1.3 / February 22, 2014
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HELP GUP FIND WATER. Gup's lake has dried out and it is your job tohelp him find a new one. Flap and fly through the forest to gainpoints and get to a higher level. Compete against friends withbuilt in leaderboards. "I hate this game, let Gup dry out" -BetaTester "Better than Flappy Bird" -Developer "kinda fun i guess!"-Addie Hogan

App Information Flying Gup

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    Flying Gup
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    February 22, 2014
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    Sam Hogan
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    6710 Deerberry Ct. Burlington KY, 41005 USA
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HELP GUP FIND WATER. Gup's lake has dried out and it is your job tohelp him find a new one. Flap and fly through the forest to gainpoints and get to a higher level. Compete against friends withbuilt in leaderboards. "I hate this game, let Gup dry out" -BetaTester "Better than Flappy Bird" -Developer "kinda fun i guess!"-Addie Hogan
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