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- flashlight and torch is a simple, free flashlight app with LEDlight, police light , traffic light ,color light, flashlight andseveral screen modes. Free plugins,and Blinking lights make thisflashlight one of the best tools for your android device.led flash-flashlight and torch is a free app that turns your device into aflashlight ,it gives you the light in the darkness or lightninglab.- It quickly and easily turns on the flashlight , police light, traffic light ,color light , screen flashlight tablet and smartphone is like " Army Knife for Android ".- The flashlight you willnever forget to bring when in need and it is a completely freescreen flashlight tablet and smartphone!- dark skies- flashlightand torch is the best flash light app , flashlight and torch islike Army Knife for Android and led flash- With this app, you cando a lot of thing like : - Find Your Keys in the Dark it a veryuseful application - Read a Real Book at Night - Make Yourselfvisible at Night - SOS flashlight signal - lightning lab- theapplication still start when you lock your device screen- darkskiesFEATURES :- flashlight and torch is Free- LED flashlight- ledflash- dark skies- lightning lab- police light , traffic light,color light exit into application- Use device camera LED as alight source.- SOS flashlight signal- Color Screen light- bestflash light app- screen flashlight tablet- plain and nice design-design full hd- like Army Knife for Android- responsive design-does not require root acces- Supports all devices-Make YourselfVisible on Roadside at Night - easy to know how you can use it -friendly interface-Read a Real Book at Night- a completely freeapp-Repair Your Car or Change a Puppets install it ,enjoy using thebest flashlight and torch app for screen flashlight tablet andsmartphone and then rate it!.

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    Flashlight and Torch
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    July 1, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    boukapps pro
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Sea Defense Pro 2017 1.0 APK
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- the game " sea defense pro " veryenjoyablewill not be able to stop to play- The game "sea defense pro" seems boring in the beginning butonceyou start playing it.- Dive into the depths of the sea, and defense the beach fromthefish " jellyfish , swordy , prianna (piranha) and Sharks " thatistrying to invade all the beach.- The main goal of the Sea Defense is to protect the beach fromtheupcoming fish. it is the best sea defense pro in store- in this game "sea defense pro" There are a few kinds of fishwhichis trying to take over the beach, but your main goal is toclick onthe fish and stop it.- with sea defense pro you can Help the swimmers survive bytappingon all the fish as fast as possible, before they make it tothebeach.- in the game ,The Beach is being Invaded by the most dangerousofjellyfish , swordy ,prianna (piranha) and Sharks.- fish exist into game : jellyfish , swordy , prianna (piranha)andSharksFeatures :- sea defense pro game is free- Leader board- jellyfish , swordy , prianna (piranha) and Sharks fish- plain and nice design- responsive design- Supports all devices and all screens size- easy to know how to play- friendly interface- Support all android system- a completely free game- Sea graphics- best colors- Easy game play- Cool Sounds- sea defense pro include features such as rate me option,replay,pause, share game in facebook with your friends.Hope you will enjoy playing it.install it ,enjoy using the best sea defense pro game and thenrateit!.
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- Lie detector prank is a fun simulator game which simulates afingerprint scanner for detecting lie or truth with this app liedector.- lets your frinds thinks you can detect if they are saysomething lie or truth- lie detector prank is one of the bestpolygraph app with fingerprint scanner lie dector or fingerprintapp.- with this application you can not locked app - how to play :1 - ask some questions to kids or your friends like locked app thenask him what is the answer . 2 - Tell them to put their finger into the scan button for 5 seconds.3 - then the application detect ifthe kid or your friend say truth or lie .- This application is justa prank to joke with your friends, a fun game and it is not a reallife lie detector (polygraph) not a real fingerprint scanner orfingerprint app.- lie detector prank is a fun game, and not a realpolygraph (lie detector) or a fingerprint scanner.- Play and findout what think your friends.- Lie detector prank support 5languages :- english- french- arabic- spanish- portuguêsFEATURES:-lie detecotr prank is free- plain and nice design- you can notlocked app with this app it just to pranked your friends- bestpolygraph app- fun simulator game- responsive design- lie dector-fingerprint app- easy to know how to play - friendly interface-locked app- a completely free appenjoy using lie detecotr prank2018