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Installing beautiful fireplaces in homes remain to be popular amonghomeowners who are into remodeling or construction of new ones.There is something magical in the structure of fireplaces. They canmake a home cozy and warm. When it comes to fireplace designs,there are a lot of choices available. You need to consider manythings before making the final decision. Your budget range willdetermine how simple or elaborate the design of the fireplace canbe. Where you intend to put it, the space available and theappropriate size are also important factors. The fuel you intend touse, natural wood, gas, propane or electricity can also affect theproject cost and determine the kind of design.For your fireplacedesigns, you can visit many online websites. There you will findphotos and videos of different brands, types, and styles offireplaces, its accessories, tools, and accents. You will be ableto compare their features and prices. Based on your search, youwill be able to formulate a plan whether to customize your owndesign or to order prefabricated units. Additional sources forfireplace design ideas are magazines, construction books,manufacturer's show room and home improvement stores. You can alsovisit houses with fireplaces of your friends and neighbors.Oneelegant but pricey type is a marble designed fireplace. It canblend in any type of setting. There are many styles, color andshades. You can incorporate it with the traditional wooden burningfireplace. It can be customized with classic hand carved designsfor the fireplace mantel or frame to create a unique anddistinctive look. A marble designed fireplace can fit the livingroom, bedroom, dining room, den, outdoor garden or patio.Anotherpopular design is the portable free standing fireplace. Thisunconventional design can project a modern look and cozy ambianceto blend with your other interior furnishings. This suspendeddesign can be a focal center in your home. It is a space saver andcan be installed anywhere it is suitable. You can install a cornerfree standing unit with glass cover or screens. They come in avariety of contemporary designs and futuristic shapes. You can optfor whatever finish will harmonize with the room. One more portabledesign is the ventless designed fireplace. They use non-toxic gelfuel. The environmentally friendly usage of clean burning fuel inventless fireplace is the reason this design is in demand thesedays. There are many other design options to choose from. Variousfireplace design ideas which are simple or elaborate are accessibleat your fingertips.If your architectural theme is the antique orvintage look, you can opt for an art deco design fireplace. Thedesign has lovely patterns with radiant colors. You can choose yourown shape, style and size. You can use porcelain, glass, ceramic,terra cota and other material. Another popular design is the stonefireplace design which is versatile. It can look traditional ormodern. You can build one for indoor or outdoor. The hearth and theoutside portion of the fireplace can be made totally of stones.Another model that has been around for centuries is the brickdesigned fireplace. It has come a long way and there are manyvariations of designs to create the type of look and mood that fitsyour taste.When it comes to finding fireplace design ideas, anothersource are the fireplace designers and builders in your local area.You can visit them and view their photo and video galleries. Youcan also ask for references of fireplaces they have already built.Request permission from the homeowner for a visit to check on theartistry, quality and craftsmanship of the designer / contractor.Whatever kind of fireplace design you pick, consider all aspectsnot only the aesthetic appeal but include the safety features. Itshould be a design that you and your family will love and adore formany years to come.

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Cake Art Design Ideas 2.1 APK
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There are now so many cake decorating designs out there that thedays when all you needed was to put icing on a cake are goneforever. There has been quite an evolution in cake decoratingdesigns in recent years. You can even find shows dealing with thisissue on TV, and this has sparked an interest for many people dodecorate cakes in their own kitchens. If you can't quite figure outthe kind of design that you would like to try, get yourself a cakedecorating book and study the pictures in it to see what kind ofdesign you really like. There are lots of complex designs outthere, but all it takes is some baby steps, if you will, to go forthem. There are lots of online sources for great designs as well.Should you be interested, you may even use a premade design.Chances are no one will know that you didn't make it from scratch.Then there are some easy ways to give your cakes a special lookthat will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. At thispoint there is an interest in making cakes for children'sbirthdays. It is not difficult to design a cake for such anoccasion provided that you stay with your current skill level. Readup on all the points you can find in your book and follow theadvice to create that special cake for a child's birthday party. Ifyou are not sure that you have the skill level to undertake certaincake decorating tasks, see if any of your friends or family membershave more skill than you have, and ask them to help you. Even ifyou can decorate a cake on your own, there may come a time whenoutside help could get you going with a more complex design thatyou have tackled before. If and when you get the proper assistance,you are bound to make a cake that shows a more complex andintricate design than you would have been able to give it withouthelp. The important thing is to realize that before you start onthis venture, there are quite a few basics that you will help tolearn to begin with. Just keeping yourself at a skill level youfeel comfortable with can be a great help in your advancement withthis hobby and art form. So many people wish that they could comeup with as many cake decorating designs as the number of cake theybake but often get stuck for idea on how to go about achievingthis. Do you find yourself in this number? Or do you have brilliantcake decorating design ideas but simply do not know how toimplement it? In the next few minutes I will be showing you simplesteps that you can follow to start implementing any cake designidea that you may have and how to find new cake designs. If you arein need of a design, a quick place to get some wonderfulinspiration is to search the web for sites that host royalty freeimages,photographs, vector illustration and design community; hereyou will get an abundances of designs that you can use as referenceand templates for your design. If are comfortable with free handpiping of the ice on the cake, then you can simply print out thedesign and practice tracing over the design which is a pretty goodapproach for scroll work that is quite popular on wedding cakes.However if you are not that comfortable with the free hand pipingof the ice on the cake, then tape parchment paper over the imageand pipe the icing on the parchment paper while tracing the outlineof the image. Now put it in the freezer until it has solidifiedthen put in more ice and refrigerate again until its solid. Now youcan flip it on the frosted cake while you carefully remove theparchment paper. You may also cut out a template from rolledfondant from a design printed on card stock and then you tracearound the template with an edible marker. The resource box belowwill show you how to take your present knowledge and skill in theart of cake decorating to the next level. Whatever your next levelis.
Aquarium Decoration Design 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Encuentra la calle Increíble Arte 3DFind Aquarium Decoration DesignIdeas in this application for free. en esta aplicación de formagratuita.People that have fish aquariums in their homes naturallylove fish. But often, they enjoy the process of decorating it asmuch as they love the idea of the aquarium itself.If you love youraquarium, but think that it looks dull and boring, you should thinkabout sprucing it up with aquarium decorations. Aquariumdecorations and themes are one of the best ways to bring someexcitement and individuality to your aquarium. And, lucky for you,there are a great number to choose from.Driftwood is wood that isfloating or that has been washed ashore and it's a natural part ofmany seascape environments. Artificial driftwood brings that sameatmosphere to your aquarium. The added benefit, you don't have toworry about accidentally importing diseases into your tank.Aquariumrocks add interest to your fish tank. And it gives it a sense ofauthenticity. Additionally, you can find aquarium rock in all sortsof colors, which will brighten up the environment.Aquarium cavesprovide great playgrounds for your fish. There's nothing moreboring than spending the day swimming back and forth from one endof the tank to the other. Caves let your fish have fun.Aquariumcastles - You can find all sorts of aquarium castle themes in yourpet stores - from the very simple to the elaborate beyond belief.Most of these are more for your benefit than the fist. But, findthe right one and it becomes a real conversation piece.Aquariumwreck ornaments are miniature replications of nautical disasterscenes discovered or re-imagined. If you are a history buff or alover of ships and exploration, you'll never tire of these works ofart. The same goes for miniature ruins which replicate ancientcivilizations and place them in an underwater setting. Imaginehaving the sunken city of Atlantis in your fish tank.Skeletonornaments are a bit macabre, but if you are the person who'sattending all of those Friday the 13th and other horror films, orif you simply like being scared, skeleton ornaments may be theperfect ornament for you.Artificial plants give the aquarium a morenatural look and feel. Placed right, they lessen the feeling thatyou're looking at fish in a tank and increase the feeling thatyou're actually watching them in their own environment.Underwaterlighting, while not strictly a decoration, nevertheless oftenserves as one. It dramatically enhances the look of your aquarium.And in the nighttime, the right lighting can almost give you thesurreal feeling of actually being in the deep waters. The onlydrawback is that some fish, depending on the species of fish inyour tank, some might not like the lights as much as you do.Thelist above is only a small taste of the different aquariumdecorations on the market. The type and number of aquariumdecorations out there are so many that they are probably toooverwhelming for the novice aquarist. Luckily, you can findstep-by-step aquarium design guides to help you make yourdecisions. The employees of your neighborhood pet shop will mostlikely be happy to help you out as well.Unused chinaware. Thatchipped cup or cracked teapot still has its gorgeous design work onit. Why not set them up inside your aquarium and arrange them tolook like a tea time scene. If any of the china are badly chipped,it would be advisable to bury the sharp part into the substrate soit doesn't hurt the fish.Discarded toys. Kids toys make really nicefish tank decorations. The toys made these days so so detailed,they out beat any home ornament you might have.Unwanted lawndecoration. Lawn and garden decor are created to weather anycondition and will last in your aquarium for a very long time. Ifyou do want to use these, give them a really good wash because theywould have collect so much dirt and grime over the years.
Garage Apartment Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Whether you design your apartment garage or hire a contractor to doit for you, there are important factors that should be carefullyplanned ahead of time to avoid regret should there be any flaws ormissing elements to the design. The following are the things neededin a well-planned design.1. Size of the apartment garage.It iscrucial to determine the size of the design for it has a long termeffect. Too little space inside and there will be no room for thethings you want to store in your garage. Too large and the costwill be enormous. The size of the garage should be determinedaccording to the plan you have for it. Ask yourself, will thegarage be used solely to house to your vehicle or will it be usedon other purposes?2. Design of the apartment garage.Once you haveidentified the size of the garage, making a design is your nexttask. If you do not have the skills to draw your own design, thereare ready-made designs you can browse online. Some sites offerlibraries where you can instantly download the design of yourchoice and use it as your plan. Most sites that offer free designalso offer complete instruction on how to construct the design ofyour choice and what tools and material are needed for it to becompleted. If you want to make your task, hire the services of acontractor or get a construction crew.3. Interior organizationdesign.The size of apartment garage is often limited to the size ofthe actual structure above or beside it or any available space forit. If this is your problem, plan for a good interior organizationdesign. Use the space efficiently by constructing vertical storageto the walls. Also use retractable tables so that you conserve morespace and minimizing the cost of construction.4. Materials to beused on the construction of the garage apartment.Wood, concrete,and galvanized iron are 3 of the more popular materials used inconstructing garage apartment. When deciding what materials to use,think of the cost, the overall design, and the materials readilyavailable near you.5. Building permit.Some areas require buildingpermit to anything that would be erected be it a home extension ora garage apartment. Secure a permit at your local councilagency.Having a well-planned garage apartment will makeconstruction easy for you and for the crew that will work on it.Prioritize on this first and you will certainly reduce, if noteliminate the problems that will occur during construction.Withyour available garage, you may feel that you require some morespace for your storage requirements. There are a number of plansthat ensure that whatever you need is catered for. The designvaries and come in various sizes that can combine many featuresthat are essential for normal living.In ordinary circumstances,garage floor layouts vary and may include living area, bedroom,kitchen and a storage area. You may also choose a design thatexists in two levels where the living area is above the rest. Allthese depend on personal preferences. Those ho find it pretty hardto use the stairs can have the garage designed in a manner thateverything is situated on the same level.Garage plans withapartments are considered to be wonderful due to a number ofreasons. They can provide the independence that's required not onlyto the parents but also to recent college graduates who may needsome extra space. Garage plans with the necessary plans forapartments can provide shelter and privacy to your guests and alsofamily members who may prefer so.Our various designs can helpprovide you with whatever style and architecture that you require.Whatever you require will definitely be satisfied at all times. Youneed to go through our available wood garage floor designs andchoose the one that will suit your requirements.
Graffiti Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Graffiti is not an art that is limited to streets only, with thetime it has evolved as the professional art form with some greatfeedback from the customers. Graffiti is a kind of an art formwhich is a medium of people to express their feelings andregressions through colors and paints. It could be on walls or anyother public property. Some people consider it as the nuisance anda serious form of vandalism. But graffiti leaves a long lastingimpact on the mind of the viewer. Graffiti designs are usually veryloud, vibrant and engaging. They are meant to depict the mind andthought of the creator.Graffiti is still considered as the negativepart of the creativity as its creators often use public property asthe space or canvas for their designs. So, people don't consider itas the respected form of art. But Graffiti is the depiction of theurban youth and their thought process. It displays theirdiscontentment with present social norms and scenario. Graffiti isgenerally innocuous, lively and prolific paintings that oftenbrightens up walls and buildings. Graffiti has enormous forms andstyles but the more popular forms are tagging and Hip Hop.Hip hopgraffiti is created with the aerosol spray paints. It comprises ofcartoon sketch or complex mix of letters. To design hip hopgraffiti is usually a long process as it needs lot of designing andplanning.Tagging graffiti is the most common form to be acquainted.Tagging is the racial form of graffiti and is quite uncomplicated,and not very flashy. Hence it doesn't require much time to create,and does not occupy a lot of space either. It is usually raciallymotivated or politically inspired.But with all negativity to itsside, Graffiti if directed positively can earn remarkable resultsfor the society. Like if instead of ignoring and opposing thegraffiti creators, we try to understand their point of view and tryto spread their message to the society in some more creative andnon damaging way. You can see many street graffiti designers haveturned themselves and evolved themselves as the professional ingraffiti art. And people also has broaden up their mind andaccepting this form of art by painting on their home walls,vehicles, doors, clothes, hats etc. This show that society istrying to respect and accept this form of art which was once calledvandalism.These days you will find reputed companies endorsinggraffiti art form with certified professionals solely devoted totheir work. Companies hire individual tattoo artist, productdesigning people, fashion designing etc. The professionalism andinnovativeness is worth applaud and praise. This helped the artistto inculcate positive feedback from the increasing number ofcustomers. They offer people with best of their designs and alsoask for their own individual designs in order to paint their homes,offices or clothes etc.so, if you want your walls to speak anddisplay your thoughts, hire a professional graffiti artist. Hewould support you right from the beginning by asking yourrequirements and giving his own suggestions till the final designand satisfaction from you. If somehow you want any further changein your designs, these artists would never say no.The term Graffitiis borrowed from the Greek word Graphein, which means writing orscribbling. It uses the Latin meaning "graffiti" to refer to acultural and artistic movement. In addition to the ideologicalartistic expression of graffiti, its expression can also denoteownership. The artist can sign his work, called tagging, and ownsup to his 'art-work' most commonly using symbols.Graffiti inFashionThe beginning of a statement on a wall, In the 1960s, twoyoung men, "Cornbread" and "Cool Earl" began an unstoppable trend,in Philadelphia. They started writing their names in public placeshoping to attract girls. Soon this began to attract publicattention and the press and gaining popularity in other cities.
House Door Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
When you're buying a new house or refurnishing and remodeling anolder one, there are plenty of things to consider-what color you'dlike to paint your walls, whether you need to replace yourinsulation, how to seal corners and edges so that they don't getdirty, whether to replace the floor or add new sections.One aspectthat many people don't consider, however, is the doors inside thehome.Why are house doors so important? Well, they are used very,very often without us even realizing it. If we have an annoyingdoor whose lock is broken, it bothers us when we're going to therestroom or trying to find some solace in our own room.Doors can bebothersome if they are too heavy, difficult to open, or easilyjammed, so plenty of consideration must be given for the type ofhouse doors you want and the way in which you install them.One ofthe major doors in the house is the exterior door. This may be yourfront door, side door, garage door, or patio door, and are visiblefrom the outside.Exterior house doors give visitors a firstimpression of the state of your home, so it's nice if your exteriorhouse doors match your outside walls and look fairly solid.Solid-looking doors also fend off thieves.If you are looking for awood door, be sure to pay attention to the type of wood and thefinish done on it; higher quality woods and finishes will preservethe life of your door. Thicker and wider stiles and rails generallyindicate a better, sturdier door, and make sure that your doorincludes seals to fend off bad weather.Glass doors are also usablefor exterior house doors if they are highly resistant to shatteringor breakage (such as the Pease-Shield glass by Pease Industries).Good quality steel and fiberglass doors include a thermal break (alayer of insulation) that keeps the cold from outside from gettingindoors through the frame.If you live in a cold area and areconsidering a fiberglass or steel door, it is necessary to get onewith insulation, else frost may form on the inside of the door inthe wintertime, making it freezing to the touch.Regarding interiorhouse doors, many types and sizes exist.Conventionally, there arefour major types of interior doors-the folding door, the bypass,the pocket door, and the conventional hinged door.Folding doors arecommonly used where conventional swinging doors are unable to beused-for instance, in small spaces or for larger closets withshelves that would block a swinging door. Folding doors work like afan to expand and fold.Bypass doors are usually used for closetsand storage places and usually hang from rollers and slide to theside in order to open. These are usually in sets of two or threeand pass each other in order to open. Pocket doors also slide, butthere is usually only one door, and it slides into a "pocket" inthe wall.When deciding what type of door you want, be sure toconsider the function, as well as aesthetics.Looking for a newdoor? Whether it's your front door or door you intend to haveinside your home, sometimes everyday style isn't what youwant.Doors don't have to be flat. They don't have to bemulti-paneled. Doors can be crafted in any number of ways. Do asimple search of door designs online and you will see a plethora ofstunning doors from all cultures, all walks of life, all across theglobe. Doors can be plain and utilitarian. They can be amazinglyornate and covered with carvings and embellishments. Doors can bedone in plain wood and stained to retain their natural color. Theycan be painted bold colors that pop out from the rest of the housein order to really draw in the visitor's eye. So what kind of doorare you looking for?Most of the time when you seek out a door, youwill see many of the same things. Not necessarily that all doorsare the same, but rather you will see many of the same styles.
Carport Design Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
Using a carport is the best solution for a storage space to shelteryour vehicles. There are a variety of carport designs and stylesthat you can choose from for the space you need. Having the timeand space for a carport proves it to be the cheapest and economicalway for you to store your cars.There are a variety of carports foryou to choose from. You can choose from designs that cover from oneup to three cars. There are other designs available that can coverlarger vehicles like recreational vehicles, trucks, and even boats.A carport can be used for your home or business. Some building kitsare able to accommodate large devices that you need for yourbusiness to operate.There are carports that can be attached to yourhomes for added space for your vehicle as well as additional coverfor your patio. There are some kits that do not have in sides thatare framed or those that can be constructed by putting together theroof and poles. There are numerous designs and styles however, thatallow you to close the sides of the shelter for cover.There areplenty of carports for sale that arrive in kits. These kits arecomplete with the necessary materials needed for building it. Itincludes all prefabricated and pre cut materials as well ashardware to make the installation easier for you. The instructionsand suggestions by the manufacturer are also part of thekits.Building a carport is not that difficult. There may beinstances where the design needs you to have a concrete foundation,but there are cases where you can build temporary shelters that youcan place in your lawn. Calling up some friends or family memberswhen installing your carport can lessen the time it takes for youto set it up. There are plenty of website that offer great ideasand tips when it comes to design. Before starting on your project,make sure that you research on these designs and prices so you canfind one that suits your budget. With the numerous designsavailable today, you are sure to find one that will fit yourneeds.Selecting a LocationFirst, you need to select a good locationfor the structure. It has to be an area large enough and prettyconvenient for you to park your car. Also, you have to verify ifthere are no gas or power lines, sewage tanks, water lines on thearea. You may encounter problems with such when you have to dig thearea to construct your poles.Additionally, you have to check withyour local authority to ensure that you are in compliance withwhatever building codes and regulation that's implemented in yourarea. Sometimes, the inspector will also have to check the exactlocation of your carport to make sure it doesn't st on propertylines or wet grounds.Materials and CostNext thing is you have tohave a list of materials and tools you're going to use. Preparingthe tools and materials in advance will help you complete theproject more speedily since everything you'll ever need is alreadyprepared. The materials you're going to use is in proportion to thesize of your carport so consider this as well.Another thing to keepin mind is the budget you have for this project. Before staringthis project, or any woodworking project for that matter, you needto set a ballpark amount based on how much you're willing to spend.This way, you can scour your area for the best priced supplier andyou get the most out of your dollar.Carport Design PlansCarportsare available in varying designs. You need to choose the designthat's suitable for your needs as well as for the space you haveavailable. In order to do that, you need to go over and checkseveral carport design plans. This way, you can select a designthat's best for you.Furthermore, you also need to choose qualityplans to aid you with this project. The construction will go moresmoothly if you have excellent blueprints o guide you through theprocess.
Home Living Furniture Design 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
HallwayDesigning a powerful and impressive front entrance andhallway sets the tone for the remainder of the house. The hallwayneeds to not only be both functional to greet guests and storebelongings but also aesthetically pleasing. Traditionally, ahallway is a small and narrow space that requires a discerning eyeto design both functionally and pleasing. Luckily, a boring andimpractical hallway can be redesigned with simple and inexpensivehome improvement projects.To turn a poorly designed hallway into apractical and livable space thought must first be given to storage.Partitioning an area of the hallway for storing coats and jacketsis a necessity by either constructing a small closet or using anarmoire. For cramped or small spaces, a full-length mirror can behung to increase the visual appeal of the room and its perceivedsize. Additionally, a small desk or chest can be used to store carkeys, umbrellas, scarves and hats.To create a warm and invitingatmosphere, choose artificial lighting to illuminate the hallway.Choose diffused lights that cast a softer glare and less of ashadow on pieces of furniture.Living RoomIn many homes, the livingroom is the most important space of the house as it is wherefamilies relax, dine and entertain. To make the room comfortable itis best imperative to divide the room into functional spaces. Forexample, the window is the ideal location for a relaxing sittingarea. This zone can be further defined with a comfortable sofa,relaxing chairs, a coffee table and a television.The dining area ofthe living room can be created closet to the door that leads to thekitchen. The space can be defined with an elegant dining table,chairs and a chandelier. When choosing furniture one must considerthe size and décor of the room. Traditionally, the smaller the homethe smaller the furniture should be and vice versa for a largerhouse. After embarking on a home improvement project ensure thatthe quality of work is up to par by checking for any safetyhazards. Furniture should not be blocking any exits and shelves,pictures and posters need to be properly applied to the wall withstuds and nails to prevent injury.BedroomThe bedroom is the mostimportant room of the house and needs to be placed in the quietestand most isolated part of the home. A bedroom represents a locationfor healthy sleep and a place for relaxation. Consequently, theroom should be designed with the homeowner's personal preferencesand desires in mind. The larger the bedroom the larger the bedshould be; however, for smaller rooms the bed might need to beadjusted to fit properly.For many homeowners, the closet may be themost important part of the bedroom and can be either freestandingor walk-in. A walk-in closet can be one of the best homeimprovement projects as it is a great way to build equity in thehome. Today, many homebuyers want houses with large walk-in closetsand having one can make the difference between a quick sale and ahouse sitting on the market for several months.NurseyMostimportantly, a nursery needs to be designed with safety as thefirst priority. Ensure that electrical outlets are baby proof andthat nothing in the room could cause a safety hazard to the child.The specific design of the room will depend on the age and sex ofthe child; however, common themes can include sports, princesses,dancing, vehicles and more.The furniture chosen for the room isalso age dependent with younger babies require a crib. The cribshould have high enough rails that the baby cannot climb out of andhurt themselves while still providing a great night of sleep. Olderchildren can opt for slightly larger beds that have movable meshthat makes changing the sheets an easy process.Tables and/or desksfor school-age children or for playtime make a great addition toany kid's bedroom. Additionally shelves can be installed to storebooks, toys and other items.
Home Living Furniture Ideas 1.1 APK
Lucent Beam
What makes designers what they are? What makes them decide on aparticular décor, a certain furniture, this carpet, that coffeetable? And, most importantly, what makes their interior designsdifferent from any ordinary housewife simply trying to create ahome out of a house?Like any field of expertise, interior designingand the feat of choosing furniture for your home require basicprinciples. Fortunately for the clueless housewife, she doesn'thave to be secret rocket scientists and she doesn't need to rush tothe nearest university for a crash course in interior designing.These basic principles, tips and guides are as easy as1-2-3.UnityUnity simply means having the same motif, the same themefor a particular room in your home. For example, while trying toredecorate your living room, you decide to go with a Victorianstyle with the color scheme burgundy. In selecting furniture,carpets, paintings and other décor for your Victorian living room,make sure that they fit perfectly into the Victorian look. Go forplush couches with intricately carved wooden arm rests. Go forsimilarly-toned curtain tassels that matches thick curtains withelaborate designs. A minimalist glass coffee table or anirregularly-shaped corner lounge chair made of metal in bright bluecolor simply will not do in a Victorian living room. Unity ofdesign means all items, all furniture in the room are pulledtogether and unified by a single theme.Balance and ProportionOnevery important element of Aesthetics and Western design is balanceor proportion. This element simply means that items in a room mustbe well-distributed or equally and strategically placed all overthe room. Avoid over-crowding one area of the room and leavinganother area barren to the eyes. A good room with proper balanceand proportion should have symmetry. Symmetry creates a feeling ofserenity and stability in the room.Any person can create a lovelyhome. With the help of these two basic elements in designing,anyone can choose a furniture design without fear of it being outof place in your new home. If you only stick to a design suited toyour personality and follow these two above elements, nothing cango wrong. Choosing furniture designs according to your taste buttailoring it around these two elements will definitely make yournew home a reflection of your personality.Home is where the heartis, and it should be a place that is your haven, your personalspace of comfort and security. With the right living room designthis is certainly something that you can easily accomplish. Whilewe all have different tastes and style interests, that doesn't meanthat you cannot easily create a beautiful home.What's yourStyle?The furniture design that is chosen is the most importantfactor in creating the ambiance that you desire at your home. Thechosen pieces should reflect the colors and the styles that youlike. Remember, once you've chosen the furniture design you mustkeep color-coordinated to ensure the living room looks its absolutebest. Warm colors are best suited for the living room, which caninclude red, gold, orange and yellow.Before you begin the processof designing your living room it is important that you have somesort of idea of what you're looking for. Are you looking for aliving room that speaks in high value or do you prefer somethingcomfortable and quaint? Do you like modern styles or prefer thetried and true styles of yesterday? Once you've decided this youcan continue on to making the actual selection.Find yourInspirationChoosing the best living room design is much easier whenyou have inspiration. Since there are so many possibilities and somany creations possible, you can easily lose yourself in thechoices. Rather than allow this to happen, turn to the many sourcesthat can help make the process easier. This includes interiordesigners, style guide books and of course the Internet.