1.1.0 / August 5, 2015
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Fly in phone is funny application which import flies in everyapplication . Fly in phone provides animation of moving flies onthe screen of the phone. Fly on screen can move show effects likereal fly in phone. Flies will show up anywhere and any openedapplication won't cover flies. Flies are quite natural. User canadd or remove fly. Flies have got behavior like real flies. Justopen flies in phone application and click on add fly to add fliesin phone. To close flies on screen application click on removeflies button and remove all flies you added in phone.- animation ofmoving flies on the screen- prank with friends- fly in phone- fliesin applications- fly on screen- like real flies

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    Fly in phone fun
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    August 5, 2015
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    Android 4.0 and up
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Cockroaches on the screen 2.0.1 APK
Add cockroaches in phone screen and have fun. Smash cockroach ifyou are nervous or you just want to do it. Cockroach in phone isprank application to have fun also with firends. Everyone willthink that a real cockroaches moves on screen of their phonesbecause of high quality of animation of the cockroaches. Cockroachin phone keep alive while application is running. To remove allcockroaches from phone you should open application once again andclick on remove button to remove all cockroaches. After removingcockroaches application will stopself in 10 seconds. Advantage ofcockroach in phone application is cockroaches are everywhere inevery application you can see cockroach. - Cockroach in phone,cockroach everywhere- Realistic animation of cockroaches- Smashcockroach- Cockroach smasher sound
Maps Ruler 1.1 APK
Maps Ruler help you to calculate distance between selected points.Maps Ruler is distance calculator application. Usually distancemeasure applications need for internet connection to calculate mapdistances. Maps Ruler free application need not internetconnection. That standard distance measure applications does notmeasure distance between points (you have to select start and endpoint on the map and that applications will show path how to reachto destination). So that kind of applications do not let youcalculate direct distance between point you have selected. What isneed is just to select maps point and maps ruler will draw straightlines and will calculate path distance between that point acrosslines. Measure distances will shown both in miles and in meters.Everything is quite simple. If you have added point on map,application will immediately show sum distance between first andlast points across all added points (direct distance betweenpoints). Also if you want to measure city distance just selectfirst city on the map, than second one and maps ruler will showcity distance.- Maps Ruler light- City Distance- Golf distancecalculator- Simple to use- Measure maps distance without internet-Measure map- distance measurement app- Search option- Map and Earthmodes- Distance in Meters and MilesWarning!For first use internetconnection is necessary.
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Body temperature prank application is body temprecher metersimulator using finger scanner simulation. To measure bodytemperature ( to simulate body temperature measurement ) usershould put finger in fingerprint scanner to activate fingerscanner. After that temperature value starts to increase. After fewseconds body temperature measure app finishes measuring and valueof body temperature begins to increase very slow. Application hasboth digital celsius and fahrenheit displays also mercury-in-glassor mercury thermometer scale. Do not forget that application isprank and it shows random body temperature depend on time of day.According to statistics normal human body temperature variesslightly by the time of day. The normal human body temperature isoften stated as 36.5–37.5. According to statistics body temperaturemeasured by body thermometer reaches to its maximum value at 5 pm.In finger boy temperature prank application finger body thermometerjust shows body temperature according to statistics which in turndepends on time of day.- body temprecher meter simulation- bodytemperature measure- finger body temperature- body temperaturethermometer