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Fun and popular game or puzzle FLOOD made so simple and easyOthergames : List of puzzles (sored by popularity) untangle, pegs,flood, mines, guess, solo, inertia, samegame, bridges, tracks,cube, map, pearl, undead, tents, blackbox, unruly, flip, unequal,magnets, fifteen, lightup, singles, twiddle, range, net, towers,dominosa, signpost, galaxies, keen, slant, pattern, filling, rect,netslide, sixteen, palisade, loopy If you like any of these, pleaselet us know your favorite game or games in your reviews... List isnot frozen, we might add more gamesThere is a long list of puzzlesfor hours and hours of uninterrupted free fun MY FAV IS UNTANGLE,lol Goal : BLACKBOX Locate the balls inside the box by firinglasers and observing how they are deflected or absorbed.BRIDGESConnect the islands with the given bridge counts so no bridges arecrossing.CUBE Roll the cube to collect all the paint.DOMINOSA Pairthe numbers to form a complete and distinct set of dominoes.FIFTEENSlide tiles around to form a grid in numerical order.FILLING Numberthe squares to form regions with the same numberFLIP Turn oversquares until all are light side up, but flipping one flips itsneighbours.FLOOD Try to get the whole grid to be the same colourwithin the given number of movesGALAXIES Divide the grid into180-degree rotationally symmetric regions each centred on adot.GUESS Guess the hidden colour sequenceINERTIA Move the ballaround to collect all the gems without hitting a mine.KEEN Enterdigits so every row and column contains exactly one of each digitand the arithmetic clues are satisfied.LIGHTUP Place lamps so allsquares are litLOOPY Draw a single unbroken and uncrossinglineMAGNETS Place magnets and blanks to satisfy the +/- counts andavoid magnets repelling.MAP Copy the 4 colours to colour the mapwith no regions of the same colour touching.MINES Uncover allsquares except the mines using the given counts of adjacent mines.NET Rotate tiles NETSLIDE Slide rows and columns to connect alltiles SOLITAIRE solitaire is a classic solitaire where a singleuser can spend hours game of solitaire. PALISADE Draw lines alongthe grid edges, in such a way that the grid is divided intoconnected regionsPATTERN Fill the grid so that the numbers are thelength of each stretch of black tiles in order.PEARL Draw a singleloop with corners on black, PEGS Remove pegs by jumping others overthem, until only one is left.RANGE Place black squares to limit thevisible distance from each numbered cell.RECT Divide the grid intorectangles containing only one numberSAMEGAME Remove groups (2 ormore) of the same colour to clear the grid, scoring more for largergroups.SIGNPOST Connect the squares into a path following thearrows.SINGLES Remove numbers so no number appears twice in anyrow/columnSIXTEEN Slide rows and columns around to form a grid innumerical order.SLANT Draw diagonal lines in every square such thatcircles have the given numbers of lines meeting at them SOLO orSUDOKU The most popular sudoku free game which has gone viralonline and in print media TENTS TOWERS towers visible looking intothe grid from that point.TRACKS indicated. The track may not crossitself.TWIDDLE Rotate groups of 4 to form a grid in numericalorder.UNDEAD UNEQUAL Enter digits so every row and column containsexactly one of each digit and the greater-than signs aresatisfied.UNRULY Colour every square either black or white suchthat no three consecutive squares, horizontally or vertically, arethe same colourUNTANGLE Move points around until no linescross.Full list: Blackbox bridges cube dominosa fifteen fillingflip flood galaxies guess inertia keen lightup loopy magnets mapmines netslide solitaire palisade pattern pearl pegs range rectsamgame signpost singles sixteen slant solo sudoku Based on SimonTatham's puzzles Games for android mobile and tablet Free GamesTeam

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    June 9, 2017
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15 puzzle free games is a new sliding puzzle game with 15 numberson a 4x4 board. Numbers can slide up, down, left or right. (Alsocalled Top Trending Puzzle 15)GOAL:The goal of 15 puzzle games isto place the tiles in sequential order in ascending order startingfrom top left corner and going row by row. It's also called GemPuzzle, Boss Puzzle, Game of Fifteen, Mystic Square.Easy and Simpleto use. See if you can get all 15 numbers in line lol. Once youstart playing it you can spend a good hour on it. It is challengingas you would come up with your own strategies to move tiles and getthem in line. 15 puzzle free game will be extended to includeleaderboard soon and for players to be able to share their successon facebook with friends and family. Have fun playing Puzzle 15free game. If you like this app or game, please give a good review.If you have any feedback, please do send an email given with thislisting, At the moment available for android mobile and tablet Soonthis free app will be available for iphone, ipad on itunes downloadit today to play for free, lol . We make other free games and freeapps as well. ENJOY!!!This is one of our free games. I like freegames as users don't have to pay and can try to see if they likeit. We are developing more free games and you are free to downloadand use them. Free Games and Apps is a young dynamic company and welook forward to help users enjoy our free games and free apps for along time to come. Follow us onfacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008142045955&fref=tstwitterhttps://twitter.com/numeroguidezzzgoogle"rakesh Bhatia numsiii" for other applications or games that wehave developed. Please like our product videos onyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/1976skyblue/videosKind Regards,Free Games and Apps Limitedwww.numsiii.com
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Spellings of your signature are very very important and can becausing obstacles on your way to success, wealth or happiness.Numerology based calculations. You can pick and choose what youwant from life, what qualities you would like to see in yourself,and then this app gives you spellings of a new signature which willgive you all of these chosen qualities. This is based onnumerology. Short Description for theSuperbusy:==========================It is simple : From a list ofqualities like (Successful, Leadership, famous), you pick a few-> This leads to the next screen where you will be given a listof Numbers (numerological numbers) (You read out the details ofindividual numbers and pick one which you like the most) -> Thisleads to the next screen where you enter your full name -> Thisleads to the next screen where spellings for your signature will begiven to you (These are based on your name and the number you aretrying to achieve) Sign these 100 times a day (in one go, in themorning or at night) on a piece of paper AND SEE THE IMPACT OFTHESE NUMBERS ON YOUR LIFE You can pick a different number forevery day or week. Experiment and see which one suits you the most.If you want further information, please do contact us. You can getyour full name numerological analysis to: a. If there is anyconflict between your date of birth, name number, signatures, yourspouse's name or date of birth b. You can change your name numberby changing spellings of your name c. You can try another one ofour app to find out your name numberhttps://play.google.com/apps/publish/?dev_acc=12784795775868615932#MarketListingPlace:p=com.bhatia.rakesh.numeroeasy&rdid=com.homesnapSimilarto horoscope / horoscop / horoskop / tarot / astrology. Please signthese signatures in the same way they are displayed i.e. if it saysXY XYZ, then sign it with the gap where it displays a gap. Thistool keeps in mind rules where 11 and 22 are special numbers whichare not broken down into single numbers. Further details for thecurious amongst us. This is based on numerology:=============================== (Based on Numerology) Astrologyand horoscope / horoskop / horoscop / tarot are similar, stilldifferent in some ways : If your signatures don't result in luckynumbers, you can change them. This app will help you. Astrology andhoroscope / horoskop / horoscop / tarot are similar. Howevernumerology gives control in users hand to change their destiny andluck. Signature plays a key role in our behavior, qualities,achievement, leadership, failures, successes (Based on NameNumerology) . It is a free calculator for Name Numerology. It isbased on Chaldean Numerology.Numerology takes in to account date ofbirth, name, full name, signature spellings, and gives you areading. Astrology and horoscope / horoskop / horoscop / tarot aresimilar, however, you can change your name or signatures spellings,which means you can choose lucky numbers for your name orspellings. download it today to play for free, lol . We make otherfree games and free apps as well. Please let us know if you areinterested in astrology / tarot / horoscop / horoscope / horoskopENJOY!!!Follow us onfacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008142045955&fref=tstwitterhttps://twitter.com/numeroguidezzzgoogle"rakesh Bhatia numsiii" for other applications or games that wehave developed. Please like our product videos onyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/1976skyblue/videosKind Regards,Free Games and Apps Limitedwww.numsiii.com
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Who has not played Solitaire, this classic fun game has keptplayers entertained for centuries. With a clean 'easy to the eyes'layout and card graphics, this mobile game will become yourfavourite time pass. With score and count of moves added now.Download Solitaire today to see how clear the graphics are. You'dbe SURPRISED how clearly you can see the cards even when they aresmall. Card graphics have been specially designed to keep mobileusers in mind.I recommend looking at the 'easy to the eyes layout',Cards are clearly visible even when they are normal size or zoomedin. No stretching as the graphics are clean and clear. Solitaire isa popular card game. This free game makes it simple & easy toplay it for hours. HOW TO PLAY solitaire: Each Home stack inSolitaire must start with an ace. If you don't have any, you'llhave to move cards between columns until you uncover one.However,you can't move cards between columns at random. Columns must bebuilt in descending order, from King to Ace. So you can place a 8on a 9, but not on a 2. Cards in columns must also alternate Red& Black. You can move a card to the Home stack by dragging it.If you like Solitaire, please give a good review.
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Baby Names selection is a very important decision. Tool forselection of name is very useful. User can choose good qualitiesthey want in their Babies Name, this gives them list of compoundnumbers which have all of these qualities. Users can then look atdescriptions of these numbers to choose one of the numbers fortheir baby. There is a tool for calculating numbers for chosennames as well. Linda goodman wrote books on chaldean numerology.Weplan to include baby names for different religions as well goingforward.Please keep in mind that both first name and full name havean impact on the baby's future. Instead of spending a lot of moneyto pay to professional numerologist, users can use this free toolto decide on lucky names themselves. Other names for this app thatwe considered are mydate baby business baby names indian baby namespuppy names. Best way to use baby names app is to start withquality or name chooser. Select qualities that you would like tosee in your baby name. You can try different combinations.Depending upon your choice, you would be given a list of numberswhich have these qualities. Note these down, individually go intoindividual number and see the description. linda goodman.Similarly, 37 numbers is very likable. Bill Clinton, even afterdoing what he did, is still loved and accepted by masses. Study ofnumerology has many such examples. Baby names has a majorsignificance as one deosn't tend to change their name or spellingunless they consult a numerologist who might find that there is aconflict of numbers in that persons name, date of birth, housenumber or business name. If there is a conflict then it is betterto get it resolved. When someone does this, they start seeing thegood impact of this change immediately. I believe, if thisknowledge of numerology is made public and simple for generalpublic to understand and use, it would be a great benefit to thesociety and masses.If you like this app or game, please give a goodreview. If you have any feedback, please do send an email givenwith this listing, At the moment available for android mobile andtablet Soon this free app will be available for iphone, ipad onitunes download it today to play for free, lol . We make other freegames and free apps as well. ENJOY!!!Follow us onfacebookhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008142045955&fref=tstwitterhttps://twitter.com/numeroguidezzzgoogle"rakesh Bhatia numsiii" for other applications or games that wehave developed. Please like our product videos onyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/1976skyblue/videosKind Regards,Free Games and Apps Limitedwww.numsiii.com
FlashLight Torch / Flashlight 1.7 APK
Flashy Flashlight Torch Free is free and simple Flashy Flashlightfor your android phone. Simple to use. Free to download and use.Flashy. Torch and Flashy Flashlight is not needed anymore as we allhave mobile phones. It is simple to use. Click on the on or offbuttons to switch on or off the Flashy Flashlight. A real switchsound makes you feel you are definitely using a Flashy Flashlightor torch. Please give a good review if you use it. Flashy. EnjoyFlashy and have fun. Incredibly simple and yet handy FlashyFlashlight app. Uses phone's camera LED (camera flash) as atorch.Flashy Flashlight Torch Free the best led Flashy Flashlightapp on the Android Market as:* Flashy Flashlight Torch Free hassupport for broadest range of phones with camera led (cameraflash)* It is the brightest and easiest to use Flashy Flashlight /torch available * Has plans for diverse screen lights includingMorse code, Strobe, Police lightsSource of Light (Flashy FlashlightTorch Free):==============* Camera LED - Uses your device's cameraled to show bright light. If your device doesn't have a camera led,the led Flashy Flashlight option will not work, but you can stilluse one of the screen lights.* Warning Lights, Police Lights, ColorFlashy Flashlight, Strobe light, Morse Code, Text to Morse, ManualMorse Code - All these are planned for future releases if itbecomes popular. These light sources may be useful in manysituations. Range of brightness and the colors can be set.* ScreenLight - This is the basic white screen light, which is brightenough for daily use. You can use it as your primary FlashyFlashlight option in case your device doesn't have a camera led oryou want to save the battery.* NOT TAKING PICTURES AND VIDEOS, onlyusing (CAMERA Flashy Flashlight)- In order to start the cameraFlashy Flashlight (led flash) on some devices, Tiny FlashyFlashlight has to use a small part of the camera hardware and itneeds this permission. Don't worry, We are not taking any pictureswithout your permission. Tiny Flashy Flashlight is just accessingthe camera Flashy Flashlight (led flash).Flashy Flashlight LEDTorch instantly turns your device into a bright torch. The ultimatelighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light. Best bit isthat it is FREE. Features:- Flashy Flashlight Torch - Convenient -Switch On/Off the light just like using a real torch- Excellentgraphics, we focus on quality PRODUCT and error free FUNCTIONALITY.A proper Flashy Flashlight or torch for user's use when required.This is the most convenient torch you can get in hand. CoolFeatures: * Flashy Flashlight Torch free is the brightest, fastest,and most handy Torch, LED Flashy Flashlight * The Torch or FlashyFlashlight you will never forget to bring when you need it *Excellent and convenient design makes Flashy Flashlight Torch oneof the best Flashy Flashlights available Additionally :• Thebrightest Light • Built-in SOS Flashy Flashlight signal is planned• Flashy Flashlight Torch is intuitiveBright. Fast. Simple. Themost easy to use, elegant and functional Flashy Flashlight app,ever. You would never be in darkness. Don't miss itFeatures:•Intuitive and elegant UI designWhat we‘ve found in reviews:— “5Star Review : Voila Bright light. Easy to switch on or off"—“5 StarReview : Nice one I will use it quite a bit”—“5 Star Review :Perfect Nice”If you like this app or game, please give a goodreview. If you have any feedback, please do send an email givenwith this listing, At the moment available for android mobile andtablet Soon this free app will be available for iphone, ipad onitunes download it today to play for free, lol . We make other freegames and free apps as well. ENJOY!!!Follow us onhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008142045955&fref=tshttps://twitter.com/numeroguidezzzPleaselike our product videos onyoutubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/1976skyblue/videos
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Look at this brand new list of 1827 Billionaires of this world in2015. You can filter according to countries. NOW YOU CAN SEARCH ONNAME AS WELL :-)Check their profiles and see how they made theirbillionaires. Isn't it interesting to see there are 401 morebillionaires in the last 2 years - AmazingIn March 2013, there areabout 1458 billionaires according to Forbes Rich List with maxmoney. List of number of billionaires is going in just onedirection - up up up. ************************************Countrieswith most GAIN in number of billionaires Country increase 2013 2015United States 95 537 442 Billionaires China 91 213 122 BillionairesGermany 45 103 58 Billionaires India 35 90 55 Billionaires France23 47 24 Billionaires Countries with most LOSS in number ofbillionaires Country decrease 2013 2015 BillionaireRussia -22 88110 BillionaireTurkey -11 32 43 BillionaireUkraine -5 5 10BillionairePeru -4 6 10 BillionaireIndonesia -3 22 25 Billionaire************************************Forbes keeps an eye on all themoney in the world in a list of all billionaires in the world/ RichList. In March 2013, there were 1426 billionaires on the Rich List.Forbes maintain it regularly. However, March is a crucial time whenthey update it and come up with a fresh new list. In March 2015,there are 1827 billionaires according to Forbes Rich List. List ofnumber of billionaires is going in just one direction - up. Richestwomen are in the list as well. Richest men and Richest women allare listed together. We might separate it if there is interest in aseparate list for richest women or richest men.************************************Amount of money eachbillionaire has is listed in the detailed list as well. Analysis onwhich countries billionaires have max money, total money differencein the last 2 years, total money wise distribution (source ofincome, country, etc) is available. If you want this analysis,please do let me know.************************************Luckylottery numbers can be revealed for an individual by numerology.Numerology is different from astrology / tarot / horoscop /horoscope / horoskop. Horoscope / tarot / horoscop / horoskop /astrology give details of what ones fate is. Numerology gives powerin users hands to make a change to their luck or destiny if theyknow how to use it. List of number of billionaires is going in justone direction - up. Wealth in the world is going in that onedirection as well. Tarot / astrology / horoskop / horoscope /horoscop donot let one change anything, it is just a reading.However, using numerology, one can pick lucky numbers and changetheir name or signature spellings accordingly. This would ensurethat they start getting the new lucky numbers affect in their lifeand luck. Horoscope / horoskop / horoscop / tarot / astrology donotdo the same. If you are interested, please download our two otherapps for thishttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhatia.rakesh.sign2Succeedandhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bhatia.rakesh.numeroeasy************************************