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Welcome the new lot of special addition cars which can make youlongfor an addictive race car play game for a more time you canimagine!This flying car simulator game is full of unpredictablechallengesand surprises to keep you hooked for an anticipatedbattleadventure! So tie on your seat belts and position your pilotcar tobecome a part of the jet race car game simulation offeringyou aflight car to break all conservative barriers to race gargames inour era! You are just one click away from this soulfreeing carflying battle adventure! Visit your app store anddownload the mostseeked free car racing simulation game! Flyingcar death race warsimulator provides you with an outlet of realdriving game givingall the controls of your flying car simulatorin your hands!Experience the shooting racer flying cars 3dsimulation with a deathdrift war battle adventure turning into adeath war battle with theflying car enemies! Once you download theflying car shooting racergame from your app store load it to beginplay car game. You have tonow choose your favorite car to playdeath drift shooting carsimulation game, out of the multipleavailable choice of flyingcars. Remember, your wing flyingshooting racing car has to spot theenemy with the help of thenavigation map and become a shootingracer winning the warsimulator battle adventure. The flying car cancome across enemycars on battle war in real driving simulator orflying carsimulator, you can convert yourself in a real driving caror aflying shooting racing car at any suitable time! This flyingcargame is time based, which means every level has a target tomeetwhich needs to be completed in the required given time! Ifyoudon’t meet the targets in the carrier mode you will loseagainstyour enemies and your health meter will give up on you! Usetheturning controls on the screen joystick to make the flying carmovein the right directions and convert to a real drivingshootingracing car when the enemy cars plan to reduce you to asheswithmanipulative plans. The free car racing simulator also offersriskbreak hazard controls to dodge the enemy in the righttimesimultaneously saving your own self! So download now, andbecome apart of a fierce yet thrilling war battle adventuresimulation! HOWTO PLAY *** ● Start the flying car game ● Select theflying car ofpreference ● Understand the target ● Finish the targetin giventime ● Spot the enemy through navigation map ● Use onscreenjoystick controls move about the car in directions ● Usetheshooting racer car to finish the enemy cars ● Unlock next levelsofflying car game *** FEATURES OF THE GAME *** ● Various levels●Flying cars3d simulation ● Car enemies ● Navigation map ●Varietyof flying cars ● City environment ● Racing carconversionsimulation to flying car ● 3D simulation ● HD Graphics●Interactive flying play car game ● Onscreen joystick turningandbreak controls

App Information Flying Car Shooting Death Racing Drift

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    Flying Car Shooting Death Racing Drift
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    April 14, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Game X Revolution
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Superhero Car Stunts Buggy Racing 1.1.1 APK
Do you love superhero games? Do you like to play differentsuperhero games for a variety of fun?? We have created a new andsuper cool superhero game for you where not only do you get to playwith your favourite superheroes but you get them to drive and raceagainst each other on a buggy jeep!! Doesn’t that sound like anexciting superhero game to play??This game is no simple superheroracing superhero game but this is an exciting and thrillingsuperhero stunt racing jeep superhero game!! You’ll have a varietyof superheroes racers to choose from to compete in the stunt racingsuperhero championship!! Each superhero will have a superhero buggyof their own they’ll have to be stunt racing in gearing up toaccelerate and win the superhero race. The environment is veryattractive of the superhero racing buggy car racing games!! Thetracks are for stunts racing stunt cars, with a track and ramp forstunts racing of superhero racing. In this hero buggy hero racinggame adventure is guaranteed a hundred percent!! Especially if youlove superheroes, this game is a full treat!!Each superhero willhave their own special superhero powers as a superhero racingspecial attack which gives many racing games winning advantages!!You can ride on your buggy with you web, your cape and even yourshield and use them for special superhero racing winning benefits!!After all it is a stunts performing buggy racing game of yourfavourite superhero jeep driver!!Perform some awesome car stuntswith your favourite superhero racing superhero racer in amazingbuggy car superhero games!! Here is how you can play and master thebuggy car jeep driving superhero racing superhero game:¬ Selectfrom a variety of superhero characters which include;- iron hero-spider hero- web hero- super hero- bat hero- monster hero - captainracing and many more!!¬ Start the game play. ¬ Use on screencontrols and tilt your phone for buggy car jeep superhero racing. ¬Perform stunts provided on the stunt tracks of the superhero racinggames.¬ Win against superhero component and play againafter.****Features of the superhero buggy car jeep superhero racinggame***• Stunts performing environment. • Multiple superherocharacters to choose from for superhero racing. • Racing gamessimulation.• 3D simulation.• HD graphics.• Special effects. •Superhero racing stunt driving!!! • Special superhero attacksimulators. This superhero game allows you to test your racinglimits and check your superheroes racing abilities. So download nowand play now for a thrilling to accelerate and gearing up yoursuperhero racing loving heart!!
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Play impossible tracks racing super bike stunt bike road runsimulator super bike game! Download now for a challenging daredevilbiking experience. This super bike racing simulator stunt game hasa lot of thrilling wheeling and bike racing features!! You can nowdo off road racing on running road with awesome stunt bike racingtechniques, simply choose your super bike racing stunt bike andplay the game for awesome stunt bike racing features! The superbike racing game allows you to perform daredevil biking stunts likewheeling and speeding while super bike racing!!!Downloading superbike racing game and choose your challenging impossible trackssuper bike racing level to unlock new bike racing environments andlevels and with that you can also download stunt bike of yourchoice and perform super bike tricks. The rules of super bikeracing are simple, you choose your super bike stunt bike and beginbike racing, now you have to perform stunt tasks and bike tricks inthe time given for racing games! For this super bike racing youhave to avoid obstacles like axes or pendulum knives and make yourbike racing stunt bike reach the ending point!In between the superbike racing save your stunt bike from breaking and crashing andreach the top!! In the middle of the super bike racing game you canjump, tilt and touch control the stunt bike, bike racing simulatorand collect coins!By collecting coins you will able to unlock newstunt bike and levels. So you will be bike racing through differentatmospheres like the space, under water, over lava, between snowand also rain! Save your stunt in bike racing game and become thedaredevil biker everyone is afraid off!!How to play Super BikeRacing Impossible Tracks:• Select from a total of 15 levels. •Select the player mode from a total of 2 modes.• Select from atotal of 5 super bike stunt bikes.• Choose one environment perlevel out of 5 environment in total which include:> lava>under water> space> snow > rain• Begin racing at givenspeed.• Avoid obstacles like pendulum and cross them to reach endpoint. • Touch screen jump and slide to avoid obstacles. • Collectcoins to unlock and reach new levels.Features of Super Bike RacingImpossible Tracks: • 15 total levels. • Multiple gameplayer modes.•Multiple fascinating super bike stunt bikes.• Multiple environmentsimulation.• Controls and important notification given on screen. •Obstacle simulation. • Touch and tap screen feature. • Coincollection. • 3d stunt simulation.Download impossible tracks racingsuper bike stunt bike racing game right away to achieve a 3Dsimulation thrill of a lifetime by surviving with stunt bike asstuntman in super bike racing games!!
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Play stunt car driving simulator racing games for a thrilling stuntexperience! Download now and enjoy the stunt racing of your life!Play the stunt car game to perform lots of impossible stunt racingtricks in awesome car racing game!The game gives you multiplefeatures to perform stunt of all types! Test your driving andracing techniques of stunt car racing and see yourself become a carchampion! Perform racing game tracks on the running road! Justchoose the stunt car you want and race your car away! With this carracing simulator speed up and become the car champion!! Bydownloading this car racing game you can choose the challenging carchampion impossible car racing level and unlock new and various carracing environments and levels of adventure! After that you will beable to get a stunt car of your choice to perform racing gametracks car stunt!!The car racing game is both simple and tricky!You have to choose your stunt car and begin car racing you willalso perform stunt tasks and car tricks in the given racing games!That seems simple that you just have to race but while racing yourcar racer will have to avoid obstacles in the way like pendulumknives and axes! Avoid these obstacles carefully and reach to thefinish line of awesome care racing game!!While being carefullyalready, when you are car racing, save you stunt car from breakingand hitting and crashing into impossible sideways! You can make youstunt car perform stunts like jumping, tilting and drift braking byusing on screen controls! Then you can control the stunt car, stuntcar racing simulator and the collect coins!! After you havecollected suitable stunt car racing coins, you can unlock new stuntcars and stunt car levels! You will be given environment andatmospheres to race through like space, under water, over lava andthrough snow and rain! These are environmental stunt car racingobstacles you have to go through and protect your stunt car from!Prove to the world that you are the car champion by speeding up inthe stunt car racing simulator racing games!***How to play stuntcar:***• Select level from 15 given levels. • Select the playermode from the given 2 modes.• Select your car from the given totalof 5 stunt cars.• Choose one environment per level out of given 5environment which are:> lava> under water> space> snow> rain• Begin racing at given speed on screen.• Avoid obstacleslike pendulum and cross them to reach end point. • Touch screenjump and slide to avoid obstacles. • Collect coins to unlock andreach new levels.***Features of stunt car:*** • 15 total levels. •Multiple gameplayer modes.• Multiple fascinating stunt cars.•Multiple environment simulation.• Controls and importantnotification given on screen. • Obstacle simulation. • Touch andtap screen feature. • Coin collection. • 3d stuntsimulation.Download challenging stunt car racing game now toachieve an amazing visual of 3D simulation stunt car experience bysurviving through with stunt car as a car stuntman in the mostexciting stunt car games!!
City Taxi Cab Driver Pickup Car Simulator 1.1.3 APK
With the increase in population, passengers are also increasingwhich means that more transportation is also needed. Consideringthe unavailability of transportation facilities taxi have alwaysbeen around for the ease of the public passengers. Following thatpassenger ease let’s see how well you are at providing passengerease.Become a taxi driver simulator in this new taxi simulator taxigame and make it your goal to take the passengers to theirdestination. Consider the city a taxi city where your taxi is theking. You have to prove with your driving that you are the king ofall taxi driver simulators. The gameplay is really fun of thisgame. There are multiple taxi driving levels where you will beresponsible for the pick and drop of the passenger to theirdestination. You will be picking different kinds of passengers likea single passenger, a full set of family taxi passengers or evenfriends.The taxi simulator game also has scenes where the taxidriver has to drive the two friend passengers to a party. Anotherscene is where the taxi driver simulator has to drive to thehelipad because you will be picking a passenger landing off from ahelicopter. Another scene is where the taxi driver simulator has topick a mechanic to fix cars. There are some dos and don’ts in thegame. The dos of the game have been mentioned above, the don’tsinclude:• Completing taxi passenger destination driving task in theprovided time. Don’t exceed the time given.• Do n’t hit thecrossing people with your taxi or your modern taxi driving gamewill be over. ***How to play taxi simulator game***• Start the game• Select levels out of 10 taxi driving levels. • Select your moderntaxi.• Begin the level in taxi city environment. • Drive around inyour taxi till a passenger stops you.• The passengers could be:¬ Asingle person¬ A family¬ Friends ¬ Special guest ¬ Mechanic • Drivethe passenger to their destination. • Complete all taxi drivingtasks in the given time.***Features of taxi simulator game***•Multiple levels.• Multiple taxi simulators. • City scapeenvironment.• Multiple passenger simulators. • Time based taxidriving tasks. • Multiple destination points.• Hd graphics.• Funsounds.Enjoy this taxi city taxi drive in your modern taxi cab bybeing the best taxi driver to fulfil your taxi craze and defeat theunleashing traffic by providing the passengers the best destinationtaxi drive ever!!! Download the taxi driving games now and reachthe top of the taxi driving charts by being the best modern taxidriver ever.
SuperHero Bus Stunt City Racing 1.1.2 APK
Here is another unique superhero game for your action filledheart!! This new game comes with another stunt based superherothemed game!! After receiving a great response for our previoussuperhero games we come with an another stunt hero game but in theform of bus driving games this time!!! This new bus driving gameincludes another bunch of popular superhero characters racing forthe finish line on stunt tracks but on a bus simulator!!! Each herohas their own themed bus that they will be driving and racing onagainst each other!!!It is only here you will get to see a punch ofhealthy and mature superheroes giving their all to impress playersto choose them as their bus driver to win this ultimate stunt busstunt drive on special stunt tracks designed for bus simulatorbuses!!We’ve had other superhero stunt games come in and go butisn’t this one cool? Just the thought of bus driving racing issuper funny and fun to imagine that too with superhero charactersas the individual bus driver for their personal bus!! Doesn’t itsound so interesting?? This is a super bus driving game which istechnically also racing game because the superhero bus driver areabout to head on with each other on the stunt tracks to see whoreaches the finish line first and win the title of the best stuntbus driver in this ultimate bus driving game!!! There are multipledrivers to choose from! Each hero will have their own costumedthemed bus simulator to stunt race against each other!! Accordingto the superhero the special bus simulator each hero stunt bus isdesigned to the special characteristics of the superhero drivingthe bus, for example wolf mans bus can have thorns as a specialstunt effect (just an example)There are multiple superheroes forexample spider boy, bat hero, green monster, iron hero and a lotmany more!! The game is set in a stunt rumble tracks area where itis a bus driving racing arena where all buses come to race!! Thisis a very thrilling game for hero lovers!! Perform multiple stuntsas shown in the game play, the on screen controls make the gamevery convenient to play for gamers!!! A simple HOW TO PLAY **** •Select the superhero character • Start the stunt bus level • Withthe help of on screen controls race, gear and accelerate at anyspeed you like the bus to be at!!• Defeat your hero opponent andcontinue performing more bus stunts in this awesome bus simulatorgame!!FEATURES OF THE GAME • Stunt tracks for bus simulator • Onscreen controls • Multiple themed buses and hero characters!• 3Dsimulation • Bus driving simulator • HD graphics