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Welcome to the delightfully relaxing fish games! Join this aquariumbuilding game and enjoy. It's quite fishy! Here you have the chanceto become the best aquarium maker and have a beautiful kingdom ofpet fish. Create a virtual aquarium, decorate it and become theaquarium tycoon. Try out the fish simulator and learn about carefor fish! Make a real fish tank with Fish care games: Build youraquarium. You can play these aquarium games free offline wheneverand wherever you want. Start by creating a home for your pet fishin the aquarium building game. Choose beautiful decorations andprovide the best care for fish in the fish underwater game. Makehealthy environment: empty and clean your virtual aquariumregularly! Decorate your precious fish bowl with magnificent coralreefs, rocks and aquarium plants! Buy all sorts of fishes and makeyour own fish kingdom! Care for your pet fish and nurture them inthe fish underwater game! Play the professional fish doctor andrestore health in your happy aquarium! Join aquarium building gameand see there is plenty of fish in the sea! Fish care games: Buildyour aquarium is so amusing! Discover the amazing aquariumorganisms with our fish simulator. Make, design and care for thesebeautiful animals. Be the aquarium tycoon!

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chinese.food.magic.land.of.games 1.3 APK
Welcome to the best chinese cooking games for girls. Here you maylearn how to make the most popular chinese foods such as: FriedNoodles, Dim Sum, Spring Rolls, Fortune Cookies and SweetDumplings. Intuitive interface and an interactive gameplay willhelp you make beautiful meals in your kitchen and prepare ordersfor your clients. Key features: Variety of dishes to prepare.Realistic cooking tools to use in the kitchen. Tons of tastyingredients: eggs, flour, vegetables, meat, seasoning and sweetextras... The yummiest Chinese Fast Food is waiting for you: DimSum Fried Noodles Sweet Dumplings Fortune Cookies Spring Rolls Nowyou can learn how to prepare Chinese Fast Food with chinese foodmaking games. Chinese Fast Food Games – Asian Restaurant shows youhow to make your favourite dishes. You can see the techniques, theprocedure of making Chinese Fast Food, and learn which materialsyou need to prepare it. Everybody can play this chinese game: fromboys and girls to grandmas and grandpas. And everybody will enjoy!Try it yourself and tell us what you think of our chinese cookinggames in restaurant!
Fun Baby Daycare Games: Super Babysitter 1.0 APK
Crazy nanny mania is on! Newborn baby care is always fun, butit'snot at all easy. Our messy babies need a super nanny to feedthem,bath them and play silly baby games with them. And they choseyou!Join this crazy babysitting mania and run our happy nurserybabycare with love and attention. Take care of a baby like it'sreal!This fun baby care kids game has a lot of mini nanny games youwilladore! Download **Fun Baby Daycare Games: Super Babysitter**FREE!Bathing Fun Oh, look! Your messy baby is all dirty again! Yourtaskis to prepare a bath for this little fellow. Come, super nanny,andsee what the newborn baby care games are all about! Throwawaydirty nappy, put the messy clothes away and give your babyawonderful bubbly bath! Playground Challenge The babies getrestless– take them out to the playground. But you mustn't leavethemalone, they need babysitting all the time. Play silly babygameswith them! Make sand castles, push your sweet baby in theswing andtake them to the playground slide. Nanny mania game can beso fun!Bed Time The babysitting mania is not over when theselittlerascals get tired. Now you need to put them to sleep. Putyour girlor a boy in the baby crib like the best babysitter. Thenpreparehis or hers toys, a pacifier, a bottle of milk, bedtimestories anda lot of patience. Look, your playful baby is finallyasleep! Youdid a great job in this fun baby care kids game! KitchenAdventuresThe fun is never over in our babysitter games for girls!Your funbaby is now hungry and you need to prepare a delicious mealtosatisfy their needs! Oatmeal, biscuits, fruits, milk – asupernanny knows to make all. Once the meal is done, you need tocleanup the chaos your messy babies have made. Newborn baby caregamesare full of challenges! Learn & Play Babysitter games forgirlscan also be educational! Come to the art room and see! Here wecanplay puzzle games, color in the beautiful coloring book, drawandpaint like real artists and learn while playing in thehappynursery baby care. **Fun Baby Daycare Games: SuperBabysitter** isthe best place to have fun the whole day! PlayroomAlert Now jointhe silly baby games in the playroom. Shower yourplayful baby withtons of toys. Test your repairing skills withnewborn baby caregames, because your messy baby brakes toys all thetime. CrazyBirthday Party It's your baby's birthday! Throw amemorable partyin the most fun baby care kids game. Turn your babydaycare into aparty venue and celebrate the big day! Balloons,candles, confettiand fireworks – everyone will enjoy the party inthis nanny maniagame! Another day with **Fun Baby Daycare Games:Super Babysitter**is now over. You were great today, super nanny!See you againtomorrow in your favorite fun baby care kids game! Weappreciateyour feedback! Tell us what you think about our game!
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💒💐🔔 The big day is near! Plan a perfect wedding with 👰 BridalBoutique Salon: Wedding Planner Games 👰. ! Find the most beautifulwedding dress, do your make up, make delicious wedding cake, andgive a real groom makeover to your loved one! Feel the euphoriawith our wedding games for girls! 💒💐🔔 💒💒💒 Bridal games with morelevels are the perfect way to test your wedding planner skills andtake care of bride and groom dress up and make up. Enjoy all thebreath-taking pre wedding activities with the best weddingorganizer games on the market! Wedding planner dress up makeup andcake design – this game has it all! Download this bride boutiquesalon and start your lovely adventure! 💆 Give your bride arefreshing treatment in wedding spa salon! 💄 Get impeccable make upwith bride makeup games! 👰 Choose a beautiful gown in the mostcreative bridal tailor game! 💍 Pick incredible royal jewelry forbeautiful bride dress up look! 🤵 Give a complete groom weddingdress up to the man of your dreams! Enjoy 👰 Bridal BoutiqueSalon:Wedding Planner Games 👰! 💒💒💒 It's your special day! Get readyto say I do with our bride dress up games for girls who dream of aromantic wedding ceremony! Wedding new games have a lot to offer!Have fun with wedding kiss games, make yourself beautiful withbride dressup and makeup, and shop for all necessary accessories inbridal boutique games. Walk down the aisle with your handsome groomand share your joy with bridesmaids and groomsmen! But, first ofall, pay a visit to amazing styling rooms of our wedding boutique!Make the most of our bride salon games! Download 👰 Bridal BoutiqueSalon: Wedding Planner Games 👰 on your phone and play for free!BRIDAL BEAUTY SALON 💅 Spend an unforgettable day at the bridal spa!Get refreshing treatment for brides. Make your girl glow on herwedding day with bridal spa games! BRIDAL MAKE UP BOUTIQUE 💄 Noneed for another bridal makeup app! Choose a proper wedding-themedmakeup in our bride boutique salon! Beautiful, sparkly eye shadows,lipsticks, blushes and mascara are waiting for you! Be theprettiest girl with our bride makeup games! WEDDING FASHION SALON 👰It's time to try new wedding dress up games for brides and grooms!Find the perfect gown and make your bride ready for the big day inbridal dress up games! Become favorite wedding day stylist bychoosing a fabulous dress, bouquet and accessories such as weddingjewelry in the most popular bridal shop! 🤵 Then, it's the groom'sturn! Groom dress up games will help you find an elegant suit ortux for the handsome fiance! Make the newlyweds shine with thisamazing groom and bride wedding dress up! WEDDING CAKE MAKER 🍰 Eachand every wedding organizer knows that a wedding day can't gowithout a delicious creamy wedding cake, sweet as young couple'slove! So wait no more! Make the yummiest sweet treat for yourguests in these wedding cake cooking games! 💒💒💒 All preparationsdone, you need to chose the background for your dream wedding.Beautiful scenes and natural scenery will complete your bridewedding salon adventure. Finally, all you have to do is take yourgroom by the hand and exchange your vows. Play our royal weddinggames and enjoy the best day of your life! Join the bridal party inour 👰 Bridal Boutique Salon:Wedding Planner Games 👰.
Hair Salon and Dress Up Games 1.3 APK
💇 With 💄 Hair Salon and Dress Up Games 💄, you can be the mostfamous hairdresser and create the trendiest hairstyles! Get intothe most interesting “hairstyle game for girls with levels” andgive your superstars an incredible beauty makeover for free! 💇BEAUTY SALON – wash and clean your face, get rid of pimples, pluckyour brows and make the skin glow! MAKEUP SALON – eyeshadows,lipsticks, blush and bronzer, everything you need for a perfectmakeup look is here! DRESS UP SALON – dresses, blouses, skirts andpants in various colors and styles! Dress up adventure can begin.HAIR SALON – our hair salon for fashionistas and aspiring hairstylists enables you to experiment with different lengths, stylesand hair colors! This is your own hair changer game! 💄 Hair Salonand Dress Up Games 💄 can help you practice your skills if you wantto be a makeup artist! As a stylist in this real hair cutting gamefor girls, we guarantee that you will become famous in no time!Your clients are waiting on a professional hair stylist like you togive them a hairstyle makeover, so let's get down to it! 👠 💄You caninstantly become a hairstyle designer in this extreme makeover gamein the virtual world where you can dress up fashion models! And itis so easy and super fabulous with those breathtaking features:👜Choose one of our three girls and give them a beauty queenmakeover in this spa game for girls. Get them ready by applying allsorts of masks and beauty products- our beauty parlor game forgirls got everything covered! 👜 Wash, cut hair, color and stylehair any way you want in our hairstyle salon, using lots ofdifferent hair styling tools, from blow dryers to curling irons!You can even choose a hairstyle from our catalogue! Be the bestcelebrity hairstylist there is! ** Learn how to make hairstyles athome and make the most beautiful hairstyles for girls! This salongame for girls can help future hairdressers to open their own realsalon one day! 👝Makeup time – Mix and match blushes, brushes,vibrant shades and rainbow lipsticks! You can even choose thesuitable eye color for the wanted look! When you are done in themakeup room, it is time for accesorizing! 👝 For the final touch,stylize our stars for the red carpet! This dress up game andmakeover game can turn every girl into a fashionista ready toconquer the world! Choose from varieties of clothes, from shirtsand cute skirts to elegant dresses! Enter this dress up game, andshow all your qualities as a professional in a fashion dress upgame! 💄 Hair Salon and Dress Up Games 💄 is here and make sure youget into the mania by giving hairstyle makeovers in thishairstylist game for girls!
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It’s the first day of school and all the students are excited to beback in classroom with their favorite school teacher! Well, thisschool year, YOU’LL get a chance to teach a class of cute students!School teacher games with levels will enable you to experience theschool day of students and the teacher! Download **Day at School:My Teacher Games** and enjoy a fun day in the classroom with manyactivities, from school tests to school bus cleaning and classroomcleaning! School bus cleaning- your school bus is dirty and messy.Be a good, helpful teacher and clean it up using cool realisticcleaning and dusting equipment! Dress up for school– two boys andtwo girls are in desperate need of your assistance when it comes togetting ready for school! School dress up games are always superfun, so dress your students up in cute school uniforms! Classroomcleaning- clean up and decorate your school classroom! Choose thecolor of walls, blackboard, desks and chairs! Now that theclassroom looks perfect, learning can begin! School lunch maker –school food doesn’t have to be boring. Prepare delicious meals,freshly squeezed juice and desserts for school kids! Connect lines- connect students with their desks in an amusing connect colorsgame! Levels get more difficult as you progress, but don’t getdiscouraged: you can leave the game and come back, your progresswon’t get lost! School tests – problem solving skills are veryimportant and should be acquired through education. So, in thisclass, students must solve puzzles, find the differences betweentwo pictures and more! Virtual classroom games are creative andeducational at the same time! Eye doctor – visiting a doctor’soffice might seem like a scary task, but don’t worry: it’s just aquick eyesight exam at the eye clinic. Painting in art class –drawing and painting games will make boys and girls of all agehappy. Be creative and paint drawings of animals, flowers... thereare many coloring pages to choose from! School day games for girlsand boys, such as **Day at School: My Teacher Games**, will notonly bring hours of great time but also teach you about all theactivities that take place in school!
Candy Store: Sweets Factory Game 1.0 APK
WELCOME TO THE BEST CANDY STORE IN TOWN! Gummy bears, lollipops,chocolate candy… Who wouldn’t enjoy making different kinds of candyall day long? And what’s even better, you can do it in your owncandy making factory! Produce sweet treats that can be sold inconfectionery stores all over the world! Download **Candy Store:Sweets Factory Game** FREE and start your adventure in the world ofsweet treats! Christmas is getting near, and candies are the bestChristmas present, so work hard to make enough candies and lolliesto go around! Did you ever think about how to make candy? Now youcan learn, with the help of the most exciting candy maker games forgirls and boys! All fans of desserts and cooking games will bethrilled to make candy in our sweet treats cooking games foreveryone with a sweet tooth! Make candy step by step! It’s easy butso much fun! > Select what type of candy you want to make:lollipops, hard candy or gummies > Mix the ingredients, pour themixture into molds and freeze it > Choose the flavor, color anddecoration for your candies > Pack candies in cute boxes orjars, add stickers and ribbons and turn your desserts into aperfect birthday or Christmas present! Dessert shop games, such asour candy store, offer a unique and exciting experience of makingyour own sweets and packing them just like in a real dessert orconfectionery store! Imagine you’ve discovered the secret cook bookwith tasty recipes for making candy – follow the instructions inour DIY candy maker and create yummy sweets every time! Get **CandyStore: Sweets Factory Game** for free and your career as a candymaker pro can start!