Strongmen can lift heavy objects aredifferent, try to give him some object. All kids love to look likea circus act funny clowns! Giraffe - The Clown can entertain withthe help of different objects that are on the scene, try to givehim different things and see what he will do with it. Raccoon -Make-Up Artist, she can decorate anyone, it is so much fun, chooseyour character and try on a variety of subjects and you have ahappy clown. And what will make Hippo? It will be the inspector ofthe kids circus (Shprehshtalmeyster), it is the most importantthing!Kids Circus this is a clown who amuses children and jugglersand athletes that hit his strength.Enjoy new game with Hippo!!!
Hippo’s Mini Games 1.2.5 APK
New educational family mini-games with Hippo and her friends! Thisgame contains of 7 educational mini-games: 1 - Connect the Dots.There is Hippo or one of her friends on the screen and then theydisappear, a player needs to repeat the shape of the image, connectall stars. When the task is done, you will see a new picture. 2 -Coloring. A colored cartoon character appears for some time andthen it becomes black and white. You need to color the cartooncharacter as it looked before. If in the course of the game youhave any difficulties, use the hint, click this button "?" 3 -Mixing colors. Hippo has a paint of some particular color, help herto create the exactly same color. You must mix colors. Addadditional paint in an empty bucket, mix colors and look what coloryou get. Fascinating educational family mini-game, where playerlearns to create the desired color by mixing different paints. 4 -Pairs. The classical game of "Pairs". Game rules are very simple:There are some pictures shown for a while and then the picturesappear not in the correct order, your task is to open two identicalimages. After that, they will disappear. You need to find allpairs. With each level complexity of the game increases. 5 -Mosaic. There is an image shown on the screen, which disappears amoment later. Player must repeat the pattern, collect it fromcolored mosaics. For tips, click the button "?" 6 - Picturescratch. Picture Scratch is a game for all the ages. There is ahidden image on the screen with one of the Hippo Peppa friends, theplayer need to scratch the layer that covers it. 7 - PuzzlesAssociations. Logical family game. The player needs to put thepictures in the correct order using intuition of associations.There are 3 types of the game available: Put the pictures togetherdue to colors, patterns or figures. The game is very interesting,although it is more difficult than others. 8 - 3D Puzzles. Collectexciting 3D puzzles that consist of 3D blocks. Rotate the blocks indifferent directions so that to obtain the desired picture. 9 -Merry tunes. Musical games for all the ages. In this mini gameplayer needs to collect the classic tunes from the smallersegments. There are different parts of the melodies located on thescreen. Listen to each part separately and put together a famousmelody. At the beginning of the game there are 3 mini-gamesavailable, you get 10 coins for every completed task. To open the4th game, player should gather 100 coins, 5th - 150 Coins, 6th -200 coins, 7th - 300 coins etc. All mini-games contain Hippo andher friends. Cheerful atmosphere and good mood for you areprovided. Enjoy the new game "Hippo. Family mini-games".
Fishing: Catch fish 1.2.2 APK
Today free family games for boys and girls are renewed with a newexciting game! Our beloved Hippo starts her new adventure. She goesfishing with her father. Have your rods, traits, sit into the boatand funny fishing is waiting for you! Hippo didn't even know thatfishing could be so interesting and exciting. She tries a lot, butDaddy Hippo doesn't need all fishes. This is not just a funnyfishing, Daddy Hippo has an order from Mommy Hippo, and he needs toperform it in a limited period of time. Mommy Hippo is waiting forguests and she needs to manage to cook dishes. Daddy Hippo needshelp. Will he manage to do this? Of course he will! Hippo will helphim by catching fishes! Try to catch correct fishes from thevariety of sea citizens. It is not as simple as it may seem. Otherfishes and all the possible trash floating in the water willdisturb you from the main trash. But of course you will manage!What's more, our funny fishing will bring happiness and will bereally useful. To become a successful fisherman, you need to trainyour eyes and fingers. Learn how to catch fish professionally! Itis simple and funny! Especially when Hippo help you. Have a greatadventure! You will definitely like our funny fishing. Our freefamily games for boys and girls are always ready to help you spendyour free time funny and usefully.
Snowboard racing: Sport games 1.0.6 APK
Winter holidays, snow, mountains. This is a great opportunity totry snowboarding. Hippo adores winter sports. A variety of tracks,interesting assignments, tricks, jumps, all this awaits you in thenew game Hippo Snowboarding!The game contains two modes:Arcade gamemode has 20 exciting levels. In this mode, you need not onlysnowboard but also collect animals that were lost. Each level has avariety of jumps. Also there are dangers that should be avoided inits path. In each level you have 3 lives. Try not to makemistakes.Free Ride. In this mode of the game you need to drive asfar as possible on a snowboard and gather as many points as youcan. The game is limited in time, but you can get additional timeby gathering alarm clocks. Perform tricks and get extra points. Ifyou gather up a large number of stars, you get an extra life.Simpleand intuitive control. Each game mode has a training mode forbeginners.- 2 game modes;- 20 exciting levels;- Winter sports;-Training mode;- A variety of tricks;- Family Snowboarding;-Realistic physics;- Funny and beloved Hippo.Winter holidays,snowboarding is a lot of fun, especially with Hippo! Complete allthe levels and get the maximum number of stars!
City car racing 1.1.9 APK
Funny racing game with Hippo. Hippo sat in her fast car and startedher adventure. Steer around obstacles that will meet on your way,car traffic, logs scattered along the road, the puddles and otherobstacles. On her way Hippo rides not alone, but with other cars,she needs to go around or overtake them. Help Hippo move safelywhile driving in the car, overcome car traffic and try not get intoan accident. Control: To control the car use the gyroscope. To turnright, tilt the device to the right side. To turn left, tilt thedevice to the left side. To speed up, you need to press the pedal""Speed ​​Up"". To slow down, press ""Speed ​​Down"". - Funny Hippoheroes and her friends - Ideal for boys and girls - Family racinggame - Development of fine motor skills of hands, attention anddiligence - Road traffic with funny animals - Various cars -Colorful pictures Enjoy a new family game for boys and for girls"Hippo. Car racing".
Train: Play word game 1.1.3 APK
Free educational family games for boys and girls are replenishedwith a remarkable novelty. Our favorite Hippo is a driver of afunny train, and different animals and all kinds of fruits aresitting in this train. And today, we will learn a lot of new andinteresting words. Learn word with fun! Hippo and her funny trainwill help you.Hurry up, our train start its adventure! And Hippoinvites you to the world of positive emotions and interestingadventure. Nice music and colorful design will carry you away andwill make the process of exploring the world around them anexciting game. Like all educational games, our funny train willbring not only joy, but also a great benefit. Together with ourHippo, we not only learn the words, but also learn what horse orchicken eat. The player will look and remember, how horse, lion andother animals look like. And, of course, in our game there will beall kinds of fruits. Are you ready for an adventure? Then let's go!Today, we will learn new words together with Hippo.Try our newproduct in a series of family games. Have a lot of ​​positiveemotions! Hippo is waiting for you! Today we learn words with ourfavorite Hippo. Stay tuned and stay with us. Our free educationalgames for all the ages will always make you happy!