1.0 / September 22, 2016
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You are the only master these lands deserve! Destroy enemies withyour fire breath, find an appropriate mate, raise up nestlings andrule the Magic World as a powerful dragon with Flying DragonsClan!Feel like the real dragon, like that scaled guys from mythsand old tales. Explore Magical World and make it your territory!Fight against varies monsters, inhabiting these lands – ogres,vampires, devil dinos, beholders and other terrific creatures! Bethe terror and menace from the sky and just struggle!Start your owndragon adventure, fly above forests and plains to recruit newdragons to your flock! Try to survive in this cruel and enchantedworld – and become the most dangerous creature here by yourself!Meet other beasts to make friends with them or fight against, huntthe normal animals – predators and herbivores alike – use yourbreath, fangs, and claws!Be a powerful scaled magic monster, spreadyour reign across the forests and fields, protect you and yourfamily from predators, and become the ruler of the whole world withFlying Dragons Clan 3D game!Complete different flight and battlingmissions, burn crash and destroy everything as a cruel beast! Earnpoints to raise up your dragon characteristics and buy power-ups tomade it stronger! Customize your dragon to make it unique! Have funplaying Flying Dragons Clan 3D – great game for those who lovesanimal simulators!Flying Dragons Clan 3D features- Ultimate dragonsimulator in 3D- Different missions including survival mode- Fullcustomization of your dragon- Varies fantasy creatures – make themfriends or struggle as the opponents- Interactive 3D worldDo youlike animal simulators? Then, flap your webbed wings and fly overthe world as a mighty mythical beast with Flying Dragons Clan 3D!

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    Flying Dragons Clan 3D
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    September 22, 2016
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    Android 3.0 and up
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