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FlapCat Delight lets users control a flying cat by tapping onthescreen. Instead of a flying bird, the flying Cat will need toflythrough a series of poles to arrive at the finaldestination.FlapCat Delight is here to bring you fun andchallenges. Let's seehow you can control this flying cat and bringit to the finaldestination. Enjoy this classic game and have fun.Thank you!

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Social Delight- 8 in 1 Network 1.0 APK
Today, there are so many socialnetworkapplications. Some focus on blogging while some focus onsharing.Installing all these applications will surely burn outyourinternal ROM and RAM of your device, affecting its performanceandspeed.Trumpet Flourish – Social Delight is your perfect solution.SocialDelight is a simple, small, and lightweighted wrapperintegratingeight top of the line Social Networks : Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Intagram, andGoogle+.► Let's look at the special features of the Social Delight : - Smooth and mobile data efficient - Extremely compact and lightweighted - Eight in one Social Network Integration: Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, Intagram, andGoogle+. - Send messages on Facebook without installingFacebookMessenger. - Simple, Attractive, Smart, and Easy to UsePRIVACY- No tracking of locations, call logs or your trend onsocialnetworking websites.- Social Delight does not Requires Special PermissionsExceptNetwork Access.- No unwanted Notifications.
MoboLock- Secure Your Phone 1.3.0 APK
Protect all your apps with MoboLock, the ultimate APPLOCK, andforget about all other app lockers!MoboLock can lock Facebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings,incoming calls and any app you choose. Ensure security bypreventing unauthorized access and guarding privacy.From now on,with MoboLock:No need to worry about anyone getting your phone tolook at the photos again!No need to worry about anyone borrowingyour phone to play games!No need to worry about anyone reading yourprivate messages again!No need to worry about anyone changing theSettings in your phone again!Features-Pure and Simple UI-Small sizeand low memory usage-Lock apps with PIN lock or PATTERNlock-Logging (save entered apps and password) feature-Highsecurity-Automatically run on reboot-Material design-Shows app logs(when opened etc.)-MoboLock does not collect data-Preventsuninstalls-Lock incoming calls-Lock system settings to preventmessing up by kids-Lock Google Play to prevent buying games
MoboLink - Call/Text/Money 1.00.00 APK
Mobolink does not just connect you with friends and family viainstant messaging, and voice calls, it actually makes you moneywhen you call them.PEOPLE MAKE CALLS, YOU MAKE MONEY !As a Mobolinkuser, points are accumulated for every FREE Mobolink-to-Mobolinkcall OR chargeable long distance call made by you to your friendsand family.At Mobolink, we believe in sharing. When you invite yourfriends and relatives to become our valuable Mobolink users andenjoy our superb service, you will earn points when they call theirfriends and family as if the calls are made by you . This is JUSTthe beginning, with Mobolink adding more services, and our MoboClublaunching soon, you will see money in your account growingeveryday. • Mobolink pays you up to 6 levels deep• Users earnpoints via a wide range of services (to be added)• Access to "MyAccount Portal" to check up-to-date balance and organizationperformance• Mobolink Instant Messaging feature to allow live chatwith users within your organizationMobolink ServicesMobolink is thebest quality and most comprehensive mobile international voicecalling app. It lets you make and receive phone calls over WiFi,3G/4G data network at the lowest rates to/from any national orinternational mobile/landlines. Voice calls between Mobolink usersare completely free. Simply download the free Mobolink app fromyour APP market, register and start experiencing the superior voicequality of Mobolink. What’s more is you can travel Roam Free withMobolink! When abroad, simply use Mobolink over a WiFi network!Whether in a restaurant, hotel room or public HotSpot, you can nowsave on mobile calling charges when traveling abroad as well!WithMobolink, you can subscribe to international TOLL FREE/DID numbers.It’s like a second or third line to your phone. When your friendscall your personal TOLL FREE/DID number(s), you will be reachableand Mobolink will ring wherever you are, as long as your phone ison a WiFi, 3G/4G data network.Mobolink Voice Call Features•Mobolink provides super voice quality, voice calls are transmittedover VOIP network using proprietary protocol.• Easy to Register andconfigure• Flexible codec selection and prioritization• Highlysecured with username and encrypted password authentication• Makeand receive VOIP calls over WiFi and 3G/4G network• Audio routing(Handset/Speaker/Bluetooth)/Mute• Real time sync with nativecontact list• Detailed Call History/Contact management• Low callingrates to over 200 international destinations• Absolutely freecalling between Mobolink users• Caller ID is supported for calleridentification• Subscribe to different local DID numbers forinbound callsMobolink also offers you the flexibility to stay intouch by messaging. Mobolink messaging has unique features to suityour communication need and keep you in control.Mobolink MessagingFeatures• Timed messaging provides users the ability to set a timerso that a message or photo can only be viewed for a set amount oftime before it disappears• Sharing photos and videos• Deliverystatus (sent/delivered/read) provided for each message• Mobolink isalways on and connected, there is no app to open• It’s easy tocreate group chats with close friends and co-workers• SeparatedPersonal and Group Chats to avoid confusion• Timestamps on all sentand received text messages and emoticons*Data Charges may applywhen using Mobolink*Using Mobolink as a default dialer mayinterfere with dialing 911 emergency services*Some mobile networkoperators may prohibit or restrict the VoIP (Voice over InternetProtocol) over their data network or impose additional fees and/orcharges when using VoIP over their network. Please ask your mobilenetwork operator before enabling the VoIP over 3G feature.*SomeWiFi networks may be protected by firewalls that might prohibitVOIP calls from connecting*Payments may take time to process
FlapCat Delight 1.0 APK
FlapCat Delight lets users control a flying cat by tapping onthescreen. Instead of a flying bird, the flying Cat will need toflythrough a series of poles to arrive at the finaldestination.FlapCat Delight is here to bring you fun andchallenges. Let's seehow you can control this flying cat and bringit to the finaldestination. Enjoy this classic game and have fun.Thank you!
MoboMail - The FREE Email App 5.203 APK
MoboMail Email App is a free and light-weighted, yet powerfulmobileemail client designed for android phones and tablets. Itcombines agorgeous graphical yet simple design for a great userexperience forall your email accounts. MoboMail Email App supportsmultipleaccounts via IMAP, POP3 and/or SMTP, and allows you tosync andmanage an unlimited number of mailboxes from all yourproviders.Enjoy the best smooth email experience for all youremail accounts.MoboMail Email App is reliable and ever improving.We understand howyour business is important to you and MoboMailwould not disappointyou. Highlighted features: • Real push emailfor a wide range ofemail services • Real time email notificationimmediately uponreceipt of new emails, never miss an email •Notificationspreferences including Quiet Hours, Custom Sounds,Vibrate Alerts andother preferences on a per email account basis.For example,notifications can be set to be disabled at night andenabled in themorning for most email accounts and only be left onat night forother more important accounts. • Option todisable/enable backgroundsynchronization • Folder synchronizationcan be set on a per folderbasis, all folders can be managed bytapping the folder icon •Different memory locations can be set fordifferent accounts.Attachments can be uploaded and downloaded todifferent locations •Email conversations with ConversationThreading • Font sizes isresizable on a per page basis • Splitscreen for tablet and/orlandscape orientation • Option toImport/export settings from sdcard or internal memory • Choosefrom Light/Dark theme. Differentthemes can be set for differentpages • More than 20 differentlanguages are supported • Realtimewidgets for unread email counts •Rich-text editor to format textin writing and replying emails •Highly customizable andconfigurable Our feature list goes on andon. We encourage you todownload our app and see how this app canhelp you to improve yourbusiness and personal communications.Please email support if youhave any questions
Social Delight - 8 in 1 Social Network 1.1 APK
Today, there are so many social network applications. Some focusonblogging while some focus on sharing. Installing alltheseapplications will surely burn out your internal ROM and RAM ofyourdevice, affecting its performance and speed. Trumpet Flourish–Social Delight is your perfect solution. Social Delight isasimple, small, and lightweighted wrapper integrating eight topofthe line Social Networks : Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Google+,Tumblr, Twitter, Intagram, and Google+. ► Let's look at thespecialfeatures of the Social Delight :  - Smooth and mobiledataefficient  - Extremely compact and lightweighted  - Eight inoneSocial Network Integration: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,Google+,Tumblr, Twitter, Intagram, and Google+.  - Send messagesonFacebook without installing Facebook Messenger.  -Simple,Attractive, Smart, and Easy to Use PRIVACY - No trackingoflocations, call logs or your trend on social networking websites.-Social Delight does not Requires Special Permissions ExceptNetworkAccess. - No unwanted Notifications.