1.117 / August 20, 2018
(4.3/5) (16445)


• Fix the devices! • Hire Fixies helpers! • Train fixies! • Opennew workshops! • Pass more than 2000 levels! Fix the devices andget golden tideeshes for it. Hire fixies as helpers, train them,develop the talents to fix devices faster. Open new workshops andbecome Fixi-master! Join us on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/kbprogames

App Information Fixi-click game

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    Fixi-click game
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  • Updated
    August 20, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0.3 and up
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  • Developer
    KB Pro
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    119017, Москва, Большой Толмачёвский пер., д.5, стр.1
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Fixi-click game Version History

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  • 1.115 (115)
  • 1.106 (106)
  • Fixi-click game 1.115 APK File

    Publish Date: 2018 /2/25
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 52.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.1 (Nougat, API: 25)
    File Sha1: ecb30453f84c94ea46ac7e78ba962508e5a35b5f
    APK Signature: 2a70d7a52ce2ab65db84e560e3ed229925cf80f2
  • Fixi-click game 1.106 APK File

    Publish Date: 2016 /2/2
    Requires Android: Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 14)
    File Size: 49.9 MB
    Tested on: Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API: 21)
    File Sha1: 52d6a242c1622ad56df5fd1c05cd86f7ff37d1be
    APK Signature: 2a70d7a52ce2ab65db84e560e3ed229925cf80f2

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Masha and The Bear “Jam Day” - new game for kids and adults! HelpMasha cooking jam: collect fruits, candy and cookie in match 3 gamefree. Play game for kids with Masha and the bear! The Jam Day gameis based on the wonderful russian cartoons Masha and the bear,which can be viewed free, and match 3 games free no wifi. Jam Dayis: • A three-in-a-row game with fruit! (for adults and children) •Hundreds of levels: complete them all and unlock secret candylevels! • Competition levels! • Vivid special effects • Helpers togive you a boost in the difficult levels! • Original soundtrackfrom the Masha and the Bear series! 👍That’s cool! You remember theJam Day episode of the kids cartoon Masha and the bear? The rulesare simple, so let's get going! You’ve probably seen russiancartoons like Cats Mice, Masha Kasha, Sweet Life, or the new ones.And now we at KB Pro have a new adventure for you! To get throughall the arcade levels, you will need to solve loads of uniquepuzzles: collect fruits, sweet candy, and cookies for cooking jamaccording to the recipe. 🎮Play with your kid! If you looking forgames similar to match 3 free, Jam Day is the best matching gamesfor adults and children with Bear Misha and Masha or other sovietcartoons. The game mach3 can be downloaded free. Just sweet candy,and juicy fruits: an arcade game for the whole family! 👧Oh, I’m sobusinesslike! When Masha games makes jam, hang on tight! She’llcollect fruits three in a row: cherry, apple, pear, plum,raspberry, and she’ll have to crush cold candy and cookies for herjam. 👩Misha, who’s that lady? Experience shows that moms try outfree games for girls and boys personally, and often enjoy themthemselves. Puzzle games with Masha aren’t just fun for kids! Wecreate top games for children, but it’s well known that moms anddads enjoy playing match 3 - games free too, so these are awesomegames as well. 🙋 Let`s play! Your kid asks on the phone: ok googleMasha and the bear? 😄 Quick, install matching games Jam Day! Thisbest match 3 games free no wifi is a games for girls and for boystoo. Our heroine loves to try out different activities: Mashadoctor, goes racing, solves puzzles, but in this relaxing gamesmach3 she has to make jam — the match game. There a new levels inthe match three games free for android, like new Masha and the bearMisha episodes: win, move ahead, and enjoy yourself! 🏆 Can youcomplete all the levels in these ad-free free games? We did! 💪 Thegame “Маша и медведь: День Варенья - три в ряд” was created in2016-2017 and 2018 and is one of the best game 2017. So grab yourphone or tablet and download free games: they’re children gamesfree offline. From the makers of fun top games based on the russiancartoons “Маша и медведь” (Masha i medved): • Маша и медведь: ДеньВаренья - Три в ряд игры без интернета • Macha y el oso: Fairytalewords - educational games
Masha and The Bear Puzzle Game 2.2 APK
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These Puzzle based on scenes from Masha and the Bear cartoon isgood for kids. Both kids and adult who is interested in the genrewill like Puzzle because of different modes. Features: • 140puzzles from your favorite cartoon • Each picture could be dividedon 12, 24, 45 pieces • Three modes: Easy, Hard and Duel RankSystem: • Upgrade the ranks of Masha and the Bear • Collecttrophies • Open new pictures Choose the Easy mode with 12 piecesand even younger kid will complete a puzzle with favoritecharacters without any difficulties. All pictures are linked inchain like quest. By completing puzzles you gain the points andopen new pictures in chain. You could spend your points on newranks and trophies. Want a challenge? Try to play on Hard mode with“difficulties”. To make it more complicated choose the puzzle from45 pieces. Even adults will like these puzzles. Duel mode will beperfect for family time! It allows you to play together using justone device. Find out who will win and complete the puzzle first.Duel Mode – Find out who will complete a puzzle faster? Yourfavorite characters from Masha and the Bear cartoon will help youto complete the most difficult puzzle!
Фиксископ: Игры для детей 1.165 APK
KB Pro
Фиксископ – мини игры для детей, игры с дополненной реальностью!Фиксики в реальном мире! Вы сможете сделать фото и даже поиграть вигры с фиксиками. Кроме того, ребенок может играть в развивающиеигры с фиксиками абсолютно бесплатно. 6 развивающих игр сфиксиками:• Собери буквы• Собери слово по слогам• Найди 5 отличий•Найди спрятанные предметы• Пройди лабиринт• РаскраскаВ бесплатныхразвивающих играх достаточный запас тематических слов, чтобыребенку было интересно играть и собирать новые слова из букв ислогов. Игра отлично подойдет как для девочек, так и для мальчиков.Для мальчиков будет интересна дополненная реальность, где можноувидеть фиксика и других персонажей из мультфильма Фиксики, а длядевочек отлично подойдет раскраска и другие развивающие игры.Теперь чтобы увидеть любимых героев из мультика Фиксики вам ненужны специальные мишени-картинки! Просто наведите камеруФиксископа на купюру в 50 или 100 руб. (так же в качестве мишениможно использовать купюры: гривна, тенге, белорусские рубли), и высможете сделать фото не только с Ноликом и Симкой, но такжеувидите, как меняет свой цвет хамелеон, как бьет молния и даженарядите с фиксиками Новогоднюю ёлку! В дополненной реальности вамдоступны следующие сцены: • Селфи с Ноликом • Шпуля и фикус• Молнияи Нолик• Хамелеон, меняющий свой цвет• Шахматы с Ноликом• Кусачка•Помогатор с инструментами• Новогодняя ёлка с Ноликом и СимкойИграот компании КБ Про, создателей таких игра как: КвестоПазл: пазлы сфиксиками, ФиксиКлик, Фиксики в Космосе, Фиксики: Спасимультфильм!, Фикси Джампер. Мы ценим ваше мнение, и будемпризнательны за оценки и отзыв о наших играх. Пишите нам в соц.сетях:http://vk.com/kbprohttps://www.facebook.com/kbprogamesОдноклассникиhttp://ok.ru/group/54972476686354Fiksiskop - mini-games forchildren, games with augmented reality! Fixiki in the real world!You can take a photo and even play games with Fixiki. In addition,the child can play educational games with Fixiki absolutely free.6educational games with Fixiki:• Collect letters• Collect the wordby syllables• Find the 5 differences• Find the hidden objects• Passthe maze• ColoringIn the free games developing an adequate supplyof thematic words to the child was fun to play with and collect newwords from letters and syllables. The game is perfect for bothgirls and boys. Boys will be interesting augmented reality, whereyou can see Fixiki and other cartoon characters Fixiki and forgirls is perfect for coloring and other educational games.Now tosee your favorite characters from the movie Fixiki you do not needa special target-pictures! Just point the camera Fiksiskopa on bill50 or 100 rubles. (As well as a target, you can use notes: UAH,KZT, BYR), and you can make photos not only with toe and Simcoe,but will also see how to change the color chameleon as an effort bylightning and even along with Fixiki Christmas tree !The augmentedreality available to you the following scene:• Selfies with toe•Spool and ficus• Lightning-Tac-Toe• The chameleon which changes itscolor• Chess toe• Wire cutters• Pomogator tools• Christmas treewith toe and SimcoeGame of the KB Company Pro game creators suchas: KvestoPazl: puzzles with Fixiki, FiksiKlik, Fixiki in Space,Fixiki: Save Cartoon !, Fix Jumper. We appreciate your feedback,and we are grateful for the evaluation and review of ourgames.Write us in the social.networks:http://vk.com/kbprohttps://www.facebook.com/kbprogamesClassmateshttp://ok.ru/group/54972476686354
The Fixies: Puzzles and Quest 1.9.5 APK
KB Pro
The Fixies: Puzzles and Quest is one of our educational games forpreschoolers. It’s a free jigsaw puzzle for kids with scenes fromFixiki toon. Meet new fixie games🔧 Until recently, people did notknow much about Fixies, these tiny people who live inside themachines and devices. Fixiki care for equipment inside, clean it,grease, remove minor damage. They are - skilled and conscientiousmaster. Fixiki used to hide from the people, but there they areeverywhere: on computers, refrigerators, televisions ... Everyoneremembers when the device is idle suddenly started to work, if soslightly hit. It's simple: inside woke Fixiki and all will workout. Now, about these mysterious little people industrious canwatch cartoons and get to know them… Come on, adults and children,there’s a new game to download for free: The Fixies: Puzzles andQuest! It’ s a jigsaw puzzle for kids 3 year old and more (4,6,10years). Features: • 110 puzzles from Fixiki cartoon • Each picturecould be divided on 12 (easy jigsaw puzzles), 24 and 45 pieces(puzzles hard) • Three modes: Easy, Hard and Duel (puzzles withfriends Fixies) Rank System: • Upgrade the ranks of Fixies •Collect trophies • Open new pictures Duel Mode – Find out who willcomplete a puzzle faster (puzzle with friends)? These Puzzle basedon scenes from Fixies cartoon is good for toddlers and kids. Andeven an adult who is interested in the genre will like ‘The Fixies:Puzzles and Quest’ free puzzle jigsaw because of different modes.Choose the Easy mode with 12 pieces (easy puzzle games) and even atoddler will complete a puzzle with favorite characters without anydifficulties. All pictures are linked in chain like quest. Bycompleting puzzles you gain the points and open new pictures inchain. You could spend your points on new ranks and trophies. Wanta challenge? Try to play on Hard mode with “difficulties”. To makeit more complicated choose the puzzle from 45 pieces. Even adultswill like these puzzles. Duel mode will be perfect for family time.It allows you to play together using just one device. Find out whowill win and complete the puzzle first. Your favorite charactersfrom Fixiki cartoon will help you to complete the most difficultpuzzles! “The Fixies” is now broadcast on every major children’srussian TV station. The original language of series and of the appis russian, so you can switch English into Russian. That’s a bigfun to learn Russian for kids with new cool games Fixies! TheFixies: Puzzles and Quest is a game that don't need wifi and don’ttake up much space. The game is free to download. It’s the bestgame to play when bored, you don’t need internet or wi-fi to play.KBPro is a developer of educational games for kids (toddlers,kindergarten, preschoolers): Masha`s Puzzle Game (puzzles withcharacters of Masha and the Bear cartoon series, educational kidsgames) Masha and The Bear ABC Kids (children learning readinggames) Masha and The Bear Jam Match 3 (the first match three puzzlegame with Masha and the Bear for adults and kids, our best game2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)
The Fixies: Cartoon Rescue! 1.7 APK
KB Pro
Educational game with Fixies characters for boys and girls. Duringthe game, improve attention skills and fine motor skills. It helpsto learn letters and words. All words and sentences that collectschild sounded like in the cartoon and have the bonus of a minicartoon after the end of the level.Game help kids:• To learn newletters and words• To improve reading skills• To improve fine motorskills• To improve memory and concentration• To acquire newknowledge about things aroundIn The Fixies Cartoon Rescue, you willbuild the words from hiding letters, compete with Fixies and gainnew knowledge about the most interesting things in the world. Bycompleting all words correctly, you will rescue the Fixies` toonsand could watch them!Game features:• 50 levels, 159 words and 933lost letters!• Competition with Fixies• Educational toons withFixies in the end of each episode• Interesting facts about Fixiesand their worldThe Fixies Cartoon Rescue is the exciting game whereyou will go through different adventures and will help Fixies torescue their tunes.Help Fixies to search letters and builds thewords. There are several episodes in the game, which you shouldcomplete and find out many interesting things about Fixies. Game"The Fixies Cartoon Rescue!" develops memory and help to learn newletters and words for children who are just learning to read, aswell as improve the skills older children and their parents.Thegame main idea is the quest so you will be involved for a long timein finding the letters and completing episodes. Game The FixiesCartoon Rescue based on the favorite cartoon "Fixies” using Fixiescharacters, amusing animations and original voice.KB Pro company,creators of the: Puzzles with Fixies, Fixies Click, Fixies inSpace, Fixiscope, Fixies Jumper. We appreciate your feedback, andwe are grateful for the evaluation and review of our new game.
Fixi-click game 1.117 APK
KB Pro
• Fix the devices! • Hire Fixies helpers! • Train fixies! • Opennew workshops! • Pass more than 2000 levels! Fix the devices andget golden tideeshes for it. Hire fixies as helpers, train them,develop the talents to fix devices faster. Open new workshops andbecome Fixi-master! Join us on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/kbprogames
Fixiki Jump in Games mr Dash 1.39 APK
KB Pro
Help the Fixiеs get to the top!Your favorites Fixies from the hitanimated series “The Fixies” are master repairmen who live to keepall of the devices in our world running smoothly. To get their jobdone they need to find a way to climb from the very bottom of adevice all the way to the very top. It’s a dangerous job, andFixies have to be careful not to fall!Don’t let the Fixies fall:-Help the Fixie jump from one platform to another- Choose only theplatforms that are safe to jump on- Shoot the broken fans- Collectthe boosters- Climb to the top with Fixie!Play for free, set newrecords, compete with other players. The free game “Fixies Jump” isa fun, fast paced game that will challenge your reactiontime.Download the game now and take your Fixie to the new heights!
Fixies in Space! 1.018 APK
KB Pro
Space Adventures! Zero gravity, meteorites and bombs, time rush,fuel is running out! Are you ready to overcome all difficulties, tofix the spacecraft and rescue the galaxy? Logic, reaction and mindwill help you finish the game!Features: - Flights in space- Realphysics and zero gravitation- Intuitive controls- 70 differentlevels- 6 characters- Avoid meteors, bombs and freezing- Variouspower-ups for quick play- Augmented Reality mode- Original voicesfrom "The Fixies" seriesFixies in Space! It`s a game aboutadventures of Fixies and simulator of Fixie - spaceman in zerogravity. Fixies must overcome all difficulties in the variousgalaxies and collect all the lost batteries together with you. Thissimulator game develops spatial thinking, logic and reaction. Thisgame is amusing puzzle with space adventures. This Educational gameprovide you a chance to control Fixies in the outer space. You canchoose one of four Fixies: Nolik, Simka, Toola, Grandpus - everyoneis ready to rescue the galaxy! There are real physics and zerogavity in the game, so it is a puzzle and simulator! During theadventures you should solve various problems in the number ofgalaxies. Help Fixies to collect all the batteries to fly directlyto the portal avoiding the meteorites, bombs or an electric shock.This is only one of a series of puzzles from the authors ofeducational games on the cartoon series "Masha and The Bear","Fixies".Look for a solution for each galaxy, develop your spatialthinking. Some galaxies are about speed - you need to win the raceagainst time! Others galaxies are ruled by an accuracy - do nottouch the dangerous objects. Somewhere it is a logic, because youneed to find the shortest way and remember about fuel limits.Adventures in the game are interesting both for children - boys andgirls and their adult parents. There are 70 levels in the game withvarious maps and objects, each level surprises you with a newadventure! Choose your favorite Fixie and be ready to meet theadventures in space!Augmented RealityEvery advanced player couldtry Augmented Reality mode. Be sure, this is not just an up-to-datemode of the game, but it is also a higher level of difficulty forthe zero-gravity simulator! You have to walk around the target,take number of seats, look at it from different angles - only afterthese efforts you will see the whole 3D scene in front of you, andcomplete levels. To play in Augmented Reality mode, simply placethe target on any surface around you. To avoid interruptions of thegame, you should find a place with enough light, and there shouldnot be any glares on the target.Fixies appear right here in yourroom, and will fly over the real objects, so you can control theirflights in zero gravity!Here is the target for Augmented RealitymodeThe best way is to print certain target, which could bedownloaded here: http://goo.gl/9MnwgGIt's time to try a new gamewith characters from "Fixies" cartoon!Join ushere:https://www.facebook.com/kbprogames