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Playing with slime is an entertaining and sometimes grossactivitythat kids really get into. When you are teaching childrenaboutbasic chemistry, you can make the lesson more excitingandunderstandable by providing the kids with a hands-on activitythatis related to chemistry. Slime can be made in quite a fewdifferentways, with glue, without glue, but it is essential to haveall theright supplies before you start out. This app will help youpreparein advance. Show the kids how to make slime usingingredients thatcan be found around the house. The children willfeel more involvedand excited to learn about chemistry if they cancreate such aplayful creation and make his slime personalized justthe way helikes it. Children love to play with slime because it canbestretched or rolled in to a ball that they can make it at home.***Feature *** - Lots of Fluffy Slime Ideas in HD Quality. - Youcanadd Easy Slime Ideas to your favorites list. - You can sharetheideas to your friend. - Zoom in, zoom out all images. - Easy touseapp, work offline. No need to download content.

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Teka Teki Sulit - TTS Offline 5.2.1 APK
Teka-teki sulit (Teka Teki Silang) ini adalah permainan yang sangattua, namun tetap abadi dan menarik hingga sekarang. Permainan inibisa dimainkan oleh orang dari segala usia, baik tua maupun muda.Peraturan TTS juga sangat sederhana, dan satu-satunya kemampuanyang dibutuhkan adalah pengetahuan umum. TTS bisa mengajar kitaberpikir strategis dan mengasah otak kita, serta menambah wawasantentang kata-kata baru yang mungkin tidak pernah kita temuisebelumnya. Tidak heran, banyak orang yang lupa waktu ketikabermain TTS!Berikut adalah manfaat dalam bermain TTS ini:*** Dapatmempertajam ingatan jangka pendek ***Sudah banyak penelitian yangmenyatakan bahwa teka-teki silang alias TTS bermanfaat untukmerangsang kerja otak*** Bisa mencegah cepat pikun ***Hasilpengamatan menunjukkan lansia yang aktif bermain komputer mengalamipenurunan kerusakan kognitif atau daya guna otak hingga 30 persen.*** Dapat menghindarkan penyakit alzheimer ***Salah satu alasanmengapa TTS perlu dimainkan karena permainan ini dipercaya dapatmengurangi risiko alzheimer.Tunggu apa lagi, ayo download sekarangGRATISSS!!Selain untuk mengisi waktu luang, ternyata bermain TekaTeki Sulit juga mempunyai banyak manfaat.*** FITUR ***>>OFFLINE>> 100% Gratis>> Update dengan soal-soalterbaru>> Dilengkapi petunjuk>> Tersedia banyaklevel>> dll. . .Difficult puzzles (Crosswords) this is a veryold game, yet still timeless and appealing until now. This game canbe played by people of all ages, both young and old. Regulation ofthe TTS is also very simple, and the only skills needed are commonknowledge. TTS can teach us to think strategically and sharpen ourbrain, as well as add insight about the new words that may neverhave met before. Not surprisingly, many people forget the time whenplaying TTS!Here are the benefits in playing this TTS:***short-term memory to sharpen ***There have been many studies thatclaim that crossword puzzle crossword alias helpful to stimulatethe brain*** It can prevent senile ***The results showed thatactive seniors playing computer decreased cognitive impairment orusability of the brain by 30 percent.*** *** to avoid Alzheimer'sdiseaseOne reason why TTS should play because the game is believedto reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.Wait no more, let's download itnow gratisss !!In addition to in your spare time, it's hard to playPuzzles also have many benefits.*** FEATURES ***>>OFFLINE>> 100% Free>> Update with the latestissues>> Equipped instructions>> There are a lot oflevels>> etc. , ,
Chord for Ukulele 2.7.9 APK
When you are just getting started with playing ukulele, this can bevery much, especially if it is your first instrument ever. Hardchord diagrams, painful fingers, strumming, feeling rhythm,tablatures, etc. There are dozens of chords and hundreds of ways toplay them.If this sounds familiar like ukulele chords forbeginners, ukulele chords are easy to learn, ukulele chordchartsMajor chordsIt all starts with the seven major chords: A B CD E F G (= La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol). The most important ones in thislist are A C D E F and G. So basically everything except the B. Bchord is not used fortunately, because it is not easy to playeither. Another chord that is not easy to play is the E chord,unfortunately this song is only used in quite a lot of songs. Thatis why I have written a special guide for this E chord. Help on howto play 'horrific' chords can be found in this appSmall ChordsAfterthe major chord, we have minor chords. Minor chords are widely usedand they can give the song a more intimate feel, while the majorchord is more uptempo and happy. The most important thing to learnwhen you're just getting started is Am, Dm and Em. For yourreference, I have listed all minor chords below.Seventh chordsSomepeople may argue about this, but personally I think the 7th chordis also very important, and actually not too hard to play! They canadd funky groovy feelings to the song and are widely used in jazz,soul, uptown songs. My favorite is F7 but I would recommend tolearn everything (except maybe B7). It will also help you whileimprovising and changing everything to make the song sound moreinteresting.ConclusionIn my opinion, this is a very basic chordthat every ukulele player must have. You can choose some to startwith and then expand. If you know all the chords listed on thispage (with some exceptions), you can already play a very diversetrack. Remember that you can always transpose songs to differentbuttons to make it a little easier!This app contains variousComplete Ukulele Chords like: ukulele chord for beginner, ukulelechord easy to learn, ukulele chord chartNote: All the images arebelong to their respected owners, we just collected images fromonline resources and we respect the intellectual property rights.Any image can be removed on the request of its original owner.Please email to [email protected] for any questions. Thank You.***Feature ***- Lots of image and inspiration- offline- No needed todownload the content- Lots of HD Images quality- you can zoom andslide the pictures- easy to use- more images- etc...
Human Anatomy - OFFLINE 3.2.1 APK
Human Anatomy gives you basic idea about Human body structure.Anatomy is an app for quick reference of anatomy. Human Anatomyincludes systems like cardio vascular, skeletal system, digestive,endocrine, female reproductive, male reproductive, immune &lymphatic, nervous, muscular, urinary system, Human BodyFacts.Anatomy deals with study of human parts ,bones ,nerves,various systems ,body functions, endocrine, skeletal system. Itsessential to know about anatomy for studies of human. Atomy forHuman body will be easy after using this app.This app containsvarious human anatomies such as: human anatomy body, body anatomy,foot anatomy, rear anatomy, anatomy of the head, anatomy foot, handanatomy, anatomy of the abdomenFeature List:* Amazing lots of HumanAnatomy.* Easy to use and always FREE!* Lots of Human Anatomy withthe best quality.* You can share all images to your friend.* Youcan set all the images as wallpaper, contact info, lock screen andother* Easy to use* Zoom in, zoom out, and slide for all images.*The app works offline. No need to download content.Lots of HumanAnatomy collection is easy to see and setNote: All the images arebelong to their respected owners, we just collected images fromonline resources and we respect the intellectual property rights.Any image can be removed on the request of its original owner.Please email to [email protected] for any questions. Thank You.
Plan for Workout 2.7.9 APK
Plan for Workout contains more than 50 exercises. You can getlearn, get toned and build muscle with these aerobic routines,circuit training and weight training workouts. EVERYONE HAS SNAPPEDa few shots only later to go back and delete a bunch of them. "Myeyes are closed." "I'm not standing up straight." "Do my armsreally look like that?" "Does my stomach really look like that,too?!"And sure, learning your angles is one way to cheat the lens.#AdobeGains is another. We say: Just put in the work at thegym.Jordan Morello (@Jordan_Morello), a rising fitness model andcertified personal trainer, understands the desire (or need) to becamera-ready at all times. Here's his training blueprint forbuilding muscle and keeping lean—whether you're a beginner or anadvanced lifter.*** How it works ***Morello's take on a "qualityworkout" is built around large, compound moves—the pillars of yourprogramming—followed by a series of isolation exercises for thefiner detailing. The program is structured into splits for a totalof four workouts, with a day of rest in between each. For example:Monday is chest and triceps, Wednesday is legs and abs, Friday isback and biceps, then Sunday is shoulders, traps, and abs. Thecycle begins again on Tuesday the following week. To focus solelyon hypertrophy (or muscular size) vs. strength or power, do 8–12reps for each exercise.*** Directions ***Complete this plan for sixweeks while gradually (and modestly) increasing the reps or weighteach week. After the six weeks, switch off the plan for anotherfour to six weeks before returning back to it.Note: All the imagesare belong to their respected owners, we just collected images fromonline resources and we respect the intellectual property rights.Any image can be removed on the request of its original owner.Please email to [email protected] for any questions. Thank You.***Feature ***- offline- No needed to download the content- you canzoom and slide the pictures- easy to use- more images- etc...
Pyramid Cube Solutions (Pyraminx) 8.0.2 APK
*** What is Pyramid Cube? ***Pyramid Cube is apyramid-shapedvariation of the rubik’s cube. Solving a Pyraminx ismuch easierthan a Rubik's Cube. t can be solved from any randomposition inless than 12 moves. I'm presenting below the easiestsolution whereyou only have to learn a couple algorithms.***Advantages PlayingRubik ***There are many benefit of playing rubiklike - Increaseyour memory ability - Reflects on Everyday Life- etc*** How tosolve Pyramid Cube? ***Download this app and you will beable tosolve your Pyramid Cube.*** What are the advantages of thisapp?***- Easy to learn- Complete step- Suitable for beginnersorexpert- Solve your pyramid cube quickly Note: All the imagesandinformations are belong to their respected owners, wejustcollected images from online resources and we respecttheintellectual property rights. Any image can be removed ontherequest of its original owner. Please email [email protected] any questions. Thank You.
Simulasi UNBK SMA 2018 2.7 APK
*** Apa itu UNBK? ***UNBK (Ujian Nasional Berbasis Komputer) adalahUN dengan menggunakan komputer yang dilengkapi perangkat lunak(software) yang khusus dikembangkan untuk Ujian Nasional dengantingkat kesulitan yang sama dengan UN tertulis. *** Siapa sajapeserta UNBK? ***Peserta UNBK adalah peserta didik pada jenjangSMP/MTs, SMA/MA, dan SMK dari satuan pendidikan yang memenuhikriteria yang ditetapkan oleh Panitia Pelaksana Tingkat Provinsidan telah diverifikasi oleh Panitia Pelaksana Tingkat Pusat.***Kelebihan aplikasi ini ***- Lengkap dan up to date- Tersedia untukjurusan IPA dan IPS- Mudah dipahami- Tidak membutuhkan koneksiinternet (Offline)- Lengkap dengan kunci jawabanDownload sekarangjuga!*** What is UNBK? ***UNBK (Computer-Based National Exam) isthe UN by using a computer equipped with software (software)specifically developed for the National Examination with the samelevel of difficulty with the written examination.*** Who are theparticipants UNBK? ***UNBK participants are students in SMP / MTs,SMA / MA, and SMK of educational units that meet the criteria setby the Organizing Committee of Provincial and verified by theOrganizing Committee at the central level.*** advantage of thisapplication ***- Complete and up to date- Available for science andsocial studies majors- Easy to understand- Does not require anInternet connection (Offline)- Complete with answer keysDownload itnow!
Coffee Art Collection 2018 2.7.9 APK
This app helps any individual to make Good latte art in differentstyles and in very easy steps. The requirements and step by stepdemonstration is provided for different forms of latte art. Thislatte art app consist of following latte art patterns with step bystep demonstration.-Apple art-Butterfly latte art-Cat art-ChristmasTree latte art-Circle Hearts latte art-Cosmos latte art-Cow art-Doglatte art-Dragon art-Elephant latte art-Flower latte art-FlowerHeart latte art-Flower Making latte art-Flower Pot art-Ghost latteart-Heart art-Heart Columns latte art-Line latte art-Lion art-Manlatte art-Panda art-Pig latte art-Pumpkin art-Rabbit art-SantaClaus art-Rosetta latte art-Scorpion latte art-Snowman latteart-Solar latte art-Spiral Hearts art-Swan art-Taj Mahal latteart-Teddy Bear art-Tornado latte art-Tulip art-Twister art-Whaleart-Wreath latte artLatte art is a method of preparing coffeecreated by pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso andresulting in a pattern or design on the surface of the resultinglatte. Good latte art is important because it gives people theimpression that you have put time and effort into it and that yourespect the coffee and the customer. Coffee or Latte art consistsof the pouring of steamed milk into a shot of espresso generating apattern or design on the surface. This app describe in explain thathow to Make Latte Art.Note: All the images are belong to theirrespected owners, we just collected images from online resourcesand we respect the intellectual property rights. Any image can beremoved on the request of its original owner. Please email [email protected] for any query. Thank You
Party Decorations Ideas 2.7.9 APK
In this app you can find Party Decorating Ideas and Tutorials forParty decoration.Decorating party apps will help you to findamazing decorations and free tutorials.All you need to know aboutParty Decoration can be found here. Download for FREE !!!This appincludes:party supplies decorationbirthday partydecorationdecorating engagement partysingle partydecorationHawaiian party decorationsbeach party decorationhollywoodparty decorationluau party decorationtea party decorationChristmasparty decorationsgraduation party decorationblack and white partydecorationparty table decorationMexican party decor50th birthdayparty decorationsWestern party decorationretirement partydecorationkids party decorationspirate party decorationNote: Allthe images are belong to their respected owners, we just collectedimages from online resources and we respect the intellectualproperty rights. Any image can be removed on the request of itsoriginal owner. Please email to [email protected] for anyquestions. Thank You.*** Features ***- HD images quality- NoInternet connection required for in-built image gallery app.-Updated monthly with new Sites and Images.- Zoom in, zoom out forall images.- Quickly scroll through the image.- Easy to use- Moreimages