1.1 / August 10, 2017
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You have android phone with LED flash?then you have Flashlight inyour pocket.Flashlight is a simple app useful as ledtorchlight.Uses camera flash as light source.One click to On theLED FlashlightOne click to Off the LED FlashlightThere are sometimes when we are in dark and need torch light or flashlight.Its okwe dont have one but we have our phones with us. majority of modernandroid phones have camera with LED Flash.so this app uses the LEDand provides bright light.Flash Light app features:simple on offbutton with soundno strobe (Because I dont like it personally)Lessin sizeFlashlight app works on most of the devicesincluding..Flashlight for samsung phonesTorchlight for samsungphonesFlashlight for Lg phonesTorchlight for Lg phonesFlashlightfor HTC phonesTorchlight for HTC phonesFlashlight for RedmiphonesTorchlight for Redmi phonesFlashlight for SonyphonesTorchlight for Sony phonesFlashlight for micromaxphonesTorchlight for micromax phonesFlashlight for nexusphonesTorchlight for phones***This app needs camera permissionsbecause it needs Led Flash and led flash is a part of camera***

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    Flashlight LED Torchlight
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    August 10, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    WiFi Password Recovery
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WiFi Password Recovery Show More...

Wifi Password Show 2.1 APK
Wifi password show ,wifi reader ,manager,free wifi gives you allsaved wifi passwords for wifi Networks You've connected YourAndroid Device previously.Works as wifi viewer and recovery. wifikey viewer Wifi password show won`t work without root. Its not awifi password hacker. wifi password show Recovery Wi-Fi passwordwifi password viewer. WiFi password reader list wifi password showworks on rooted phones only. Wifi Password Show app also works asan indicator that device has root or not.If you see Superuserpermission dialogue when you open the app,it means your device hasroot access. This App "WIFI PASSWORD SHOW" will notify that yourdevice not rooted or not given superuser permission". wifi passwordshower needs root access.
Root Checker 3.8 APK
"Root checker" lets you know whether your device has root access ornot in one click.Root Checker (super user)is a fast and accurateapplication. Root Checker will check for root (superuser or su) andBusy box access for Free.Root Checker (root apps)prompts forsuperuser permission."Root Checker"is a root verifier or superuserverify.To check root access,just open the app. It is that mucheasy. If you have root (superuser),this app prompts for "SU"permission grant,just allow it.Root Checker also shows superuserinstallation path and busybox installation path. This application(ROOT CHECKER) gives device device info such as model,manufacturer,board,cpu etc. also gives useful information aboutRooting Android for user.Check Root with most accurated way.Basically there are two rooting methods available based on thesuperuser binary(su) installing path. One is "system root",otherone is "systemless root".Systemless root is a recent root methodmade by great developer Chainfire for modern android phones withAndroid 6.0(Marshmallow) and later. Root Checker detects which rootaccess your device has easily. Root Checker Key Features: Checkroot access One click root verify Root check Free forever BusyBoxchecker Accurately checks superuser path and BusyBox” path Easy touse Latest Android version support. Shows Basic build informationTabbed UI Lets know users bascics of Root,UnRoot,rooting pros andcons. Don`t you know what is rooting android?Root Checker also letsyou know the basics of rooting,unrooting,rooting methods,rootingbenifits like run special applications, flashing recovery,customROMs, and free up internal storage etc. Noobs don`t know pros andcons of rooting,but this root (superuser) checking tool helps themwith simple user interface. "ROOT" BENIFITS superuser permissions(full control over your phone). Use root-requiring apps(Xposed,wifi tether, backups, etc). Over/underclocking Ability toflash and use a custom recovery image (for flashing ROMs andKernels). Flash custom ROMs and kernels Flash other .zip files likeradio/modem Removing bloatware (apps that you don't want or needbut can't normally delete) Upgrading your firmware to laterversions (such as phones that won't get the latest Android version)Use terminal for adb and fastboot commands Modify system,data filesInstall cutom fonts Find saved wifi passwords "ROOT" RISKS Voidswarranty Chances of bricking device Possibility of damaginghardware The cons are easy to avoid, as long as you do everythingcorrectly and do your research first. Root Checker also lets youknow about your device info such as.. Manufacturer Model BrandVersion Sdk Board Serial Bootloader CPU_ABI CPU_ABI2 DisplayFingerprint hardware Host Id Product Tags Time Type User.**Note:This app (Root Checker) will neither root your device norinstall busybox.** I will add more features in coming days. Pleasedont give negative fedback. If you find any bugs,Contct me.I willtry to solve. Have any doubts? Feel free to contact [email protected] Have a nice day.
Root Checker Pro 1.4 APK
Root Checker is a basic app to check weather your phone has "rootaccess" "super user/su"or not. This is a simple and effective rootchecker app. This app (ROOT CHECKER) completely free forever.RootChecker will check for root (superuser or su) and Busy boxaccess.ProRootChecker for Free. One click root checker app.“Rooting” is the act of gaining access to this root user accountSo,This app will not root your device.Only checks root Root Checkerfeatures: ROOT CHECKER IS FREE FOREVER ROOT ACCESS DETECTION WITHPATH BUSYBOX CHECK DEVICE INFO ADFREE NO SPECIAL PERMISSIONS OREOSUPPORT TABBED UI LESS IN SIZE This root checker app islight-weight, fast and easy to use. No more going behind regularroot checker apps that provide inaccurate info about root infoabout your android root. With this "Root Checker" app, you willfind the most accurate root info for your device. This app willhelp you rootcheck your device with accurate methods and let youuse amazing features that available for rooted phones only. This"Root Checker" app also lets you find out if Busy Box is installedon your android device, it also tells the busy box path. Havequestions? [email protected]
WiFi Info (Wifi Information) 1.3 APK
Wifi Info view app provides you basic wifi information of connectedwifi network in android.View all wifi info of your device in oneclick.WiFi INFO - simple and easy way to find all wifi relatednetwork information in android. WiFi info features: wifi info viewwifi info in android wifi name or SSID name wifi connection STATUSBSSID IP ADDRESS MAC ADDRESS LINK SPEED DNS GATEWAY INFO SUBNETMASK etc Wifi INFO terminology: SSID:The Service Set Identifier(SSID) is the name of the wireless network BSSID:BSSID stands forBasic Service Set Identifier and is the MAC address of the AP. IPADRESS:An IP address (abbreviation of Internet Protocol address) isan identifier assigned to each computer and other device (e.g.,printer, router, mobile device, etc.) MAC ADRESS:A media accesscontrol address (MAC address) of a computer is a unique identifierassigned to network interfaces for communications at the data linklayer of a network segment. MAC addresses are used as a networkaddress for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernetand Wi-Fi.
Wifi Password Viewer 2.4 APK
Wifi Password Viewer helps you to view free wifi passwords thatpreviously saved on your device.WiFi Password Viewer recovery is asimple and easy way to find free wifi passwords.With this app youcan show wifi password,copy your wifi passwords. WiFi passwordViewer is a simple application.easy to use. "free wifi" passwordshow app You can also copy passwords. works on Android 4.2 andabove rooted phones. Show wifi password viewer is not a free wifipassword hacker If you see Superuser permission dialogue when youopen the app,it means your device has root access. If your deviceis not rooted,This App [wifi password viewer] will notify that yourdevice not rooted or not given superuser permission.WiFi PasswordViewer app also works as an indicator that device is rooted or not.
Root checker - Busybox checker 2.0 APK
Root check & busybox checker tool shows whether your phone isrooted or not by checking "su binary" .This app also detectsbusybox on your phone.Besides that Root checker ets you findbuild-info of your android phone.If your android device has "rootaccess" or "superuser binary"(SU) installed,It means you haverooted phone.This is a fast root checker application.It supportsalmost all Android devices which runs android 4.0 andabove.Basically there are two rooting methods.one is "systemroot",other one is "systemless root".Systemless root is a recentroot method made by great developer Chainfire for modern androidphones with Android 6.0(Marshmallow) and above.Root verifier [RootChecker] detects which root access your device haseasily.**Note:This app will neither root your device nor installbusybox.**This App also lets you know about your device info suchas..*Manufacturer*Model*Brand*Version*board*Serial*Bootloader*CPU*Tags*Type*User etc.Don`t you know what is rooting android?Rootchecker also lets you know the basics of rooting,unrooting,rootingmethods,rooting benifits like run special applications, flashingrecovery,custom ROMs, and free up internal storage etc.Noobs dontknow pros and cons of rooting,but this root checking tool helpsthemBENIFITS OF ROOTINGSuperuser permissions (full control overyour phone).Use root-requiring apps (Xposed,wifi tether, backups,etc).Over/underclockingAbility to flash and use a customrecovery.img (for flashing ROMs and Kernels).Flash custom ROMs andkernelsFlash other .zip files like radio/modemRemoving bloatware(apps that you don't want or need but can't normallydelete)Upgrading your firmware to later versions (such as phonesthat won't get the latest Android version)LOSES OF ROOTINGVoidswarrantyChances of bricking devicePossibility of damaginghardwareThe cons are easy to avoid, as long as you do everythingcorrectly and do your research [email protected] this root checking tool.
Wifi Password Recovery 1.3 APK
WiFi password recovery will help you to show wifi password on yourandroid device.This is not a Wifi hacker or wifi Passwordhacker.Easiest way to show wifi passwordWifi password viewer willnot work without root.This app works as wifi password recovery,wifipassword reader,wifi password key viewer - "root need".WiFipassword recovery app also works as an indicator that device isrooted or not (root checker).If you see Superuser permissiondialogue when you open the app,it means your device has rootaccess. If your device is not rooted,This App will notify that yourdevice not rooted or not given superuser permission.Manage wifinetworks and wifi passwords with this app "wifi passwordrecovery".Whenever you type a password and hit connect button,Thenetwork and password details will be stored in root folder/data/misc/wifi/wpa suplicant.conf file.If you type wrongpassword,It will also be saved.When you hit forget button of anywifi network,The details in wpa suplicant configuration will bedeleted.If you feel this app wifi password recovery is notresponding,just update super user binary on your phone and rebootthen open again.
Wifi password viewer-Recovery 3.1 APK
Wifi Password Viewer-recovery helps you to view wifi passwords thatpreviously saved on your device.WifiPasswordViewer and wifirecovery is a simple and easy way to find wifi passwords.With thisapp you can show wifi password,copy your wifi passwords.Note:Wifipassword viewer needs root permission to workNote:This is not awifi password hacker.WiFi password Viewer is a simpleapplication.easy to use.Free password show app(wifi passwordviewer)You can also copy passwords.works on Android 4.2 and aboverooted phones.Show wifi password viewer is not a wifi passwordcracker or hackerGet all your saved WiFi passwords.wifi passwordrecovery view tool.Saved wifi password viewer app