1.2 / October 20, 2017
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Flying Spider hero survival battle war fightis an ultimate amazing action game.The Newyork gangster was thepowerful gangster. Their crime Increasing day by day. They aredealing with drugs, Guns, People and Target killing. He got one andonly friend. They are more than brothers. But they have to pay fortheir crime sooner or later. One day US army attack inNewyork.After few days when his friend heard about it. he makes theplan to break the jail and help his one and only friend. So theydress a costume of amazing Spider hero and visit Jail, and fightall of the policemen.He faces all difficulty for his only friend.and in the end, he completes the mission and both of them leave theNewyork forever.
Use your flying spider hero super powers & strange abilities torescue your injured fellow military army commando soldiers fromwar. Just like you the other military army commando soldiers whoare fighting the enemy on the front line are also here which makesit important to take care of them when the fall during the battle.The military army has chosen other agents on the basis of yourflying spider hero super powers & strange abilities for this tokill you and take revenge with gangsters commander.
Get ready & dress up as a super amazing spider hero or amazingspider hero to get engaged in amazing Spider hero survival battlewar fight while using your Flying Spider Superhero powers alongwith the flying hero and rope hero spider skills required foraccomplishing all flying spider hero terrorist missions. Defeat themost prominent and agent commando or police officers to becomesuper spider superhero of the big city. So get ready for realistic& futuristic spider hero game in prison experience.Surviveescape mission and amazing graphics.
With the help of your mutant flying spider hero super, strangepowers fly high while dodging all gun shooting taking place in thewar zone police station to kill military army soldier CommandoRangers. Each military army soldier commando ranger fighting thewar for your country of the frontline is a hero & life of each& every soldier commando ranger matters. This is why militaryarmy chases you for the kill and the injured commando soldierrangers from the frontline where the war is taking place. Yourmutant amazing spider hero super strange powers have alwaysdestroyed your city & its people making you the gangstereveryone looks up to. Now is the time to help military army saveyour country from the enemy terrorist forces to be a true warsuperhero. Enemy terrorist forces have waged the war using modernweapon & super guns which have resulted in higher number ofcausalities.
To rescue the injured soldier commando friend from the war zonefull of gun shooting taking place is not an easy duty. Modernweapons & super guns of the enemy terrorist forces might givethem an edge over our US army military soldier Commando Rangers butyour mutant flying spider superhero strange powers are far superiorto any modern weapon or super gun enemy has. Answer the call of theinjured friend & rescue them! They call to you because theybelieve in your mutant amazing spider superhero strange powers& they know you will do anything to perform your duty forgangster of Vegas. They look up to you as their superhero. Only youcan help the friend save your gangster information & network sohelp your friend wholeheartedly to win this war against the enemymilitary war forces & with the help of your spider hero mutantstrange superpower rescue every injured from the frontline.
Flying Spider hero survival battle war fight Features:
- Realistic superhero characters.
- Realistic police officers, criminals, and army soldier to fightwith.
- The unlimited thrill and endless fun.
- New York city jail or prison escape missions.
- High Definition Graphics.

App Information Flying Spider hero survival battle war fight

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    Flying Spider hero survival battle war fight
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    October 20, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.0 and up
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    Spy Entertainment
  • Installs
    1,000 - 5,000
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