1.0 / January 24, 2016
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Help your monkey friend collect most ofcoinspossible.

Your monkey friend needs to collect coins to save his mortgagetobe executed by the bank!

Play all 1200 levels in this pure addicting fun game.

Inspired on the 1 Touch game series, this game is easy toplayand still challenging.

Do not be fooled by the first levels. It gets harder asyouprogress.

Recommended for all ages. For Phones and Tablets.


App Information Fly Monkey Fly

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Fly Monkey Fly 1.0 APK
Help your monkey friend collect most ofcoinspossible.Your monkey friend needs to collect coins to save his mortgagetobe executed by the bank!Play all 1200 levels in this pure addicting fun game.Inspired on the 1 Touch game series, this game is easy toplayand still challenging.Do not be fooled by the first levels. It gets harder asyouprogress.Recommended for all ages. For Phones and Tablets.Enjoy!
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