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Flappy Ninja

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    Flappy Ninja
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    March 13, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Venkateshwara apps
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Ayyappa Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
This is a beautiful high quality animated livewallpaper of lord ayyappan. It features bhagwan ayyappa withfloating starts and flame.Lord ayyappan also called Sastavu or Sasta is a Hindu deity who isbelieved to be an incarnation of Dharma Sasta, the offspring ofShiva and Vishnu (in the form of Mohini, his only female avatar),He is generally depicted in a yogic posture, wearing a jewel aroundhis neck, hence named Manikandan. Lord ayyappan may bear ahistorical relationship to the tutelary deity Aiyanar in TamilNadu.There are various tales connected with lord ayyappa: the discoveryof the child at pampa, Manikandan's youthful days in the Pandalampalace, bestowing the power of hearing and speaking upon the deafand dumb son of His teacher as Guru-dakshina, His friendship withVavar, bringing the tigress's milk, accomplishing His divinelydestined mission of annihilation of the demoness Mahishi,eliminating the forest-thug Udayanan, bestowing moksha on Sabari,blessing His father with moksha. Raja Rajasekhara was in hisprevious birth a rich and pious 'brahmin ' by name Vijayan who wasa very strong believer and devotee of Lord Dharma Sastha. Manikantalearnt Martial arts Kalari to cheerappanchira, the Muhamma of todayin Alappuzha district. Guru panicker's daughter Nila fall in lovewith Lord Manikanta but he refuses to marry telling he is aBhrammachari and has a mission. She offers sweet payasam whichturned to Aravanapayasam today.By the 20th century, there has been an increase in the number ofworshipers of god ayyappan from many different groups, spurred byvast improvements in transport and communication in southernIndiaGod ayyappan's annual festival is a time of pilgrimage forever-growing numbers of men from throughout South India. The mostprominent and famous ayyappan shrine is the one at Sabarimala, inthe hills of Pathanamthitta in Kerala, with over 30 milliondevotees visiting it every year, making it one of the largestpilgrimage sites in the world.These devotees fast and engage in austerities under the leadershipof a Periya Swami (one who has undertaken the pilgrimage toSabarimala for 18 years) for weeks beforehand and then travel ingroups to the shrine for a glimpse of ayyappan. Bus tickets arehard to obtain for several weeks as masses of elated men, clad indistinctive ritual dhotis of saffron, black and light blue colors,throng public transportation during their trip to the shrine.Various names of Ayyappan:Dharmasasta, Hariharasutan, Manikandan, Sathanar, Sastan, Cattan(from Sanskrit Sasta), Ayyanar, Natrayan, Nattarasan, Bhutanathan,and Shanmuka nathan.Get swamy sharanam ayyappa live wallpaper for free, have devotionalenjoy every minute you look at your phone screen.
Lotus Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Lotus live wallpaper is the best wallpaper,enjoy the beauty of flowers every minute. Lotus LWP is free, itsurely increases the beauty of your phone. Amazing lotus livewallpaper gives marvelous look to your mobile.Indeed God is an artist and flowers are perhaps one of his bestcreations! Flowers have a very short life but undoubtedly a verysignificant one. For ages, this wonderful gift of nature has beenhelping us express our emotions and feelings! Their beauty,fragrance and brilliant colors are enough to make a person smile. Abeautiful bouquet of sweet smelling flowers can be a perfectpresent for any occasion, be it anniversaries, birthdays orweddings! The bud of the lotus symbolizes potential, specificallyof a spiritual nature. Native to eastern Asia and Australia, thelotus is widely cultivated for its fragrant pink or whiteflowers.Get lotus LWP free, enjoy every time the beauty of nature.
Chinni Krishna Clock 1.6 APK
ChinniKrishna analog clock live wallpaper is awonderful gift to Krishna worshippers. Blue or dark colored deityKrishna is now available in the form of live wallpaper to androidmobiles. Download child Krishna LWP for free. You can find thechota krishna playing in the lap of mâa yashoda. Definitely youwill love the image of Navneet Chora Krishna steeling makhan fromthe pot, and the prettiest face covered with makhan. Surely youattracted to chota krishna playing flute in his hands and a peacockfeather on his head. Features : ♡ 8 beautiful Krishna images ♡ 8marvelous unique backgrounds ♡ 4 different clocks ♡ easy-to-use,just select your favorite image, then again go for selecting yourloving clock ♡ high quality live wallpaper drains very less batteryInstallation instructions : Home - menu - wallpaper - livewallpaper -chinni Krishna analog clock. Krishna is also depictedand worshipped as a small child (Bala Krishna, child Krishna, chotakrishna, chinni Krishna, young Krishna), crawling on his hands andknees or dancing, often with butter or Laddu in his hand beingLaddu Gopal, Gopikrishna stealing butter from neighbouring housesi.e. Navneet Chora or Gokulakrishna. The birth of Lord Krishna iscelebrated as Janmashtami, with great devotion in theAugust/September months, on the Ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the 8thday of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadon, in the whole ofnorth India. Lord Krishna lived for 126 years and 5 months. He isoften shown wearing a yellow silk dhoti and a peacock feathercrown, Common depictions show him as a little boy, or as a youngman in a characteristically relaxed pose, playing the flute. Feelfree to discuss with us, we are always welcoming you for yoursuggestions, to serve you the best. Thank you, hope you feel theblessings of God and can pray every minute through our livewallpaper.
God Shiva Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
venkateshwara apps present you god shiva livewallpaper.Hindu god shiva, called as shankar, nataraj, bhairav and swayambu.Lord shiva live wallpaper gives marvelous, beautiful and fabulouslook to your android mobile phone screen, You can download lordshiva live wallpaper for free, you can customize your mobile homescreen with ten types of lord shiva images.Star, om, namah, and shivaya move slowly front of the god shiva,you can use as wallpaper with blank select at settings or you canuse it as live wallpaper with random option or chosen one type ofom, namah or shivaya.If you touch the floating stars or shiva name its will disappear,you can play as it game on your leaser time and have fun.Get god shiva live wallpaper for free, have devotional enjoy everyminute you look at your phone screen.
Vishnu Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
God Vishnu live wallpaper :God Vishnu (विष्णु) is a must have live wallpaper who believes inthe power of Gods. Get devotional through this live wallpaper.Personalize your mobile with Spectacular Divinity of Vishnu. Thislive wallpaper contains different forms of Lord Vishnu Ji. Throughthis live wallpaper get Lord Vishnu over awesome backgrounds likesky, against greenary & water, with many hands &heads,simple lighting, on the earth, sky blue , resting between clouds,emerging from krishna. Feel the environment of God and worship withthis live wallpaper. Make your day good, every morning watch Godimage nothing is better than this. This fabulous high resolutionwallpaper will leave you with thoughts of God every time you lookat it. Enjoy this creative wallpaper for your android mobilescreen. Please try God Vishnu LWP, you don’t have to pay for it.download for free soon.Features :♧ 11 fabulous God Vishnu images♧ 11 pretty colored backgrounds♧ simple and attractive moving objects over the screen-jasmine flower, diya or flame, om-namo-narayana in english &hindi, star-by selecting random these all come together,-by selecting blank gives plain and simple vishnulivewallpaper♧ simple and easy game with moving objects-just tap the moving object over the screen it gets disappeared,simple and best for timpass, as a small game.♧ drains very less battery.♧ easy to use and installInstallation instructions:Home - menu - wallpaper - live wallpaper - God Vishnu♧ first select "set wallpaper", then again repeat the process fornew background, this time select "settings", then select favoritemoving object, then select "select background" now select yourfavorite image, after click "ok" after exit .Vishnu is represented as a dark man with four arms. In one hand, heholds a club, in another a conch shell (Shankha), in the third, adiscus (Chakra), and in the fourth, a lotus (Kamal). He is usuallydressed in yellow robes and therefore also known as Pitambara, or"one with yellow garments". The river Ganga is said to originatefrom Vishnu's feet. He is also depicted as resting on a coiledserpent Seshnaga or Ananta which floats on the cosmic ocean.According to the Mahabharata, Vishnu's abode, Vaikuntha, is made ofgold and jewels. His vehicle is Garuda.Vishnu's consort is Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune. Sheis believed to have emerged from the samudra manthan, andconsidered to be the daughter of Bhrigu and Khyati. She is a fairwoman who wears red clothes, and is always depicted as sitting orstanding on a red lotus (Kamal). She is often worshipped by herselfas Sri Bhagya Lakshmi and Dhana Lakshmi, the goddess of all thingsauspicious, of good fortune and wealth. He is conceived as "thePreserver or the Protector" within the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinityof the divinity. God Vishnu has ten avatars, know as Dashavatara,they are Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Vamana, Parashurama,Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki. Lord Vishnu is a symbol of peaceand prosperity.His each avatar has given many teachings to humanlife.Ads are the life of free live wallpapers, they boost us to createmore free live wallpapers, please cooperate. Share it with yourfriends on Facebook and Twitter. Please rate it to know how muchyou like it.For questions, comments, ideas and suggestions we are alwayswaiting, please contact, mail id : prakashgundu1@gmail.comLast but not least: GOD BLESS YOU
Laxmi Devi Live Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Venkateshwara apps present you Lakshmi deviLive wallpaper.Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.She is the wife and active energy of Lord Vishnu. Her four handsrepresent the four goals of human life considered important to theHindu way of life – dharma, kāma, artha, and moksha.Representations of Lakshmi are also found in Jain monuments. InBuddhist sects of Tibet, Nepal, and southeast Asia, goddessVasudhara mirrors the characteristics and attributes of the Hindugoddess Lakshmi with minor iconographic differenceslakshmi live wallpaper gives marvelous, beautiful and fabulous lookto your android mobile phone screen, You can download Lakshmi livewallpaper for free, you can customize your mobile home screen withfive types of Lakshmi goddess images.Some types of stars and flame move slowly front of the goddessLakshmi, you can use as wallpaper with blank select at settings oryou can use it as live wallpaper with random option or chosen onetype of star or flame.If you touch the floating stars or flame its will disappear, youcan play as it game on your leaser time and have fun.Get Lakshmi live wallpaper for free, have devotional enjoy everyminute you look at your phone screen.
God Surya Clock 1.0 APK
Surya clock Live wallpaper :Surya clock Live wallpaper dedicated to Lord Surya. God Surya is amust have live wallpaper who believes in the power of Gods. Getdevotional through this live wallpaper. They are carefully pickedfree wallpapers for Android with Lord Surya images. Download forfree Surya clock LWP. This wallpaper contains god sun meditating onlotus flower, pleasant early morning rays of sunshine, bloody redfantastic sunshine, shining of surya chariot, riding seven whitehorses chariot, passsing over the sea, ocean, blue sky, space,riding over globe, beaitiful sunset etc..Features :♧ 7 fabulous God Surya images♧ 7 pretty colored backgrounds♧ 4 beautiful clocks-by selecting blank gives plain and simple livewallpaper♧ drains very less battery.♧ easy to use and install♧ Installation instructions:- Home - menu - wallpaper - live wallpaper - God SuryaSurya is a popular Hindu God. He is one of the most worshiped Godin India, when compared to other Gods, surya is visible as sun. Thecelestial body, Surya (the sun) is visible in the sky. Stillaccording to the Hindu beliefs, Surya is depicted as a red man withthree eyes and four arms, riding in a one wheeled chariot pulled byseven horses.Ads are the life of free live wallpapers, they boost us to createmore free live wallpapers, please cooperate. Share it with yourfriends on Facebook and Twitter. Please rate it to know how muchyou like it.For questions, comments, ideas and suggestions we are alwayswaiting, please contact, mail id : prakashgundu1@gmail.comLast but not least: GOOD DAY.

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Sangiorgi Srl
**Devices WITHOUT root permissions and withAndroid >= 5.0 (Lollipop), can connect with this app but theyCANNOT view the WEP-WPA-WPA2****Devices WITHOUT root permissions and with Android < 5.0(Lollipop), CANNOT connect with this app and they CANNOT view theWEP-WPA-WPA2**Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the WPSprotocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-Dlink+1-Belkin(root)-FTE-xxx-TrendNet-Asus-AiroconRealtek-EasyBox Arcadyan-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App allows to do PINS BRUTEFORCE in a SMART WAY ( ONLY FOR ROOTEDDEVICES )Why SMART?Because, app will try 11000 PINs COMBINATIONS rather than10^8.In fact, AP tells to your device if the first 4 of 8 digits of WPSPIN, are correct and the last digit is a checksum of previous 7digits.NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.And, app allows to notify if WPS is in LOCK STATE ( ROOT AND NOROOT ).NO OTHERS APP ( CLONE OF THIS APP ) CAN DO THIS.WPS Lock state is a state when Access Point, for security reasons,does not allow no more PINs. THEN is USELESS to try othersPINs.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.Privacy Policy :https://www.iubenda.com/privacy-policy/8000344
Blog 0.0.1 APK
Our blog posts include experiment results ofonline marketing, how to articles, tools and tips for running yourbusiness, business ideas, online selling, entrepreneurship, startups, success stories, interviews and reviews of relevantbooks.You can visit the web version of our app:http://technotip.orgFeatures1. Has a list of 8 recent articles on the homepage and user cannavigate to older blog posts.2. Clear reading experience with bigger fonts on articlepage.3. Facility to bookmark the article and read later from bookmarkssection.4. Cache the recently viewed article for offline reading.5. List of pages.6. Search facility.7. List posts based on Category.8. List posts by author/contributor.9. Invite others to our app via Social Sharing Apps.Option to rate the app.10. Facility to directly share the posts and pages with others frominside the app via popular social sharing applications.