Experience driving the most advanced firefighter truck with dualdriving controls and start saving lives in modern fire engine truckdriving school. You’re part of quick emergency response 911 rescueservice, so get ready to respond in case of fire emergencysimulation in modern city sandbox simulator game. Play Fire TruckDriving School: 911 Emergency Response Simulator and maneuvermodern fire truck using dual controls & save innocent lives asfireman rescue hero. Introducing for the very first time americanfirefighting truck with dual controls to drive fire engine fromfront and rear wheels. Grab your firemen rescue gear and stay alertto respond fire emergency when the bell rings in rescue firestation. 1st TIME EVER!!! DUAL DRIVING CHALLENGE Introducing uniquetruck parking challenges using two steering wheels at one time.Drive through checkpoints to reach emergency situation or play thefree roam mode. Steer rear wheel for sharp turns and drive thrucity traffic in speed. Drive rescue fire truck and become expertdriver in real emergency simulation. QUICK EMERGENCY RESPONSEAmerican firefighter hero rescue people (and animals) fromdangerous situations such as vehicle accidents, skyscraperstructural collapses and burning fire. Test your americanFirefighter skills and save the metro city from disaster. It's yourduty to help the 911 rescue squad to extinguish fires and rescuecivilians. Turn on the rescue vehicle siren and drive americanfirefighter truck to reach the fire emergency place at minimumpossible time. Experience fire emergencies like you've never seenbefore as you battle to extinguish fire due to fireworks beforeit's too late! Get enrolled in fire truck driving school, take onamerican firefighter missions to rescue civilians by extinguishingfires throughout the metro city. Start your firefighting trainingand play role of fire trucks driver to put out bigger flames incity rescue firefighter games. Become emergency rescue driver andwork in fire station to save innocent citizens in fire truck games.MODERN FIREFIGHTER TRUCK The ladder on the truck is raised andlowered using a hydraulic piston rod operated from rescue fireengine. This 911 rescue firefighter truck also has specializedequipment for forcible entry, ventilation & fire and cityrescue tasks. American firefighter are equipped with a wide varietyof equipment that include: ladder trucks, pumper trucks, tankertrucks, firehose, and fire extinguishers. Jump into your rescue 911truck and drive towards the target location to put out fireworks.Climb up the ladder truck, grab firehose to extinguish the burningflames and prove yourself as firefighter hero. Fire Truck DrivingSchool: 911 Emergency Response Game Features: 🚒 Challenging firetruck driving and firefighter rescue missions 🚒 First ever dualcontrols gameplay for seamless fire truck driving 🚒 Play freeroaming mode for unlimited fun parking test 🚒 Realistic smoke andfire hose to spray water on burning flames 🚒 Amazing fire trucksounds & city ambulance rescue sirens Download the lastest FireTruck Driving School: 911 Emergency Response Simulator Sandbox gamenow for FREE!

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    Fire Truck Driving School: 911 Emergency Response
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    March 21, 2019
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Wacky Studios -Parking, Racing & Talking 3D Games
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    Arfa Software Technology Park Ferozepur Road Lahore.
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Transport Truck: Wild Animals 1.1 APK
Here comes a wild new entry in Animal transport games and it's allset to take you on an adventure ride. This is no tame animaltransport simulator for the weak-kneed people. For the lion heartedones , a new chapter in truck transporter games, Transport truck :wild animals , is here. Farmyard cattle and livestock like sheepand cows are easy to handle but moving lions, tigers, elephants isno mean feat at all and that's exactly what you will be doing inTransport Truck: Wild animals 3D simulation game. No ordinarycattle transporter truck will do for this job. You have a properheavy goods vehicle for moving these feral creatures. Gameplay:• Inthis wild truck transporter game you will act as a cargo truckdriver delivering undomesticated and dangerous beasts to the cityzoo. These wild beasts have come to the town from variouscontinents and they should be transported safely to the city zoo. •You are the delivery driver assigned with this daunting job as thisis no livestock control you are handling. It's the untamed lot likethe King of the jungle itself. These ferocious creatures demand youto be vigilant and careful . You must have a yen for thrill andexcitement to take on this duty. • First of all you need to loadthe beasts onto your cargo transport vehicle . Be careful as not toget in their way and move them into the trailer.• Now, get behindthe wheels which you will handle manually using the steering andother controllers . And while moving the animals , you must do itin a way that won't cause them any injury or harm. Your duty is toensure their safe and sound delivery to the city zoo. • Afterdelivering the cargo to the city zoo, you must park your trailer inthe pre-defined parking area . Only when you have parked thevehicle, a level will be completed. The challenge must be completedwithin the given time. • You can enjoy the both , a beautiful cityenvironment and a forest type environment in this game which willmake your driving experience more real. You have definitely notplayed a simulator such as this before. It's your time to displaysome courage ,bravery and responsibility required to operate thisheavy trailer loaded with a wild cargo. If you are ready to take onthis adventurous job, download this simulator instantly and enjoythe life of a wild animal transporter.Features: -Three dimensionalreal world environment- Attractive and user friendly graphics-Touch controls, steering, race and brake- Amazing sound effects.Funfilled animals movement levels and missions
Bank Robbery Grand Theft City 1.6 APK
Bank Robbery Grand Theft City is an ultimate escape route togetaway from Police arrest. Enjoy the thrill of a car racer andCity bank crime in one game play. Be the cunning Bank robber in thecrime town and stay siren alert while robbing. Steal money withinthe time limit. Drive fast and manage easy escape from the Policechase in open city environment. Boost your driving skills throughyour well planned getaway from Cops..The best police chase game ishere. Experience new hiest and advanced driving controls. Play thisnewest Grand Theft game and plot your runaway from aggressivecops.Robbery job here is very challenging. Robber will drive car tothe city bank. For the time limit robbers can disable cameras andsecurity alarms. If security alarms are not turn off, robber willget arrest. Thief will rob money on gun point from the people andcashier. Stay siren alert during this Bank Theft crime. Rush inyour car and getaway from the police arrest. Cops will keep onchasing you. Only speeding the drive can save you from gettingarrest. Your driving skills can help you to rush towards safedestination. Drive car to the marked destination and get away fromchasing cops. Finally robber will manage to successfully escapefrom chasing police and Mission Complete!Enjoy thrilling escapemissions and getaway from the crime alert army.Features:10 Levelswith real 3D city environmentMultiple getaway carsNewest heist andunique escape missionsSmooth car driving controlsAmazing HDgraphics 
Drive Thru Supermarket: Shopping Mall Car Driving 1.9 APK
Play the first ever future car shopping experience with the newestDrive Thru Supermarket 3D. Drive car through the supermarket, shopin the modern drive through shopping mall. Park cars in front ofthe grocery shelves and pick up items you want to shop atsupermarket. Have fun Shop-in with the most comfortable andconvenient buying experience. Driving at drive thru supermarket isexciting as well as challenging. Driving vehicles inside theshopping mall need high precision. Be careful while driving andparking car near shelves. Avoid hitting stands and other parkedcars at the mall. Park backwords and stop at the right position.Spend some fun hours at shopping and reach the cash registercounter for payment. Follow the signals inside city supermarket.Reverse cars meticulously to avoid crashing and smashing. Flyingcar at super speed inside the mart will be a great trouble. Thecity police will arrest you for causing chaos in the super market.Buy clothes, shoes, grocery etc without getting out of your car. Bea pro car driver: Sit in your luxurious cars and just order up. Paybill at the cash register and move vehicle out of the citysupermarket. For amazing modern shopping Download free Drive ThruSupermarket 3D Sim best driving simulation game.
Mountain Crane Mining Truck 1.0.3 APK
Mountain Crane mining truck is here! Do some mining jobs; Startyour best excavator crane simulator game. Control, steer, drivemultiple heavy machines at mountains. Use different mining tools toget it done. Operate heavy excavator crane, move stone crusher nearStones, drill down machinery at hill top. Handling mining equipmentis challenging. Specially driving excavator crane through sharptwists of mountain highway is risky. Enjoy thrilling mine drillingand extreme excavator driving in single gameplay.Get ready toexperience the real mining environment. Bring mining equipment fromworkshop to the tunnel and park the heavy machinery there. You’llbe working with real mining tools in this gameplay. Explosives anddynamite are not available so get armed with the stone crusher anddrill machine. Cutting rocks to crush them into stones is yourfirst job. Excavate rubble, transport it out of tunnel through minetrolley and load it into dump truck. Sit behind the steering wheelof mining dump truck and extreme drive on offroad mountain highway.Offroad driving to hill town is extreme risky. Face the challengeof driving loaded truck in high traffic hill road. Dump all thedumping material at target destination. Drive back safely and parkvehicle at the tunnel.Done with road construction and bridgebuilding job? Work as cargo transporter. Transport mining equipmentto target location. Play extreme driver role and drive loadeddumpster on mountain highway. Step into a shoe of mine worker. Grabthe stone cutter and drill machine. Cut rocks, drill stones,excavate debris. Be the best excavator crane operator. Enjoy thethrill of operating heavy excavator simulator.Features:Real mineenvironment10 levels with unique mining missionsMultiple tasks ofdriving and parking cranesAdded Stone crushing and garbage dumpingmissions 
Bus Driver 3D Simulator: City Bus Driving School 2.3 APK
You’re a bus driver and drive this passenger pick up big city bus.This is a super cool funky parking 3d simulation game. Start yourbig city bus engine, shift the gear, press race pedal to drive yourpassenger pick up bus from one destination to next checkpoint. Parkyour public transport bus within given time.Being a duty driver youneed to drop the city passengers well on time. You need to hurry upand perform your duty as perfect as possible. Duty Bus Driver needsto be vigilant because the traffic cop is watching the traffic. Begentle and obey city traffic rules!Features:2 new big city busesready to unlockBe king of the street with internalview.Transportation car chauffeur 3d challenging and outstandingenvironment.Clock is ticking so drop the passengers on time.Extremeprecision 3d simulator.Great dynamic game play.Superb soundeffects.Amazing 3d graphics.Leader boardTop of the line and theBest Bus driver parking game on Google Play with Over 5,000,000Downloads. 46 times featured in top 50 apps on Google Play in allthe apps around the world. Thank you guys for loving this game somuch.
Construction Crane City Drive 1.0 APK
The newest offroad construction simulator ishere and the job of a site worker is up for grabs. Step into theshoes of a constructor and operate multiple heavy machinery. Theconstruction site is active and we need a skillful excavator craneoperator. Drive the dumper truck and pave your way through the siteusing bulldozer and a steam roller.Building skyscrapers has multiple steps and you will control allthe mega construction machines. City construction and road buildingstarts with driving a crawler bulldozer to push mud and dirt. Sitbehind the steering wheel of a bulldozer and gather all the mud andbuilding material. Use digger excavator crane to lift the mud intothe dumper truck. Drive the dumper to the location and unload thebuilding material. Control the steam roller to pave and flatten theasphalt road surface.Show off your crane operator skills and drive all these heavyvehicles carefully around the construction site. Avoid anycollision and damage to your equipment. Be the best trucker driverand do your duty of transporting building material. You have donebridge construction and worked on an offroad quarry site, now bethe constructor machines driver.Features:* 10 levels of constructor challenges* Multiple heavy equipment included* Realistic building site environment* Excavator crane parking added*Control giant road roller and bulldozer