1.0 / February 7, 2015
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The best flashlight for Android phone.
Power saving, quick reaction, smart UI.

App Information Flashlight

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    February 7, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    100 - 500
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欧洲杯预测神器 1.4 APK
从2016欧洲杯开始,提供比赛赛程预告,比分预测,投注建议等信息。比赛预测基于大数据分析,涵盖了对阵球队历史比赛数据,近期比赛结果,两队交战历史等全方位信息。预测准确率高达75%。预测神器在手,帮助您成为足球领域的先知。From the 2016 EuropeanCup began, providing competition schedule notice to scoreprediction, betting advice information.Big game prediction based on data analysis, covering the history ofthe game against the team data, the recent results of thecompetition, two teams fighting history and other comprehensiveinformation.Forecast accuracy rate of 75%.Prediction artifact in hand, to help you become a prophet footballfield.
2048朝代版(小三传奇之朝代版) 1.4 APK
风靡全球的游戏 2048朝代版!游戏玩法:上下左右四个方向滑动屏幕移动图块,当两个相同的图块遇见时,它们将合二为一!久远的朝代将合并为近期的朝代,看看你能不能到达PRC时代呢?(历史早忘了?qstar给你提示哈:夏、商、周、秦、汉、三国、晋、南北朝、隋、唐、五代十国、宋、元、明、清、ROC、PRC)一言蔽之,游戏的玩法和2048、 1024, threes!,小三传奇类似。加入2048 的大军吧,你还在废寝忘食地 斗地主、日夜不休地玩塔防 植物大战僵尸么,还在眼花缭乱 消灭星星、呼朋唤友打飞机么,你喜欢下 五子棋、中国象棋,喜欢思考解谜的乐趣?还是天天跑酷、天天爱消除,像大帅兔一样 保卫萝卜?我们向天天酷跑、爱消除、保卫萝卜致敬,把最简单的快乐带给你。丢掉 斗地主、植物大战僵尸、保卫萝卜,忘掉消灭星星、打飞机、中国象棋,加入我们吧。用你的智慧和策略,制造2048! 收获好玩、趣味的体验。来吧,让我们向2048冲击!向着PRC时代前进!前进吧骚年!2048 swept the world gamedynasty edition!How to play:Four directions up and down the screen to move the sliding blocks,when two identical tiles meet, they will be combined!Ancient dynasties will be merged into the recent dynasty, see ifyou can reach the PRC era it? (History had forgotten qstar give youtips Ha:? Xia, Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han, Three Kingdoms, Jin, Southernand Northern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Mingand Qing, ROC, PRC)In a nutshell, the game is played and the 2048, 1024, threes!, Likea small three legendary.2048 it joined the army, you are still sleepless nightsLandlords, day and night endlessly play tower defense Zombies Mody,still dazzled destroy stars, Hupenghuanyou aircraft Mody,Do you like the next backgammon, Chinese Chess, like thinkingpuzzle fun? Parkour or every day, every day, love to eliminate,like Marshal rabbit as defending radish?Cool to run every day, we love to eliminate defend radish tributeto the simple pleasure brings you.Landlords lose, Zombies, defending radish, forget eliminate thestars, aircraft, Chinese chess, join us.Use your wits and strategy, manufacturing 2048! Harvest fun, funexperience.Come, let us to the 2048 shock! Toward the PRC the times! OnwardSao years!
宝贝画板 1.0 APK
本应用为亲子互动教育类应用。本应用提供画板绘画、录音以及时光轴三大核心功能。画板功能让孩子天马行空,随心选取色彩与画笔粗细,同时允许家长为其添加参考图画,激发孩子绘画灵感。录音功随时记录孩子的灵感表达以及家长的启蒙教育过程,支持录音的实时添加。时光轴反映孩子的成长轨迹,家长与孩子均可回顾这个过程中的原生态想法以及宝贵的互动记忆,并支持通过现有社交客户端分享孩子作品的功能。关键字:亲子 画板 宝贝 儿童 绘画 教学 爸爸去哪儿 互动 录音 照相 拍照
Notification Reminder (Memo) 1.0 APK
You can add reminder in your notification barnow.Just type in the to-do item and save it, then it will be shown inthe notification bar.This is the easiest but most effective way to add a reminder.Please have a try.Never forget any to-do item again.Add memo for it!
Great Charade 1.4 APK
You play and I guess the word.It's an interesting game for friends, parents and children,lovers.It's a test of understanding between each other.In get-together, it can make everybody have fun.
Color Hero 1.0 APK
Find the tile with special color as quickly aspossible.You have 60 seconds to challenge.It's a great game for you to have fun on subway, wait forsomeone, have a rest.Have a try and have fun!
2048 Lengend 1.7 APK
The 2048 app is a fun, addictive and a verysimple puzzle game. Join the numbers and get to the 2048tile!HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswith the same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tile iscreated, the player wins!
Flashlight 1.0 APK
The best flashlight for Android phone.Power saving, quick reaction, smart UI.