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Worried about keeping yourself bodyspace fitbit in your busyschedules? love fitness and bodybuilding ? Shape up is one of thegreat free fitness apps, Your fitness pal & weight losstrackerAre you a bodybuilding maniac and looking for myfitnesspal ?Shape up - The best weight loss apps / free fitness apps Unable toafford a fitness coach and gym guide? fitness guide or a gym coach?Our 30 day fitness challenge and home workout app with 4 weeksshape up special gym workouts with video workouts ! Just loseweight as 30 Day Fitness Challenge gradually increases exerciseintensity, so that you can easily stick fitness training daily withgreat weight loss. This serves as a vivid men fitness app and womenfitness app suiting both. A must have app for daily exercise athome. workout trainer for women at gym and the best workout trainerfor men at gym.Experience the exercise video weight loss workoutsusing shape up. Shape up is the best fitness app for weight loss.Are you looking forward to burn some bulk? Use our best weight lossapps to ensure better weight loss ! 30 Day Fitness Challenge willgreatly help you to keep fitness and lose weight more effectively.Shape up Lite is an ultimate unisex total free fitness app withfeatures which you will find no where else. This is one of the bestfree bodyspace bodybuilding apps on google play. The mostaffordable total fitness app ever with numerous vivid bodybuildingtools like;home workout appcalorie counterpush up counterfitnesscalculatorheart rate monitorheart rate sensorpedometerfitnesstrackerfitness diet chartrunstatics fitness trackerrundouble andlose weightworkout timervivid video (workout guide)and many morefeatures just like a dietitian, free gym trainer . fit,weight lossand bodyspace ?30 day abs challenge30 day full body challenge30 daybutt challenge30 days bodybuilding challengeTools like sensor basedpush up counter will surely assist you while taking push upsworkout for chest. push up counter can pump your bodybuildingfactors to the next level . Optimize your fitbit flex workout bygetting calorie intake using unique calorie counter tool.Monitoryour heart beat rate before and after workouts using heart ratemonitor.Our pedometer tool can easily track your running andwalking couch to 5k activities by simply keeping it in your pocket.best workouts for fast weight lossLive communication is enabledwith fitness chat rooms under the supervision of a fitnesstrainer.You can just listen to the workout process withoutstraining your eyes. Shape up Lite can read it aloud for you.Basedon your profile and bhim workout goals, the app will preparecustomized fitness diet plans, fitness diet chart.You can even tryour healthy recipes. The fast fitness workouts will help youachieve great results Exclusive celebrity fitness videos areincluded in our app.Opt in our special 30 day fit challenge workoutcourse for fast weight loss and make you lose belly fat.Dreaming ofsix pack abs just like a celebrity, this home exercise app willsurely let you achieve it. Get vivid bodyspace fitness tipson;fitness and bodybuildingweight loss tips with gym guidedailyyogahealthy recipes and much more!Shape up Lite is your couch to 5ktotal fitness tool and fitness tracker. It will be your best gymworkout app and unique gym guide app which can even assist you inyour daily home workouts.its one of the finest offline fitnessapps, experience the best offline workout In short, Shape up Liteis a perfect pocket health and one of the best free fitness apps!one among the top 10 fitness appsLet’s Start........JustShapeup......e6e3699e10

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Tell a Story - Game to Train Speech & Logic Free 1.2.2 APK
Sanvada LLC
This educational game for kids trains speech and logic. It is bestfor children ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 years old.Each of the taskspresents a sequence of pictures on the screen that together tell astory, yet the pictures get mixed at the start of the round. Thechild has to put the pictures back into the correct order and tellthe story these pictures display. The game effectively trains theability to speak in complete and meaningful sentences as well as tocome to logical conclusions based on observed facts. To place thepictures in the correct order, children need to first establishcausal, temporal, spatial and other logic relationships between thesmaller pieces and demonstrate a rather high level of abstraction.Examining pictures itself trains attention and concentration.Askyour kid to tell a short story or in some way explain why thepictures should be in that order as well as what happens on thepictures. Each story has a beginning, then some development, andfinally an ending. All the pictures are realistic, colorful, andaimed at young kids.The game offers tasks with 3 levels ofdifficulty:1. Easy - sequences of 4 easy pictures (for example, 1.whole apple, 2. bitten apple, 3. half-eaten apple, 4. apple core)2.Medium - sequences of 4 pictures which together make a small storywith a simple plot3. Hard - sequences of 5-6 pictures with a longerplot where the child needs to establish temporal and causalrelationships
Logic & Spatial Intelligence MiniGame Adventure 1.6 APK
Sanvada LLC
A bundle of 4 fun educational games for parents and their kids.These games are designed to help parents educate their childrenusing engaging story lines and games. These educational gamesdevelop logic, cognitive operations, spatial intelligence and otherbrain functions.1. Postman - Help the Hedgehog deliver a letter tothe correct house, based on the provided address.2. Maze - Find theway to a house inside a maze.3. Sudoku with Pictures - Fill theempty cells in the table with the correct objects, so that everyobject appears exactly once in each row and column.4. Rhythm -Understand the pattern used in a sequence and find the object whichbreaks that pattern.The author of the games is a child psychologistwith more than 10 years of child educational experience.Spatialintelligence develops in preschool and in early grades. The games"Postman" and "Maze" develop help develop a child's ability toanalyze spatial problems. The child learns to work with pictures,patterns, and maps. Such exercise helps the child to handlegeometric material at school.The games "Sudoku" and "Rhythm"develop logic and concentration, which are very important forfurther studies at school, especially in math, sciences andtechnical/engineering subjects. While solving logical tasks,children train cognitive functions, working memory, and attention;which results in a higher IQ.The app works best on Android tablets,but also has a zoom-in feature for smartphones with small screens.
Cinderella Story Fun Educational Girls Games APK
Sanvada LLC
The famous and beloved fairy tale about Cinderella can now traincognitive processes in kids. This interactive story not only staysclose to the original fairy tale but also comes with educationaltasks and mini-games included in the story's plot. This is aCinderella educational game best suited for girls that are 4-10years old. This is one of the best girl games that’ll help youryoung lady improve her spatial intelligence and readingcomprehension abilities. Unlike most other games about Cinderellayou may have seen on the stores, this free girls game is not onlyfun for kids but also is really educational, and will train thememory, logic, attention and other brain functions of your child.This story game for girls was designed by a professional childpsychologist. This team has worked hard to build free games andaffordable for kids age 4 and above that’ll put your little girlfar ahead of her peers. This free game for girls is special becauseit includes the following tasks: Objects classification, Find theodd object, Sudoku for girls, Spot the error in the pattern, Jigsawpuzzles, Find the object matching an example (develops attention),Recall who danced with whom, Memorize the order in which ladiestried the shoe, Memory game (trains memory), Spot all thedifferences between two pictures, and many others. And of course,every girl will love to bake the wedding cake and to decorateCinderella's dress—because of these things, this has become one ofthe best free kid games for girls age 5. Unlike other newCinderella games, this is one of the learning games for girlsthat’ll let your daughter develop creativity and imagination whilecoming up with a new design of the dress or a recipe for the cake.All mini-games are also available separately, each with 4 levels ofdifficulty. These challenging difficulty levels have become one ofthe best Cinderella free girls games. The cool game for girls hasbeen translated to 15 languages: English, Russian, German, French,Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish. Get Connected & FollowUs: Website: https://sanvada.com/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AppGamesForKids/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/GamesForKidsApp Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/gamesforkidsapp/ Drop your suggestions orquestions about our app on: [email protected] Tags: kids gamesfor girls free, popular games for girls, Sudoku for girls,Cinderella free girls games, new Cinderella games, Cinderella gamesfor girls, Cinderella educational games
Bus Story Adventures Fairy Tale 1.2.2 APK
Sanvada LLC
An interactive story with educational games for 4-6 year olds. Themain character of the game is a bus which people don't need anymore and leave at a junkyard. But the bus wants to be useful insome other way. It tries to become a helicopter, a truck and asubway train, but fails. In the end it manages to find its purpose.It's a kind, fun and educational story which teaches small kidsthat there is a solution even to hard problems. Also, it educateschildren about the pollution traffic causes in cities. The storyincludes educational tasks to train brain functions: attention,memory and logic. Task examples:Which type of transport of the fouris unlike the other three,Find the correct wheel for the bus,Placecars of the subway train in the correct order,Memorize who drovewhat (develops visual memory),Memory game,Mazes,Sudoku,Jigsawpuzzles and other logic tasks.We recommend playing our games onAndroid tablets because their bigger screen is easier to use bysmall kids, but the games will also work fine on smartphones withAndroid.The app supports 15 languages: English, Russian, German,French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish,Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish.
Three Little Pigs - Fairy Tale with Games 1.4 APK
Sanvada LLC
This interactive story is based on Three Little Pigs fairy tale andincludes many educational games and logic tasks for kids 3-5 yearsold. The app was designed by a professional child psychologist. Thetasks develop logic, memory and attention. They are also availableseparately from the story, with 4 levels of difficulty. Types oftasks: mazes, puzzles, memory game, put the pictures in the correctorder to show how the house was built, place the objects correctly,find the pigs by their color and other fun educational games forsmall children.
Memory & Attention Training for Kids 1.5.1 APK
Sanvada LLC
This educational bundle includes 4 mini-games for the developmentof visual memory and 3 mini-games for the training of attention andconcentration. The games are great for kids ages 4-7 years old, butwatch out: parents can get addicted to them just aseasily.Mini-games that train visual memory:- Who Had Which Number?-Palette- Memorize the Pictures- Memory gameMini-games that trainattention and concentration:- Find All Objects- Find the Numbers-ReactionThe games were designed by a professional childpsychologist and are based on the materials she uses in herpractice with children in preschool and elementary school.Werecommend these games to all kids, but even more to kids with ADHD/ ADHS (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome / Disorder).Eachgame in the bundle has 4 levels of difficulty. You can set the"easy" level at first, but keep playing until you master the "veryhard" difficulty, too.
Hedgehog's Adventures: Story with Logic Games Free APK
Sanvada LLC
As one of the most enjoyed free learning games for childrenavailable, this game has an interactive story about the Hedgehogand his friends, with a few dozen educational tasks and mini-gamesfor children ages 4, 5, and 6 years old—these tasks make it as oneof the best free logic games for kids. Having the right mini-gamesto educate children, they add a good amount of adventures inlearning. This educational games app for kids was designed by aprofessional child psychologist for parents and teachers to helpeducate children. This is one of those preschool education gamesfor children that must be played together with an adult to have areal educational effect. The hedgehog adventure story for kidsincludes 5 chapters with alternating narration and plot-relatedtasks—having specific plots will improve a child’s attention span,and that’s precisely what has let it stand among the most trustedlogic games for kids. After completing the story, your kids cancontinue enjoying the game with 15 additional mini-games, each with4 levels of difficulty. While playing the mini-games for childrenages 4-6 years or solving tasks and logic puzzles for kids,children develop concentration, attention capacity, working memory,logic, and spatial intelligence. By cultivating the analyticability of a child, this interesting story-driven game has becomeone of the best free kid learning games. In the beginning of thestory, Hedgehog sets off to find the lost shadow of his friend,Mouse. After returning from the journey, he cleans up his housewhile Squirrel helps him. Then Hedgehog attends Hare's birthdayparty. In the night, he dreams that he visits a geometry land andgets to know the shapes that live there. In the end of the story,Hedgehog and his friends build a new house in the forest. Such aninteresting narrative has sure made this free logical games app forkids as one of the finest preschool logic games that you candownload for the kids. The following tasks have made this app oneamong the reliable logical thinking games for kids: • Deliver aletter to the correct address • Find differences between pictures •Jigsaw puzzles • Find mistakes in a picture • Classify objects •Find missing pieces of pictures • Mazes • Find numbers in thecorrect order • Sudoku puzzles with objects and geometric shapes •Hidden objects • Find an error in a sequence • Decorate a cake •Memory games The levels of difficulty that are found in theselearning games for children: • Easy: small kids (4 years of age) •Normal: preparation for school (5 years of age) • Hard: elementaryschool, 1st grade (6 years of age) • Very hard: for gifted childrenbetween the ages of 4 and 6 Our children focused educational gamesand apps are aimed at the development of cognitive processes ofchildren in the preschool age range (3-6 years old). Commonly, theapps of the "edutainment" type focus on learning numbers, letters,shapes or facts. However, the pedagogical experience—which iscreated by such preschool educational games for kids free—showsthat such games mostly train mechanical memory and that isn'tenough. It's important for preschoolers to have cognitive abilitiesdeveloped, too. If brain functions are trained well, the kids willhave higher an IQ level and learn school material more easily. Andthese mini kid educational games included in this app are designedto let kids improve their IQ levels. Get Connected & Follow Us:Website: https://sanvada.com/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/AppGamesForKids/ Twitter:https://twitter.com/GamesForKidsApp Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/gamesforkidsapp/ Drop your suggestions orquestions about our app on: [email protected] Tags: logic gamesfor kids, free logic games, learning games for kids, adventures inlearning, mini-games for children ages 4-6 years, hedgehogadventure story for kids, preschool logic games, preschooleducational games, free kid learning games
Logic Land - Puzzles & IQ Training Adventure Free 1.2.2 APK
Sanvada LLC
Help Jack and Alice find the treasures in Logic Land! In each ofthe five locations, interesting puzzles and brain games awaityou.This educational game includes more than 20 types of tasks,including:Guessing how a shape looks from above or belowFinding twopieces which together will build a squareContinuing a sequence ofshapesGuessing which strip of sides makes a cubeSolving withshapesDetermining how many cells a shape has Identifying the oddshapeFinding similar shapes and other logic games and puzzlesTheauthor of the game is a child psychologist who specializes inpreschool training. The tasks are aimed at the development oflogical reasoning, mathematical ability, and spatial intelligenceas well as memory and attention for kids 6, 7 and 8 years old. Manyof the tasks may remind you of IQ training materials, yet they areage-optimized. Your kid will be engaged by the colorful graphics,the variety of tasks and the feelings of progress as each task issolved. We recommend the game both to parents and to educationprofessionals. Teachers can use the app as an additional learningtool in math class for 1st or 2nd grade elementary school. Thislogic game can also be used in preschool / kindergarten (ages 5-6years old).In order to succeed at school, children need to be ableto gain new skills and learn new facts quickly. This can only beachieved if the basic cognitive processes (reasoning,concentration, memory, spatial intelligence) are well trained.Modern electronic devices are a great medium for pedagogical appsand interactive books, which can effectively train abilities ofyoung kids.