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Super bright flashlight can turn on your camera light simply andeasily in the dark, bringing great convenience to yourlife.Features:+ Clear and Easy-to-Use Interface+ Switch On/Off theflashlight just like using a real torchlight+ 10 Strobe/Blinkingmodes that you can choose as you like+ Build-in SOS flashlight Withthis FREE flashlight app, you can do:* Light up your room whenpower outage* Find any little things in dark* Read some interestingbooks at night* Illuminate the road when camping and hiking*Replace backyard bulb at night* Ask for help when you get lost withSOS flashlight * Walk to your car at nightThis bright Multi LEDflashlight app, simple, powerful and beautiful, will accompany withyou whenever you need lights! Don't hesitate to download it NOW!!!

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    April 27, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Sunspot Widgets.
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Emoji Keyboard - Cute Emoji,GIF, Sticker, Emoticon 2.2.1 APK
Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons - the best emoji keyboard Androidkeyboard with cute emoji keyboard maker, emoji stickers, gifkeyboard, funny emoji, custom keyboard, keyboard fonts, cuteemoticon, face emoji, smart keyboard android keyboard, keyboardwith emoji, sticker keyboard, emoji prediction, custom keyboard,autocorrection, and swipe typing. Enjoy the best emoticon smartkeyboard android keyboard, enjoy fast typing! 🆕 🆕 The best emojikeyboard android keyboard - Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons turnsyour FACE into animated face emoji. Enjoy face emoji keyboardandroid keyboard, custom keyboard maker emoji keyboard maker withface emoji autocorrection, smart keyboard android keyboard, fontkeyboard, funny emoji, custom keyboard, emoji keyboard background,cute emoticons. 👍 Funny Emoji Keyboard - Face Emoji AndroidKeyboard Highlights: - Best emoji keyboard android keyboard with1200+ Emoji & cute Emoticons, face emoji keyboard, EmojiStickers. - Share funny emoji stickers face emoji & emoticonwith keyboard emoji. - Best keyboard with personalized keyboardbackground and keyboard themes. - Custom keyboard: Set your Photoas emoji keyboard background. - Font keyboard: Cool fonts based onUnicode and autocorrect typos. - Gif Keyboard: Share GIFs Instantlywith smart keyboard android keyboard & GIF keyboard. - Smartkeyboard - Type faster with smart keyboard autocorrection, nextword prediction & emoji prediction. - Swipe to type - Cuteemoji keyboard offers gesture typing with dynamic floating effect.- Multilingual cool keyboard for Android keyboard free with 30+languages. 😂 Cute emoji keyboard has funny emoji keyboard - emojimaker, sticker maker, cool fonts, smart keyboard android keyboard,custom keyboard maker, stylish keyboard background, face emoji…Makeyour android keyboard funnier and faster with the keyboard withemoji! 😉 Face Emoji Keyboard – Step Up your face emoji game. EmojiKeyboard, a smart keyboard android keyboard for Android and emojimaker, is specially designed for who likes animated emoji, cuteemoticons, emoji sticker and gifs. 1200+ animated emoji &Emoticons in cute emoji keyboard makes typing funnier! 😂 EmojiSticker Keyboard - Type Fast & Fun with Animated Emoji Sticker.Sticker keyboard (keyboard with animated emojis) by Emoji Stickerwith emoji stickers, emoticons and GIFs. Install the emoji keyboardandroid with sticker maker & emoji maker to enjoy stickers,cute emoticons and GIFs. 🆒 Cool Font Keyboard - Texting in uniquecool fonts. Font android keyboard offers cool fonts making theandroid keyboard more stylish. Also, the message with emojis,emoticon, stickers and GIFs with cool fonts could be received byothers. Fonts keyboard are supported by Android, iOS & WindowsPhones... 🔥 Personalized Free Keyboard - the best emoji keyboard ofyour own. Personalized Free Keyboard customizes your androidkeyboard with keyboard themes, including the most popular keyboardthemes: Royal Battle & Pink Kitty keyboard themes and manymore! Customize your keyboard with photo keyboard. Set your photoas the keyboard background. 🐶 Funny GIF Keyboard - Say more withmillions of GIFs. Discover the best GIF with GIF Keyboard to sum upwhat you want to say. Search millions of GIFs fits you. Categorieslike reactions, trending topics will inspire you to find the bestGIFs in GIF keyboard! 💨 Smart Keyboard - Autocorrect. Fast typing.Smart Input. Everything you want about a keyboard can be found insmart keyboard android keyboard,- cute GIFs, emoji maker, smoothswipe typing, word prediction, autocorrection. Smart keyboardandroid keyboard offers accurate suggested words & emoticon.🌍Multi language keyboard - Emoji Keyboard supports 15+ language.Multi-language free keyboard supports over 15+ languages: English,Spanish, Arabic, etc. … 💓 Download Emoji Keyboard NOW!
High-Powered LED Flashlight 1.2.0 APK
High-Powered LED Flashlight is the brightest flashlight with 18different kinds of stylish screen flash for calls. This brightestflashlight is a handy torch & free flashlight app with callscreen lights! Brightest flashlight LED can instantly turnyour phone into a bright led torch by accessing your camera ledlight. The LED flashlight is super convenient when you need extrapower light in dark! It’s your exclusive led torch and smallflashlight. Totally Free! Download Now! High-Powered LED FlashlightHighlights: + Brightest Flashlight - BestFlashlight on the market better than normal flashlight &torch. + LED Flashlight - The most reliable brightflashlight app, always available led light when you need. + Free Flashlight - Popular and bright flashlight app forAndroid, trusted by over 500m users. + Power Light - Thestrongest and most powerful flashlight is very useful when poweroutage. + SOS Flashlight - Send an international distresssignal when in an emergency. Very useful flashlight. + FlashLight - Amazing Strobe flashlight for your phone! BrightestFlashlight supports 9 different strobe flashlight modes.+ Small Flashlight - High Power Flashlight is a simpleflashlight and its size is comparatively small. It is a handy,simple, tiny led light. ★BRIGHTEST LED FLASHLIGHT Bright flashlightapp free instantly turns your phone into a bright flashlight freeby accessing your camera flash. It is the brightest led flashlight!The best flashlight free for Android is trusted by over 500m users,providing you with the strongest flashlight led! Enjoy thebrightest flash light and powerful flashlight! ★HIGH DEFINITION LEDFLASHLIGHT With this led flashlight hd, you can enjoy ahigh-quality and high-definition user interface with nice andbeautiful call screen led light. Download this best flashlight inthe world right now! ★STROBE FLASHLIGHT  An amazing StrobeFlash Light for your Android! It uses your phone's LED cameraflashlight to simulate 9 different bright strobe lightmodes. With free flashlight & strobe flash light, you canuse Brightest Flashlight LED at parties, at home, at schooland for emergency situations! ★SCREEN FLASH FOR CALLS Screen Flashfor Calls is our brand-new feature added to this brightest ledflashlight. Your screen will flash with stylish and beautiful lightwhen calls come! Eighteen different modern and stylish themes areavailable right now! Personalize your own theme! Be cool with thescreen flash for calls by downloading this brightest flashlightnow! ★LED FLASH CALL REMINDER Screen & LED Light blinks whencalls come! With bright powerful Flashlight led, you will nevermiss any important calls. There are various stylish themes for youto choose.  With Brightest LED Flashlight, you can: + Light upyour night when power outage. + Walk your dog in the dark. + Lightthe way when camping and hiking. + Read a book before bedtime withstrong light. + Use strobe flashlight SOS when emergency. + Findyour keys in the dark with powerful flashlight. + Ask for help whenyou get lost. +Light your way ANYTIME and ANYWHERE! It is the bestled torch for tonight! It is a tiny flashlight! Let`s enjoy thisbeautiful, easy-to-use and bright LED torchlight flashlight!Download NOW!
Tiger Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard Smiley Emoticon 2.2.0 APK
⌨️Tiger Keyboard – Repost for Instagram enables you to quicklyrepost and download your favorite pictures on Instagram and getmore likes via hashtags. ⌨️Tiger Keyboard – Repost for Instagram isa simple, smart keyboard with up-to-date animated emojis &emoticons, funny GIFs, stylish fonts and reposts for Instagram.Tiger Keyboard – Repost for Instagram Highlights: ✨Keyboard forInstagram: Impressive functions specially designed for Instagram.✨Repost for Instagram: Allows you to crop and take screenshotswhich can easily repost your photos and videos on Instagram. ✨1000+latest new emojis: Enjoy emoji art, emoji collection and emojidictionary. ✨Trendy emoticons and funny stickers: Send popularemoticons, funny stickers and GIFs to your Instagram friendsstraight from tiger keyboard – repost for Instagram. ✨BeautifulKeyboard Themes: Plenty of keyboard themes are available to matchyour style. ✨ Auto-correction & smart prediction: Smartauto-correction, word prediction and word completion suggestionshelps you kill typos. ✨Fast typing and smart input: Enjoy fasttyping with smooth gesture typing. ✨Multilingual keyboard: Over 30+languages are supported in Tiger Keyboard for Instagram. TigerKeyboard – Repost for Instagram has everything you love aboutkeyboard apps – speed and reliability. Download Tiger Keyboard –Repost for Instagram and try a new way to explore Instagram. TigerKeyboard – Repost for Instagram Features: Repost for Instagramspecially designed for Instagram lovers - When you find somethingyou want to repost on Instagram, simply copy the share URL and openrepost. Quickly repost and download your favorite pictures.-Get close with others via comments or suggestions. -Select CopyShare URL on any public photo or video. -Send funny stickers toyour Instagram friends. -Get more likes via hashtags. Spice up yourchats with the latest emoji, emotions -Plenty of emojis, emoticonsand Gifs to spice up your chatting. -Share tons of smiley, trendyGIFs, and wonderful themes with your friends. -Funny emojis,emotions, GIFs and smileys will be updated regularly. Express youremotion with fancy stickers -Send funny animated stickers to yourInstagram friends straight from Tiger Keyboard. -Send stickers andGIFs to any social apps besides Instagram, such as Facebook,Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.-Lots of funnyanimated GIFs to choose from, such as reaction GIFs, animal GIFs.Countless wonderful keyboard themes to match your style -TigerKeyboard - Repost for Instagram offers a vast collection of freekeyboard themes to suit your style. -With colorful keyboard themes& keyboard customization, you can text the way you’ve alwayswanted with Tiger Keyboard for Instagram. -Fashionable andbeautiful keyboard themes will be updated regularly. Fast and smartinput to boost your input speed -Type fast with auto correct andsmart next word suggestion. -The smart Android keyboard offersaccurate suggested words and emoticon predictions. -Multilingual keyboard supported over 10+ languages. Awesomekeyboard customization to be unique as you -Customizable key presssounds and keyboard colors, keyboard fonts and wallpapers. -Takephotos and set them as your keyboard background or choose from ourgallery to get a keyboard that will stand out. - Texting in uniquecool fonts in order to step up your keyboard game. - Font Androidkeyboard offers cool keyboard fonts making your Android keyboardmore stylish. 📌Download Tiger Keyboard – Repost for Instagram Now!
African Emoji Keyboard 2018 - Cute Emoticon 1.3.3 APK
African Emoji Keyboard 2018, the latest stylish African emojikeyboard with black emojis, combines all the things you could dreamof into a single keyboard. Cool black emoji for android, cool blackemoticons, stickers, cool gifs, smart typing and various blackkeyboard themes are all in African Emoji Keyboard 2018! AfricanEmoji Keyboard 2018 is perfectly tailored for cool emoji in darkcomplexion fanatics who want to easily access to cool black emojis,personalized African stickers, and a smart keyboard in one place! .. . .🚗 . . . . 🚕 . . . . 🚙. . . .  Awesome Features Of AfricanEmoji Keyboard 2018 : 🎨African Emoji Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard withBlack Emojis African Emoji Keyboard 2018 offers you a collection ofblack emojis for emojis fanatics. Enjoy chatting and typing with avariety of stylish black emoticons and black skin emojis. Downloadand find the coolest afro black skin emoji! Express a stunningarray of black emojis, black emoticons for android, stickers andGifs in Messages, Email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp,Instagram, Kik, Line, WeChat! Have fun everywhere!!!🌵 🍭StunningKeyboard Themes African Emoji Keyboard 2018 offers you an improvingnumbers of particular design in African Emoji Keyboard 2018’sbuild-in theme store. An increasing number of beautiful themes withcolorful backgrounds, customizable key shapes, key press sound inemoji keyboard, cool fonts, typing effect will come soon incustomizable emoji keyboard.  🦄Latest Cool GIFs Just try withthese awesome new black emojis and stylish AfricanGIFs no matter you feel happy, boring or surprised! Puppy,cartoon figures, beautiful girls, anything you can imagine toexpress your feelings directly from your gif keyboard! Send funnyanimated GIFs&stickers straight from African black GIFkeyboard. 🎨Smart Emoji Prediction Intelligent black emojiprediction that senses what you’re typing. Cool black Emoji, blackemoticon for Android, black smiley faces and emoji art are all inone quick type! 💄Stylish Fonts Dozens of cool fonts to decorateyour words. Type with your favorite font and wow your friends!🚌 Swipe Input/Gesture Input With African Emoji Keyboard 2018swipe input technology, you can type fast and accurate by slidingfrom one letter to another without lifting a finger!🤖Autocorrection & Word Prediction Type less and faster with ourintelligent auto correction and word prediction. 🌍MultipleLanguages Multiple languages with dictionaries supported,including: English (US/UK), French (FR/CA), German, Italian,Portuguese (PT/BR), Russian, Spanish (SP, US, LATAM)…more languagescoming soon! ✈️Repost for Instagram/Facebook Emoji keyboard enablesyou to download and repost on Instagram and Facebook and shareamazing Instagram and Facebook images/videos directly with yourfriends and family or on your own Instagram/Facebook. Try to repostInstagram and Facebook photos and videos you like to get morelikes! 💦Privacy 
We will NEVER store or share your data from anyinputs. Get rid of boring texting, conversation and email withdefault keyboard? Then install and enable cool African EmojiKeyboard 2018 today!!! 🌵 Cool African Emoji Keyboard 2018for FREE makes your chatting colorful right away!❣️
InSelfie - Selfie Editor, Photo Effects 1.4.6 APK
InSelfie - Selfie Editor, Photo Effects, a daily photo editorselfie editor app for all selfie lovers. A Beauty selfie camerawith a selfie editor, photo editor, selfie camera, beauty camera,live selfie filters, well-designed photo filters, dozens of funnystickers, various artistic effects, cute selfie effects, front& rear- facing camera, muscle editor turning your phone into aprofessional photo design studio. 💕 Share your art creation withstunning photo effects on Instagram or Facebook NOW! 💕 Why chooseInSelfie - Selfie Editor, Photo Effect as your best selfie helper?♔ Beauty Selfie Camera - Beauty Camera Selfie editor: flawless andbeautiful selfies. ♔ Live Selfie Filters Selfie camera: a diverserange of real-time skin beautifying filters. ♔ Cute Funny Stickers:100+ funny stickers and cute emojis. ♔ 10+ Artistic Effects:provides a fabulous selfie experience. ♔ Powerful Photo EditorsSelfie editor: crop, adjust, rotate and add fonts. ♔ Cute SelfieEffects Selfie camera: fantastic natural-looking photos. ♔Front-selfie Camera: sweet selfies with unique effects selfiefilter. ♔ Outer-selfie camera ♔ Body Shape Editor: slimmer,stronger. ♔ Daily Selfie Selfie editor: selfies with beautifyingeffects - photo editor. ♔ Muscle Editor: 6 pack abs.------------InSelfie - Selfie Editor, Photo EffectFunctions------------ ►Sweet Camera, Selfie Camera, Beauty CameraWith InSelfie – Beauty selfie camera, you can create perfectselfies with selfie camera on front-facing cam. Making the mostnatural and beautiful selfie. InSelfie helps you create flawlessselfies with skin-beautifying effects in the beauty camera selfiecamera photo editor face reshaper, skin smoother, acne eraser, eyesenlarger and many other features to show your true beauty.►Real-time skin beautifying filters selfie filter and live photoeffects - photo editor. InSelfie selfie camera can beautify morethan selfies. Perfect photos can be created through both front& rear-facing cam. InSelfie allows you to create beautifulphotos with a lot of real-time skin beautifying filters selfiefilter and face filters selfie filter. Diverse live photo effectsmakes your selfie taking experience flawless and smooth. Chooseyour favorite filter or effect to create perfect selfies. ► Photoeditor - 100+ Funny stickers and Cute Emojis can be added to yourselfies. Inselfie – beauty selfie camera provides 100+ funny livestickers and emojis for beautiful, fun selfies. Funny stickers likethe cat, kitty, and many other animated stickers are available inInSelfie - Selfie Editor, Photo Effect. ►Selfie Editor and PhotoEditor Cut, edit, adjust and add fonts on your photos. InSelfie –Selfie Editor and Photo Editor helps you cut selfies to the sizeyou want, rotate sweet selfies to the right angle and add text inappealing fonts and color to your photos. Allows your photos toexpress you. ►Daily Selfie Editor - Skin tone editor Photo editor:Real-time skin beautifying filters - Face adjustment: Makes yourface slimmer - Skin smooth editor: Erase the wrinkles, pimples,black-heads - Eye-catching editor: Widen your eyes and erase anybags under your eyes. - Body shape editor: Slim your body and upyour cup. - Hairstyle editor: Try any hair styles with asuper-accurate design. - Muscle Editor: Build swoll muscles.►Privacy of Photo Effect Provides you with the latest filters andthe ability to update new stickers within the Photo Effect. We willNEVER collect any sensitive or personal information.----------------------Contact Us---------------------- 📨Email:[email protected] Get creative and let us highlight yourbeauty! Download Daily Selfie Editor - Photo Effects and beautifyyour photo NOW!👑
Flashlight - Call Screen Flash 1.2.8 APK
Call Screen Flash Arrival! Flashlight plus screen flash for phonecalls, the new combo makes your phone flash and colorful now!Flashlight – Call Screen Flash can instantly turn your phone into abright led torch by accessing your camera. It is the brightestflashlight ever with 18 cool call themes for incoming caller id.Totally FREE flashlight app! Download the Brightest Flashlight— thebest led flashlight 2018 with LED flash and stylish caller screen!The new feature, call flash alert contains NO ads at all! Enjoythis flashlight app now! A good opportunity to make your call flashwith LED flashlight alert! Flashlight – Call Screen FlashHighlights: + Best Flashlight – Brightest flashlight plus phoneflash on calls! A new combo in the torch light market! + Call Flash- Cool caller screen with caller id. 18 stylish call themes foryou! + LED Flashlight - The most reliable super bright flashlightapp, always available led light when needed. + Free Flashlight -Super bright flashlight app for Android, trusted by over 10m torchusers. No ads for call flash! + Power Light - The strongest andmost powerful flashlight is very useful led light when poweroutage. + Flash Light - Amazing Strobe flashlight for your phone!Brightest Flashlight supports 9 different strobe flashlight modes.+ LED Flash Alert - LED alert and the flashlight will light itselfwhen phone call comes to remind you with caller id. ★SCREEN FLASHFOR CALLS 
 Screen Flash for Calls is our brand-new featurecombined to this brightest led flashlight. Your screen will flashwith stylish light when phone call comes! 18 modern and stylishcall themes are available right now! Personalize your screen flash!Stay cool with caller screen by downloading this brightestflashlight now! ★BRIGHTEST LED FLASHLIGHT 
 Bright flashlight appfree instantly turns your phone into a super bright flashlight byaccessing your camera flash. It is the brightest led flashlight andtorch light! The best flashlight free for Android is trusted byover 10m torch users, providing you with the strongest flashlightled & torch light! Enjoy the brightest flash light and powerfulflashlight! ★STROBE FLASHLIGHT 
 An amazing Strobe Flash Light foryour Android! It uses your phone's LED camera flashlight tosimulate 9 different bright strobe light modes. With freeflashlight & strobe flash light, you can use brightestflashlight LED at parties, at home, at school and for emergencysituations! ★LED FLASH CALL REMINDER 
 Screen & LED Lightblinks when phone call comes! With bright powerful flashlight led,you will never miss any important phone calls with flashlightalert. There are various stylish themes for you to choose. Try LEDflash alert and call screen themes together to get visual callreminder & flashlight alert on both the call screen and theflashlight simultaneously. The incredible LED flash alert, the bestcall alert is compatible with most android devices. ★HIGHDEFINITION LED FLASHLIGHT
 With this brightest flashlight led, youcan enjoy a high-quality and high-definition user interface withnice and beautiful call screen led light. Download brightestflashlight led right now! With Flashlight – Call Screen Flash, youcan: + Stay Cool with Screen Flash on Calls. + Never Miss a Callwith Call Reminder and Flash Alert. + Walk Your Dog After Sunset. +Light the Way When Camping and Hiking. + Read A Book BeforeBedtime. + Find Your Keys in the Dark. + Make Yourself Visible onRoadside at Night. + Light Your Room During a Power Outage. +Repair Your Car in the Dark. Flashlight – Call Screen Flash iscompatible with most Android phones and systems. The new featureScreen Flash for Calls contains NO ads! Download it Now!!! Don'tmiss the brightest flashlight plus the coolest phone flash oncalls!
Max Smart Lock-Wallpaper&Theme 1.2.7 APK
Smart lock is a simple, elegant and efficient lock screen app. Withthousands of free beautiful wallpapers and themes, you can designyour phone and make it like a new one. Notification Center, WeatherForecasts services can make your phone more easy to use. DownloadSmart lock and experience its magic NOW!Smart lock Highlights:▪Personalized - Thousands of free beautiful wallpapers andthemes offered to personalize your phone.▪Efficient - Quick accessto your apps, cutting down the amount of time you waste unlockingyour phone.▪Small but powerful - With less than 5MB, Smart lock issmaller than most lock screen apps.▪No ads - Clean and ad-free.KeyFeatures:1. Themes▪Make your lock screen stylish with free& well-designed themes. Not boring any more.2. DailyWallpaper ▪Personalize your lock screen with thousands ofhigh-quality wallpapers.▪Daily wallpaper will provide you anew wallpaper and make your phone more fresh everyday.3. LockScreen▪Smart lock protects your phone with pin code or pattern.4.Notification Center▪Quick access to new messages on lockscreen. ▪Select apps that you want to show on lock screen.5.Weather Forecasts▪Conveniently see weather forecast informationfor 24 hourly & future 10 days, and add anylocation you choose.6. Quick Access▪ Access to your camera anddialer from the lock screen. Never miss the beautiful moments orimportant calls again!▪ Access to your favorite apps from your lockscreen, saving tons of time. ▪ Turn frequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi,flashlight, brightness…) ON/OFF on a panel and set your phonequicker. Contact Us: ✮ Help us improve the product:[email protected]
Magic Locker - Wallpaper&Theme 1.0.13 APK
Magic Locker is a free android screen lock and makes yourphone more beautiful & efficient!Magic Locker is a simple,elegant and efficient screen lock app. With thousands of freebeautiful wallpapers and themes, you can design your phone and makeit like a new one. Notification Center, Weather Forecasts servicescan make your phone more easy to use. Download Magic Locker andexperience its magic NOW!Magic LockerHighlights:▪Personalized - Thousands of free beautifulwallpapers and themes offered to personalize your phone.▪SpeedCharging -Greatly accelerate your charging speed.▪Efficient - Quickaccess to your apps, cutting down the amount of time you wasteunlocking your phone.▪Small but powerful - Magic Locker is smallerthan most screen lock apps.Key Features:1. Themes▪Make your screenlock stylish with free & well-designed themes. Not boringany more.2. Daily Wallpaper ▪Personalize your screen lock withthousands of high-quality wallpapers.▪Daily wallpaper willprovide you a new wallpaper and make your phone more fresheveryday.3. Speed Charging▪Snap photos of intruders who tries tobreak in your phone.4. Screen Lock▪Magic Locker protects your phonewith pin code or pattern.5. Notification Center▪Quick access to newmessages on screen lock. ▪Select apps that you want to show onscreen lock.6. Weather Forecasts▪Conveniently see weather forecastinformation for 24 hourly & future 10 days,and add any location you choose.7. Quick Access▪ Access toyour camera and dialer from the screen lock. Never miss thebeautiful moments or important calls again!▪ Access to yourfavorite apps from your screen lock, saving tons of time. ▪ Turnfrequently-used toggles (Wi-Fi, flashlight, brightness…) ON/OFF ona panel and set your phone quicker. Contact Us: ✮ Help us improvethe product: [email protected]