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If you like flowers, you will most certainly love Flowerboard.It'sa collection of more than 20 different flower themedmobilekeyboards. We have different types of flowers, includingroses,sunflowers and orchids. All of our flower keyboards areoptimizedto fit all devices perfectly. We also optimized whole appfor lowbattery consumption and ease of use. It's so easy to use andset upeverything, that it will take you less than 30 seconds to setupeverything for the first time and than it won't take you morethan5s when you decide to choose another flower keyboard skin.Thereare more than 20 HQ skins to choose from, and we plan to addmorewith each upcoming update. Just follow instructions belowandenjoy. How To Set Flower Keyboard: 1. Tap Activate KeyboardAndEnable Our Keyboard 2. Tap Select Keyboard And Than Select Our3.Tap Select Theme And Choose Theme That You Like The Best 4.SelectLanguage You Want Features: - Low Battery Usage - 20 HQSkinsIncluding Rose Keyboard, Sunflower keyboard and much more -PinkFlower Keyboard - Works On Almost All Devices - Easy To Use -SmallSize - Completely Free If you have any questions or needhelpsetting it up, feel free to contact us anytime.

App Information Flowerboard - Flower Keyboard Themes

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    Flowerboard - Flower Keyboard Themes
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    July 13, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Stunning Media Apps
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    Svetolika Janjica 34 550220 Kragujevac Serbia
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We all get sad sometimes and some of us want to expressthatsadness. There are different ways to express your sadness, andsadwallpapers for your mobile phone is just one of thoseways.Sadpaper is a collection of more than 70 HD sad andunhappywallpapers. There are different sad wallpapers available formalesand females, since we noticed a lot of other apps which aremadejust for girls, but we know boys get sad as well. All of ourimagesare high definition and fit perfectly on almost all screens.Thereare currently 70 free sad wallpapers waiting for you, and weplanto add more with each upcoming update. Sadpaper is optimizedforlow battery usage and ease of use, so everyone can set it upwithease. The main idea is that you set some of our sadbackgrounds,which will make your phone look unhappy, and than youwill startfeeling better since you are not alone. Sad WallpapersFeatures: -More than 70 HD images - Fits every mobile device - Lowbatteryusage - Save, Share and Favorite Options - Completely FreeWhat areyou waiting for? Get this app now while it's still free.
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Do you consider yourself a Rasta? Or maybe you want to becomeone,you like Rasta culture, herbs and reggae music? Well you areinluck, because we made this Rasta wallpaper collection just foryou.A lot of people like Rasta culture, myself included, and theotherday I was searching for good Rasta themed backgrounds formySamsung Galaxy s7 and I couldn't find a single app thatsatisfiesall of my needs. Every Rasta and Reggae wallpaper outthere hassomething I didn't like: too little backgrounds, hard touse,consumes a lot of battery or simply bad user interface. Andthan ithit me, I need to make my own Rasta backgrounds and put themin aneasy to use app. So I did. I made Rastapaper, an app thatisbasically a collection of more than 100 full HD (some ofthebackgrounds are 4k) rasta images, that are fully optimized tofitalmost any phone screen. We tested this app on more than10different phones, and it works perfectly on each one. We havealsooptimized Rastapaper for low battery consumption and uploadedallthe images to the cloud, so app itself takes less than 4 MB ofyourphone's space. We made it really easy to use, with one buttononetap wallpaper setup. And added some really cooladditionalfeatures. Rasta Wallpapers Features - Completely Free -More Than100 Full HD Rasta and Reggae Backgrounds - One ButtonWallpaper SetUp - Save Option (So you can use it as Rasta LockerScreen) -Favorite And Share Option - Low Space - Real User Friendly- BestAnd Highest Quality Images