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Booba with big blue eyes. He does notspeak,instead muttering random and senseless grunts. He is as cuteandcurious as any five-year-old. And explore science ofcartoonwithout anger or resentment only with joy and wonder. Hedoes notspeak but he makes sounds to express his feelings.
No one knows where I come from, but it seems that the events ofthepast 100 years have missed the history of human development,asthey explore contemporary sites and events with great vigorandenthusiasm. Often the oddity of his movements coupled withhisstrong desire to learn more about the world around him,producesfunny results. But this does not satisfy Booba's curiosity,so hisadventures will continue

how to play:
-tab screen to make Booba fly
-Override all Meteorites
-make your hight scoor and enjoy!

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Fly Booba 1.1 APK
Booba with big blue eyes. He does notspeak,instead muttering random and senseless grunts. He is as cuteandcurious as any five-year-old. And explore science ofcartoonwithout anger or resentment only with joy and wonder. Hedoes notspeak but he makes sounds to express his feelings.No one knows where I come from, but it seems that the events ofthepast 100 years have missed the history of human development,asthey explore contemporary sites and events with great vigorandenthusiasm. Often the oddity of his movements coupled withhisstrong desire to learn more about the world around him,producesfunny results. But this does not satisfy Booba's curiosity,so hisadventures will continuehow to play:-tab screen to make Booba fly-Override all Meteorites-make your hight scoor and enjoy!
com.kooora.resultat.football 1.0 APK
اذا كنت من عشاق كرة القدم او الساحرة المستديرة فتطبيق كووورةمبارياتاليوم هو ما تبحث عنه . فالتطبيق يقدم لك اخر الاخبار من جميعالدورياتالاروربية مثل الدوري الاسباني ، الدوري الانجليزي ،الدوريالايطالي ،وكذلك الفرنسي . بالاضافة للدوريات العربية كالدوريالمغربية ، وكذلكالدوري الجزائري والمصري .من خلال هذا التطبيق يمكنكمتابعة آخرالأخبار الرياضية آول بآول ومع خاصية الإشعارات كما يمكنكمشاركة الخبرعبر مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي بكل سهولة ايضا يمكنك معرفةجدولالمباريات والقنوات الناقلة للبث المباشر للمباريات .تطبيقكووورةمباريات اليوم اخبار - نتائج - ترتيب هو رفيقك في مباريات كرةالقدملتعيش أجواء الدوريات الاوروبية مثل الدوري الاسباني والدوريالايطاليوالدوري الالماني والدوريات العربية مثل الدوري السعوديوالمصريوالجزائري ودوري ابطال اسيا. تابع مباريات وأخبار فريقكالمفضل عن قربومن مصادر مختلفة كالبطولة ، يلا شووت ، و تابع لايفوكورة اون لاينوغيرها من المصادر.ويمكك ايضا مشاهدة جميع مبارياتكالمفضلة مباشرة منخلال التطبيق دون تكبد عناء البحث عن روابطللمشاهدة.حيث يتضمن الأقسامالتالية:قسم الأخبار :هذا القسم يستعرضأخر أخبار بكل جوانبها من أخباراللاعبين والأندية والتنقلات على مدارالساعة.قسم مباريات :ستجد في هذاالقسم جميع المباريات مع تغطية شاملةومباشرة ويستعرض أيضا مواعيد كلمباراة وفي أي ملعب ستقام فيه .قسمالترتيب :يسلط الضوء على أخرالأهداف و النقاط و المباريات التي خاضهاكل فريق بأسلوب مجدول وراقيوسيتم اضافة اقسام اخرى في المستقبل ..مايميز التطبيق:واجهة سهلةوبسيطة لا تحتوي على أي تعقيدقسم المفضلةيمكنك من إضافة أي خبر للعودةاليه لاحقانظام اشعارات متكامل يبقيكبآخر التحديثات والجديد في عالمكرة القدمتغطية 24/7 لكافة المبارياتو الدوريات السعودية و المصرية والأسبانية و الألمانية ووو...بأختصارالعالمية أجمعقم بتحميل تطبيقمباريات اليوم ولن تندم بكل تأكيد.فيحال وجود أي مشكلة في التطبيقيرجى إعلامنا بها وشكرا.ولا تنسواتقييمنا بخمسة نجوم في حال أعجبكمالبرنامج.If you're a football fanor charming round matches todaykooora The application is whatyou're looking for. Valttbaiq offersyou the latest news from allAllarrorbah leagues such as La Liga,English Premier League, SerieA, as well as French. As well asArabic periodicals KalldoraMoroccan, as well as Algerian andEgyptian league.Through thisapplication you can follow the latestsports news firsthand andwith notices property as you can share thenews via socialnetworking sites with ease you can also see tablegames and ductsfor direct broadcasting of matches.Applicationkooora matches todayNews - Results - Order is your companion infootball matches tolive an atmosphere of European leagues such asLa Liga and Serie Aleague and the German Arab and periodicals, suchas the Saudileague, Egyptian and Algerian and Asian ChampionsLeague. Continuedgames and news of your favorite team up close andfrom differentsources Kalptoulh, night shoot, and continued Livefootball onlineand other sources.The Imkk also watch all yourmatches favoritedirectly through the application without incurringthe trouble ofsearching for links to watch.Which includes thefollowingsections:News section:This section reviews the latest newsin allaspects of news players, clubs and movements aroundtheclock.Department of matches:Here you'll find all the games withacomprehensive and direct coverage also review the dates ofeachmatch at any stadium will take place in it.Departmentstandings:Ithighlights the latest goals and points and matchesplayed by eachteam scheduled and sophisticated styleThe othersections will beadded in the future ..What distinguishes theapplication:Easy andsimple interface does not contain anycomplexityFavorites sectionyou can add any news to return to himlaterIntegrated notificationsystem keeps you updates and new in theworld of footballCover 24/7for all the games, and Saudi Arabia andEgyptian periodicals,Spanish, German, Wu ... global brief, thewholeDownload theapplication today's games will certainly regret.Ifthere is anyproblem in the application, please let us know andHkura.ola forgetour assessment of five stars if you like theprogram.
Castle World Of Marko 1.0 APK
Castle World Of Marko is a classicplatformgame with a journey of super Marko that brings yourchildhood back.This classic game will make you addict to.In the super jungle world, Marko must smash enemies to pass somanythreats. With familiar characters, Marko World Adventure issuch achildhood game.On his road,You are the first person gaming experience emotionalandexciting. You will enjoy adventures full of danger with Marko.Thegame has a lot of traps, monsters, and unexpected situationsthrougheach level that we have built.In heat jungle, Marko must pass so much threats to run totargetworld. The boy Maarko can jump, run and Ted can use weapon tokillmonster but weapon is hidden in somewhere on the jungle to killallenemies on the way.Marko's hometown was invaded and destroyed by unexpectedmonsters.They rob Marko's ancestral gem. Marko was all alone! Heneeds yourassistance badly. Go help him take his hometownback!Run, jump and explore the arcades. Travel across dangerousforest,volcano, desert, swamps, machine room, etc. Collect coins,gold,hammers to help you defeat the Monster!Hero of Story need help to complete his journey , and pass all20levels .You can run, jump and fight with many enemies.Play this game, return to your wonderful memories childhood,with...Swing in the air. A rope, and the collection, coin , jump onenemiesand gain strength.Your task in this game , is to control castle jungle world &,avoid traps, kill the boss enemies and others.The game can bring your childhood memories , when you play ..andother games platform on your retro console.This game is easy to control but also very addictive. Verydetailsof classic platform games been remade in Marco World. suchas jumpenemy, brick breaker, power-up item, Marco picks upburger(becomesbigger), speed shoes(increasing move speed), slidingtortoise andso on.The super awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Marco is thehiddenDungeon world.Marko's World Adventure is a super adventure of jungle world,ajungle boy want to become a treasure hunter.One day, Jungle boy found an ancient map in the warehouse ofhisgrandfather, it leads to the super jungle world.Given that it was a treasure map, boy decided to jump intojungleadventure to find treasure without knowing that a lot ofthreats insuper jungle world are waiting for him.In the super world, must pass so much threats to run to targetsuperworld.Super jungle runs and jumps across platforms and atop enemiesinthemed levels.Super Jungle World is one of the best jungle adventure game.Thegame has several challenging levels to play and discover.Super Jungle World HD fans are complaining that their creationsarebeing removed from the game without a reason orexplanation.This has happened before but fans knew that it was for thestagesthat had glitches.The company should explain to the fans that they have changedtheprocess. If not, they should still tell them about the stagesandwhy they are being removed from the game. A few months ago,gamerswere told that the stages in Super Jungle World HD withglitcheswould be removed.Great Features Of Game:• Wonderful high-resolution graphics• Easy, intuitive controls• 15 levels• 28 items and abilities• 12 cunning opponents• 12 challenging final enemies• 7 different worlds• Rankings for you and your friends• Classic platform game style
Monster Superhero Spider Race 1.0 APK
Are you enthusiast to enter into the worldofspeeding to start the challenge battle?So, get ready to drive in the ring as a super fighter.This simulator puts the intensity and power of the emotionsofwrestling in the palm of your hand.You might have played many race games, but you would haveneverexperienced the futuristic one on one hero race before.Don’t miss a chance to play this race simulator because thesupermulti hero fighting game of the future is here.It’s time to play the eventual monster hero game of this era.You can take pleasure in this futuristic monster battleandexperience the fight of monster hero in the ring.This one is specially designed for the extreme fans of monsterheroring fighting games and monster hero city battle games.Take down the ultimate robot warfare with its ring fightingandmonster hero boxing skills.Show off your swiftness ability and win the chaos war inMonsterSuperhero Spider Race, summation of monster battle gamesandmonster war games.The whole situation is terribly wrong as both superheroes arethetrue protector of city from evil robots and alliens. In thisbestsuperhero game you can select the superhero of your own choiceandkill other one. You can play as long as you want as thissuperherogame has much more to offer. Use special powers of flyingspiderweb and be a shadow hero. “Monster Superhero Spider Race” isafast-paced 3d action race game that is extremely addictiveandgives you an immersive experience of future race and fight.Comeon! Enjoy the endless combos, deadly fighting and hand tohandcombat in this superhero rpg fighting game. Deal with alltheavengers’ melee attacks. A super hero is not born, butmade.This bounty hunting game depicts monster shooting andmonsterkilling by an army soldier. This game has different monsterhuntingobjectives. Each level in this spider game has aninterestingelimination objective for the monster killer. There are2 modes forthe monster killer each mode having different levels formonstershooter in this monster game. More modes may be added tothisspider game in future. Your mission in this spider game asamonster shooter is to do monster shooting and monster killingtosave the jungle from the monsters.Monster Superhero Spider Race Games Feature:• Select your favorite characters according to the powers.• Try the exciting powers of Jump, Speed, Jump Stunt• A super power of Monster truck transformation• Astounding Environments in the fighting game• A variety of incredible monster fight with the ultimatesuperheroof avenger.• Get a chance to earn $100 every time you win the game andbuyexciting newincredible superhero• Different and thrilling game play modes full of actionandfun.• Strong Health bar to keep the Mr incredible fierce andonfeet.• Amazing camera view to keep a check on the surroundings ofthesuperhero.• A navigation pane on the screen to locate the villainsuperherospider and steel hero.• Play the thrilling levels in the incredible herofightinggame• Check the speed o meter on the screen when you transformintomonster truckdestructor.• You will also find the health bar of the villain super spiderboyand other Avenger.• Locate your targets on the navigation pane and defeat the enemyinthe criminalgame.• See controls for the Monster truck fight and movement
Guess The Singer Of The Music 1.0 APK
In this application you must think whos isthesinger of the music and write it down to pass to the next soundormusic,when you answer true you get 30 coins but when your answer isfalseyou will lose 5 coins.Can you guess them all? Take on 23 levels and challengeyourfriends!For all music lovers, an original quiz that will make youcrazy.Many singers, soloists or members of a band, to berecognized. Pop,Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, singers of todayand yesterdaythat you have to guess. As a help, you’ll getdifferent clues onthe image. Once recognized, you have to composewith the lettersavailable his/her full name or in some cases onlythe lastname.all this songs is famos around the world.this songs had millionofviews in youtube music and also there are the best 100 musicof2017.even you hear those songs or peaces of music you will findthesinger quickly.those famos song are music mp3 or mp3 songs they willplayaedautomaticaly when you tab the screen.all singers are famos and also there videos in youtube makesbigmoney and there songs are very very famos for all people aroundtheworld,so it's is easy to fin the name of the singer.Guess The Singer Of The Music has new music to discover by youanddon't forget to rate our application five stares toencaurageuse.it's free application and you can share it with your friendtochallange them.enjoy!!
Mehndi Tattoo Camera 1.0 APK
This app (Mehndi Tattoo Camera) containsthenew styles of mehndi designs and tatoo.henna tattoo app contain lots of varieties of designer mehndistylesfor girls. Mehdin also known as Henna.Girls are loving mehndi in her hands So we present all typeofmehandi.If you are looking for latest hand mehndi designs art tolookdifferent from other girls in wedding, parties or friendsgatheringfunction this mehndi designs free app is just for you. Weareproviding Mehndi design wallpaper collection.When it comes to eid, young ladies feel a crave for best eidmehndidesigns.Eid is the celebration for all and Mehndi is the significanceofhappiness and celebration.For eid or any celebration, Mehndi is very important for womanandgirls.Lots of Mehndi ideas shared in this beautiful Eid Mehndi app.How to use:-Stand in front of your devices camera-Select your favorite tatto design from the tattoo studio-Rotate, shrink, enlarge, ilumine and darken theselectedtattoo.-Take a picture and share with your friends!Features:-More than 100 different tattoo designs!-Cat tattoo and tribal tattoo designs!-Switch between devices front and back camera-Personalize all the tattoo designs and adapt them toyourbody.-Save photos in your SD CARD or phones gallery.-Share your photo-zooming facilities-swapping for navigation-adding/removing designs into collection-Henna Designs for feet-Body tattoo Designs-Bridal Mehndi Designs-Bridal Henna Designs-Traditional Circular Mehndi Styles-Eid Mehndi Designs-Indian Mehndi Designs-Pakistani Mehndi Designs-Pretty Heart Henna Design-Easy Arabic Mehndi Design-Mehndi Designs for Hands
من صاحب الاغنية؟ 1.0 APK
مرحبا بك في تطبيق الأغاني الغني عن التعريفالذيستكتشف فيه اشهر الاغاني والمغنون على المستوى المغربيوالعربي.ستجدون في هدا التطبيق جميع الاغاني المشهورة علىاليوتيوبواحدثها،وكذلك افضل واشهر المغنون العرب.ألحان وأغان عربية من المحيط الى الخليج، هل تعتقد انك تعرفجميعالألحان وبأنك تمتلك ذاكرة خارقة؟ هذه اللعبة اذا من اجلك.عبة عربية مجانية جديدة كلياً بدون نت مبنية على اختبار معارفك منخلالمجموعة من الاسئلة الموسيقية لاكتساب معلومات جديدة عن اغانيعربيةوالفنانين و المغنيين العرب.هذه اللعبة بجودة اسئلتها تعتبر دورة ثقافية شاملة في المجالالموسيقيومعرفة بعض المغنيين.هذا التطبيق الجديد يحتوي على اكثر من 150 سؤال متنوعة عن الاغانيالتييجب عليك معرفة المغنية او المغني صاحب الاغنية.تساعدك لعبة وصلة اغاني عربية على تنشيط عقلك و اختبر معرفتكالموسيقيةو معلوماتك عن المطربين، المغنيين والفنانين العرب الذيسيبهركمبالمحتوى الذي وضعنا فيه و الفريد من نوعه من اجلكم و من اجلثقافتكم واختبار معارفكم. فالتطبيق يحتوي على مئات الاسئلة متنوعة عنالاغاني والفنانين العرب التي تساعدك على تنشيط عقلك و اختبر معرفتكالموسيقية.اظهر قدراتك في تخمين ومعرفة صاحب الاغنية من خلال مقطع صوتيمنالاغنية،وادا صعب عليك الحال يمكنك ان تسال اصدقائك مباشرة منخلالموقع التواصل فيس بوك من داخل التطبيق.اللعبة تشبه لعبة الغاز،تستمع الى الموسيقى وتخمن من صاحبها يعنيالغازموسيقىالمميزات:- تجربة غير مسبوقة في لعبة عربية على هذا المستوى- تحدى اصحابك ومعرفتك الموسيقية في هذه اللعبة الرائعة- ساعات لا تنتهي من اللعب مع تحديثات مستمرة لاضافة المزيدمنالألحان- ألحان قديمة وحديثة سوف تأخذك في رحلة في عالمالأغنياتالعربية- شارك اللعبة مع اصحابك وتحداهم لتعرف جميع الاغاني في اللعبة- اغاني متنوعة ومناسبة لجميع الاعمار و فنانين مشهورين.- تخطي السؤال إذا لم تتمكن من الإجابة.- إستعمال وسائل المساعدة بنقاط التي كسبتها في حل الكلمات.- اللعب بدون انترنت.- مجانية الى الابد- عربية مئة بالمئة- يدعم جميع الاجهزه .- ذو تصميم جميل مما يساعد على سهوله الاستخدام.كيفية تشغيل التطبيق:اولا اضغط علي الميكروفون الموجود وسط الشاشة،بعد دلك ستشتغلالموسيقىلمدة عشرة ثواني أو أكثرثانيا:خمن في اسم المغني جيدا وأكتب اسمه في الخانة اسفلالشاشة.ثالثا: اكتشف بعض المؤثرات الجميلة في التطبيق كأن تكشف حرفا أوثلاثةحروف او أن تسأل اصدقائك عنها عن طريق الفيس بوك او جيميلرابعا:ادا كان جوابك صحيحا ستربح 10 نقطة وادا كان خاطئا ستخسر5نقاطخامسا:لا تنسا تقييم التطبيق بخمس نجوم .Hello to theapplicationof the songs rich definition, which you will discoverthe monthssongs and singers on the Moroccan and Arab level.You will find all the songs in Hedda famous application onYouTubeand most recently, as well as the best and most famousArabsingers.Melodies and songs from the Arab Ocean to the Gulf, do you thinkyouknow all the tunes that you possess supernatural memory? Ifthisgame is for you.Free Game Arab completely new based on the Net without testyourknowledge through a series of musical questions to acquirenewinformation about Arab music, artists and Arab singers.This game is the quality of her questions comprehensiveculturalcourse in the field of music and see some of thesingers.This new application contains over 150 varied question aboutthesongs that you have to know the singer or singer his song.Game link Arabic songs help you activate your mind and testyourknowledge of music and information about singers, Arab singersandartists who Sabhrkm content that we put in it and the uniquesakesand for your culture and test your knowledge. Valttbaiqcontainshundreds of questions about a variety of songs and Arabartiststhat will help you activate your mind and test yourknowledge ofthe musical.Showed your ability to guess and find out the owner of thesongthrough an audio clip of the song, and Lada difficult for youlikeyou can ask your friends directly through the networkingsiteFacebook from within the application.Game look like gas, listen to music and guess from its ownermeansgas Music Advantages:- an unprecedented experience in the Arab game at this level- Challenge your friends and musical knowledge in thiswonderfulgame- endless hours of playing with ongoing updates to addmoretunes- tunes old and new will take you on a journey in the worldofArabic songs- attended the game with your friends and challenged them toknowall the songs in the game- variety and music suitable for all ages andrenownedartists.- skip the question if you can not answer.- use aids points earned in solving words.- Playing without the Internet.- free forever- Arab hundred percent- Supports all devices.- a beautiful design which helps to ease of use.How to run the application:First, press the microphone located center of the screen, thenyouknead S_igl music for ten seconds or moreSecond: Guess the name of the singer well and write his name inthebox below the screen.Third, some beautiful effects in the application as ifdiscoveredreveal characters or three letters or ask about yourfriendsthrough Facebook or GmailFourth: Wada was your answer right will win 10 points Wada waswrongto lose 5 pointsFifth: The application does not Tnsa five-star evaluation.