7.3 / March 1, 2014
(4.7/5) (7)


A Tortoise is swimming in ocean veryhappily.However, life is not easy for her. There are lots ofFishing Netscoming. I hope she can get through and neverdies!!!!!!

Would you please help her?

App Information Flappy Tortoise

  • App Name
    Flappy Tortoise
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 1, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Cangyi Chen
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
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乐在捕鱼 4.0 APK
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本应用是一款人见人爱的休闲捕鱼游戏,界面制作十分精美,共有8大关卡,有一定挑战难度~用户可以通过大炮旁边的上下按钮自由改变武器装备,高级别的武器可以捕更多更大的鱼但是相应的子弹耗费的金币相对也较多,亲可考虑清楚了哦,要有策略,要取舍~本应用闯关时间为5分钟,大炮左侧有倒计时器,右侧则显示您当前拥有的金币,左下角有重新开始按钮~本应用非常适合您上下班,长途旅行时休闲小娱乐,软件运行十分流畅迅速,而且占用内存少,十分省电,用户体验非常不错!亲~让鱼儿游起来吧,真的很可爱哦~This application is acutecasual fishing game, the interface is very beautifullyproduced, atotal of eight major points, there is a certainchallenge difficult~The user can freely change the weapons and equipment up anddownbuttons next to the cannon, high-level weapons can catch moreandbigger fish, but the corresponding bullet gold is alsorelativelymore expensive, can be considered a clear pro-Oh, tohavestrategies to choose ~This application checkpoints for 5 minutes, the cannon ontheleft there is a countdown timer on the right displays yourcurrentown coins, has re-start button on the lower left corner~This application is ideal for your commute, long tripscasualentertainment, software runs very smoothly quickly, and takeupless memory, very low power consumption, the user experienceisvery good!Pro ~ let the fish swim up bar, really cute oh ~
纪念日计时 3.2 APK
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本小软件提供自定义重要纪念日的正计及倒计日期功能,并带有精美桌面widget,时时提醒您重要日子的到来!This small piece ofsoftware to provide custom positive account of importantanniversary countdown date function, and with attractive desktopwidget, remind you of important days of arrival!
房贷计算器 3.2 APK
Cangyi Chen
本软件提供买房商业贷款,公积金贷款的计算,让您分析比较,找到最经济的贷款方案,竭诚为您节省每一分钱。1. 商业贷款计算,自动根据最新利率计算,并支持自定义利率功能2. 公积金贷款计算3. 提供等额本金,等额本息两种算法,并进行比较The software providescommercial loans to buy a house, the calculation of provident fundloans, allowing you to analyze compare and find the most economicalloan program, to serve you to save every penny.1 commercial loans calculated automatically according to the latestinterest rates and interest rate support for custom functions(2) calculation of provident fund loans3 to provide equal principal, principal and interest equal twoalgorithms and compared
WifiAutoConnect 3.3 APK
Cangyi Chen
There is a bug in some HTC/Samsung devicesthatphone keep authenticating with 802.1X hotspot. Thus, somesoftwareslike Gmail, QQ, MSN, or weixin etc. will not access tonetworksmoothly.This APK can solved this issue.
一键清理 6.5 APK
Cangyi Chen
手机快速一键清理,清理后台偷偷运行的进程及Cache,让您的手机如刚开机一样运行飞快,并延长电池使用。1. 可设置自动内存清理,Cache清理2. 可查看当前进程列表,设置免杀程序3. 提供各种对进程的详细操作4. 附有未接来电及时提醒功能5. 手机应用管理6. 手机快捷应用球,一键锁屏7. 情景设置,闹钟功能8. 节电设置,优化9. 流量管理10. 手机硬件信息总揽11. 身边最智能最节省资源的手机管家(后台运行一般低于3M内存使用)
高级笑话 2.0 APK
Cangyi Chen
本软件提供饮水思源论坛中精选的最新最冷最酷最全笑话,仅供休闲娱乐。为笑而生!The softwareprovidesGRATEFUL forum coolest selection of the latest and mostcompletejoke coldest, only for entertainment.Just for Laughs born!
QuickAlarm 3.0 APK
Cangyi Chen
This App can quickly set alarm in minutes.Youdon't need to calculate what accurate time to ringing, just settheinterval time.
股票黄金指数快速查询 5.0 APK
Cangyi Chen
本软件提供股票与黄金指数快速查询,占用资源极少,查询迅速,无论您身处何处均能获知行情,便于迅速作出决策,买入卖出。1. 可查询上证指数,深成指数,港股,全球指数,汇率期货指数等2. 可查询黄金当日指数及历史走势This softwareprovidesfast query stocks and gold index, occupy very littleresources,queries quickly, no matter where you are able to learnthe market,to facilitate rapid decision-making, buying and selling.1 can query the Shanghai Composite Index, ShenzhenComponentIndex, Hong Kong stocks, global indices, currencyfuturesindex(2) the date can query Gold Index and Historical Trend