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Kids learn quickly from images. Flashcards are widely usedtodevelop the kid’s brain. Every parent has bought multiple setofflashcards for their kids and it is lying all over your home.Hereis the solution. Flashcard World android application has742flashcards under 19 categories (Lite version allows youtoexperience two categories (Alphabet and Body Parts) andcertainfunctionalities like “Add to Favorite” is disabled). Yourkids willbe amazed to see that their flash card can speak. Yes,flashcardapplication can talk about the image and also it can spelltheword. Your kid will smile, swipe and learn. Help Note: 1. Swipethescreen to move forward or backward to show the next card. 2.Tapthe image to speak about the image 3. You can save cards fromanycategories in favorite and can view them all at once. You canhelpyour kid to see certain cards again and again. 5. Theapplicationuses the text2speach installed in your smartphone ortablet. So itcan use your own country slang and help your kids tolearn in yournative slang. Enjoy it! Swipe, Smile and Learn. HappyLearning….

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    FlashCard World
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    May 5, 2020
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    9/22 Main Road, Kandanvilai (PO), Kanyakumari Dist, Tamilnadu, India 629810
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FlashCard World Pro 1.6 APK
Kids learn quickly from images. Flashcardsarewidely used to develop the kid’s brain. Every parent hasboughtmultiple set of flashcards for their kids and it is lying alloveryour home. Here is the solution. Flashcard Worldandroidapplication has 742 flashcards under 19 categories. Yourkids willbe amazed to see that their flash card can speak. Yes,flashcardapplication can talk about the image and also it can spelltheword. Your kid will smile, swipe and learn.Help Note:1. Swipe the screen to move forward or backward to show thenextcard.2. Tap the image to speak about the image3. You can save cards from any categories in favorite and canviewthem all at once. You can help your kid to see certain cardsagainand again.5. The application uses the text2speach installed in yoursmartphoneor tablet. So it can use your own country slang and helpyour kidsto learn in your native slang.Enjoy it! Swipe, Smile and Learn. Happy Learning….
Map Smart Address Book 7.3 APK
Smart GPS Address Book is a great add on to your phone. It willincrease your productivity and easy to navigate to any places fromyour current location. You can save the frequent address in the appand by a single tap, you can open Google navigation from yourlocation to the desired address. The app has a feature to add theaddress directly from the Google Map. From Google Map, search forany address and then share it with the GPS app. The address will beautomatically added to the app. No need to type a single text. Youcan change the Address name to your preference using update mode.The key features include 1. Save an address from Google Map to theapplication which can then be used for navigation or directionsfrom the current location 2. Share the address to anyone 3. SaveFavorite addresses. Favorites will be displayed in the home screen4. Extensive search and manage screen to perform all functionality5. Multi address navigation provides directions from your addressbook. 6. Navigation options include Car, Bike, Publictransportation and Walk 7. Supports different view options for mapincluding show/hide traffic. If you like to add any newfunctionalities please contact us at contactmoonstarinc@gmail.com
Personalized Verse for Today 6.1 APK
Are you the person open the Bible to read Gods word? Do you like toread personalized words every day from the whole Bible? Instead ofpredefined verses for all, this application will give you 3 randombible verses every day you open the application. You can reload toget another set of random bible verses. What else can you do? Ifyou like to read another set of the word then just press therefresh or reload button to show another set of words. You canrepeat any number of times for you or for your family or friends.Since these are random words from all the whole Bible books, youwill read some exciting verses every day. You will get some insightfor your day. So read it every day and start your day with ablessing. Sometimes you may like to read more verses from certainbooks. So if you like to ignore some books, you can do that in thesettings page. Just click the button to open the Settings page. Youwill see all the books. You can check the boxes against the booksyou like to ignore. When you save it the app will generate anotherset of words ignoring the books you selected. The best part ofBible verse is to share with your friends, family or in socialmedia. If you like to share click the verses then click the sharebutton and select the Gmail/facebook etc and then follow the stepsin that corresponding application. That’s all, it’s a simple, butpowerful apps. Read the word of God and enjoy… If you have anycomments or need improvement with additional functionality pleasesend your thought to our email at contactmoonstartinc@gmail.com
Manual Legión de María 5.7 APK
Esta es la versión digital del Manual Oficial de la Legión de Maríapublicado por Concilium Legionis Mariae. Característicasprincipales 1. Puede guardar capítulos en favoritos para abrirlorápidamente 2. Puede navegar a través de los capítulos y saltarrápidamente que sin examinar cada página 3. Puede buscar en elencabezado para limitar la lista en la página. 4. Puede copiar elcapítulo y compartirlo como texto o formato html 5. Puede cambiarel aspecto de la pantalla y cambiar el tamaño de la fuente 6. Puedecompartir la página como imagen (Facebook) o contenido en el correoelectrónico o mensaje 
Tamil Catholic Song Book 10.9 APK
Tamil Catholic Song Book application has 1751 Catholic songs usedinCatholic Mass and on daily basis. It has the complete list ofsongswhich are used in every Catholic occasions. Now you canPraise theLord from where every you are. God Bless.
Catholic Liturgical Calendar 23.9 APK
The liturgical calendar, also known as the Catholic Churchcalendar, consists of Holy Days, Feasts, the start and end day ofthe Catholic seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, The Triduum (GoodFriday, Holy Saturday & Easter Sunday). The Catholic calendarstarts on the first day of Advent, which is 4 Sundays beforeChristmas. The other seasons are calculated based on this date. TheLiturgical Calendar application will help you to find the HolyDays, Feast for any year on the go! The catholic feasts like Adventstart date, Tridumm, Lent are calculated dynamically for each year.You can read daily reading and Saint of today. The LiturgicalCalendar application is in English language. Support for multiplelanguages will be added and published soon. If you like the app orhave suggestions write a comment and rating. Thank you!
Tamil Catholic Prayer Book 12.8 APK
Tamil Prayer Book is the first Android application forTamilPrayers. You can see most of the prayers in Tamil language.Now youcan do the prayer in Tamil language wherever you are andwheneveryou want. It has prayers used in Mass, Novena prayers,Rosary(Jesus, Mary and Divine Mercy), Prayer for Work, Prayer bySpouseand Prayer for the Sick etc. It has 150+ prayers. ] Sharewith allyour friends and families. If you like to add any newprayersplease contact the developer. God Bless you…
English Christian Song Book 10.9 APK
English Christian Song Book application is a collection ofChristianSong lyrics. It has songs from all Christiandenominations. Keyfeatures: 1. You can add your favorite songs inthe favorite listfor quick access. 2. You can go to any song byselecting the name ofthe song from the list 3. You can go to anysong by entering thesong number. So if all your church members hasthis application youcan quickly go to a song by informing the songnumber like how weuse it in books. 4. Songs can be viewed inalphabetical order foreasy search If you have any specific songsto be added or have songsin soft copy please contact thedeveloper. God Bless you all...Share your comments and suggestionsto improve this application.