1.0 / August 20, 2014
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Ladies and Gentlemen, we give the the mostloved game around the world, Flappy Supreme.

Amazing Graphics, beautiful plane and you are the flappypilot.

Be aware of the obstacles, tap on the screen to fly upwards.


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Azadi Run 1.1 APK
Azadi Run is more than a game, more than anentertainment, its a passion, its a revolution.تبدیلی آنہیں رہی تبدیلی آگی ہے۔Imran Khan and PTI lovers and followers lets charge your passionand strengthen the determination, to stand up for your rightfulright.Azadi March is going to give you Naya Pakistan lets make ithappen.Pakistan is going to have bright and prosperous future only youneed to be energized.Pakistan Tehreek Insaf has given you the only chance to revivethe system.★ 2 Characters Jiyala and Matwala.★ Avoid Containers★ Avoid Obstacles on your way to Islamabad D-Chowk★ Be aware of the sliding surprise containers that can knock youoff.★ Lovely National Song, "Jaag utta hai sara watan"★ Three 3 line track.★ Time to revamp democracy.★ Local culture of Pakistan is depicted withe the current scenario,Designed and Developed in Pakistan.★ Imran Khan is not inside the app but his mandate is there.★ Pakistan will recognize this as the best game for the politicalgame.★ The Game is a craze for the people of Karachi, Lahore,Rawalpindi, Islamabad.★ Also for the people of Quetta, Peshawar and for all Pakistan.You have to revive the "Democracy on Merit" and implement thePolitical reforms. Make your mark, play more and more.You need Pakistan and Pakistan needs you. Play one of the bestPakistani Game.Follow us here:https://www.facebook.com/G4Gamez
Flappy Supreme 1.0 APK
Ladies and Gentlemen, we give the the mostloved game around the world, Flappy Supreme.Amazing Graphics, beautiful plane and you are the flappypilot.Be aware of the obstacles, tap on the screen to fly upwards.Enjoy!
Vertical Run 1.1 APK
Get Vertical run game and help your Ninja climb up to the castlewall. The endless runner ninja game is a climbing game so make yourninja to run on the walls and stay safe from various obstacles likesquirrels, bees, etc. You need to protect your Ninja from theattacks of the opponent of Ninja. The endless temple runner gameprovides you various gifts like a protective shield. With thevertical run brave game enjoy this addictive climbing game andreveal the skills of your runner ninja. While the Vertical runninja blazing game is downloading have a look at the features givenbelow: • Temple Wall runner Game • Ninja run climbing game • Ninjawith powerful swords • Ninja Jump & Flight Help ninja flippingin Vertical run blazing game before it gets nipped, the thrillbegins, as the name suggests ‘Vertical Run’ you need to run on thewalls. Ninja on vertical wall will test your reflexes so be brave.Opponents will start attacking, be brave in the Vertical Run and beking in the wizard. Tap to jump the wall, Ninja will start climbingup on the other wall. Make your ninja reach to the temple stayingsafe from all the obstacles. The runner ninja is sharp and swift inchanging the walls or he can die falling on blazing sand laying inthe ditch. Jump & swap temple wall the Squirrels will begoofing around on strings to heart your ninja. In vertical wallrunning game you need to be safe from all obstacles because thecastle is too high and if you fall in the ditch it is spooky overthere. Ninja is equipped with swords. As soon as you jump from thetemple wall to the other you can kill the squirrel. Kill squirrel,bee or snap suriken and get a badge after collect 3 badges you willget thunder bolt speed, you will glide like a hawk or an eagle withangles wings. Fast run dark forest is creepy so run sweeping allthe danger away. Bee will appear on the wall while the Ninjarunning on the wall, so be alert. Jump on the other wall the beewill attack you. Ninja can kill the bee jumping and flippingagainst the wall. Runner ninja game got a great package ofobsticals to deal with. Runner ninja is the target of Shurikens.its like talisman world where there is zero gravity in the temple.The temple is in the sanctuary of no where. Jump against theShurikens thrown on your runner ninja and destroy them with yourblade. Ninja sumersault is challenging on the castle wall. Be alertif you dash with opponent ninja or jump over it, you are dead!There are trees on your way. Trees on walls, so you need to jumpover the other wall with a flip jump and protect yourself from thehit and getting frozen and numb. If you dash with a tree you aredead! Find bubbles on the wall while you are climbing up to thetemple wall. Never miss these spots as they provide you aprotective shield looks like a twister baloon twisiting around.Shield helps you when you dash with opponent or hit something theshadow is over but you will not lose your life but after that don'teven touch the partical of sand or shadows of anything on your way.Kill three similar opponent e.g: squirrels or bees or shuriken fromopponent ninja and get a flight. Flight has a shield cover and therunner ninja will now fly between the walls destroying all theobstacles in its way and helps you score maximum and fast. Theflight is a bonus for your Ninja. It helps you climb high in veryshort time and without losing your life. So try to destroy threesimilar type of opponents consecutively without destroying anyother opponent. Addictive Vertical ninja game keeps hooked withninja running game and help to make zillion downloads. Neverimagined running game on the vertical walls, will keep you tangled.Its amazing and gives a real thrill of climbing game so do not runlike a zombie be active because temple is high. Vertical Run, isspell of jadu. Accept the tapping challenge and win the castleclimbing game, this is endless run so run & be brave and fightfears & be king run.
Puzzle Not 1.0 APK
'Puzzle Not' is a super excellent 2dphysicspuzzle game.Make the arrangement with the available props in the inventoryinsuch a way that your contraption could lead the ball to thetargetbox seamlessly.The ultimate puzzle game that needs your mind and strategytoclear the level.Enjoy!
Candy Jar 1.1 APK
Candy Jar is an awesome addictive game.Beautiful and delicious levels. Way better than many otherCandy,Jelly, Jewels or muffin games.Candy Jar packed with sweetness of tasty experience.Don't miss this and stay around a out facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/G4Gamez
Flying Champ 1.1 APK
Flying Champ is a simple but challenging gameloaded with extra fun.★ Keeps you on the edge.★ One touch control tap anywhere to fly high.★ Having beautiful graphics.★ Highly addictive and fun to enjoy.★ Avoid obstacles.★ Don't miss the power ups and coins.It is an awesome experience to play for all ages groups.Follow:https://www.facebook.com/G4Gamez