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Fish Battle : Feed and Defeat, is an addictive game play. It's veryfun and easy to play.The purpose is to get your fish as bigger thanyour enemies deep underwater. As long as you are bigger than youropponents, you will defeat them or make them your friends. Butremember, you must not grow your fish when you are touching theother creatures in the sea.Fish Battle : Feed and Defeat have tonsof levels with increasing difficulty levels, nice and fun graphics.It's also very easy to learn for everyone and much more various seacreatures and obstacles.Try to get as far stage level as you can tobe the best among the best.Features:- 30 exciting levels- Nicedesign and music- Easy one tap game control- Funny achievementsHowto play:- Tap device screen to grow on right timing- Dodge theenemies while the fish is growing- Defeat all the other fishesSodownload Fish Battle : Feed and Defeat today and share with yourfamily and friends.

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    Fish Battle : Feed and Defeat
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    September 29, 2015
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Ucapan Hari Raya Aidilfitri 3.4 APK
You can send a greeting card with your own message, name and whereyou can continue to send to family and friends, or you can savethem in the gallery before your device and send it later. Theapplication also provides sms in the form of poetry and spoken wordHari Raya Adilfitri that you can copy & paste and send usingsms or social media. In addition, Hari Raya special themed pictureframes is also included in this application. You can display selfie& mass (wefie) with a framed picture of Hari Raya. In case youwant to quickly transmit your speech, you can use the E-Card, whichhas more than 40 kinds of attractive E-Card you can click directlyto family and friends via social media. The application alsoprovides functions Melody Kingdom where you can listen to songsHari Raya cheerful and entertaining. Functions that are in theUcapan Hari Raya Aidilfitri applications: # Hari Raya Wishes Cards- Send the message to your greeting card along highway # Messengers& Poem - Share sms and unique poem Hari Raya with your familyand friends # Camera (picture frames and stickers theme Hari Raya)- Over 20 frames & stickers to decorate your image # E-cardsand wallpaper - Use as wallpaper on your smartphone or share withfamily and friends via facebook, email and MMS. May Hari Raya 2015is celebrated with great fanfare by the members of their familiesand friends and given good health and also simplified all matters.Download Ucapan Hari Raya Aidilfitri now.
Teka Teki Suka Ria 5.8 APK
Jom Teka Teki. Teka Teki Suka Ria merupakan permainan soalan amyang merangkumi pelbagai jenis kategori. Permainan ini mempunyaipenyataan atau soalan yang mempunyai pembayang-pembayang tertentuyang bertujuan untuk menduga akal seseorang. Kebiasaannya, sesuatuteka-teki itu mempunyai jawapan yang menarik, unik atau kelakar.Teka-teki sangat popular di Malaysia dan juga Indonesia. Ini keranapermainan ini sangat menyeronokkan. Sebahagian jenis teka-teki yangpopular: - Teka-teki tradisional Melayu - Teka-teki biasa -Teka-teki gurauan. Jom Mari Teka Teki Lucu. Teka Teki Suka Riaadalah aplikasi yang mengumpulkan lebih 100 teka-teki yang selaludan biasa disebut. Semua teka-teki ini diambil dari laman sosial,blog, perbualan mulut rakan-rakan dan sumber utama adalah internet.Teka Teki Suka Ria ini dibangunkan hanya untuk hiburan semata-matadan tiada kena-mengena dengan sesiapa. Sekiranya terdapat maklumatyang anda rasakan tidak sesuai dan kemungkinan ianya datang dariidea anda, pihak kami memohon maaf dan mohon untuk emelkan kepadakami untuk mengeluarkan maklumat tersebut dari aplikasi ini. JomTeka Teki. Jom Puzzle. Teka Teki Suka Ria is a general-purpose gamethat covers a variety of categories. The game has a statement orquestion that has certain imagery aimed at guessing someone's mind.Usually, a puzzle has an interesting, unique or funny answer.Puzzles are very popular in Malaysia as well as in Indonesia. Thisis because the game is very fun. A popular type of puzzle: -Traditional Malay puzzle - Simple puzzle - Puzzle joke. Jom MariPuzzle Funny. Teka Teki Suka Ria is an app that collects over 100puzzles that are always and commonly called. All these puzzles aretaken from social sites, blogs, friends' mouths and the main sourceis internet. Teka Teki Luka Ria is developed only for entertainmentalone and nothing to do with anyone. If any of the information youfeel is inappropriate and it may come from your idea, we apologizeand ask us to email us to remove the information from thisapplication. Jom Puzzle.
Ramadhan 2019 Wishes Cards 4.6 APK
Ramadan Kareem is back again in 2019. Ramadan will replace Sha`banshow, will be the inclusion of a month in obligatory upon allMuslims, fasting. Or meaning in terms of our gross understanding,"hunger and thirst, from dawn until sunset". It is the practice ofbeing a Muslim would give a speech Ramadan greetings to all ourcontacts, family and friends. Make this Ramadan 2019 be blessed byusing this app to send your Ramadan greetings to the equally fastin this glorious month. Ramadhan 2019 Wishes Cards are very easy touse, it comes with a variety of interesting and beautiful pictures.Among the functions available are: 1. Ramadan Wishes - Thisfunction allows you to enter your name and message in the image.You can send along a picture that has been put name and yourmessage or you can store them in your device's photo gallery sendlater. - There are more than 10 images for your Ramadan 2019selection. 2. Ramadan Photo Frames - This function lets you frame apicture with interesting pictures and send them directly to yourbeloved father and also your friends or save them in your device'sphoto gallery send later. - There are more than 20 attractivepicture frames that you can select. 3. Ramadan E-Cards - Thisfunction is very simple where you just need to choose a FreeRamadan Cards of your choice and you can send to your friends orkeep your device in the gallery. - There are more than 40attractive e-cards that you can select in Ramadhan 2019 WishesCards. Download Ramadhan 2019 Wishes Cards now and hopefully wewill be blessed in Puasa Ramadhan 2019!
SMS & Pantun Raya Aidilfitri 4.5 APK
SMS & Fashion Raya, allowing you to select various types of smsand holiday greeting for you to send to your loved ones and yourfriends. You just have to select the text or poem that you lovefeast, copy & paste into Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS to yourphone and send it to your family and your contacts. There is alsofree functions in SMS & Fashion Raya this: - Speech at theelection card - A wide range of frame pictures. - Card &wallpaper elections after the feast. Download SMS & FashionRaya now and celebrate Hari Raya atmosphere you this in 2015.
Spaceship Thunder War Strike 1.0.0 APK
Spaceship War Thunder Strike is a game that is great and fun toplay in your android device.Spaceship War Thunder Strike also afast-paced shooting game with addictive gameplay and awesome 3Deffects. It is a different type of Thunder Fighter 2048 Freechallenge in a spaceship simulator game.Your mission is toeliminate all alien ships that are free flying in space who want tocreate chaos on earth.Try your best to avoid skills spaceshipcontrolling the Alien missile and spaceship.FEATURES- SmoothControl: Control your fighter with ease. Pilot it with just onefinger!- High quality graphics and sound effects- Destroy all thealien spaceship to gain points- Auto missile out when your launchyour finger on the screen.- Survive the unstoppable onslaught ofenemies in Star War! - Compete score with your best friends on theweekly leader board.- Protect the galaxy from space and the earthaliens and join forces to defend the galaxy. - Get in the thick ofthe Thunder Fighter 2048 Free action and battle across spacerealistic environments!- In-Apps No purchases, no hassle- FREE toplayDownload now and be the ultimate Spaceship War Thunder Strikethere is in the galaxy.
Mother's Day Wishes & Cards 2019 3.5 APK
For children who appreciate the sacrifices their mother certainlyknew what date the celebration of Mother's Day Mother is thesweetest gift of God to us. There is no way we can ever reallythank our mother for everything she did for us but we must make ita habit to always remind ourselves of the many sacrifices he madewhile raising us. Mother's Day is the best time to say the wordshow much you love and care for your mother by sending them Mother'sDay Cards. Mother's Day Wishes & Cards is the best app for youto send them your special wishes or cards together with Mothers DayDoodle Draw! Cards. Make your Mother's Day Bright send you warmestand heartfelt it using Mother's Day Wishes & Cards. Come on ...Do not be shy. Think of some of the beautiful word, put it in thisapp just like Mothers Day Doodle Draw! Cards because we all we allowe thanks Message mother!! WHY SHOULD GREET THE MOTHER? - Actuallyto honour the sacrifice of a mother, as a child does not have towait on the date of his speech, even the days that go by thatsuppose as Mother's Day and do good and encouraging mother orfather. - It should also be noted limitations when celebrating, youshould do the following - The response is simple and not waste -Expressing gratitude greeting or condolence if misfortune - Thebest response is to pray in congregation, religious prayers,prayers etc. Mother's Day Wishes & Cards are app that are veryeasy to use, it comes with a variety of interesting and beautifulpictures. Among the functions available are: 1. Mother's Day Wishes- This function allows you to enter your name and message in theimage. You can send along a picture that has been put name and yourmessage or you can store them in your device's photo gallery sendlater. - There are more than 40 images for your selection. 2.Mother's Day Photo Frames - This function lets you frame a picturewith interesting pictures and send them directly to your belovedmother & also your friends or save them in your device's photogallery send later. - There are more than 20 attractive pictureframes that you can select. 3. Mother's Day E-Cards - This functionis very simple where you just need to choose a Free Mother's DayCards of your choice and you can send to your friends or keep yourdevice in the gallery. You can also make Mothers Day Doodle Draw!Cards as your device wallpaper. - There are more than 20 attractivee-Cards that you can select. SOME OF HUMOROUS MESSAGES ON MOTHER'SDAY YOU CAN USE WITH Mother's Day Wishes & Cards - Mom, I gotall my best qualities from you. Aren't we lucky that you had enoughfor both of us? - I'm so lucky to have you as my mother... I'm sureno one else would have put up with me this long. Happy Mother’sDay! - Mom, I know it's hard for you on Mother's Day... to hide thefact that I'm your favourite :-) Happy Mother's Day! - Only amother as perfect as you... could have a (daughter/son) as perfectas me. Happy Mother's Day! - Mom, thank you so much for everythingyou've done for me. Don't worry about [brother's name], I know heisn't your fault, he must be adopted. - Happy Mother's day to awoman who deserves a medal... for putting up with me all theseyears! - Thanks for letting me be a parasite in your body for 9months... followed by another 18 years as a parasite outside yourbody. - Happy Mother's Day from your favourite child! - Don't youthink it's funny that you're still my Mother? You deserve to havebeen promoted by now! - You're a very special mom so I'd like togive you a very special gift. You can have either a hug or amillion dollars, whichever you prefer. We sincerely hope thatMother's Day Wishes & Cards app will be helpful for you.Download now!
Heroes Revenge Chronicles 1.0.2 APK
Heroes Revenge Chronicles is the diversion to play for every singlerunning significant other out there. Play Heroes Revenge Chroniclesand enhance your run and bounce abilities. Get the greatest numberof coins as you can. Pick between 2 distinctive controller setups(JUMP or FLASH/Accelerometer). Under colossal risk by his furiousmurkiness operators boss to murder his sibling, our heroes mustraced to gather coins. This heroes chooses to run, hop and dash itin this carefree running diversion on a brilliant frigid day. Forthe purpose of his sibling life, heroes must recover every one ofthe pearls and offer it to his boss just to spare his sibling atthe Temple Run 2.On his approach to gather coins, heroes must passnumerous obstruction and spikes. Explore your heroes legacy throughthe perilous Spikes obstructing his route and to the coins alonghis run bounce and dash to drag out. Join with your companions inthe best and most recent diversion! Gather coins to get guides andgo toward next level. Collet magnet to get additional reward andgather heart to energized your live, addictive and quick pacedamusements. Accelerating, Jumping, performing different trapsnoticeable all around and landing wellbeing. The amusement "HeroesRevenge Chronicles" is so natural yet super fun like playing TempleRun 2. You just need to quicken or hop over the impediments on thesurf surface and get the scores as could be expected under thecircumstances as you can. ENJOY A FUN AND CUSTOMIZABLE GAMEPLAY-Choose among several missions, follow the instructions and hit thebutton to start running. - Challenge your friends to battle ofreflexes and knowledge!- Be faster than your opponent to win apoint! But be careful. - 10 missions are already available and wewill add more in the weeks to come!FEATURES- Awesomes sound effect-2 power-ups to boost your performance.- Running music all the way!-Single game modes after Jungle Castle Run 3- Continue featureincluded.- 10 different missions to choose from already. Morecoming!- More levels are coming soon.- Clear and simple pictures-10 cool and addictive levels.- Various cool tricks.- Free-to-play-Excellent 3D graphics.The best approach to play is simple. Tap thetwo bottoms on the screen (The right one is quickening and theother one is hopping). Get more magnet noticeable all around canget additional focuses. Attempt to set a high score each and everytime you play. What are you sitting tight for? Download now so thatyour heroes can run now!
com.bayucreative.diwalicardswishes 2.3 APK
Diwali wishes made simple! Wish your loved ones this Diwali withour Diwali Card App! Our application includes a radical new formatwith new symbols and elements that will offer you some assistancewith creating that one of a kind Diwali welcoming. Look over achoice of delightfully planned casings and include a boundlessnumber of symbols this time around for most extreme customizationof your card. Include a customized welcoming with our contentmanager with adjustable textual styles, content size and hues.Welcome get more individual with the alternative of including aphotograph either from your photograph collection or depictionsstraight from the camera application! Move the photograph around toobserve that impeccable fit with your chose casing and symbols.Blend and match photographs and edges, including content, boundlesssymbols, this should be possible with only a touch and a swipe ofyour fingers! Commend this Diwali with these Diwali welcome cardssend,save and offer to your companions and gang. Diwali (or Diwali,the "celebration of lights") is an antiquated Hindu celebrationcelebrated in fall (northern half of the globe) consistently.Diwali is the greatest and the brightest celebration in India. Thecelebration profoundly means the triumph of light over haziness.Diwali, or Diwali, is an official open occasion in numerous partsof India and is a piece of a five-day Hindu recognition known asthe 'Celebration of Lights'.Diwali is commended between mid-Octoberand mid-November in the western timetable, contingent on the lunarcycle for that year.The Festival of Lights, Diwali, is a bright andglad celebration.Families set up their homes and themselves for theuncommon merriments that symbolize the triumph of profound goodnessand the lifting of otherworldly darkness.Firecrackers are embarkedto head out underhandedness, oil lights are lit, blossom laurelsare made, candles skim in dishes of water outside homes anddesserts are shared as a feature of the celebrations. Diwali canlikewise speak to the familiarity with inward light inside of a manwhen lack of awareness is pushed aside by comprehension andedification. Utilize our layouts to make Diwali welcome cards andalso Diwali welcome cards. This application is uniquely intendedfor the individuals who adoration to express their Diwali's wishesdifferently. Make your own Card by : 1) Capture picture, take therecommendation picture from out display or take a picture from SDcard and Use it as your Mobile card Picture. 2) embed as muchcontent and unique messages you need to compose. 3) include TheDiwali Quotes 4) Twitter it, offer on Facebook, Email it ordownload it on your SD card. Offering your card to the world issimple. Our applications mix with Facebook, whatsapp, google circlepermits clients to rapidly share their creation on their Facebookdivider. Simply spare you're welcome card in your photographcollection and offer it with your friends and family through emailand MMS! Have a ton of fun filled Diwali with our Diwali Card App!You can share Greetings, stickers or messages with loved ones onsocial applications like Whatsapp, Twitter, G+, Facebook, trek,Line, Wechat and others. It works without web as well and Appintroduces in SDCARD to spare your telephone memory. You can spareor share the last photograph. Special elements: 1. All work insingle screen. 2. Full view canvas. 3. Offer Diwali Stickers tosocial applications. 4. Offer Diwali SMS to social applications. 5.Set Greeting as wallpaper. 6. Quotes to look over. 7. Scene andPortrait support. 8. 100+ photograph impacts. 9. Send and ShareDiwali SMS to family and companions. 10.This application bolstersall screen resolutions of portable and tablet gadgets. DownloadDiwali 2019 Cards Wishes for FREE now!