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Million years ago, lived a dragon mother with its baby dragon inthe dragon city. One day, the knight from a town near the dragoncity came to the Dragon city to trap the mother dragon and thebaby. This lead to an extreme battle between the flying dragon andthe knight.The Dragon mother fought the battle and killed all men,but this lead her to a severe injury. She couldn’t survive thewounds and died. Baby dragon witnessed the entire fight. He losthis mother which left him all alone. He grew up as a wild dragonand created the dragon city as a fire city where there was lavaeverywhere so that no human can come there. The Fire kept burningin the eyes of the wild dragon. Whenever anyone tries to cross theboundaries of the dragon city also known as fire city, the dragonfire befalls on the knight or a human. Be the wild dragon and fightthe humans by using your powers. A flying dragon who has the powerto take out dragon fire and through it on people to save the DragonCity. A GAME OF DRAGON TAKING REVENGE OF HIS MOTHER.Flying DragonFire Beast 3D Simulation is a simulator games battle, revenge,fight and a fire dragon! Become the dangerous mighty dragon and flyaround the Dragon city. Keep a watch on your fi re city and make itprotected from the knight trying to enter the Dragon city. FlyingDragon Fire Beast 3D Simulation Games Features • 100 percentdragon’s life• Timer for completing each level.• Enjoy the mostterrifying levels being the wild fire dragon.• Unlimited furiouslevels of battle and revenge in animal simulator games• Findmultiple enemies as you reach the higher levels. • The dragon citywith lava floor everywhere.• As you fight the knights, battle thefurious and much stronger enemy dragons trying to take over yourDragon city.• BEWARE of the fire of enemy dragons. That might killyou in the higher levels.• A fire dragon simulator 3D with a flyingfeature. Guide him where to move.• Powerful controls for the wildflying dragon.• Use the Joystick to move the Dragon and fire buttonto hit the enemy. • Health bar of the enemy dragon. • Beat thestrong enemy dragons with epic responsive powersHOW TO PLAY THEFLYING DRAGON FIRE SIMULATOR• Start the game with the flyingDragon. • Use the movements with the help of Joystick on screen tomove around in the Dragon city, Simulator Games• Locate and findthe knight on the horse and enemy dragons in the animal simulatorgames• Use the Fire button to through fire on the opponent, enemydragon who are much stronger and you must kill them with firebefore you run out of health.• You need to kill the enemy by endingtheir health bar. • When the game requirement ends, your level iscompleted and you move to another furious level!Play the FlyingDragon Fire Beast 3D Simulation, an animal simulator games where aFire dragon has taken over the entire city in revenge of hismother’s death. All the houses and buildings are burnt so no onecan go and live there. You have to maintain the fire city and killeveryone who tries to come in. THE DRAGON CITY NEEDS YOUR POWERS!Bethe wild beast you are fight the enemy as flying dragon in thebattle games in your lava city. Protect your throne with greatflying dragon and fire dragon super powers and become the greatestwild beast fire dragon of the kingdom.

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    August 22, 2017
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