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A koi pond must be properly designed in order for the fish tothrive. Most professionals recommend that a pond intended for koimeet a certain set of requirements in order to provide the besthabitat for the fish. Generally, koi ponds are larger than fishlessponds.Koi pond size requirements:3+ feet deep25 sq. ft. of pond perkoiNo less than 1,000 gallons of waterIt's important to realizethat fish need shade. If your pond location is in direct sunlightconsider growing floating plants like water lilies. Half of theponds surface should be shaded to provide koi with a comfortableplace where they can escape the sunlight. Another benefit offloating plants is that they provide a place for the fish to hidefrom predators.Water plants are an essential element of a koi pond.Aquatic plants help balance the ecosystem, creating a more naturalhome for the fish. Some plants are oxygenators, meaning they willrelease oxygen into the water, which the fish can then breathe.Additionally, koi eat many types of water plants. According to EricTriplett of The Pond Digger, "Fish do not have to be fed providedyou do not overstock your pond. They will live off of algae,insects and other miscellaneous food that the environmentprovides." Certain water plants can be included in this source offood.FiltrationA good pond filter will help keep your pond clearand clean. Koi produce a significant amount of waste, making afilter a necessity. There are two types of filtration: mechanicaland biological.Mechanical filtration traps debris and fish waste.Pump baskets, bottom drains and skimmers are all good formechanical filtration. Biological filtration utilizes beneficialbacteria to convert toxins into harmless substances.AerationFishneed oxygen to survive. Depending on the size of your pond, theamount of plants growing and the number of fish you may need toconsider aeration. Aeration is a process in which oxygen iscirculated through pond water.Waterfalls and fountains are twopleasing ways to aerate a pond. The motion of the water will allowoxygen to circulate naturally. However, you may also want toconsider installing equipment that will help aerate your pond.Aeration pumps or jets are especially beneficial if you live in ahot climate or have large fish.Water QualityThe quality of yourpond water will have an impact on the health of your fish. You'llwant to keep a close eye on water temperatures and pH levels. Idealwater temperature for koi is 39° to 68° F. The deeper your pond isthe easier it will be to regulate the temperature. The best pHlevel for a koi pond is between 7.0 and 7.8.Be aware that chlorineis harmful to koi, it will burn your fishes gills and possibly leadto death. For this reason you must wait at least a week afterfilling your pond for the chlorine to dissipate before stocking itwith fish. If you don't want to wait you may purchase adechlorinator from a local pet store.

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Greeting Card Ideas 1.0 APK
Store-bought greeting cards, while nice, can often be ratherimpersonal. Give your greeting cards a truly personal touch bymaking them yourself! Friends and family will love receiving yourunique designs in the mail, and it will take you less time than youthink.Planning Your Greeting CardFold a piece of paper in half. Thebest kind of paper to use for card making is A5 cardstock paper. A5is a medium-sized cardstock that is sturdy but folds easily. A4cardstock is also used in card making. You can purchase cardstockat your local craft store.You can also use any kind of paper thatyou have lying around the house. Card making is a great way to usescrap paper that you otherwise might throw out. If you have alarge, oddly shaped piece of scrap paper, cut it into a rectangle.Fold it in half like you would any other piece of paper.Decide on afeature for the card. This can be a picture, drawing, sticker,fancy lettering, or even a small, thin object. You could also add aphotograph if it would have a special significance for therecipient. Get creative--use glitter, pipe cleaners, or anythingelse you have lying around the house to make your card special.Keepin mind the person you will be giving the card to and the occasionfor giving the card. Are you giving your grandma a card forChristmas? Perhaps cutting out a paper Christmas tree to glue tothe front of the card would be nice.Plan a design around yourchosen feature. There are many ways to do this. Layer a few piecesof colored paper, each smaller than the last, underneath thefeature.You can also draw designs around your feature or use aruler to create borders around your feature using brightly coloredpens.Lay pipe cleaners along the edge of your card to create 3Dborders.Decide whether you would like a greeting on the front ofyour card. You can purchase stickers with greetings on them, or youcan hand-write the greeting. Do not add the greeting until you haveglued everything down.Making Your Greeting CardPut your designtogether. Once you have everything laid out on the card, takeeverything off the card but be mindful of where everything shouldbe glued down. A trick to help you remember the different layers isto lay everything out from bottom layer to top layer on a table.That way you won’t get confused when gluing everything down.Writeyour greeting on the front of the card. This is optional. Write thegreeting once you have glued everything down. If you have a stickerwith a greeting on it, place it where you decided it should go whenplanning the card.Write your message inside the card. It can be assimple as ‘Hope you’re doing well!’ Or as detailed as a full lengthletter.In this application, you will find a hundred ideas aboutgreeting card design ideas. Like 3d greeting card ideas, greetingcard sayings, greeting card ideas for valentines day, handmadebirthday greeting card ideas, pop up greeting card ideas, greetingcard ideas for boyfriend birthday, happy birthday greeting cardideas, greeting card ideas for kids to make, easy to made greetingcard, DIY greeting card ideas, simple, modern, unique, cheap,handmade, vintage, good, beautiful, creative, big, luxury,colorful, for valentine day, teacher day, mother day, birthday,anniversary, wedding day, cake design and etc.
Fruit and Vegetable Carving 1.0 APK
This application contains a hundred ideas about vegetable and fruitcarving.
Menhdi Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Mehndi Design IdeasFind a hundred pictures about the latest hennatattoo design here!Mehndi, also known as henna, has been an age oldtradition in many Asian and Persian countries. Women use henna toform intricate designs to decorate their hands and feet to markspecial occasions or to simply look trendy.As a bride nearly 6years ago, my worry was “Will I get a dark henna stain”? Many girlsare sure to relate to this. Add to it the old wives’ tale that goes– “the darker your mehndi, the more your husband will love you”.Every girl’s dream indeed. While this may be a folklore that has nosignificance in reality, we all sure want the mehndi on our palmsand feet to look its glorious best on our special day. And why not?It is a once in a lifetime occasion for most women and they haveevery right to look gorgeous and steal the show.So what is it thatyou need to do to get that brilliant deep mehndi stain? Here are afew tips that we collected from many a beautiful fashionistas, whowill vouch that these tips do work. Try them a few weeks before theD-day to be sure that they work on you. Learn how to get darkcolour of mehndi on hands!Mehndi designs are very popular in Asiaand Middle East. Every girl dreams of a dark and a beautiful mehndidesign on her special day. Bridal mehndi designs are especially invouge. But have you ever wondered how to keep that special mehndidesign longer??Here are 3 secret techniques you can use to improveyour mehndi designs. We will show you how to get a darker color,keep mehndi lasting for long and how to store your henna cones tolast a long time.Mehandi Design Tip #1:Get a good quality cone. Ifthe mehndi is pure, it will work! Beautiful mehndi designs shouldlast longer!! Invest in a good quality cone. Hyderabadi mehndi isworld famous for its dark color, smell and longer lasting mehndicolor. If you can, grab those ‘green’ cones from Hyderabad. Dowrite to us if you want help with getting the cones.Mehandi DesignTip #2:After applying the mehndi design on your hands, let it dry.Make it dry enough so that when you touch it, it doesn’t stick toyour hands and it doesn’t spread. Now in a bowl, make a mixture ofsugar and lemon juice. With the same lemon dab the juice over themehndi design. Once this juice is dried, it will almost glue themehndi design to your skin – allowing your skin to absorb all thegood color. You can reapply the juice 2-3 times overnight. Nextmorning, scrap off the mehndi!Mehandi Design Tip #3:Use baby oil toscrub off the mehndi instead of washing it with water or soap.Washing with water usually washes of all the coloring particles andhinders further coloring of the mehndi. Baby oil or any other oilis a good option. Just apply it on the dried mehndi, use a thickcard to gently scrape the mehndi design from your hands.In thisapplication, you will find a hundred pictures about henna tattooideas. The special features like modern henna tattoo, stylish,Pakistani, beautiful design of henna tattoo, easy tutorial, step bystep, tutorial mehndi design ideas, for children, man, woman, men,women, boy, girl, mother. Henna is in the hand, legs, back, face,and other part of the body.
Kitchen Set Design Ideas 1.0 APK
Replacing your kitchen cabinets are a big investment, so making theright choice is key to enjoying a beautiful up-to-date kitchen formany years. We looked at the latest kitchen cabinet ideas andanalyzed function, beauty and if the trend has the potential to befresh but timeless. Here’s our favorite eight kitchen cabinet ideasthat are classics and will be on trend for years.1. Color KitchenCabinetsFor a contemporary kitchen, forgo traditional cabinets inthe darker-stained wood tones and go with color. Color cabinets area great way to add personality to a kitchen. The best part is thatcertain painted cabinets can be repainted as needed without havingto replace them. The boldest color choices today are notnecessarily bright yellow or saturated primary colors. Today’sneutral colors make a big, modern-yet-classic statementlike:–grey–blue–white–taupe2. Textured Kitchen CabinetsWood willalways be a highly sought after kitchen cabinet material. For afresh update to wood cabinets, consider exotic woods that havestriped grain to them. The stripes will add texture and visualinterest to your cabinetry.3. High Gloss Kitchen CabinetsAdd highgloss to your list of kitchen cabinet ideas. They’re easy to keepclean using a soft, damp rag, enhance color and wood grain bysaturating the tones and brighten the kitchen, thanks to theirreflective surface.4. Two-Tone Kitchen CabinetsAvoid thebuilder-grade cabinet look by getting creative with your cabinetchoices. Go with a two-tone effect in your kitchen by selecting oneof two approaches to get the look:High and low two-tone effect. Useone color on your lower cabinets and a different color on yourupper cabinets. To create a fresh, lasting look, stick tocomplementary colors. If you find that you’re color-challenged, usea deeper, richer shade on the lower cabinets, and a much lightershade of the same color or white for the top cabinets.Actualtwo-tone. Instead of mixing and matching color cabinets, selectcabinets that have a two-tone look to them. Careful with choosingcabinets in a repeating two-tone effect — they may look too busy.Our favorite, contemporary look that will withstand the test oftime involves two-tone cabinets that are one color for the actualcabinets and doors, with a second color around the exteriorframe.5. Rustic Modern Kitchen CabinetsFor some unique, high-designkitchen cabinet ideas, look for rustic kitchen cabinets. Thejuxtaposition of rustic cabinetry with the latest appliances andcontemporary counters and touches creates a warm and inviting,modern kitchen space.6. Whitewashed Wood KitchenCabinetsWhitewashed wood has been making the rounds at the topEuropean kitchen design shows for years. The effect lightens thecolor of the wood grain and adds a high-end look to your woodcabinets all while looking fresh and modern today and in tenyears.7. Floating Kitchen CabinetsThe contemporary effect offloating cabinets makes a kitchen space memorable. Floating lowercabinets showcases your flooring while opening the space up. Thelook is surprisingly functional and ergonomic, since a cabinet’sstorage area near the floor is often hard to access or difficult touse for those with back problems. To showcase floating cabinets,add lighting beneath them to cast a contemporary vibe and glow.8.Bamboo Kitchen CabinetsGoing green is here to stay. And nothingsays green like solid, low-VOC bamboo cabinets. Because bamboogrows so quickly, installing bamboo cabinets means lessdeforestation of the environment. Look for high quality, solidbamboo cabinets (instead of ply or veneer) and ask forrecommendations from friends. Bamboo is harder than Oak. Yourbamboo cabinets will look as good as new for years to come
Creative Homemade Gift Ideas 1.0 APK
If it’s truly the thought that counts, there is no gift morethoughtful than one that is homemade. Using your creative abilitiesto make unique gifts is a great way to save money and gift a giftfrom the heart. Although it may take a little extra time, creativegift giving makes a statement and allows you to give a keepsakethat shows how much you care. Best of all, it allows you todedicate some time to a rewarding hobby.Baked GoodsBaked goods area popular festive gift because it is easy to create a few batchesat once. Bringing a fresh batch of brownies or cookies to a dinnerparty shows your host that you appreciate the time they took toplan the event. Best of all, your gift can be shared as a dessertfor all to enjoy.It’s a great way to celebrate traditional familyrecipes and also makes for a perfect conversation starter if youare heading out to an event were you will be getting to know peoplefor the first time. Another great way to share a recipe is bycombining the dry ingredients in a mason jar. For example, layerthe flour, sugar and chocolate chips for your favorite cookierecipe, and create a decorative label with the bakinginstructions.Handmade JewelryLooking for a sentimental gift thatcomes from the heart? Handmade jewelry is a perfect choice. If youhave attention to detail and enjoy working with intricate crafts,you can create beautiful gifts that will last a lifetime. Each giftwill be unique and will remind your recipient of that specialoccasion. Jewelry making has become a huge trend among craftersbecause of the variety of supplies that are available. From glassbeads to precious stones, there are jewelry making supplies forevery style and budget to get you going. Create a piece thatrepresents the unique style of the person that will be receivingthe gift.Decorative Festive WreathsDecorative wreaths have become apopular outdoor decoration and are no longer limited to theChristmas season. By using seasonal colors and greenery you cancreate a wreath to celebrate any season of the year. Get a headstart by buying a store-bought wreath and adding some extradetails, or you can start your wreath from scratch.Use a wire baseto from the shape of your wreath and add volume with evergreenbunches, dried branches, or fabric. There is plenty of inspirationavailable online. Homemade wreathes make the ultimate house warminggift.Use your creative abilities to make your own unique gifts.Give yourself plenty of time so that you can enjoy the processwithout feeling rushed, and make some extra gifts in your sparetime so you always having something available if you are in a rush.Your thoughtful gift may even inspire the creative abilities of thepeople around you. The recipient will appreciate your talents, andyour gift will make a great conversation piece at any gathering.
Minimalist House Door 1.0 APK
Front door design style and color improve curb appeal and addfabulous accents to modern house designs and home in vintage style.Front door design ideas in many various styles help to find thefront door that is perfect for each house. There are customizedfront door designs and stylish outdoor paint colors that allow topersonalize the entrance and house facade, creating a spectacularhome presentation. Selecting a front door requires considering afew factors, from its architectural style, size, materials andexterior wall colors. Front door materials range from solid wood,metal and wood, glass, fiberglass and vinyl. Depending on yourhouse design and your lifestyle, different materials can be used toenhance the house design and improve curb appeal.Exterior wooddoors need additional maintenance, but look rich and natural,providing more in terms of appearance, prestige and style. Steeland vinyl doors are good choices for security, practicality andcost-efficiency. Your house design style, exterior wall materialsand window designs are important factors to consider when selectinga front door design.Countryside homes and country-themed exteriorwalls or more modern houses in contemporary style require differentfront door design ideas and materials combinations. Steel doors areexcellent for houses in big cities. Steel doors provide greatsecurity and protection at affordable prices.Glass paneling inexterior door design help create brighter entryways and hallways,and add aesthetic appeal to house exterior design. Whether or notyou need to bring more light in is another important factor toconsider when choosing your front door design. If the exterior doorfaces the sun your house can get really hot during the day. Soliddoors without front glass panelings are the best to block out thelight and heat.Front door glass paneling look great and make theentrance more attractive. Glass panelings let natural light in, addbeautiful glass designs and create brighter, more spacious andpleasant entryways and foyers.A size of your front door is always aconsideration when selecting a new front door. Your door must fitin the entry corridor. Before purchasing any exterior door, makesure it will fit in the area and match the house exterior andinterior design style, provide an attractive, affordable andpractical architectural element for home protection from elementsand intruders.The size of the house, its location, exterior andinterior design style and materials used for exterior walls candefine the front door design and materials selection. To make aneducated and cost-efficient decision, you should make a list of allthese criteria and then go over it carefully deciding what frontdoor design style, size and materials are the best for your home.
Creative Wall Art Ideas 1.0 APK
Hanging pictures on a wall is like spreading icing on a cake; it'sthe finishing touch. Sometimes, walls require arrangements andtypes of wall decor to keep them visually balanced. Consider wallsize, personal preferences and existing furnishings before youselect art and decor items to balance your walls.VisualWeightBalance pertains to the visual weight of an object, not theobject's physical weight. Some framed pictures and wall decorappear heavier than others. This is primarily due to the size,color and mass of the picture. Reds, greens and blues are visually"heavy" colors, as opposed to yellows, pinks and whites. Metal wallsculptures appear lighter than framed prints surrounded by thickblack frames. The metal sculpture has open areas, while the framedprint has a tightly compacted mass.SymmetricalSymmetrical walldecor is the same on both sides. For example, hang pictures similarin size, framing and subject matter on either side of a chair tocreate symmetrical balance. Provide symmetry with groups of four,six or more similar pictures by hanging half on one side of thechair and half on the other side. Position each picture arrangementin a square or rectangle with about 4 to 6 inches between thepictures in a single group.AsymetricalAsymmetry uses differentpieces of wall decor to create balance through equal visual weight.For example, hang a large framed print on the wall above the leftside of a sofa. Balance out the right side with a smaller picturesuspended over a wall shelf that's topped with a decorative vaseand plant. Even though the wall decor isn't identical, the visualweight is distributed to achieve a pleasing balance on thewall.Other TipsHang wall decor at the same level across a wall tomake a narrow wall appear wider. Flip this technique to helpbalance a wall with a low ceiling; hang wall art pieces verticallyabove each other, giving the illusion of a taller wall and higherceiling. Keep your wall decor in proportion to the wall space;pictures should typically be about two-thirds the size of thefurniture piece that they hang above.In this application, you willfind a hundred ideas about wall art decorating ideas. The specialfeatures are like wall art decoration ideas, metal wall art décor,kitchen wall art décor, contemporary wall art décor, 3d wall artdécor, bathroom wall art décor, wall art decals, wall art stickers,wall art home décor, wall art stickers, wall art decals, metal wallart, wall art 3d, vinyl wall art, wall homewares, canvas wall art,sunland home décor, wall room décor, wall decor art, sunland wall,southwest metal wall art, home decor wall pictures, wall artworkdécor, wall mirrors décor, vintage, luxury, colorful, modern,unique, green, simple, imppressive, for bedroom, for bathroom, forkids, for office room, kitchen room, living room and etc.
Creative Bracelet Craft Ideas 1.0 APK
Do you want to give a friend the perfect gift? Friendship braceletsare a simple and enjoyable project to make and only require somethread. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started, with easy,medium and advanced bracelet patterns.Six-Strand Knot PatternCutthree pieces of string or embroidery floss. Choose any color youwant. Using a ruler, make each thread 28 to 30 inches (71 to 76 cm)long for a bracelet; add length for an anklet or necklace.Tie aknot at the top. Lay out all three threads evenly. Grab the middleof the bunch (make sure it's the middle by seeing if the bottomthreads line up). Pinch the threads about two inches down from thecenter point with your other hand, so that the bundle looks likeone thread. Make a loop with the bundle, then pull the roundedcenter of the bundle through the center. You should have a smallloop of thread above the knot, and six threads coming down from theknot.Secure the knot. Use masking tape to attach the small threadscoming out of the knot to a table or counter, or put a safety pinthrough the knot and attach it to the top of your jeans (whilesitting down). A secured knot will help you maintain consistenttension.Start tying your bracelet. Separate your threads into twoeven groups, with three threads on each side. Take the threads onthe right (pink in the photos) and loop them over and under thethreads on the left (blue). Then put the pink threads through theloop you just created around the blue threads. Pull horizontal pinkstring and blue string keeping them parallel to your knee or thetable, and vertically on the pink threads, keeping themperpendicular to your knee or the table. As you do so, the pinkknot should move up to your large knot at the top. This is called across knot.Repeat the knot with the blue threads. Loop them overand under the pink threads, then pull them through theloop.Alternate tying knots on each side until your bracelet isfinished.Braid to the finish. Leave about 2 inches (5 cm) of untiedthread at the bottom of your bracelet, keeping each tail one color.For each color, make a three-strand [[Braid|braid] until you haveabout 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) of free thread left. Tie an overhand knotat the end of each braid.Tie on the bracelet. Draw one of thebraids you just finished through the loop above your top knot, thentie it to the other braid in a double knot. Your friend should beable to remove it at the end of the day with one hand.Thisapplication contains a hundred ideas about bracelet design ideas.The special features are like diy friendship bracelet patterns,bracelet ideas for guys, jewelry storage ideas diy, 46 ideas fordiy jewelry, diy jewelry display ideas, diy jewelry making ideas,diy wedding jewelry ideas, friendship bracelet tutorial, easyfriendship bracelet tutorial, how to make a friendship bracelet,chevron friendship bracelet, how to make wide friendship bracelets,diy friendship bracelets chevron, how to make your own friendshipbracelet, step by step friendship bracelet, bracelet for woman,girl, man, kids, teenager, friendship, family, best friend. Thereare several types of bracelets from the color like green, blue,black, green, or color combination. From the design, bracelet comesfrom bead, gold, natural, simple, diy, step by step tutorialbracelet ideas, recycled craft ideas and etc.