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One Flashlight is a must have app on every device.Turnyour Android phone or tablet into a handy torch with theclickof the button!


  • Fast Startup

  • LED Light

  • Free & No Ads

  • Easy To Use

One Flashlight is developed  as aflashlightand nothing more. No exessive features, nosettings.

One phone. One app. One click. One Flashlight!

Just a few situations when you need One Flashlight

  • Light up your room

  • Use torch to open door lock in low light

  • Find keys in the dark

  • Find things in purse

  • Read in the dark

  • Replace a bulb at night

  • Walking to your car at night

  • During a power outage

  • Hiking or outdoors

  • SOS Signal during emergencies

App Information Flashlight

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W-Tools | Hide Last Seen Mark 1.2.7 APK
Get more out of WhatsApp! W-Tools is an Android appthat enables you read your WhatsApp without changing your onlinetimestamp, without revealing your WhatsApp activity. No one ofyour contacts will know if you are online or when is the lasttime you used WhatsApp. W-Tools enhances your privacy aswell as keeping you away from someone of your annoyingcontacts. :)No ROOT needed! NOTE! Read it Please...Click 'Start Service' and open WhatsAppNow you can read and write messeages without changing youronline timestamp.Once you exit WhatsApp your Wi-Fi/Data connection will beenabled automatically and all messages are sent.FeaturesW-Tools features include:READ messages without changing your LastSeen statusWRITE messages without changing your Last SeenstatusWhatsApp BomberThanks to Hide "Last Seen" you can have privateconversations with anybody knowing that you are online.How to use Hide "Last Seen":Start the Hide "Last Seen" serviceOpen WhatsApp and read/write your messages.When you close WhatsApp your written messages will be send andyou are again able to receive messages.​Trademark rightsWhatsApp is a registered trademark or trademark of WhatsAppInc.LINE is a registered trademark or trademark of LINECorporation.KAKAOTALK is a registered trademark or trademark of KAKAOCorporation.Facebook is a registered trademark or trademark of Facebook,Inc.Viber is a registered trademark or trademark of Viber MediaInc.Twitter is a registered trademark or trademark of Twitter,Inc.Skype is a registered trademark or trademark of MicrosoftCorp.
Safe Browsing Anti-Malware 1.0.3 APK
Anti Malware Safe Browsing offers amobile browsing experience free of Malware and Phishing threats inany app or browser. Once a website has been suspected ofcontaining signs of Malware or Phishing it is blockedimmediately, protecting the user from beingoffended. Highlights Just open Anti Malware Safe Browsing, activate protection, andreturn to browsing as you normally would in your preferred mobilebrowser. Malicious websites will return a “Content Blocked” page.Enjoy safe browsing and app using!From WikipediaPhishing is the attempt to acquire sensitiveinformation such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details(and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthyentity in an electronic communication. Phishing is an example of social engineering techniques used todeceive users, and exploits the poor usability of current websecurity technologies. <...> The risk grows even larger insocial media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. Hackerscommonly use these sites to attack persons using these media sitesin their workplace, homes, or public in order to take personal andsecurity information that can affect the user and the company (ifin a workplace environment).Malware, short for malicioussoftware, is any software used to disrupt computer (Mobiledevice, PC, etc.) operation, gather sensitive information, or gainaccess to private computer systems. Malware is defined by itsmalicious intent, acting against the requirements of the computeruser, and does not include software that causes unintentional harmdue to some deficiency.Features Anti Malware Safe Browsing works seamlesslyin any mobile browser: Your preferences are paramount, weare not forcing you anything. Apps undersurveillance: Anti Malware SafeBrowsing locates and suggest to deletesuspicious apps and files Accurate and up-to-date database: We updateinformation on Malware and Phishing websites in realtime. Easy get around: You trust a blockedwebsite? We trust your judgement. Easily turn off protectionthrough the app and browse regularly to the desired websites. Sendus feedback and we will double check the website. Important Notice: Safe Browsing uses aVPN connection to allow content protection in all browsers acrossthe device. The app requires the user's permission to enable theVPN connection and accordingly it can be disabled through thedevice's settings screen. We are currently working on a solutionfor this issue and it will be pushed out in a futureupdate. Got an issue or suggestion? Email usat safebrowsingapp@gmail.com"">safebrowsingapp@gmail.com sothat we can address your issue personally.  
Weather 1.06 APK
Ever wondered why weather apps are so complicated?Weather for Android by OnlineWolves is the solutionthat may meet your requirements.No more advanced configuration, no more exhausting settings,just configure your location and scale and you are good to gooutside.FeaturesSuper easy-to-use:Scale change (Celsius / Fahrenheit) with one click3 Day Weather ForecastShows temperature, humidity, wind and HPAForever FREE!How to useAll you need is... just set up your location andpreferred scale in settings and you are DONE! Enjoy Weatherwith your Android!
Flashlight 2.1 APK
One Flashlight is a must have app on every device.Turnyour Android phone or tablet into a handy torch with theclickof the button!FeaturesFast StartupLED LightFree & No AdsEasy To UseOne Flashlight is developed  as aflashlightand nothing more. No exessive features, nosettings.One phone. One app. One click. One Flashlight!Just a few situations when you need One FlashlightLight up your roomUse torch to open door lock in low lightFind keys in the darkFind things in purseRead in the darkReplace a bulb at nightWalking to your car at nightDuring a power outageHiking or outdoorsSOS Signal during emergencies