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Fishing Fresh Water is absolute exciting fish games for all fishingfans!Freshwater is another level of challenge that everyone can notwait to go.This is not a online fishing games and you willexperience something new.Free fishing games in the market foreveryone to enjoy real life feeling.This fish games has smoothcontrol and easy movement just so easy to play.Freshwater crystalclear water and you can easily identify fish location.They move sofast and still you can not easily lock them in your target.Thismakes you has the feel of seeing it in front of you but hard tocatch.This is the amazing moment and journey that you are goingthrough it soon.To have a fantastic fishing experience is what allmania out looking for.Ace keep practicing in fishing at wild parkto catch more fishes in time.A challenging and tough journey feellike catfish fishing games is great.Fishing Fresh Water help toincrease experience and make you great fisherman!Confident level adexperience increase from time to time and makes you better.Thishelp you to explore more and deal with something new compare withothers.Fishing in the middle of the sea is a great feel with thelook real graphics.Background music offer comfortable journeyfishing in the sea for all mania.Top class ace fishing gives youexperience for more wild and catch experience.If you are lookingfor kids fishing games this suitable for adult in all ages.Playthis fishing simulator and you will enjoy very much on it for longtime.Important techniques and ideas for catching fish includespearing, trapping,hands gathering, netting, angling and bring thehappy mood with you always too.You might just a beginner at firstbut then you can be a top fishing man soon.Equipment and accessoryreel bait rod lure hook and terminal tackle are ready.This feellike a real fishing games and it will absolutely makes youexcited.If you have experience lake fishing games and saltwaterfishing games try this.Fishing Fresh Water is something that youwill enjoy very much and unforgettable.★ Fishing Fresh Water GamePlay ★Catch All Big FishProtect CoralUnlock All LevelsWe knowmadness fishing fans and mania cannot wait to play this game.Startfishing now to experience something new and unforgettablememory.Let's explore the exciting journey now with Fishing FreshWater game!

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    Fishing FreshWater
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    August 28, 2017
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    Kiwaga App Studio
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Fishing Challenge Superstars 2 4.0.0 APK
Fishing Challenge Superstars Season 1 is overwhelming by allfishing game lovers!We do really have to says thousand and thousandthank you to all fans on your support!And now we are launching thelong waited Fishing Challenge Superstars 2 for you guys again!Againthis is different from normal fishing game that you played and wego for cut fish this time! Still this is not an online fishinggames but you could experience much more fun in it.Good news isthis is a free fishing games available for everyone to enjoyplaying it.This fish games is so very easy to play and we improvethe control for easier and faster movement.We would claim fishingis an activity of going to catch fish and it takes place in thewild world. Techniques and ideas for catching fish is important tomaximize the outcome thought out the journey.These may includehands gathering, netting, angling, spearing and trapping in anyunexpected condition.This time we guarantee an even more fantasticfishing experience and journey for all mania out there.We increaseexciting level in this game to make this is not only a bass orpiranha fishing game!We introduce few types of new fishes whichlook so real in Fishing Challenge Superstars 2. We continue go forace skill practice in fishing at the big wild sea for you to catchmore fishes.This makes you feel much better than the catfishfishing games and ordinary freshwater fishing games.FishingChallenge Superstars 2 gives you greatest exciting experience andlearn to be a great fisherman!The sea background and island graphiclook so real and feel like you are really fishing in the middle ofthe sea.The background music makes you feel clam and relax sensecloser like fishing in the sea for all mania out there.The add onace and real fishing gives you different experience to do wild andcatch experience.This is not only a kids fishing games and alsosuitable for adults in all age as a fishing simulator in thesea.All high end and modern equipment and accessories are ready foryou including rod reel bait lure hook and terminal tackle.All thesethings make you feel like a real fishing games and it definitelyincrease the excitement level.Try to imaging that you are in thereal fishing boat and kayak which makes you feel much more securewith so much fun.This feel is very much greater than ordinary lakefishing games and saltwater fishing games that you used to playbefore.This game is just so easy to play and you do not have toworry on any technical part.This is simply the best we can offeryou in this game to make you more exciting! How to play FishingChallenge Superstars 2Focus on All FishesAvoid Sea SnakeScore ashigh as you can to Challenge a new recordThis new game willdefinitely make crazy for all fishing fans and mania.Download andenjoy fishing now to experience the unforgetable journey.Let'sexplore the exciting moment with Fishing Challenge Superstars 2now!
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Bike Stunt Up bring you to race on top ofthemountain and be the king!This is a easy play bike racing game with simple and excitinggameplay.All you need to do is to ride on your bike and go up to the topofhill!You are riding from one mountain to another mountain forcontinuejourney.Each level brings different kind of challenges and you needtohandle it.Perform different tricks in the air wen you need to ride up ordownhill.In Bike Stunt Up you perform extraordinary tricks to fly awayfromdangerous.Ride the bike and race and you will see 3D way of stunt whichisgreat!This something new and you have never deal with before and itgetyou crazy.The whole journey just ride your bike and keep going up onthemountain.All the equipment are ready and safety is guaranteed you gotnothingto worry.The view is fantastic and music background make you feelmoreexciting.You will have a lot of fun with this game and get addicted withitsoon.★ Feature of Bike Stunt UpAdvance motorbike for you to ride on mountainChallenging mountain road for you to solveBike perform different tricks in the airThere are 10 levels for you to explore★ How to play Bike Stunt UpFull focus is require during the journeyBeware of the gap and hole on the mountain roadCollect as much as gold you can to enter next levelLet's bike and race with 3D feel and perform stunt on topofmountain.Get ready your bike and we can now up hill to write anewstory.Let's explore the exciting Bike Stunt Up now!
Fishing River World 1.0.0 APK
Fishing River World will be your new unforgettable adventure memoryin fishing diary.If you feel bored with any online fishing gamethat you played before try this now.A very interesting fishing gamewhere you can release tension and get yourself release.It is hardto play great in fishing game unless you are one of the superstarsin here.Fishing fans are countless out there and they love to gofor it anytime and anywhere.This is why some people says fishingnot only hook up fish it apply on fans as well.Fishing River Worldgame play is fantastic and it makes you enjoy to the maximumlevel.All giant fishes hiding under the deep river could bedangerous to any life out there.Some people claim there is no bigfish under crystal clear water but it is not so true.Those top acein fishing world and wild life are professional in catch thesegiant fish.The difficulty level consider very tough especially forall the beginner new joined.It is just so excited when the giantfishing is hook up and flying up into the ship.Simply the reason alot fishing fans are getting more and more mania all thistime.Fishing accessories is must have tool used by fishermen in anyof the fishing journey.Examples are baits, lines, hooks, sinkers,reels, lures, floats, spears, rods, traps,waders, gaffs, nets andtackle boxes that make you feel awesome and professional too.Withall these fishing tools you can tell others that you are thesuperstars here now.We alwasy look so bigger target when we havesome achievement on hand and go higher.Fishing River World couldbring you to achieve this excitement and you can do it.The gameplay is actually simple but you can find more exciting moment in ittoo.This fishing game suitable for all superstars and you feelproud on yourself soon.Fishing River World Game Play ★ Catch SmallFish ★★ Avoid All Big Fish ★Make your fishing diary some reallydifferent compare with others and enjoy it right now.Some peoplecan scarify their sleeping time just for fishing activity with goodfriends.Fishing River World offer you a new level of fishingexperience that is totally awesome.
Fishing Challenge Superstars 3 1.0.0 APK
Fishing Challenge Superstars Season 1 & 2 is totallyoverwhelming by all fishing game lovers!We got nothing much to saybut thousand and thousand thank you to all fans on your support!Weare proud to announce it is time to launch Fishing ChallengeSuperstars 3 for you guys now! This is an online fishing games andmost important it is a totally free fishing game for all.We haveagain improve on the control and the game play is much moreexciting to play with now.The movement is quicker and smooth andthe graphic is really attractive and look real at all time.Wepromised you will have more fun this time with all the specialspecies fishes you going to see.You will try and test somethingreally different on game play in Fishing Challenge Superstars 3.Fishing is always an extreme activity of catch fish and it happenin the wild world out there. So many people are just crazy withthis sport activity and they could spend days and weeks onit.Ensure you are good in the skills of netting, angling, spearingand trapping for top performance.Beginner always find tough time atthe starting point but once you gain experience you are thebest!All fans always look for extraordinary fishing experience andspecial journey because all are mania.Be an ace with skill infishing in the deep blue wild sea and you can catch more fishesthan others.This will be the best time to show all our friends thathow good you could do be proud with yourself!This is not onlychallenging than catfish fishing games and freshwater fishing gamesthat you played.New types of fishes in the game and that increasethe excitement and challenging level on the game play.The graphicsare so real and it makes you feel comfortable and relax makes youforget about pressure.Fishing Challenge Superstars 3 makes you agreat fisherman and you will be proud of yourself all time!It isthe greatest feel of fishing which make you so enjoyable that everymania looking for all time.As a ace with full skills real fishingexperience could go for much more wild and catch fishjourney.Playing this game would make you feel so much release andforget about tension and regain energy!This is greater than kidsfishing games and also suitable for all age as a fishing simulatorin sea.You feel like in real fishing boat or kayak alone butwaiting for some big fish to show up soon.A great time for you tobe alone and think about future and plan for next adventure forbetter living.This is simply very much exciting and unforgettablethan normal experience that you could gain here! The feel isgreater than normal lake fishing games or saltwater fishing gamesthat you used to play. How to play Fishing Challenge Superstars3Each Fish Represent Different ScoreScore Required Points to UnlockNext LevelThis game play could easily drive crazy for all fishingfans and mania.Do not wait and download this game to experience andhave fun right now!Time to explore this exciting moment withFishing Challenge Superstars 3 now!
Fishing River Fish 1.0.0 APK
Fishing River Fish is a free fishing game with many types of riverfish!You able to see different categories of them throughout thegame play.There might be some fish that you have never seen beforein your life.This is just so exciting and mystery for first timeseeing them in real.One of the most important of fishing is executethe right way for result.There are people waiting for hours but getnothing in return while day.This makes them feel like giving up andwould not return to field again.Some fish look cute but when youget close with them it is so dangerous.Never judge any life justwith its outlook they could be risky to you.If they are in badtemper we have to play safe when we go to meet them.You feel soreal in fishing compare all the games that you have played.The gameplay is challenging from fishing game that you tried before.Youwill totally in love with it even you just play it for oncenow.Real and nice graphic include background and all river fishcharacters.You feel like you are fishing at real river side withthe strong wind.All Fishing River Fish players would have thechance to experience it.This is definitely something new for allplayers and you will love it.All fishing equipment are ready tohook the target that we look for.You just need to enjoy the shownow and create something unforgettable.This memory will lastforever and you are proud to share with friends.We hope users enjoyplaying this Fishing River Fish in professional way.This gameeducate users and improve knowledge in fishing everywhere too.HowTo Play Fishing River Fish★ Catch All River Fish ★★ Avoid JellyFish ★We believe all users like this game and do share with yourfriends!The best way to train your fingers and make yourself aprofessional.Enjoy this special challenging journey with FishingRiver Fish now!
Fishing Shark Challenge 1.0.0 APK
Fishing Shark Challenge is a fantastic news for all fishing gameplayers.This free fishing games come with great test and make youlike superstars.You might know nothing much about fishing but thisgame train you well.We know all the users out there must be soexcited when playing this game.Even this is not online fishing gamestill you find something different.Brand new fishing feel that younever feel before like catch bass fish.If you think this is easythen you mind get blow in just a minute here.Simply because we wantto surprise you in this Fishing Shark Challenge.If you are fishingon boat in the middle of sea and targeting bass fish.While you sofocus on fishing and feel like going to hook up big thing.The rodis shaking and you know it is coming and want to exercise now.Herecome the uninvited guests turning up and they are varioussharks.This situation is so critical and you might lost hope out ofsudden too.A ace in fishing in the wild sea used to catch fish canhandle this case.A beginer might have little trouble now to dealwith this for first time.Never let any sharks attack you but tohook all of them up if you can.That makes Fishing Shark Challengeso challenging to make you better.Top player in fishing fear ofnothing because simply they are superstars.Skills and experienceare important in fishing and it decide the outcome.It is not onlyabout how you do it but how to locate a great positioning.Handsgathering, angling, netting, trapping and spearing is soimportant.If you combined all of them you make yourself so perfectand professional.Fishing Shark Challenge Game Play- Catch AllSharks- Avoid Prawn- Score High Point to Break Your Own RecordWhatyou need to do in this fishing game is just to catch all giantsharks.This is challenging because there can be few sharks comingup at same time.Every single equipment and accessories are in placein the boat for you.Terminal tackle, lure, hook, rod, bait and reelare all set up right now.We train you to be professional in fishinggame and become a superstars.Make yourself an ace in fishing inthis wild sea and catch all giant fish.That leaves youunforgettable memory in life and proud to be shared too.All of themget shocked of your very own experience and salute on yousoon.Fishing Shark Challenge is the game all fishing game manialooking for!
Fishing Shark Ace 1.0.0 APK
Fishing Shark Ace is more than any free fish game that you used toplay all the times.There are some many different kind of sharks inthe sea for you to find them out now.We always go fishing but we donot know who is the real superstars in the big ocean.A fishing gamethat you can hook up sharks in more exciting adventure way ofplaying!You can be very excited facing them as the graphics arejust too real and close too.Fishing equipment must be ready beforethe journey get started include fishing poles, fishing reels,fishing lures, fishing gear, fishing hook, fishing rod and fishingtackles.This help to make you very professional and can handle allcases like a top player.You can be the leader among your group andlead them to achieve better result always.Fishing Shark Ace offeryou extraordinary and unforgettable fishing ocean experience.Atotally special fishing journey you never imaging to see all thesesea superstars. We no longer dealing with small fish like bass fishbecause we want something giant.That is what makes this game comeswith a lot of fun that you never experience before.Now go forfishing and see what special fish that you could meet up and hookthem up.Never tension on what you are going to face and be brave todeal with all challenges.You find more fun than playing normalsport fishing game or a magnetic fishing game.Fishing Shark Aceoffer relax environment in the middle of the sea and comfortmusic.Challenge yourself and this is the best time of fishing tomake yourself a superstars!Fishing Shark Ace Game Play- Do Not HurtTurtle- Catch All Giant SharksA tough fishing journey that addedvalue in your diary and something to feel proud.Now begin to catchthe biggest fish in sea and enjoy this Fishing Shark Ace game!