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Flash On Call and SMS

You can now get flash alert notified every time you get a callorSMS with a powerful and multicolor flash alert on call and smsandnotification like phone.

Flash Blink on CALL &SMS is useful when you are in heavymusicparty where you cannot hear ringtones or vibration OR in thedarkor at night when you do not want to hear ringtones or in ameetingthen free flash alerts application come in handy.

Flash Alert on CALL &SMS application reminds you of anIncomingcall, Message (SMS) and notification with the blink oflight withthe use of camera Flash Light. This Application mostlyuse whenyour phone in Silent Mode or you are not hear your incomingcalls,SMS and notifications ring tone.

Set Flash alert on Incoming Call and Incoming SMS. This is maketoused when your Phone is Silent mode at that time you can seethatsome calls or SMS is coming in your phone.

Your mobile is silent and you get Call or Message, No worry.Youhave Flash alert/Vibrate alert/Tone alert for Call,Messagereceive, Missed call and Unread Message. Just Go toapplicationsetting screen and set up alert modes andDuration.

You can set multiple flash color and color lights for differentappsin screen with LED notification, we have 5 color lights toset, Redlight, Blue, Yellow, White and Green light, when choosingcolor youcan then get notified in flash text notification withcoloredflashlight alert on calling and texts.

This application use your camera led to make blinkingflasheswithout keeping the app open all the time, so if you decideyou nolonger want your phone to use flash light, slide the buttonto"off".

You can turn ON or OFF over the device status. (Ringingmode,Vibrate mode or Silent, In an easy and one click.

Best app Feature :

Customization option of flash ON/OFF option
Flash Alerts Blink on Incoming SMS
Flash Alerts Blink on Incoming Call
Flashlight application, which allows You to use phone assimpletorch.
Use flash alert when you are in silent mode to get quickalert
You can controls Flash Interval with the use of setting.
Change blinking frequency
It’s easy to used and simple step to change the features offlashlight.

One of the flash light Blink or flash alert application. Veryusefulin the dark or at night when you do not want to hearringtones. Doyou want flash on call then download thisapplication.

Note : This application may not work efficiently insomedevices.

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App Information Flash On Call and SMS

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