1.1 / April 2, 2015
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You can select 1 of 4 different "flip types" (which is displayedhas a spinning block under the main menu text) to scramble the 9x9grid. Can you unscramble it, and return the grid to a single colouragain?This might sound simple, but every game is different ... theflips are always random. With a choice of 4 different "flip types"to choose from (which you select before you start the game), itmight not be that easy, but you're guaranteed a different challengeevery time you play.There's no time limit, so you can take as muchtime has you need. You do have a flip counter at the bottom of thescreen (in green) to let you know how well, or how badly, you'redoing.

App Information Flip-It 3D

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    Flip-It 3D
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    April 2, 2015
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    Android 3.2 and up
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    Puddleduck Appware
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    Puddleduck Appware 141, LE12 7PX United KIngdom
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Rotate your craft, fire lasers at the meteors, hunt down anddestroy the aliens.Don't get hit too many times by meteors, theyWILL cause damage ... except the smallest ones, they have no effecton you, but WILL score you points.Careful of the aliens, forcefields do not help against those.Can you become top of the spacescore table, beating others who dare try and conquer space!You have5 lives. Bonus points are added at the end, which are calculated onthe aliens you strike.Pick up the lightning flash for some neededprotection from the meteors..... but only the meteors!Happyblasting!
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This is a re imagining of an 80s classic ... relive days gone by orjust see what you missed! Your mission, which you have no choicebut to accept, is to collect the ship sections, thus reconstructingit, then add fuel! Avoid, or shoot, the asteroids that will try andhinder your progress. You can boost your score by shooting thealien, and if you shoot the hyper bomb, all asteroids getvapourised, giving you a short breather! Your best 5 scores arerecorded in-game, and if one of those was the last game you played,it'll be highlighted. The controls can be set in-game for eitherleft or right-handed use. There is also 10 settings for thesensitivity of the "joystick", which controls the speed you playermoves around the screen. The music/fx can be toggled on/offindividually. There's a hidden "Easter egg" in the game, but thatwill only appear when it's ready, and then only for 3 days!
Puzzball APK
Work your way through 60 levels of tile sliding and matching, eachagainst the clock, the quicker you complete a level, the bigger thebonus. The object of the game is to remove all the tiles from thescreen within the preset time limit. Tiles are removed when theyare adjacent either horizontally or vertically to a tile of thesame type. A tile that is falling will not remove any similar tilethat it passes. Tiles will only be removed when all the tiles onthe screen have stopped falling. Resetting the level, running outof time, or leaving an un-matchable tile, will cost you a life!Before each level starts you are told how many of each tile are onthe level (so you don't have to count them yourself). If you wantto see this information again, tap the timer on the right of thescreen, and it will be displayed. This also doubles has a pause, soyou can take a breather if necessary (tiles are hidden to stop anycheating!)
Spherical - 3 1.1 APK
The third, and final part, of the Spherical trilogy. This is aremake of the 80's classic "Sokoban". The idea of the game issimple ... push the red spheres onto the correct finishinglocations (signified by blue circles). Sound easy? Maybe it is, butsometimes looks can be decieving. Another 100 levels to test yourgrey matter and make you think a little more.
Cluster Ball 1.3 APK
The idea is to remove clusters of balls (2 or more) from the screenbefore the timer runs out. The bigger the cluster, the more pointsyou get.You have to remove 100 balls from the screen to completeeach level. Once clusters have been removed, the balls drop down,and fresh ones appear from the top. If there are no valid clusters,you will be told, and will lose a life (you start with 3, and areNOT given any more).The timer bar ticks down at a constant rate,roughly 2 seconds for each bar on level 1, and gets slightlyquicker at the start of every level. If you run out of time, youlose a life, and the level will restart.A bonus is awarded at theend of each level for the time you have remaining ... do the levelquicker, get a bigger time bonus. You are also rewarded a bonus foreach type of cluster you remove ... the more bigger clusters youremove, the higher the "cluster bonus".You have two ways to play...The quicker, and easier, a simple tap on a cluster to remove it.Doing it this way could lead to mistakes, tapping a single ballcosts you five timer bars, but you get the chance of getting abigger score.The slower, and sometimes more hectic way, use thearrow controls in the lower part of the screen to highlight acluster, and tap the "tick" button (which will only become activeif the cursor is on a valid cluster). Doing it this way means youcan't make a mistake, but you'll probably get a lower score!Thisgame features a "highest world scores" feature (which requires aninternet connection, either trough WiFi, or the devices mobilesignal). Players don't just see what personal best they can get,but can compete for being the "best in the world", or atleast makethe top 10. Your own personal scores are shown in a separate highscore table, so if you can't beat the world, you can try to getyour own highest score.
Spherical - 4 1.1 APK
This is a remake of the 80's classic "Sokoban". The idea of thegame is simple ... push the spheres onto the finishing locations(signified by orange squares on the floor) at which point they willturn green ... the level is complete when all the spheres have beenturned green.Sound easy? Maybe it is, but sometimes looks can bedecieving, and remember, the spheres can only be pushed, one attime, and never pulled. Every level you complete gains you an extra"reset".The game contains 160 levels, so it may take some time tocomplete them all. If things seem hard to see, tap the magnifyingglass, and the unmoveable blocks and your player character willbecome semi-transparent.A record is kept of your progress throughthe game (the "medal" button), and you can start from any levelyou've prevously completed (tap the "-" and "+" buttons to changethe start point). The game will automatically start you from alevel you haven't yet completed (unless you change it). Pleasenote, if you start a game from level 1, your current progress willbe cleared.
Freddy Fart Fart 1.00 APK
Welcome to the world of Freddy Fart Fart.Your journey starts here.Visit and complete the 7 levels to earn your right to take on theinfamous level 8!Work your way through the levels collecting allthe coins. Once collected, find the key and then unlock the lock.Only then will you have completed the level and be able to progressa step closer to the ultimate goal, level 8.Freddy's only means ofdefense is to drop a ripe fart, momentarily stunning the flys ormonsters, whilst Freddy then makes his escape.Be careful on thespikes, water and lava, they will take a life. The bridges willwobble or disintegrate from under you.Bonuses can be collected (onlevel 1 to 7) which are rewarded randomly.If you reach level 8,you'll receive an extra life (if needed) and 20 more farts perbonus collected.Freddy is loaded with 400 ripe farts, and starts agame with 3 lives.You can submit your scores to the world scoretable (an internet connection must be available)Freddy Fart Fartcomes with the option to select your virtual joystick layout andalso switching the music and/or fx sounds on/off. You can view thetop 10 world scores too.Try any level in any order, except level 8,which is to be completed last. Your farts and lives last for thewhole game, not just the level, and will reset every-time you starta new game, so go easy and use those farts wisely.Plan your movesand show restraint. Get ready for a farting good time!Good luckFreddy!
Kandy Mania 1.1 APK
The idea is to remove groups of Kandy sweets (2 or more together)from the screen before the timer runs out. The bigger the group,the more points you get.You have to remove 100 Kandy sweets fromthe screen to complete each level. Once the sweets have beenremoved, the ones above will drop down, and fresh ones appear fromthe top. If there are no possible groups, you will be told, andwill lose a life (you start with 3, and are NOT given any more).Thetimer bar ticks down at a constant rate, roughly 2 seconds for eachbar on level 1, and gets slightly quicker at the start of everylevel. If you run out of time, you lose a life, and the level WILLrestart.A bonus is awarded at the end of each level for the timeyou have remaining ... do the level quicker, get a bigger timebonus. You are also rewarded a bonus calculated on the Kandy groupsyou remove ... the more larger Kandy groups you remove, the higherthe "Kandy Bonus".There are 2 ways to play the game ...The quicker,simply tap on a Kandy group to remove it. Doing it this way couldlead to mistakes ... tapping a single Kandy costs you five timerbars ... but you get the chance of getting a bigger score.Theslower, and probably more frantic, use the arrow controls in thelower part of the screen to highlight a Kandy group, and tap the"tick" button (which will only become active if the cursor is on avalid group). Doing it this way means you can't make a mistake, butyou'll get a lower score!This game features a "highest worldscores" feature (which requires an internet connection, eitherthrough WiFi, or the devices mobile signal). Players don't just seewhat personal best they can get, but can compete for being the"best in the world", or atleast make the top 50. Your own personalscores are shown in a separate high score table, so if you can't bethe best in the world, you can try to get your own highest score.