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NOTICEThis is my first application with the Cardboard support (VR).I have tested it on my both smartphones (Samsung Galaxy A3 andHonor 5X) without gyroscope (I hope it will works onyours).INTRODUCTION“Fly or Die 3” is a 3D space shooter gamedeveloped by Philippe Bousquet [email protected], it is nowavailable in Final version and will be available on :- Web site(WebGL)- Linux (32 & 64 bits)- Ms-Windows (32 & 64 bits)-Android (Smartphones & Tablets)- Android with VR support(Cardboard)HELPYou are a space pilot, lost in space, and you haveto survive into this hostile environment. There are many dangershere like Asteroids or various Enemy's spacecrafts. To maneuveryour space craft, you can use the arrows keys to move and the LeftControl Key to fire (PC) or the accelerometer to move and TouchScreen to fire (Smartphone / Tablet).Space is full of asteroids,and you'll surely encounter many of these. You can destroy these,and each asteroid destroyed will give you 10 points.UFO is thefirst type of enemy's spacecraft you'll encounter. Their inflightmaneuver are horizontal maneuvers. They also have a double cannonon front. Each UFO destroyed will give you 20 points.Anotherenemy's spacecraft is the bomber. it only have vertical inflightmaneuvers, but its canon can rotate, so it can hit you even if it'snot in front of your spacecraft. Each bomber destroyed will giveyou 30 points.The last type of spacecraft you may encounter is theinterceptor. It has complex inflight maneuvers, and has 4 canons,so be carefful. Each interceptor destroyed will give you 40points.To help you, you may encounter some bonus items.- Shielditem : protect you from enemy's laser and collision- Laser item :will give you up to two more shot spawns- Life item : will help youto resist from enemy's lasersHISTORY"Fly Or Die 3" is the thirdgame of the "Fly Or Die" serie, which was started in 1992.The first"Fly Or Die" was developed in 1992, it was written in Gw-Basic(under Msdos). It was only designed with Gw-Basic's graphicsfunctions, and sound was only internal, it ran under a Commodore PC10-III (320x200, 4 colors and 4.7 MHz)."Fly Or Die 2" was developedin 1997, and was written in Turbo Pascal with ASM routines.Graphics were a little bit better with external sprites (renderedwith P.O.V.), musics were under MOD format. It could run on a PCDX2 80 (320x200, 256 colors and 88Mhz).And now "Fly Or Die 3" in2016, written under Unity, with 3D models from Blender and,Graphics designed with The Gimp. It Can run on Ms-Windows, Linuxand Android (smartphones and tablets).It's a Free Software (GnuGeneral Public License v3) so, share it and enjoy...CREDITSThisGame was developed by Philippe Bousquet [email protected] underUnity, and is inspired from the Unity's Tutorial "Space Shooter" :http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/space-shooter-tutorial3Dmodels were designed by Philippe Bousquet under Blender, and arereleased under Creative Commons By-Sa License.Some Graphics (asexplosions or starfield) are original's graphics from the tutorial.The others (lasers, background, textures) were designed by PhilippeBousquet under The Gimp with parts from OpenClipart.org (CCBy-Sa).Sound effects come from SoundBible.com and were tuned withAudacity. They are under Creative Commons By-Sa License.Musics arefrom "Fly Or Die 2" and were tuned with Milky Tracker. They areunder Creative Commons By-Sa License.The game’s source code isunder Gnu General Public License v3 and is available on :https://github.com/darken33/flyordie3

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