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Blinks the flash light of mobile device. Which alerts you for acall or text message arrived. Fully customizable flashlight! Easycustomizable flash duration and flash frequency.Flashlight alert isa smart app to alert you when you receive a phone call, textmessage & any other social notifications with the blink of yourflashlight. Flash light call alert will help peoples in the nighttime when your android phone in the silent mode or mute. This flashlight alert is very useful application for any android user.Imagineyou are in a heavy music party or at night where you cannot hearring tones and cannot feel vibration. So, this Flash on call andFlash on SMS will notify you clearly.Flash on Call is simpleAndroid application which will use your camera flash to make flashalerts while device is ringing or new SMS or MMS message isreceived.Do Not Disturb style feature we have included, so that ifflash alerts is on, then you can actually, deactivate flash alertsfor your favorite contacts individually. So that you get calls fromthem. Similarly for messages as well.Advantages- flashlight on-Flash alert on incoming SMS blink - Flash alert on incoming callblink - Flashlight alerts can set your flash speed- Test lamp fromthe application status- flash notification- Set flash blink statusspeed.- Switch On/Off Flash Alert- Do not miss any calls and SMS-Turn off flash alerts when battery low, help you save battery- yourphone Flashing on incoming message of facebook, gtalk and whatsapp-Easily select other apps to enable flash alerts statusUse LED flashon call and SMS when:• You have to keep your phone on silent butstill need to know who's texting (movie theatres, plays, babysleeping, etc.)• You need to identify caller but can't turn yourphone on (in a conference or meeting ) • You're in a noisy locationand can't hear your ringtone (coffee shops, parties)Get color flashalert to make sure about call or sms on your cell phone ,and withthat multi color flash alert on call and sms and notification , youchoose your color for every activity to know what notificationenter in your cell phone like phone example, so you can customizefor every application It’s properly color and blinking flash time.LED flash alert application is must have application and veryuseful when your phone is away from you or you are somewhere incrowd and noisy place like music party. This brightest flash alerton call and message will notify through incoming call and incomingsms.If found an issue, report to us via email.Thank you for yoursupport.

App Information Flash Alert – Call, Message,Notification

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    Flash Alert – Call, Message,Notification
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    January 12, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Tools Editor Apps Studio
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Name Art Photo Editor - Focus n FiltersWrite your name on photowith unique font styles, add beautiful stickers or emojis, set anice background, draw a nice pattern and make your Name differentand stylish. Write your name on the image that makes your name instylish art way. with ourapp you can make your name like yoursignature also allow you to stylize your names by generating texton images with ease in seconds with our best and cool app.Name Art- Create artistic style of name for signature to add your signatureto other photos or as your email signature. Create Name Art withArtistic Style Fonts created for you. Name Art Makers comes with10's of fonts and styles, 1000 Stickers to decorate your name,Create Name Art Pics with different Styles and Colors and decoratewith Picture Stickers. Stickers categories include Love Stickers,Baby Stickers for Baby Names and 100's of Emoji Stickers.Enjoy andcelebrate festivals, Valentine Day or Propose Day with Name Artapp. Wish everyone using this app. Name Art app makes your wishingstyle unique and amazing. Make everyone wow by sending them wishesin Name Art style and make them surprise.Features of My Name Pics -My Name art☘ Choose from different options to name out the imageand make a customized image.☘ Add fancy texts to the name usingstylish name maker or my name art.☘ Decorate 500+ templates usingstylish text fonts and stylish name trends.☘ 500+ different symbolsused to decorate your name art.☘ More than 200+ lovely templates totext on.☘ Set Different type of background and gradients.☘ Provide100+ unique heart emojis of different color to express my nameart.☘ Add snap cool, hearts, couple, feathers, Strokes emojis andtext art to make a cool art picture☘ Use 200+ stylish fonts formaking stylish quotes art.☘ Resize the text of your name in thisfree name generator app.☘ Draw & Paint your own Name withsignature maker.☘ Focus handwriting My Name Art with Colors &Backgrounds.☘ Add magic brush effect with snap, stickers, loveemoji, text art, heart emoji .☘ Add stickers for your textgram -write on photos.☘ Save your name as an image on your memory.☘ Shareyour Fine Art with your friend.Also Known as:CalligraphyNameCalligraphy Name ArtFocus and filterFocus n filtersFocus AndFiltersfocus.n.filtersfocus.n.filterfocus n filterfilter nfocusfilters n focusfilterNfocusfocusNfilterfilter.n.focussignaturemakersignature instainsta focus filterfocus K&NfilterFingertipartFingertip ArtName ArtCalligraphy appsArt MakerArtFilterName MakerPics on NameName On PicsText Maker Stylish NameMakerStylish NameText MakerProfile MakerProfile Pic MakerName MakerArtText Editor Name Art Studio Name EditorArt On PicOwn ArtMakeArtOwn Making ArtMaking ArtMaking Nameprofile picture makerNamesArtDesignProfile PictureClip ArtWord ArtPhoto FontPic ArtPictureArtCreate LogoLogo MakerLogo Design Personalized ArtArt Design MakeOwn Design New ArtistsTrending AppArt Appsart.comArtsWriteNameWrite Name On PicArt SetCreate a Filter Creative FiltersNameArt DpName DecorationFont EditorArt EditorCalligraphyArt NameCreateawesome, amazing and beautiful love card with Name Art - Focus nFilter. With this app you can decorate and stylize any text youwrite such as your name, your dear name, your mother name, fathername, friend name, your nick name,... With text you can choose yourlove font, color, edit size text, drag, rotate your text. Afterthat you can decorate it with different decorative item asfeathers, love items, art item, love stickers, color brush, colorfilter, heart shapes.Thanks you!
BJP DP Maker, BJP Profile Maker 1.1 APK
I support modi is a photo editing application which creates imageswith support quotation of our PM share these images on social mediaand show your love and support. Support our Prime minister Mr.Narendra Modi by sharing these pics on social media and make abetter India. Many BJP Supporter & BJP supporters want to make& share images with their picture & details. Findingcreatives, join picture was very lengthy process before this app.BJP Frames will create daily images for you which will be ready toshare. Support Narendra modi ji sir against black money just bydownloading this app. This time is for us to support our modi ji byplacing modi ji DP maker as our profile pic of Facebook. We haveprovided the DP frames of our modi ji. Most of us, support NarendraModi as our PM (Prime Minister) regardless situation whether it’sduring the conversation with our friends in expressing our views onFacebook, Twitter or even in online newspapers, every one of us tryto convey our one message that is I Support Modi, because millionsof us believe in our hearts that Mr. Narendra Modi (Prime Ministerof India) has that required caliber to change current situation ofIndia and triumph India as next Super Power in world. ApplicationFeatures: - Select photo from gallery or capture picture frombeauty selfie camera.  - Beautify your photo using differentBJP DP Maker Frames of your choice. - 20+ HD DP Maker is availablein this app. - You can pick your favorite DP Maker for supportingBJP in Election 2017. - Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or dragthe photo to fit the frame as you like. - Easily Text Add to WriteOn your Photo and Pass the Message very fast.  - Change textcolor, size and style to make stylish. - Save your created photoand Share photo via social networks: Facebook, Instagram, andTwitter. Support AAP party Support Congress Support AAP Support BJPDP maker app Election 2017 Gujarat election Indian Election Newse-Voting India m-Voting VVPAT trail Mock Election Election pollOpinion Poll VVPAT machine simulator Mobile voting Congress DPmaker BJP DP maker AAP DP maker Election result Download this appto find more features and lots of readymade BJP DP Maker: SupportBJP. Thanks for using this app, leave us your feedback and we willconsider them for future updates! THANK YOU...
Update Software For Android 1.10 APK
Update Software Latest will help you to update your downloadedapps, system apps & Android OS at regular bases.Software Updatewill help you to update your downloaded apps, system apps &Android OS at regular bases.These software Application could beupdated regularly and accordingly new software and becomeinstalled.New software are being created in order to help peoplesmoother their lives and accessing the virtual world with ease.Youcan force your Android phone or tablet to search for an update fromthe Settings menu on your device, but you should note that justbecause a newer version of Android exists.How to update softwarelatest version at home every time. Best performance and featuresfrom your Android smartphone or tablet you should make sure you'realways running the very latest software available for it, not justin terms of apps but also the Android operating system. SoftwareUpdate will help you to update your downloaded apps, system apps& Android OS at regular bases. You can choose the latestsoftware according to user reviews and know which is the best andsuitable for you.App features☞ Get the list of update pending appsat one junction.☞ View Updates for Downloaded Application.☞ CheckSystem Application updates.☞ Check Android OS version Updates. ☞Uninstall Application ☞ View the play store version of installedapps☞ Check all the list of permissions taken by any appTheapplication displays following essential information:* Currentversion of the app* Update version of the app* Package id of theapp* App title* Installation date of the appSoftware Update2017Update Software for AndroidSoftware Update for Phone-2017Update Apps & System Software Update & Share APKUpdateSoftware Latestyou can update your Android device manually step bystep. These software can be updated on a regular basis andaccordingly new software and be installed. Make your androidawesome and smooth !Discover the latest android tips, topapplications, new features, android updates, accessories andmore.Thank You…
Jungle Snake & Ladders 1.1 APK
Welcome to Jungle Snakes & Ladders! Joy is precious. Joy ofkids and family is more precious than anything in one's life. AtSnakes & Ladders you can find exactly the same. See who racesto the top of the castle, defeating all the Snakes and enjoying theLadders!!Jungle Snakes and ladder is a simple board game withclassic dice game rules. Saanp sidi is free to download board game.Jungle Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian board game regardedtoday as a worldwide classic. Play a simple board game with dicegame rules. The game to do battle for who first to arrival 100steps. Compete against the computer or a friend while you play thisonline version of the classic board game.Snakes and Ladders is thesimplest and best time killing game with loads of fun! Colorful andhigh definition graphical images make you addicted. This game isalso called as Ludo.Instructions for snakes and ladders master1.Get moving, by rolling the dice, by clicking it.2. Repeatedly rollthe dice till you reach number 100 on the board.3. The dice hasvalues from 1 to 6. Upon rolling the dice, if the value is 1, thenthe player moves one position forward. If the value is 2, then hemoves 2 positions forward and so on.4. If the value on the diceappears as 6, then the player gets another chance to play.5. Oncollecting the star symbol, the player is either moved 1 to 6positions backward or forward.6. On reaching number 100 on theboard, you win.People know this game with different names of Snakeand Ladder Game:Snake and Ladder Ludo free gamesSnake and ladderblack and whiteSnakes & LaddersSnake & Ladder gameSnakes& Ladders Ludo GameSnake and Ladder Dice GameSnake and ladderboard gameSnake N Ladder GameAmaze your family, friends andcolleagues by challenging them in Multiplayer mode. There isnothing more entertaining than playing together. Recall yourchildhood memories with Saanp seedi without wasting paper and wehave made snake & ladder Ludo free game so easy to play.-Stunning Graphics with Classic Design.- Interactive UserInterface.- Offline Game.- 3D Dice Animation.- Interactive soundeffects and music.- Tablet devices supportTags : Real 3D Dice ,Unique Snakes & Ladders , Sap Sidi , Snakes and Ladders , snakegame , snakes and ladders, snakes and ladders game 3d, snakes andladders 3d game, snakes and ladders offline, snakes and ladders andLudo, sap sidi game 3d, sap sidi game free, sap sidi games, snakegames freeExcellent time pass game where players can see howprogress/ downfall happens based on the ladder/ snake positions inthe game, that is how it is for a soul to reach ultimate liberationin life.Support and FeedbackIf you have any technical problems (or)payment related questions please email us [email protected]
Photo Pe Naam Likhe फोटो पे नाम लिखे हिंदी 1.4 APK
Write your name on photo with unique font styles, add beautifulstickers or emojis, set a nice background, draw a nice pattern andmake your Name different and stylish.अब फोटो पर अपना या अपनेप्रेमिका या दोस्तों का नाम आसानी से लिखिए और शेयर कीजिये | इस एप्पमें संपूर्ण और सरल हिंदी कीबोर्ड दिया गया हैं| एप्प में दिए गएस्टाइलिश हिंदी फोंट्स का उपयोग करके आप आकर्षक तरीके से किसी का भीनाम या कोई मैसेज लिख सकते हैं. Create the best stylish statusmessage aur photo par apna Naam likhna app se. There are hundredsof stickers in various categories that you can use to make yourimagebeautiful.Ab asan hain Photo pe Naam likhna. Write your nameor friends name easily with full and easy Hindi keyboard. There arehundreds of stickers in various categories that you can use to makeyour image beautiful. There are many fonts that you can use to makeyour writing stylish. यह अप्प के माध्यम से आप दिए गए कविता या शेरपेस्ट कर सकते हैं या खुद अपनी कविता , स्टेटस मैसेज , ऐटिटूड , शायरीलिख सकते हैं. फोटो पे नाम लिखे एप्प में दिए गए बैकग्राउंड तस्वीरोंपर लिखे या अपनी फ़ोन में स्टोरेज तस्वीरों पर लिखे.Photo pe shayarinam likhne wala app Write poetry:Photo pe nam likhne ka app-फोटो पेनाम लिखने का एप-आप ज़्यादा लाइन्स लिख सकते हे हिन्दी का संपूर्ण ,और आसान कीबोर्ड भी हैं जिससे आप हिन्दी में टाइप कर सकते हैं. हिन्दीfonts के द्वारा आप अपनी मैसेज को और सुन्दर और रोचक बना सकते हैं. यहअप्प के माध्यम से आप दिए गए कविता या शेर पेस्ट कर सकते हैं या खुदअपनी कविता , स्टेटस मैसेज , ऐटिटूड , शायरी लिख सकते हैं. App मेंदिए गए बैकग्राउंड तस्वीरों पर लिखे या अपनी फ़ोन में तस्वीरों परलिखे.Photo Pe Naam Likhna app has allowed you to paste any shayari,hindi poetries, hindi quotes on your photo. There are manybackground image for your use too. You can also use your ownimage.You can write multiple lines of text in Hindi on photos. Justdownload this app and Share your photos easily through any socialmedia apps.Features=> Hundreds of shayaris, status message andkavitas (10,000 + Shayri Collection)=> Custom and full Hindikeyboard with easy type.=> Many stylish Hindi fonts.=>Multiple lines of text to write your messages.=> Hundreds ofstickers.=> Easily share your photo.=> Single finger zoom,rotate, delete stickerThis Application contain functionality of allapps which mention here.- Write Hindi Poetry on Photo- Hindi SadShayari Images- Hindi Picture Shayari Maker - Shayari on Photo-Photo Pe Naam Likhna : Write Hindi Text on Photos- Writing HindiPoetry On Photo- Shayari With Photo- Photo Pe Naam Likhna - फोटो परनाम लिखना- Hindi Love Shayari Images- Photo Par Shayari Likhe- BestCollection of Hindi Love Shayari for your love..- Shayari app-shayari hindi- shayari image with pic - shayari hindi 2016- shayarihindi 2017- Collection of hindi shayari.If you like this app thenrates it and reviews it and shares this with everyone.Thanks forusing this app, leave us your feedback and we will consider themfor future updates!THANK YOU...
Congress DP Maker, Congress Profile Maker 1.1 APK
Create your Digital / Display Profile with DP Maker - CongressProfile Maker | Congress DP Maker | Support INC the free photoframe + editor!  After India's independence in 1947, theCongress formed the government at center in mostinstances, and many regional state governments. Congressbecame India's dominant political party; as of 2015, in the 15general elections since independence, it has won an outrightmajority on six occasions and has led the ruling coalition afurther four times, heading the central government for 49 years.There have been seven Congress Prime Ministers, the firstbeing Jawaharlal Nehru (1947–64), and the mostrecent Manmohan Singh (2004–14). Although it did not farewell in the last general elections in India in 2014, it remains oneof two major, nationwide, political parties in India, along withthe right-wing, Hindu nationalist, Bhartiya JanataParty (BJP). In the 2014 general election, theCongress had its poorest post-independence general electionperformance, winning only 44 seats of the 543-member Lok Sabha. Isupport Rahul Gandhi is a photo editing application which createsimages with support quotation of our PM share these images onsocial media and show your love and support. The Congress's originslie in the National Congress Party. The latest photo editingapplication is for people of all ages, for teenagers as well as forthe adults. You can set as photo widget and use pictures aswallpapers. This music photo editor is easy to use. Elements ofCongress DP Maker App: - Very friendly interface. - Easily editableyour photos using Congress Profile Maker | Congress DP Maker |Support INC. - Select picture either exhibition or bring newpicture with your phone camera. - Click outline catch todemonstrate all Congress Profile Maker | Congress DP Maker |Support INC show on screen. - Select your most loved CongressProfile Maker | Congress DP Maker | Support INC to fit yourphotograph on this edge. - You can alter your photograph move,pivot, zoom in and zoom out elements included. - After enhance yourCongress Profile Maker | Congress DP Maker | Support INC send andshare by means of social site systems. - Finally spared yourCongress Profile Maker | Congress DP Maker | Support INCspecifically spared your SD card on photograph suit envelope.Congress Profile Maker can be used as: - Congress 2017 Photo Frame- Congress Support Profile Maker - Congress Profile Maker Editor2017 - Congress Photo Frame - Congress DP Maker - NCP DP MakerSupport AAP party, Support Congress, Support AAP, Support BJP, DPmaker app, Election 2017, Gujarat election, Indian Election News,e-Voting India, m-Voting, VVPAT trail, Mock Election, Electionpoll, Opinion Poll, VVPAT machine simulator, Mobile voting If youlike this app then don’t forget to rate it, review it and sharewith your love ones. Thank You & Enjoy.
Name Ka Matlab Jaane 1.0 APK
Name Meaning is a free, fun App designed to calculate and show themeaning, Origin, Rishi, Lucky Rudraksha, Lucky Gemstone, NameNumerology of your name or any name in hindi.Find out with NameMeaning! You can also find out the Name Meanings for your favoriteartists, singers, actors, celebrities, personalities and rolesmodels!Learn about your name and number compatibility with othernames and numbers.Now you can share your name meanings just byclicking the share button. Name Meaning allows you to share withyour friends and followers through and any social network, sharingapp or texting app you have on your phone!Naam rahasya give you thename predication is an easy way to understand the meaning aboutyour name and your personality as like astrology or rashifal,JanamTarikh Se Jane Apna Bhavishya,Kesa Hoga Naya 2018 varsh,Aaj karashifal lakshmi,Janm Kundali ka parichay,Shadi ke liye kundali kasaptam bhav,Apki kundali me kalsarp dos hai to,Kundali se janiyeapne aaradhya dev ko,Kundali se janiye Jivansathi kaisahoga,Kundali se janiye carrier kaisa hoga,Kundali me Shanidev kiupasthiti,Kundali me talak or vivah vidched ke pramukh karak,RashiAnusar Totke.The meaning of names based on pythagoras formula. Itwill analyze your name and show your characteristics that might beaffect to your future. Please understand that not many people haveall positive meanings in their name if checked by this applicationbecause it will analyze letter by letter of each words.❦ Name OnMeaning CardMeaning Name Photo MakerMy Name Meaning Photo EditorMyName on Pic With MeaningPhoto Pe Name LikheName on Photo+ How touse My Name Meaning ? - Just Start app and insert your name togenerate My Name Meaning - Select amazing backgrounds from our app- Customize text size, color & fonts that suites you the best.- Click on refresh button to generate new meanings of your name. -Click on save & you are done!!! - Share your awesome meaningwith social media. Key Features: - Attractive Backgrounds, gradientand colors & more. - Image can be added as background fromgallery or Camera. - Text colors can easily customizable. - choosefont size as you like from our range of available fonts. - Justcreate your meaning name photo within a minutes. - App is Efficientand easy to use - Generate beautiful meaningful Names It’s FREE andoffline so download it now and find out what your name revealsabout you or other people in your life.
Letter Wallpaper 1.0 APK
Letter Wallpaper is best art letter wallpaper you can set pictureto you Facebook profile picture or whatsapp picture 3d ,4k, mood,love, flower, Diwali, hd, water, gold, cube, parallax etc.FancyLetter Wallpaper Maker App use an awesome image and put your nameletter thoughts on it. Add name letter to your photos or select oneof the many available colored, backgrounds, color photobackgroundsAmazing Letter Wallpaper: -- A to Z Letters Wallpaper.-Lovely & beautiful Letters.- Amazingly decorated with flowers& color patterns.- Your mobile screen will look more attractiveand colorful.How to use: --> Open Letter Wallpaper LettersApp-> Click on the "Go to Wallpaper" Button-> Choose anyLetters-> Click on the "Set Wallpaper"-> You can change otherwallpaper from settingMake yourself in front of others morebeautiful and brighter and be proud of your name. letter a - letterb - letter c - letter d - letter e - letter f - letter g - letter h- letter i - letter j - letter k - letter l - letter m letter n -letter o - letter p - letter q - letter r - letter s - letter t -letter u - letter v - letter w - letter x - letter y - letterzFancy Letter Wallpaper Maker Features:✔ Fast and easy Name LetterWallpaper creation.✔ Multi color for text and backgrounds support.✔Design posters with/without a background image.✔ Huge collection oftemplates.✔ Different text fonts including calligraphic fonts.✔Custom wallpaper – you can use any picture from your gallery.✔Movable letter placement on photo.✔ Easily Adjust Text on Photo.✔Designed post saved in gallery as Fancy Letter Wallpaper folder.✔Your Wallpaper can be saved or shared.✔ No watermarks on images andno logo.✔ Create square images to fit in the profile photo forFacebook, WhatsApp, or just post.#TagLetter ImagesFlower LetterImageIndian Flag Letter ImageFlag Text ImageAlphabets ImagesTatooText ImageFire Text ImageFire Letter ImageFlag Letter ImageTatoosLetter ImagesFlower ImagesFlower Text ImageFlower LetterImagesStylish Text ImageStylish Letter ImagesStylish LatterWallpaperStylish ImagesTatoos WallpaperTatoos LetterWallpaperTatoos ImagesIndian Flag Text WallpaperIndian FlagImagesIndian Flag Text ImagesWhatsapp Text ImagesWhatsapp DP andStatus ImageFire Text WallpaperFire Text ImagesFlower Text LetterWallpaperFlower Letter ImagesFlower Letter Wallpaperletterwallpaperalphabet wallpaperletter wallpaper hdletter wallpaper2018love letter wallpaperKey Chain Letter Wallpaper3D LetterWallpaperHeart Letter WallpaperAntique Art Letter WallpaperCreativeDIY Letter WallpaperArabic letters wallpapersWhatsapp DP andStatusLetter Text Whatsapp ImageLetter Whatsapp ImagesDP andStatusnew 2017 Latter ImagesWhatsapp ImagesNew Year Latter ImagesDiwali ImagesFacebook Latter magesAll Alphabets Images