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Do you know who’s the super hero , its you!! Welcome to the crimestates, where you get the best chance to be a spider hero &superhuman. Get yourself trained by legends for betterment andother favorite hero on the roof building. Let's play the mostexhilarating and electrifying game of the monster league. Be asuper spider mutant and indulge yourself in dangerous quest againstterrorist, gangster and shadow mafia robbers in spider hero game.It’s a non-stop action and fun packed game and ultimate grandchase.Choose your favorite hero amongst other big hero and defeat mafiacriminals of crime states. If you are looking for something new andastonishing, so this ropes hero game is here for you. It is nowtime to become the mutant rope man who will fight against shadowmafia robbers in this city mania. Are you ready to showcase yoursurprise attacks with sneaky tricks against your ultimate rival’smafia agents? It's time to be real superhuman experiencing bestsimulation game.Are you ready for the real superhero puzzlenon-stop action?? Its superhero vs superhero, battle with theflying heroes defeating them will increase your chances againstshadow mafia robbers. This super spider game will be upon yourgreat expectations and will provide you big hero mutant gameexperience. Crime rate is growing in the city and the situation istotally off the control for the Metropolitan Police. Only anamazing spider boy who fly with rope & poses immense supernatural capabilities can handle the chaos. Don’t let the mafiaagents rule the streets put an end to this cops episode. Being areal spider hero, it’s your turn to show all your epic power &marvelous strategy to protect the people and crime mutation. Useincredible fighting skills of a rope man to put an end to monsterleague. Become the most courageous and fearless war boxing hero.Live life of an amazing spider boy from one building to anotherplaying this flying spider simulator. Your job is get trained formlegends for fighting with criminals playing this super spider herothriller. The flying spider simulator gives you a complete non-stopaction experience of city battle unseen in some strange hero games.You know who’s the super hero.Be a part of real superhero fightingsquad, real spider hero is all about adventure survival game. Beinga super spider hero you need to show some flying heroes mutantpower and maneuvering ropes hero strategy. Make a desperatesurvival mission to stand among the living in this bold adventuresurvival game. Fly to survive around in grand city mania withamazing spider boy vigilant power and make world a better place tolive experiencing this fun packed game.Flying Spider Boy: SuperheroTraining Academy Game Features: 5 exciting flying spidermissions.Abilities like sticking wall to wall, flying, throwingweb.Make your own combo setFly with rope in the city Fantasticallyexhilarating gameplayEpic graphics, sound effects & puppetphysics Download and play the best simulation game “Flying SpiderBoy: Superhero Training Academy Game”. Do give us your reviewsabout our game & become a real superhero with bazooka unique.

App Information Flying Spider Boy: Superhero Training Academy Game

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    Flying Spider Boy: Superhero Training Academy Game
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    May 29, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Vinegar Games
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Hidden Scene: Fear House takes you to a dreamysituation where a boy is faced with a surreal situation of escapingout of a house. Every house has its secrets. This wonderful hiddenobject game gives you the unique opportunity to find amazinglife-like items in different rooms of a mysterious suburban house.All that's left of the family that once lived there are theirdiscarded belongings which reveal a terrible secret. Bewildered bywhat appears to be a mansion, a boy who seems to be trapped tosolve a mystery that begins with an old dusty room which ends up atthe entrance door of the mansion. Find hidden objects, solvepuzzles and prepare yourself for an ending that will take you to aplace darker than you can imagine!Key Features of Hidden Scene: Fear House- Swap the pieces into their correct spot- Rotate the pieces into their correct spot- Different Shapes of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces to make the puzzle morechallenging!!- Amazing HD Background Sounds and Interactive GameplayDownload this dynamic jigsaw puzzle now! Uncover the beautifulhidden scenes in Hidden Scene: Fear House.
Kids Candy Shop 1.0.3 APK
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Your candy wish has come true! Enter KidsCandy Shop, the sweet land of gummy bears, lollipops, chocolatecaramel and ice candy all under one roofExperience candy mania in a sweet candy land with variety ofcandies for kids. Kids Candy Shop is the best candy shop in townwith tons of candy to offer to its growing list of customers.Through word of mouth, more and more people are now coming to buychocolates, jawbreakers, rock candy, lollipops, toppings, candycrush powder, salt water taffy and many more candies.You are the owner and shopkeeper of this dream candy land shop.Help the customers buy candies by selling the right candy to themand earn tons of money! More and more people are now excited to buyyour candies which might need a candy stock re-fill if they are allsold. For that you will have to call Lui the candy supplier to giveyou all the candies to re-fill your store and keep your customershappy and coming for more.Kids Candy Shop gives you✔ Easy tap and drag gameplay✔ Fun and exciting sweet candy selling games for everyone✔ Huge variety of exciting candies.✔ Unlimited gameplay – make more money by selling morecandies✔ Different customers with unique animations.✔ Colorful and bright visuals in a sweet land of candy.So what are you waiting for? Let’s help people buy loads ofsweet candy in Kids Candy Shop!
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Find all the required Hidden Objects togather all the items to exorcise the ghosts. But beware—the ghostsare watching, and they are vengeful.Enter a Mansion with Hidden Objects in Hidden Object: HauntedRelics!Engage in a challenging game play and find all the objects inthe scene within the time limit!Use hints to give yourself a clue about the objects that aredifficult to find!Absolutely uniquely crafted haunted scenes where you have tofind as many hidden objects as you can!Hidden Object: Haunted Relics gives you stunning visuals withimmersive sound effects that will make you want to play this gameforever!-----HOW TO PLAY-----To exorcise a ghost in each level, player must find objectsbelonging to the ghost, scattered throughout the room. You havelimited time to accomplish this. Player will be given clues basedon the silhouettes of the object. Once these objects are found, theghost will be no more and the player moves on to the next level.However, every few minutes the ghost itself will appear, blinkinginto view. You must NOT touch the screen while the ghost is there,or you will be caught by the ghost and lose the level. If theplayer runs out of time, the ghost catches you and you lose.KEY FEATURES OF HIDDEN OBJECT: HAUNTED RELICS- Uniquely Designed Horror and Haunted Worlds with a hauntedmansion, Insane Asylums, and Hospitals with Mysterious places inthis adventure game!- Amazing Sound effects for real-time interactivity that willmesmerize and haunt you!- Classic and Vintage objects to find in your journey!- Detailed haunted world to make up for an enchanting gameplay withvarious levels to explore!- Easy Tap & Drag Gameplay- Friendly Help Screen to guide you along as you try to find hiddenobjects in a very scary and haunted place.
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There lives a lone kitty cat food maker, wholives his day and night in his pet cake shop working for the petbaby care, and making food for city cat and crazy cat. But now theCat food maker demands a food battle for the street food makerquest, and the challenge is not an easy one as you have to run thepet cake shop as well as take good pet baby care. What he needs isa willing young kitty cake maker who can take his place in thekitty city, and be the pet baby care of them.Are you willing enough to make your own cat story and take thechallenge of Cat food maker to feed all the crazy cat and city catin the street food maker quest?From many different cat to feed in this pet food games, and amazingnew food battle challenges, the cat food maker is equipped with allthe thrill that pet food games can offer for your cat story.Be the kitty cake maker, of kitty kisses maker, you have all thevariety of pet food to choose from for my pet cat. Taking the foodmaker and pet care games to whole newer level, Kitty Cat Food Makeris not the usual cat fishing game, it is sure to make the littleones make their cat story in fun and addictive way.Key Features:• Easy tap and drag pet food game• Fun and easy, food battle for everyone to enjoy.• Tons of exciting different pet food like kitty cake maker andkitty kisses maker• Kid’s friendly content• Free and simple girls, kids Cat food maker games• Cat Food Maker suitable for whole family.
Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission 1.0.4 APK
Vinegar Games
After the sheer liking and success of secret agent spy game bankrobbery stealth mission here are some action games for freemissions in a hotel environment. Its not about secret agent bankrobbery it’s all about a secret spy who is in an American hotelwith high profile targets to execute and high priority nationalsecurity files stealing. Live life of secret spy who operates underthe radar, Trained as sniper shooter in for stealth games in hotelassassination mission, exhibit quickly moves & sneak stealthmoves. Infiltrate hotel building use your secret agent spy missionsniper shooting skills to reach the final destination. Utilize yourSniper 3D gun sniper shooting experience for stealth attack thehotel security guards. Aim and shoot to stealth shoot in one of thebest first person shooting special agent game ever in hotelassassination. It’s a free game to test your stealth killing secretagent elite secret service abilities. It is time for an ultimate 3Daction game for free in a hotel staff MI6 special force missionstealth game. Take down American hotel security guards & crackthe high security zone 4 area using your night vision carefullysurvive the agent survival game. Sneak behind enemy securityguards. Shoot cameras, pick locks in this fps shooting. Being aprofessional special agent spy get ready to execute dangerous highprofile target operation. In love with secret agent spy games? Playas hired gun and follow high profile targets in this Secret AgentSpy Game: Hotel Assassination Mission spy game. Get ready for anultimate secret agent stealth mission game and plan assassinatonattempt being a special agent of special force. Fps shooting hasn’tbeen this action games for free and full of high profile targetsdisguise. As a special secret agent of the secret spy agency, enterhotel and become a part of hotel staff to navigate VIP guest. Asyou’re a famous secret spy of secret service agency &authorities don’t have any doubts on your stealth shootingabilities. Be in hotel management, fool hotel manager and securityguards secret spy in this secret service agent survival game.Secret agency has hired gun you secret agent max for this highprofile assassinations mission secret mission that involves stealthshooting, dodging security guards, reach the high profile targetroom and do not get killed or caught in this secret mission MI6special force game. Playing Secret Agent Spy Game: HotelAssassination Mission is all about staying in a stealth missionmode to hide yourself from the enemies & security cameras.Fight hotel manager, hotel staff & security guards to completesniper shooting & long range guns assignation missions. You aregoing to be a top-level special force highly trained secret agentassassin in secret agent game so become the contract killingexpert. Just get started using your elite sneaky skills to reachhotel management and execute VIP guests being a hired gun disguise.Save your country playing secret agent assassination mission game.Enjoy one of the best secret spy games in hotel assassinationmission. Secret Agent Spy Game: Hotel Assassination MissionFeatures 5 secret agent missions Realistic Grand hotel environmentHighly challenging stealth mission games for real spy Real timesniper shooting & long range guns A.I based VIP guest securityguard’s Intuitive FPS and 3rd Person Controls Get best stealth spygame full of drama and intense game play available in Play Storefor free. Download this game, live life of spy agent.  
Dinosaur Transportation Truck Driving: City Hunter 1.0.1 APK
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Welcome to Jurassic Park Simulator the Dinosaurs Theme Park In thisgame you have to bring back all the deadly animals back to the Zoo.Many dinosaurs has Escape from the zoo. Transport them back to thezoo. You will have many kinds of 4x4 and 6x6 trailer and truck inthe game. You have catch them from the city and bring them to zooto lock again in the cage. Dinosaurs are everywhere in the city andjungle Catch them carefully and put them in cage again. Be carefulwhile transporting the big dinosaurs. Use 4x4 and 6x6 heavy trucktrailer to transport them back.In this game you will have 4x4 and6x6 jeeps to follow and point out that where Dinosaurs are damagingthe assets. Take your heavy truck and trailer to them and give themsome meet to and catch them, put them in truck or trailer and cargodinosaurs back to the zoo. These are very dangerous animals. Makethe city safe from these dinosaurs.Features of Dinosaur Transport -Zoo Sim- Drive a heavy armored 4x4 and 6x6 truck and trailerthrough the city.- Protect the city people from these angrybeasts.- More Jurassic dinosaur and angry animal simulator.- Bringall Dinosaurs to Zoo.
Doctor Clinic Ear Surgery Sim 1.0.1 APK
Vinegar Games
Haven’t all the little doctor kids everwondered what craziness runs in the ear doctors clinic?So grab on your suitcase and get those ear surgery simulatortools ready, as the little doctor kid are going to be the new crazyear surgery doctor of the crazy hospital.The kids are confused andwant the best treatment for their injuries, that is why they havecome to the little ear surgery doctor’s clinic. So why don’t youput your med school skills in the doctor mania fun offered by theear surgery simulator.Just follow the rules, and you will rock the doctor kid earsurgeon simulator. There is a nurse to assist you in the operationtheater so just focus on making the ear surgery as successful asyour other doctor mania surgery games. Operate now and make thekids see well, with your very own top-notch tools to assist you inthis magnificent surgeon simulator and test your med schoolskills.Key Features:• Easy tap and drag game play.• Doctor office kid's friendly content.• Choose from 2 different patients in the doctor hospital• Make the patients happy again with the crazy surgeon.• Enjoy the doctor clinic games with a wide variety of tools• Cool Background music and High-Definition graphics of doctorhospital• Suitable for the whole familyThe adventures of crazy ear surgery doctor are entertaining aswell as educating, let your little one try their luck at doctormania and let them run their own crazy ear clinic in the craziesttown ever.