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✱ Want to breathe new life into your lock screen background? Well,you've found the best personalization app to do that! Welcome tothe magic kingdom of charmingly cute and adorable lock screenwallpapers with a “fluffy zipper” on it! Here all your dreams cometrue! Thanks to the ♥Fluffy Zipper Lock Screen♥ you'll become themost stylish girl among your girlfriends. Let these fantastic“zipper lock screen” wallpapers overflow your phone screen with acuteness and your device will look like a fantasy within a minute!The only thing that you need to do is to choose your favoritefluffy theme with cute hearts and teddy bears, and voila, you'll beconsidered as a real girly girl! Zip and unzip your device in amost delightful way with this furry “screenlocker”!✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳How to apply the desiredlock screen wallpaper:1. Check the box that says 'Enable lockscreen';2. Enter your preferred password and then reenter it toconfirm it;3. Customize your display the way you wantit!✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳✱ Choose your preferred lockscreen theme;✱ Select your favorite zipper pattern;✱ Set the zipperhorizontally or vertically;✱ Set the battery, time and date indifferent formats on your “zipper screen”;✱ Choose to show or hidenumbers over the locked screen;✱ Browse easy and fast through ourapp in order to choose the best background for your display;✱ Throwin some cute decoration and embellish your background image in asec;✱ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarm reminders andother notifications are available thanks to this secure “lockscreen app”;✱ Check the preview of the chosen fluffy zipper lockscreen;✱ Install the ♥Fluffy Zipper Lock Screen♥ and allowfluffiness rule your phonescreen!✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳❃✲✳✱ For all the princessesout there, check out our newest screen lock app that will make yourdisplay a thousand times more adorable and unique! As soon as youput your best-liked fluffy zipper pendant on a wallpaper, yourdevice will look so wonderful that you won't be able to stoplooking at it! Navigate through our gallery and discover gorgeouslock screen themes with various fuzzy zipper designs. By puttingyour fave “zipper lock” you'll protect your device from snoopingfriends or even intruders. Add some extra security and put apassword on your display in order to prevent hackers from gettingto your personal data and pictures. A myriad of adorable and freefurry backgrounds are waiting for you in this lock screen app forgirls, so hurry up and obtain ♥Fluffy Zipper Lock Screen♥!✱ If youare a fan of plushy teddy bears and fluffy pink hearts, this“fluffy zipper lock” is a must-have zipper lock app for you! Getrid of your old and plain lock screen background and put some brandnew that actually matches your fluffy and sassy personality!Install the best collection of zipper lock screen themes and forfree and get lost in a multitude of cute zipper designs that willbeautify your screen in a blink of an eye. Our fluffy zipper locksare to die for, for sure, so don't hesitate any longer to put themto the test! ✱ Make your smartphone one of a kind with the help ofthese eye-catching cute themes for your “lock screen”! Just pick upthe amazing background with a fluffy zipper pattern you like bestand set it as your screensaver free of charge. So, what are youwaiting for cutie? The ♥Fluffy Zipper Lock Screen♥ is just aroundthe corner!

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    Fluffy Zipper Lock Screen
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    February 14, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Heather Art
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Zipper Lock Screen Glitter 6.0 APK
Heather Art
✤ Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful “lock screen”wallpaper scattered with glitters and sequins? If so, we have thebest screen locker app that will blow your mind with its beauty!Thanks to the ✱Zipper Lock Screen Glitter✱ you will discover themagical world of scintillating wallpapers that will turn yoursmartphone into the most glamorous device! Put a gorgeous “zipperlock” on your display and protect your phone from being hacked. Theonly thing that you need to do is to set your lock screen passwordin order to limit access to your device. Choose your favorite“glitter lock screen” theme and watch your phone screen reflectcute sparkles and blinding shimmers!✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥ How to apply the desiredlock screen wallpaper: 1. Check the box that says 'Enable lockscreen'; 2. Enter your preferred password and then reenter it toconfirm it; 3. Customize your display the way you want it!✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥ ✤ Choose your favoritelock screen theme; ✤ Select your favorite zipper pattern; ✤ Set thezipper horizontally or vertically; ✤ Set the time and date formatson your “zipper lock screen”; ✤ Choose to show or hide numbers overthe locked screen; ✤ Browse easy and fast through our app in orderto choose the best background for your display; ✤ Add somedecoration such as rhinestones, crystals, reflective particles,etc; ✤ Preview of missed calls, text messages, alarm reminders andother notifications are available thanks to this secure “app lock”;✤ Check the preview of the chosen lock screen background!✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥✤✢✥ ✤ There are numerouscute “lock screens”, but only the ✱Zipper Lock Screen Glitter✱ isboth safe and beautiful at the same time! Add some lavish lockscreen design over your display and watch it glows pure glitters!Every cool girl knows that having glimmers on your phone backgroundshows that you have an excellent sense of style. Don't hesitate totry each and every “glitter zipper” theme, and to pick the one youlike the most! Spread the word among your friends that the bestscreen lock app with the password is finally here! ✤ Have you triedall kinds of lock screen patterns, but still not impressed? Don'tworry – we have the real deal for you! Our ✱Zipper Lock ScreenGlitter✱ app it's everything! Browse our gallery and find outplenty of lavishly made lock screen wallpapers showered with pinkand silver glitters. This outstanding screen locker is designedespecially for all the trendy girls out there, but also is theperfect glitter zipper lock screen for boys! This luxurious phonescreen app helps you to channel your inner posh, so hurry up andget it while it's hot! ✤ Want to keep your device protected andgorgeous? We present you the best way to do that and that's the✱Zipper Lock Screen Glitter✱ app! Glam up your smartphone with theincredible collection of “cute lock screen” designs that will saveyour battery life and doesn't drain it. Customize your phone screenthe way you want it and choose your fave sparkling background. Withthe help of this secure lock app, you can put down your devicewithout worrying! We assure you that you will leave everyonespeechless with your sparkling display. Finally, you've found themost amazing screen app to embellish your device for free!
My Pic Aquarium Live Wallpaper 3.0 APK
Heather Art
✪ It's generally recognized that watching at the aquarium can helpyou to relax and to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. Thanksto this incredible ★My Pic Aquarium Live Wallpaper★ app you canenjoy watching tropical fishes swim around a tank on your phonescreen! Step into the underwater world of high quality “aquariumlive wallpapers” specially designed to enhance your display. Enjoythe beauty of crystal clear water and put your favorite picturesinto the “bubble photo frames”. Explore our gallery and discoverthe best collection of soothing ocean fish wallpapers that willgive a unique look to your device. Contemplation of fish inaquarium and “photos in bubbles” seem to have the most calmingeffect, so it will be a pleasure to watch them floating on yourscreen.✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✪ A wide rangeof “photo aquarium live wallpapers” for your phone or tabletscreen;✪ Select a picture of you and your loved ones from yourcamera roll;✪ Put the pictures inside the floating water bubblephoto frames to make the background on your display even cooler;✪Select the amount, speed, kind, and direction of “photo bubbles”;✪Choose up to 10 images to place them into live bubble pictureframes;✪ This amazing live wallpapers will save your battery so itdoesn't drain it;✪ Download for free★My Pic Aquarium LiveWallpaper★app and get the best look for yourdevice;✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✮✯✬✪ Is stressgetting you down? Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired? Trywatching at fishes slip through the clear water! Turn your phonescreen into a beautiful aquarium by setting the most soothing livewallpaper filled with exotic fishes, jellyfishes, corals, rocks andother underwater decoration. Loose yourself in a multitude ofgorgeous background images that this fantastic “live wallpaper app”offers, and pick your fave! After you've selected your preferredaquarium background, upload photos from your phone gallery andchoose the ones you want to put in bubble frames. These magicalwater bubbles will preserve your precious photo moments fromoblivion, and you will enjoy watching them float on your phonescreen! Obtain ★My Pic Aquarium Live Wallpaper★app and have themost stylish device among your friends!✪ We are sure that once yourdownload this astonishing “photo aquarium” wallpapers you'll bebubbling over with excitement! Wrap your dearest images in the mostbeautiful bubble frames for pictures in just a couple of moments.Set your favorite aquatic museum wallpaper background, add photobubbles and voila, you'll have the most incredible home screen!Show your boyfriend how much you love him by placing your favoriteromantic pics in bubbles and watch them glide over your display.✪Join the latest bubble mania – add the pictures from your galleryand put them in bubbles of different sizes! Choose among big, smallor medium bubbles and tap on your home screen to preview thembefore you actually put them as a key part of your “aquariumbackground”. Thanks to this brand new wallpaper app, you'll seethat these gorgeous backgrounds of fish tanks and live bubbles arebetter than the real aquariums! Don't hesitate to try our adorablecollection of water wallpapers with live effect inspired by imagesor colorful aquarium world. The ★My Pic Aquarium Live Wallpaper★ isclose at hand now!
Emoji Animal Face Live Camera 2.0 APK
Heather Art
☆ Are you looking for some app to help you create unique photomontages? Discover a brand new way to edit pictures and to make ofthem the most outrageous photo creations! We are pleased to presentyou our ❖Emoji Animal Face Live Camera❖, the best “live photocamera app” that you can find on the app market! Browse our galleryand check out a variety of stunning “face changing” effects! Turnyourself into a wild beast, or swap your face with an emoji stickerand we guarantee that your image will give everyone a good laugh.This incredible “animal face” app gives you once in a lifetimeexperience, so hurry up and get it free of charge!ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ☆ ☑ Upload photo from camera roll, or take asnap with your brand new live camera;☑ It's easy to use – just dragand drop “ photo stickers” onto your pictures;☑ A vast collectionof animal head stickers and emoji faces to put on your images;☑Swipe left and right to find the sticker which is most convenientfor you;☑ Move, zoom, rotate the selected face sticker for picturewith your fingers to adapt it on your photo;☑ Thanks to this “livephoto editor” you can modify your images in a snap!☑ Choose amonglion's head, doggy face, heart eyes emoji, winking face emoji, andmany others “camera stickers”;☑ Enhance your photo montages withfunny captions, cute quotes or inspiration sayings;☑ Save yourfinished artwork on your camera roll;☑ Share your funny photocreations with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, andInstagram;☑ Download for free ❖Emoji Animal Face Live Camera❖, andshow everyone your goofy side!ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌⒶⓅⓅ☆☆ You get bored to tears looking at your plain pictures? Notsure what to do with them? No problem, we have something that willknock your socks off! Forget about going over a huge number ofsteps just to decorate your images! This astonishing “animal facechanger” will turn your picture into a mind-blowing photo creationin a flash! Here you can find, at your disposal, a bunch of cuteface stickers, funny emoticons, photo filters and effects toenhance your pics in a beautiful manner. You will simply beimpressed by the way these “camera face filters” match your currentmood situation. From angry faces to silly ones – we have tons ofit! Don't wait anymore – the animal withing you is anxious to seethe light!☆ Have you ever wonder how does live camera work? If so,find the answer in the ❖Emoji Animal Face Live Camera❖! Thisawesome camera sticker app brings your photos to life by creating afunny image! The main feature it that you can add a photo stickerboth before and after you press the shutter button to snap a photo.The only thing that you have to do is to center this cool “liveface camera” on your pic and to select your favorite decoration.Have tons of fun using “doggy face” sticker, face swap options oreven add “emoji face” instead of your own! Watch your friends laughtheir heads off by watching at your hilarious photo montages sharedacross all social networks!☆ Create unforgettable photo memorieswith this incredible ❖Emoji Animal Face Live Camera❖. Feel free letyour inner animal out and to create various photo montages made ofwild animal heads! This is an amazing app that you can make yourown face emoji without wasting a lot of time. The moment hasarrived to download this unbelievable camera photo app and to startmaking some of the funniest photo creations!
Live Analog Clock Wallpapers 1.0 APK
Heather Art
➤ Hey fashionistas, let us introduce you the brand new advanced“analog clock” app for you mobile or tablet device! If your phonescreen doesn't look attractive any longer, we have somethingperfect for all of you! Visit app market and get this amazing ◎Live Analog Clock Wallpapers◎ that will turn your device into thecoolest gadget. Explore our gallery and discover the best “livewallpapers” that will help you to enhance your phone screen in abeautiful manner! Here you can find a vast collection of gorgeousand luxurious live clock designs that will most certainly satisfyyour rich taste. The clock is ticking, so hurry up and downloadthis incredible “live clock app” for FREE!*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ*ⓐ Numerous “analog clock live wallpapers” for yourdisplay;ⓝ Set your favorite live clock skin as a background on yourphone screen;ⓐ Sync it with your digital watch;ⓛ Choose yourfavorite analog widget style, hour hand, minute hand, hour mark,calendar window and so on; ⓞ See the preview of each elementcombination;ⓖ Both round and square analog watches are supported;ⓒSimple to use, easy to configure and an excellent look under yourfingertips;ⓛ After you have selected your favorite live clocktheme, you can preview your chosen analog clock background;ⓞ Choosewhat you want to be shown when your watch face is in ambient mode;ⓒThis live “analog clock app” shows you an actual time on your homescreen, not just an ordinary wallpaper;ⓚ Download this incredible◎Live Analog Clock Wallpapers◎ and style your device in the mostfabulous way;*ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ ⒸⓄⓄⓁ ⓃⒺⓌ ⒶⓅⓅ*➤ Are you oneof those people who check clock all the time? If that's the case,the ◎ Live Analog Clock Wallpapers◎ is absolutely perfect app foryou! Along with being full of stylish “live clock wallpapers”, itwill tell you the exact hour and date. If you're in a hurry, allyou need to do is to take a look at your phone screen and you'llknow what time is it. Turn your phone display into a trendy screen,and choose some of the best clock designs! You can even choose yourfavorite style for watch hands, background, date window, and evenadd a battery status on your phone screen. We assure you that thisfancy “live wallpaper app” is in a class by itself, so get itbefore you run out of time!➤ With your new luxurious device goes afine “clock app” that represents the newest technologicalinnovation that you simply must have! If you are sick and tired ofthe same old background for your display, that doesn't have anyuseful thing, then you should check out these interesting analogclock wallpapers that show you the real time and date! Get lost ina multitude of stunning “watch face designs” specially made tofulfill your high expectations! You'll find that these backgroundsare the trendiest ones on the market, so don't wait anymore todownload them!➤ Make yourself recognizable wherever you go, thanksto these astonishing ◎ Live Analog Clock Wallpapers◎! This phoneapp with real clock time shows you the best way to personalize yourdevice in a gorgeous manner. Enrich your phone screen with stunninglive wallpapers that have “large clock display” that is bothpractical and trendy. Get rid of digital watch wallpaper theme,when you can have the most authentic live clock design on yourdisplay. Get this cool clock app for free without any delay!
Animal Face Pic Stickers 1.1 APK
Heather Art
🐼 Make your funny images more interesting with our animal faceeditor, apply amazing photo editing effects, add a couple of lovelystamps and stickers for photos and experience the easiest photomanipulation ever. Modify your face within minute with a tigerface, monkey face or a dog face and adjust the color of your animalsticker to matches your face. Get a new animal mask for your face!Make pranks with your friends and have the best photo fun in yourlife. 🐶 Animal Face Pic Stickers 🐶 will provide you with lots offace morphing options to help you become an expert in fun photoediting.
Prom Dress Photo Editor 2.0 APK
Heather Art
👗 Feeling curious to know how would you look in a elegant dress forprom night? If so, check out our latest “photo editing” app, andlook absolutely stunning on your pictures! Try best dress designsand do a photo makeover in a flesh! Browse our virtual wardrobe anddiscover plenty of gorgeous “prom dress” stickers for pictures thatwill make you feel like a real princess. If you are in a search fora perfect elegant dress for your promenade dance, then get thisincredible 💃Prom Dress Photo Editor💃, and see which style of formaldress wear suits you best!🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸👗Upload photo from camera roll, or take a new one with your beautycamera; 👗 The best collection of “fashion dress” photo stickers tochoose from; 👗 Zoom, scale, drag or rotate your sticker in order tofit your image perfectly; 👗 “Edit photos” like a pro, and make thebest virtual makeover on your pictures; 👗 Numerous pretty gowndesigns – short dress styles, sequin gowns, ballgowns, A-linedresses, long dresses, vintage gowns, prom dresses with longsleeves, and many more!👗 A variety of dress up stickers to make themost amazing photo creations;👗 Save your photo montage in highresolution on your phone library;👗 Sharing options for Facebook,Twitter or Instagram;👗Set your photo montage as a wallpaperbackground on your phone or tablet;👗 Obtain 💃Prom Dress PhotoEditor💃 and look like an authentic promqueen!🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸🎀👸👗 Get ready for the mostexciting night in every teen's life, a prom night! Try on numerouselegant dress designs without actual wearing them, and find the onethat you like the most. This incredible “photo editor” will helpyou you look more chic and well-dressed on your pictures. If youare a girly girl, select a romantic prom dress, or if you'relooking for something unique, choose crop top dress and showeveryone that you have a good fashion sense. Loose yourself in amultitude of best dress up “photo stickers” and enjoy fun photoediting for free! Step into our virtual closet and check out a widerange of designer gowns ready to fulfill your high expectation!Don't wait any longer – get this 💃Prom Dress Photo Editor💃andtransform yourself into a homecoming queen!👗For many girls in highschool a prom night is something to looking forward to! Beforevisiting dress shop, check out our gallery and discover dozens oflatest dress styles and hottest fashion trends. No matter you optlittle black dress, open back gown or mermaid dress, this “promdress photo editor” has it all! Just pick your favorite design, andtransform your pics into authentic fashion photo creations!Embellish your photo montage with cool photo effects, instafilters, or you can even add some cute decoration. If you are intofashion and makeover games for girls, then 💃Prom Dress PhotoEditor💃 is a perfect choice for you. Just select photo that youwant to edit, add your favorite beautiful gown sticker and voila,your “prom dress photo montage” is ready to be shared across allsocial networks!
Dog Face Photo Montage 1.1 APK
Heather Art
😜 Did you hear about newest photo editing app, that will turn yourdull pictures into awesome photo montages? Give a warm welcome to😂Dog Face Photo Montage😂, the most amazing app with change faceoptions. Discover the best collection of filters and stickers, andtransform your face into a funny dog face or a cute kitty face.Experiment with numerous animal stickers, and make your picturesstand out from the rest. With an incredible array of face effectsand filters, you can be whatever you want – cute rabbit or somewild beast! You're just a click away from getting the best photomontage app free of charge!
Pic Bubble Aquarium Wallpapers 2.0 APK
Heather Art
✭ Have you always been fascinated with the marine flora and fauna,but you don't have the opportunity to explore it? Thanks to ♒ PicBubble Aquarium Wallpapers ♒, you can go through that experiencevirtually! Get the “aquarium live wallpaper free” of charge, alongwith “bubble photo frames” to give you the full picture! Take a dipin this fantastic “bubble live wallpaper” application that willchange your screen for the better! Put your favorite “photos inbubbles”, and choose a fitting watery background that will matchperfectly with them. You will have the most beautiful cellphonescreen in the squad! So 'water' you doing still staring at your dryscreen? This will very likely become a new trend, so don't be afish out of water any longer, and click that Download button! ♒ PicBubble Aquarium Wallpapers ♒ will be yours in an instant absolutelyfree!✽✫✬✮✯☁✢✤✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯☁✢✤✱✸✿❀❖✰✪✾✽✫✬✮✯☁✢✰This app has a greatdeal of features:✪ Choose your preferred “aquarium wallpaper” youcan put on the background;✪ Select a picture from your own galleryfor incorporating in your wallpaper;✪ Customize the bubbles bychoosing which direction they go in, what size they are, how manybubbles you want, and what type you want;✪ Put the pictures youwant in the bubbles and let the fun finally begin!✭ Imagine havinga personal aquarium, but inside your phone! That is exactly whatyou get with the ♒ Pic Bubble Aquarium Wallpapers ♒. You will getthe “water background” that will embellish your display unlike anyother app! Make your phone look like the most beautiful aquarium inthe world! Enjoy the beauty of crystal clear water, sea animals andexotic fish with this phenomenal wallpaper app for. These are thebest wallpapers that will take you on a journey under the sea. Youcan know now how it feels to have your own fish tank that you cantake with you wherever you go! That's pretty amazing, isn't it? Itis a perfect aquarium for you. It resembles a real life aquariumwith one small difference – you don't have to feed your fish. Butthat's rather an advantage than a flaw, don't you agree?✭ Explorethe magnificent and captivating sea life with a super realistic“water live wallpaper”. The creatures that live in the world's seasand oceans are truly a majestic sight to behold. There is awonderful array of underwater species, from various kinds fish andstarfish, to coral reefs and octopuses, and many many more. Now youget to look at them all from a close vicinity with this app. Anddon't forget - you also will also be able to see all the mostimportant and dearest photographs from your cellphone floatingaround in cute little bubbles which makes them even more pleasingto the eye. You will never forget your favorite moments when theyadorn your screen with a beautiful aquatic background!✭ Dive into aworld of fun and impress your friends and family members with thesefantastic ♒ Pic Bubble Aquarium Wallpapers ♒! The “aquarium livewallpaper” will make you feel like you are a professional scubadiver who saw the most obscure depths of the ocean. Moreover, thebubbles swimming in its foreground will remind you constantly ofthe most precious people and moments of your life. It's an amazingcombination you do not want to miss out on. You are just a singleclick of a button away from possessing this wonderful application,so don't hesitate anymore!