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SweetMemories 1.0 APK
This App evaluate the energy cost of multimedia applications onsmart phones that are connected to Multimedia Cloud App.Theuploading of files is made easy by allowing not only the text filesbut also other files like images, audio, video which are offloadedto the cloud. Viewing the file is made further easier by using DateFilter where the files are displayed.
Spell It 1.1 APK
Spell IT app, is a new way where kids can easily learn many things.In today’s modern era not only youngster even kids have keeninterest in mobiles. Through SPELL IT a child can easily learnAlphabets, what are the words related with the desired letters.Numbers, Rhymes etc... The most important part is SPELL IT isalphabet and number Pronunciations through which the child learnshow to pronounce words. The Self Analysis is the most attractivepart of the SPELL IT from which the child can learn text to speech,speech to speech, speech to text. Not only this there’s much morefor children. There is an option called voice test through whichSPELL IT app recognize the first letter and brings an image. Theabove furnished are the features of SPELL IT application. Why areyou waiting for, download SPELL IT have fun and learn at the sametime.
student management 1.0 APK
This Application is created by final year student of SriVenkateswara College of Engineering.Names : 1.Priyanka L2.RevathyR3.Shiney Cladys K4.Swathi R
flames 1.0 APK
This app is uploaded from uniqtechnologies..
This app is developed for Lift and Links to promote their products.Lift and links manufactures variety of product which satisfies thecustomer and their requirements. It is one of Leading Dealer forLifting Tackles and Handling Equipment's ,Specialist in fabricatingvery peculiar higher capacity Wire Rope Slings, Chain slings andvery special kind of Lifting & Handling Equipment's as per yourDrawings or else as per our design to your special requirements.
ProgramLogicManager 1.0 APK
This application is very useful for program logic learner..We cancheck all program logic using this application such as leapyear,Fibonacci series.. etc..This application is created by UniqAndroid Team Members...
MathsApptitudeApp 1.0 APK
Analyse your memory skill here.
DuckCreekApp 1.0 APK
The aim of this project is to This projectaimsat creating an Android Application, for the exclusive agentsin theInsurance Industry who use Guidewire, (A COTS product fortheInsurance Industry), for their policy processing. Informationcan behandy, readily available and easily accessible to theInsuranceAgents, anytime, anywhere via mobile which helps in QuickResponseto their customers.This will be refreshed every 2 hours orwheneverthey connect to the internet so that the informationavailable willbe latest.