1.0 / July 6, 2016
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Magic lions always were protectors oftheselands and now the time has come – new generation came to claimthethrone of the World of Magic! We are the new rulers of the WorldofMagic! Spread your wings and spread your power over the lands!Beproud and merciless, hunt the prey and fight other predators asatrue master and leader! Become the king of sky and land withFlyingLions Clan 3D!
Do you like big cats and wild animal simulators? Or, maybe, youlovecartoon ‘bout lions? Then, check Flying Lions Clan 3D! Jointhebattle for the power of this world, fight against predators andpreyalike, survive in this cruel world by all costs and claim thethronewith this game!
Begin your own flying magical lion adventure, exploreforests,plains, and skies to recruit new cubs and big cats to yourpride!Be a beautiful magic animal, fly over the forests and fieldstofind food, protect you and your family from other predatorsandbecome the king of the Magic World with Flying Lions Clan3Dgame!
Raise up your lion characteristics and buy power-ups to madeitstronger! Unlock new abilities, like a fire breath! Earn pointsandcustomize your big cat to make it unique! Choose gender, nameandcolor and have fun playing Flying Lions Clan 3D – great gameforthose who loves animal simulators!
Flying Lions Clan 3D features
• Become the ruler of the World of Magic
• Face many unusual opponents
• Try different game modes - story mode & survival mode
• Enjoy the full customization of your lion – choose anygender,color of skin, mane and even a cutie mark!
• Explore interactive 3D world
Create your own clan of flying lions and clash with othercreaturesin the battle of power with Flying Lions Clan 3D!

App Information Flying Lions Clan 3D

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