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Be the first to discover Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle. Brightcolors, enhanced gameplay, amazing power-ups and the same addictivegame mechanics await for you in this fancy installment of the hitmatch 3 puzzle game. Features: ★ Stylish colorful graphics ★ 4types of bonuses ★ 100 challenging levels ★ Hexagonal, triangle andsquare playfield grids ★ Aaddictive family-friendly gameplay Learnmatch 3 magic Spring is the time to color your life! Try out abrand new Fitz game with 4 startling power-ups, redesigned graphicsand all new amazing match 3 levels. The new color solution makes iteasier to find possible matches and brings surprising dynamics toonline competitions in multiplayer mode. This free-to-play slidingpuzzle is a fun and relaxing brain-teaser that appeals to kids,teens and adults. Now you can also shuffle tiles or remove alltiles of particular shape to obtain new combinations on theplayfield. Bomb power-up places 3 bombs in random cells while Brushchanges the color of 10 most inaccessible cells, which is asplendid way to complete the level before your rival does that orto pass most tricky levels. Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle combinesaddictive tiles-swapping gameplay and incredible action due toreal-time multiplayer battles. Play your favorite match 3 game inan all new way or download classic Fitz version absolutely free.

App Information Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle

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    Fitz 2: Magic Match 3 Puzzle
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    October 11, 2019
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Absolutist Ltd
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    53 XXII partsyezda St, Dnipropetrovsk, 49101, Ukraine
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Bubble Shooter Classic Free 4.0.55 APK
Bubble Shooter is an extremely addictive match 3 puzzle game foranyone from the age of 5 to 95. Playing the game is really easy:shoot at like-colored bubbles to make them pop. You'll spend hoursexploding bubbles on your device in two game modes. Choose theStory mode and display both logic and bubble popper skills to passnumerous tricky levels. The goal changes with every level, as wellas bonuses scattered on the board. Collect keys, break throughfrozen and stone balls, shoot the lightning to unleash a bubbleavalanche or burst virus bubbles as you try to beat your friends'score! Bubble Shooter features: ♦ Make your way through multiplepuzzle levels ♦ Enjoy classic arcade bubble shooter gameplay inCollector and Sniper modes ♦ Tailor game difficulty to yourmatching skills ♦ Challenge your friends and share yourachievements ♦ Customize bubble skins and backgrounds in thisbubble shooter game 👍The fans of classic bubble shooter games maychoose between Collector and Sniper modes. Sniper mode obliges youto consider every single tap. 🏆 Improve your shooting and targetingabilities: the fewer shots you make, the higher score you get.🏆Collector mode is a bubble shooting game with the aim is to get thehighest possible score. When you miss to burst bubbles a number oftimes the row moves down. Bounce marbles with similar colorsline-by-line until nothing is left. Explode all of them and collectthe highest score. ❤ In a word, if you enjoy free bubble games,this arcade is sure to absorb you! Enjoying Bubble Shooter ClassicFree? Learn more about the game! All rights to Bubble Shooter™ areowned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd. Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website: http://absolutist.comYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
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Discover the wonderful world of adventure! Play Hidden Object,Match 3 and Bubble games with your Virtual Pet. Treat him withyummies and make a collection of Surprise Boxie-Pets! Compete withyour friends, exchange free gifts and set new records! Gamefeatures: ★ Pet simulator ★ Arcades, mini-games, match 3 andbubbles ★ Educational games and puzzles ★ Mini games, HiddenObjects, 2048 ★ Find fantastic beasts in the game ★ Free games forkids and adults ★ Encyclopedia of the game about animals Everwanted to slip into the secret life of pets? Meet Boxie! Boxie isan amiable talking virtual pet, which can grow into any animal,depending on food you treat it with. How many fabulous pets can youget? Nurture your Boxie, feed it with om nom fruit and veggies, ormeat delicates. Sated, Boxie likes to play free games. Visit puzzleplayground for logic and board games, like mahjong solitairemini-game or memory game. Arcade sandbox is waiting for you to playBubbles games or match 3 blitz. If you prefer seek and find games,crawl into a haunted castle. This sim game will also become one ofyour kid's favourite educational apps. Stuffed with logic puzzlesand arcade mini-games, it features cool animations. Let yourchildren make fun dressing Boxie. So, play games and earn money andachievements in this free virtual pet sim. Boxie will certainlybecome your best friend! Enjoying Boxie: Hidden Object Puzzle?Learn more about the game! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website: http://absolutist.comYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBAInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
Secret Europe: Hidden Object Adventure 2.4.12 APK
This free hidden object adventure is your exclusive tour to Europe.Play jigsaw puzzles, or join our tourist quiz, if you are the onewho wants to be a millionaire. Features ★ Enjoy a relaxing HOG withfun facts about Europeans ★ Play with friends to compete andco-operate ★ Journey around the continent with an interactive map ★Discover a collection of brain-teasers This free-to-play puzzler isyour trapdoor to adventure only one tap away. Explore beautifulhidden object scenes, find items associated with every country, andmake collections of souvenirs. Master various finding modes,including word list, silhouettes and “spot the difference”. As youcomplete quests given by your amicable travel companions, theyshare curious facts which most guides have no clue about. If youare attentive enough, answer our tourist questionnaire, and try tomake a fortune. And if you like mystery hidden object games, tryTime Gaphttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.timegapand Crime Cityhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.absolutist.citydetectiveEnjoying Secret Europe: Hidden Object Adventure? Learn more aboutthe game! Facebook: http://facebook.com/Absolutist.games Website:http://absolutist.com YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBA Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com
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Play with cute animals in a fun educational game. Colorful hiddenobject levels and interactive tasks makes it an amusing learninggame for kids. Animal Hide and Seek is a free learning hiddenobject game designed specifically for kids. Features of Animal Hideand Seek for Kids ★ designed specifically for children ★ ideal forpreschool education ★ easy game mechanics for learning and fun ★embark on an exciting adventure into the world of nature ★ variouslandscapes grant hours upon hours of exciting gameplay ★ thislearning game helps your kids to develop creative thinking andlogic skills This kids finding game will help your children learnmore about African wildlife in a fun way. This educational game isalso a great tool for learning animal sounds. Don’t wonder if yourchildren will meet kind and funny dinosaurs. Knowing how excitedkids are about the prehistoric creatures, we added a Dino Park packin this hidden object game to give your toddlers a chance toobserve these amazing animals. The kids games have easy-to-catchmechanics and don't require any language skills. Even the youngestchildren will get involved into the magic world of hidden objectfor kids. There are 12 African landscapes in this learning game,and every time you play the animals are hidden in a new location,so you have an endless supply of amusement. No additional rules -just find the animals! With cheerful characters and interactivepuzzles this learning game for kids will give your childrenunforgettable pastime!
Crime City Detective: Hidden Object Adventure APK
Best free detective game of 2019 returns for a new season! LizzyDark not gonna make it without her buddy cop. So grab your gun andsolve another high-profile case! 5 Things You Must Know About ThisHit Whodunit What’s going on here? In case you missed it, CrimeCity Detective is a police procedural crime drama turned into afree hidden object game. Every criminal case is a separate chapterand present all sorts of crimes, from art center burglary tobombing and white collar crimes. However, as the story unfolds, youstart suspecting a puppeteer behind it all. It's getting so thatyou will have to challenge one of the brightest criminal minds ofthe world… or even a secret society that leaves mafia far behind.So, it’s just all about finding objects, right? NO. Actually, thisHOG offers lots of activities and ways to progress. Scouring hiddenobject scenes is basically crime scene investigation. First youcollect hidden clues, then you let forensic scientists analyseevidence and interview a less silent witness if you are luckyenough to find one. Complemented by a variety of jigsaw puzzles,match 3 and word games, it gives you a wide opportunity to earncash and bonus points. Apart from that, while you rest and regainenergy, you may also get involved in law enforcement around thecity. Help traffic wardens issue parking tickets, send SWAT todetain thugs or prevent street shooting. In a sin city, a policeofficer always has a job to do. Who’s that babe on the screenshot?If you mean the blonde, it’s inspector Elizabeth Dark, and you’dbetter watch your manners. She is a tough thing, and your boss bythe way. A couple of years ago she lost her second, and finallyagreed to become a training officer for a promising rookie (you!).That missing homicide detective was apparently her secret flame,but (shh!) that’s just between us. She is a keen investigator andwill often draw you in a dangerous adventure. She also likes toplay spies in disguise and brags a wardrobe of outfits which somedressing games may only dream about. Is it actually free to play?Yes, all quests are unlocked and you download full game version.You can play 100% free of charge online or offline. Though the gameoffers boosters for real money, it also gives you plenty of chancesto earn them without paying anything. Play with friends andexchange gifts, win tournaments, collect daily bonus, or watchrewarded video to name a few. By the way, you are also welcome tomaintain law and order in your city (see point 2 above). What’scoming next in 2020? What’s good about crime games is that new casefiles are coming out regularly. Be it a murder mystery or aforgery, it will encourage you to revisit previous locations andnew hidden object scenes. The hunt for criminal mastermindcontinues, and perhaps you will be the one to disclose theconspiracy! Enjoying Crime City Detective Adventure? Learn moreabout the game! Facebook:http://facebook.com/Crime-City-Detective-265670850528590 Website:http://absolutist.com YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPgyXadAX_dT4smCrEKqBA Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/absolutistgames Twitter:https://twitter.com/absolutistgame Questions? Contact our techsupport at support@absolutist.com