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Flashlight app enables users to switch on/off flashlight with asingle click. Flashlight app bright LED Torch turns your phone intosuper bright flashlight torch.It's a simplest ever flash torchlight app ever made and indeed very useful. You can able to controlapp with just one tap. Key features :-- Flash Torch Light app canbe set to turn on/off torch while opening the app.- Maintain torchstate when leaving the app.- One touch for notification bar forflashlight.Hope you will like the app.

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    November 10, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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    H. No. 1423, Sector -7 Kurukshetra - 136118 Haryana, India
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Gym Workout 46.0.0 APK
Gym workout app is best gym workout trainer app and guide forbodybuilding GYM workouts, daily fitness gym workout plans andexercises. Gym workout app has workout planner, 7 minutes workout,Stopwatch, Workout Timer, 10 Daily Abs Exercises, Daily YogaExercises, Water Reminder, HIIT Tabata Timer, Calorie Counter, BMICalculator, Workout Reminder, Workout videos, Workout Tips, HealthNews and is best gym trainer app. Gym Workout app helps you to planyour gym training better with many workout plans. GYM workoutplanner - It contains gym exercises which you can add to your dailyworkout schedule. Helps you to create workout plan and works asyour gym coach and trainer. Plan exercises for below parts. -Abdominal - Chest - Biceps and Triceps - Shoulders - Legs 7 minutesworkout - It helps to stay healthy with below 12 exercise programs.- Jumping Jack - Wall Sit - Push Up - Abdominal Crunches - Step-upsonto a chair - Squat - Triceps dips on a chair - Planks - HighKnees/running in place - Lunges - Push-ups and rotations - SidePlanks Workout Timer and Stopwatch - It is a user friendlyapplication that helps you to manage and control the time of yourphysical exercises. 10 Daily Abs Exercises - The app containsanimation of below 10 abs exercises everyone can do. - BasicCrunches - Alternate Heel Touches - Leg-up Crunches - Arm ReachingCrunches - Flutter Kicks - Leg Raises - Plank with Leg Lift - VCrunches - Bicycle Crunches - Vertical Leg Crunches Water Reminder- Drink more water with in built water reminder Calorie Counter -Track your calories with calorie counter BMI Calculator - It helpsyou to calculate your Body Mass Index. Workout Reminder - Setreminder so that you never miss the exercise. Gym workout app isalso useful fitness app for beginners who are looking for trainingsessions. It works like your personal trainer for exercise routineand body building. Like our Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/gymworkoutapp/
BMI Calculator 8.0 APK
BMI Calculator offers to calculate Body Mass index, Weight toHeight ratio, Body Fat Percentage, Weight Loss Percentage.BMICalculator helps you to know the your BMI Score and respectivecategory i.e Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese, Severely Obeseor Severely Obese. You can save your BMI score and keep track of itwithin App. BMI Calculator supports both units imperial and metricunits, You can easily change units.What is BMI ?Body Mass Index isa person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of height inmeters. A high BMI can be an indicator of high body fatness.MetricMethod - The metric formula accepts height measurements in metersand weight in kilograms. BMI = (Weight in Kilograms)/(Height inmeters * Height in meters)Steps - 1. Multiply your height byitself.2. Divide your weight in kilograms by the value calculatedin step 1.Imperial (US) Method - The imperial formula acceptsheight measurements in inches and weight in pounds.BMI = (Weight inPounds * 703)/(Height in inches * Height in inches)Steps -1.Multiply your weight in pounds by 703.2. Multiply your height ininches by itself3. Divide the figure from step 1 by the figure instep 3.How is BMI interpreted for adults?BMI - Weight StatusBelow18.5 - Underweight18.5 – 24.9 - Normal or Healthy Weight25.0 – 29.9- Overweight30.0 and Above - ObeseHow good is BMI as an indicatorof body fatness?The accuracy of BMI as an indicator of body fatnessalso appears to be higher in persons with higher levels of BMI andbody fatness. While, a person with a very high BMI (e.g., 35 kg/m2)is very likely to have high body fat, a relatively high BMI can bethe results of either high body fat or high lean body mass (muscleand bone). Hopes BMI Calculator helps you to stay healthy.
Smart Tools Box 22.0 APK
Smart Tools is the best smart tool box app offers more than 20 coolsmart tools like Torch Light, QR Code Scanner, Smart Protractor,Unit Converter, Compass, Stopwatch, Speedometer, ScientificCalculator, Notes and Checklist, Sound Meter, Lux Meter and manymore smart tools for daily use. Smart Tools includes below supercool tools with beautiful design in all in one smart tools app.It's like having Swiss army knife. Smart Torch Light - Turns yoursmart phone LED flash to super bright flashlight. QR Code andBarcode Scanner - Fastest and smartest QR and Barcodes reader onproducts on barcodes containing urls, contact information and more.Scientific Calculator - Best Scientific Calculator provides basicand advanced scientific and mathematical functions with fullscreen. Smart Protractor - Simple, easy to use soft protractorhelps you to measure quick angle and slope measurement. UnitConverter - A simple and easy to use unit converter helps toconvert length, mass, speed, volume, area, temperature, pressure,time, digital storage and force. Compass - Accurate and Preciseprofessional compass with elegant design. Magnetometer - MagnetDetector is a powerful tool to detect ferrous metals and magnets.Altimeter - Real time animated altitude finding tool as well as aBarometer calculating the Barometric Pressure through GPS andsensor in the device. Lux Meter - Handy tool for all the smartphone, it detects the Light Intensity for the differentworkstations. Speedometer - Turns your phone into a digitalspeedometer and an odometer. Color Detector - Color Detector is auseful tool to grab colors via camera of your smart phone ExpenseManager - Track your daily expenses with easy to use ExpenseManager. Notes and Checklist - Simple Notes and Checklist is angreat TODO editor with reminders option. Photo Editor - Edit yourphotos using brightness balance, crop functionality, rotatefunctionality, and use up to 20+ filters. Stopwatch - A simplestopwatch with start, stop and reset functionality. Magnifier - Thebest magnifying glass with Flashlight with autofocus. Smart Ruler -Measure the length of any object by providing the reference length.CPU Information - Shows information about your phone, like CPU,system, device, battery, and sensor. We are continuously working onmaking Daily Smart Tools better. Hope you will like the app.
Music Player 5.0.0 APK
Music Player + app is beautifully designed music app having MusicPlayer with equalizer for playing music, Video Player and online FMradio. Awesome material design with multiple color options forMusic Player, Video Player and online FM radio.Music Player-Sorting by Songs, Artists, Albums, Genres and create playlist ofyour choice.- Quick search feature.- Add songs to queue.- SupportMp3 and multiple music formats.- Playing Gestures - Play songs withswipe in Music Player.- Powerful Equalizer with sound and BassBooster.- Custom Background Color with option of light and darktheme.- Play and Pause music from notification bar.- Option ofmaking simple and smart music playlist based upon rules.Aboveawesome features makes this a best music player and audioplayer.Video Player- List and Grid Layout design for showingvideos.- Create Playlist for videos.- Create a watch list andbookmark your favorite videos.- Share with videos with friends.-Best in class audio and video player.Online FM Radio- Over 1000+radio FM online channels.- Listen music from all around the world.-English and Non-English Radio channels.- Change channels fromnotification bar.- Awesome design.Hope you will like the MusicPlayer + app and enjoy the music, videos and online FM radio.
Flashlight 3.1.1 APK
Flashlight app enables users to switch on/off flashlight with asingle click. Flashlight app bright LED Torch turns your phone intosuper bright flashlight torch.It's a simplest ever flash torchlight app ever made and indeed very useful. You can able to controlapp with just one tap. Key features :-- Flash Torch Light app canbe set to turn on/off torch while opening the app.- Maintain torchstate when leaving the app.- One touch for notification bar forflashlight.Hope you will like the app.
GYM Workout Tracker 5.0 APK
Gym Workout Tracker app is best workout tracking app to track yourworkout schedule with 100+ in-built workoutsWorkout Tracker app keyfeaturesTrack your GYM Visits - App automatically register your gymvisits and welcomes you with motivational message on GYMvisit.Workout Routine - Create your custom workout routines from100+ in-built workouts. You can also add custom exercises and addthem to your Workout Routine.History and Charts - Logs your workoutprogress graphs and statistics. History of each workout routinestored locally. Also helps to log exercise notes for each day.Sets,Repetition and Time - You can configure your workout based onnumber of set, repetitions and time.Workout Tutorial - Tutorial foreach workout is also present.Motivational Messages - Getmotivational messages on Gym visits and reminder if you missGYM.GYM Workout Tracker App helps you to maintain your workoutschedule in professional way and act like your personal GYMtrainer.Hope you will like the App.
Workout Buddy 8.0 APK
Workout Buddy app helps you to find gym buddy in your GYM. It greatway to find workout partner near you.Features :- - Find Workoutbuddy near you. - Workout together with your workout buddies. -In-Built 150+ Workout exercises with instructions. - Chat with yourworkout buddies. - See history about who did workout with you. -Option of workout alone also.Hope you will like the app and findyour workout buddy.
All in One Photo Editor 8.0 APK
All in One Photo Editor is the best all in one photo editor thatdoes everything for you right from creating Pixel Effects, helpingyou in making Photo Collage, PIP Photos, Funny Face Maker andcreating Prizma Effects. Key features of Photoosh - All in OnePhoto Editor App: - Pixel Effects - Pixel Effect Photo Editor Appconverts your photo into a Pixel photo Effect. Photo Collage - Itis the best photo collage maker application ,it helps you to makeawesome photo collage from many in-built photo collage frametemplates. PIP Camera - Create amazing PIP Camera pic-in-pic photoeffects with Photoosh PIP Camera App. Funny Face Maker - CreateFunny faces with awesome Funny Face maker app having greatcollections to choose from to make funny photo. Prizma Effect -Create awesome Prizma effects photos using Prizma effect feature inApp. It happens all in All in One Photo Editor - Photoosh. Checkout today, hope you will like it.