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What should you do if your city had been attacked by most dangerouscriminal’s robots and mafia alien and allied robots?Get ready toclear the real city from all sorts of futuristic X ray robotshooting with your flying superhero jet robot alien super transformskills. In this 3D Flying super hero Jet Robot Alien SuperTransform game you will be the last age hope to save the earth fromextinction. The futuristic jet robot alien super transformprogramming will help you to kill the light robots using tacticalsuper transform expertise against the deadly forces of the enemiesto strike. There is an evil real team of hybrid light robots, flashrobots and x- ray robots who are trying to gain control ofeverything around in this jet robot alien game of war city combat.You are a well designed flying superhero boy with jet robot aliensuper transform programming made by steel body so you have athrilling experience of transforming flying super hero in jet robotor airplane robot in super alien. Convert from super hero intoflying jet robot plane when you need to shoot down opponent’srobots flying high in the sky. Do not let your super rival gangsterescaping from police custody with using your super alientransformation skills. Click the download button to enjoy this newaction super hero transforming alien game.Last and final battlebetween Flying super hero Jet Robot Alien Super Transform andshadow alien has been started & crazy superheroes vs superheroare ready to fight combat fighting in city fighting arena forsurvival on earth.You are the futuristic superhero jet robot alientransform so fight for the future of your innocent city people.Monster robots have opened the grand strike against your belovedmodern city. Fight like a real superhero ninja fighter transformskills and real steel man. You have to fight like a flying superhero in this legend arena among monsters and super-heroes legendsof US army. Try yourself in the role of a city survivor hero. Givethem some super powerful hit and Clash against these monstersbecause you are last hope for US army on earth so shoot all theenemies and survive. Play the role of a Jet Robot Alien SuperTransform with super power skills where evils have again attack USAcity with a plan of overtaking American army. Be a US army jetrobot and fights against this mutant crime warrior in final battlewhich is called the mission of heroes. Flying superhero Jet RobotAlien Super Transform is amazing rescue mission game with anamazing action simulator fight where real flying adventure aroundthe battlefield in a rescue mission game as a flying assault grandrobot superhero Alien transform legend. As a true militarysuperhero, you have to save your war heroes injured during thebattle with terrorists and criminals. Flying over gun shootingaction filled war zone as a true Military Army hero is of grandresponsibility where you have to rescue your fellow injuredmilitary army soldier commandos in this thrilling iron or steelmech army rescue robot transform game. In the futuristic battle ofmachines, the rescue mission is assigned to the flying robotstransform and to restore peace. Be the police robot and fightagainst the terrorist agencies, capture the bank robbers performingheist and put the prisoners in Jail. Superhero animal rescue gameis an exclusive blend of US Army superhero rescue games, flyinghero games, superhero adventure & super power games. Forgetabout mafia’s world and gangster’s wars. This is a new story.Inthis Flying super hero Jet Robot Alien Super Transform game youwill experience the match battles between super heroes and evilwarriors. You are the jet pack fearless fighter and super hero inresistance mod like a Hero of final war. You can show your ultimatefighting skill.

App Information Flying Super Hero Jet Robot Alien Super Transform

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    Flying Super Hero Jet Robot Alien Super Transform
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    November 2, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Survival Games Craft - Free Action & Simulation 3D
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Air Robot Transform Helicopter Battle Revolution 1.3 APK
Great news helicopter and air robot fighting loversSurvival gamescraft brings you real robots rescue mission game for robottransform games lovers. Air robot Transform Superhero rescue gameis an exclusive blend of US army superhero rescue games, flyinghero games, superhero adventure & super power games. Be thebest grand city heroes from action hero legend squad, go to thegrand city and complete your challenging rescue mission and enjoythe superhero adventure.This time we bring a new comic game wherewe are in the middle ages medieval time and your New York City hasbeen attacked by strange creatures from other planet. They areplanning to rule over whole city and spreading zombie virus amongthe people of New York. You are an iron hero with amazing superpowers Jetpack at your back to transform into a helicopter andgreat abilities like flying with the jetpack, fire with amazingguns fight with punching hand. Transform into a warship helicopter& with the power of jetpack, you can fly over the open city.Being a helicopter robot use all your super power and marvellousstrategy to save the people and city from the mafia and gangsters.Superhero robot to fight with other robot transformed and to helpsave the innocent people and fight against criminals with amazingflying and combat skills. You are a grand futuristic flying steelhero programmed to protect and guard the city. Fly over the grandcity to the ultimate height for searching and rescuing people in anemergency situation and take them on the ambulance to hospital.Give a hard time to criminals escaping from the grand city jailcombating police officers.The superhero and incredible monsters arebusy in taking revenge from bad guys in this situation thecivilians of New York need hero with super and strange powers thatcan save & defend the city from such monster creation. We areintroducing the Air Robot Transform Helicopter Battle revolutiongame with multiple game mode in which you can fly transform stealthhelicopter jet plane, which is a revolution in airplane fightinggames.The crime is high so download this Air Robot TransformHelicopter Battle Revolution game and enter in new York to savecivilians and city from strange creature.Prepare for epic actionfighting with your opponents and be the robot fighter champion2017.Start your rescue mission and first as air robot fight withevil creature cars moving in streets with spreading dangerousvirus. Crush them all one by one and sweep clean the streets of NewYork. Where you want a great speed use latest designed helicopterand shoot the enemies. Act as superhero robot to rescue the NYpeople and become the most spirited and valiant air robot of 2018.Play the role of New York City hero in this robot fighting andhelicopter flying simulator. Use all your strategy and helicopterequipped with latest weapons to save the people and the NY cityfrom malicious war. Fly high in the sky with your helicopter andbecome a real heli fighter against crime in grand city. In AirRobot Transform Helicopter Battle revolution you will combatdifferent survival situations while flying high in the sky. Theunknown creation is spreading virus rapidly & innocent peopleare worried & becoming a victim of unknown virus. In emergencysituations air robot with latest technology helicopter is neededwho could save people in epic rescue missions. Hold injuredcitizens of virus victim, fire alert & other disastroussituations in your super robotic arms, fly extreme high and takeinjured to hospital immediately for rescue. Be the only super Airrobot of big city. So if you love helicopter fighting games androbot games, this is marvelous place for you to express yourfighting and flying skills. In this air robot fight simulator, youhas efficient distinct powers of demolition.This game is speciallydesigned for air flying and helicopter flying lovers with greatintuitive controls, amazing graphics and lot of challenging levels.
Super Hero Survival Flying Spider 1.0 APK
What can you do if your city is under attack by gangster?Some mafiagangster has entered in your city and starts to do crime. They arekilling innocent people, making robbery in banks, shops, andshopping malls for making worth in city. Citizens are worried aboutthe extending crime rate in city day by day in such situation thisis a time to become spider hero and to end the increasing extremecrime rate. All the situation of your crime grand city is beyondcontrol of police and US army. In such situation your ultimatesurvival city government needs a flying spider hero to take chargeas a police hero in such epic battle. Nobody know about the flyingskills accept those who are playing such spider hero game. So whatare you waiting for put you spider mask on face and take charge ofgrand battle to rescue the innocent people.Be the brave spiderflying hero and battle against extreme terror in big cityGangsterare active and survival of people is extreme difficult in grandcity, Police and US army cannot handle such situation alone andpeople are in danger. So be the brave spider hero and start battleagainst extreme monster of terrorism. Show extreme flying actionstunts for rescue big city in this spider flying simulator game of2017. Criminal activities are at its peak whenever you see anyemergency situation around in access then transform yourself intoan amazing spider hero. As a real spider hero fight bravely againstthe enemies and rescue the injured people who in this extremespider rescue mission. Exhibit your epic abilities in spider actiongame. Some rescue teams are waiting for you in crime scene teachthem hard lesson that how you can get rid from such situation. Useyour spider power only for rescue the people and for fightingagainst the enemies. Take off to into the sky as a super spiderhero of city and look around for survival rescue missions. Countereach situation bravely to make an epic Flying Spider Hero. Withflying high in sky it will difficult for you to fight with enemiesso trained your skills first and then start fight. There arefurious car accidents, bomb blasts, and firing in city every theybroke all the rescue ways of people so be a brave and safe thepeople by taking them hospital by holding them on your spider arms.Great controls, amazing graphics and epic environment will give youreal feel of battle so become a great spider and make a story supersurvival rescue story.This game is designed for specially actionlovers and will give you real feel of action. Wear your spidercloth and got ready for action battleFeaturesEpic flying spiderhero rescue missionsAmazing Spider Hero Controls andAnimationsSimple and action gameplayTime to become a spiderheroTotally free action packed gameAmazing controlsFlying skillsPolish
Superhero Ninja Assassin Shadow Battle 1.1 APK
Get ready for the real thrilling adventure of ninja samuraifighting war. This is the heroic battle war of ninja warriors withkingdom enemies. This is the time to take revenge of ninja warrior,so get ready for clash of superhero ninja survival warrior withcastle knights and save innocent citizens. Kill all your enemieswith your samurai ninja warrior skills to save your peacefulcountry. You are fully train from the school of martial arts,already trained that how to fight with enemies. So, show your kungfu fighting skills and knockdown all of your enemies. Superheroninja assassin shadow battle is a modern combat fighting kung fufatal ninja game which is full of action packed and ninja fightingskills. This is shadow war against the king of state which haskidnap your wife so your mission is to free your wife from theking’s castle by fighting with samurai warriors of temple. Proveyourself as a superhero by showing the ninja assassin and survivalskills in this superhero ninja assassin game 2017. You are the lordof fight war, use your samurai sword fight like ninja soldier withenemies in this sword ninja fight game. Declare yourself a warriorsuperhero with sword. Fight like a ninja samurai assassin and grandkiller ninja in this assassin ninja superhero survival game 2017.Its royal throne game where you have to fight like a metal soliderusing your sharpen samurai sword against castle guards. Be thesuperhero warrior escape ninja and take epic revenge from the darkcastle enemies with your shuriken, samurai sword, arrows, bow andusing martial art fighting skills. As real superhero, fight likeninja warrior and free your country from the hands of king andbreakdown the prison to save your wife. But you need to find thepath how to enter in the castle because all the doors are lockedand need some keys to unlock doors in this epic ninja war game2017. In this escape adventure game lots of challenges waiting foryou to check your war survival and ninja samurai fighting skills.Sharpen your shuriken and throw towards rivals with your perfectshadow ninja targeting skills. Take aim with your bow and throwarrow to kill your enemies from long range. Only the superheroeswill won this epic throne battle game so prepare yourself as asuperhero ninja warriors for this superhero ninja assassin wargame.Equip yourself as ninja fighter, take your samurai ninjasword, bow, arrows and sharpen spinner shuriken for long rangetarget and fight like real ninja superhero warrior in thisSuperhero ninja assassin shadow battle 2017. So ready for the realthrilling ninja fighting experience in this epic war game and readyto face different fighting missions of this Superhero ninjaassassin shadow game.Game Features: Different ninja fightmissionsBeautiful street ninja warrior fighting experienceHugefighting environment for ninja warriorsRealistic fighting animationof castle guards3D Graphics of environmentSmooth and addictivegameplayMultiple weapons: Samurai sword, Shuriken, bow, arrows
USA President Helicopter Sim 1.2 APK
Dream to become a ruler of countryThis game is specially designedfor presidential lover who want to rule on whole states. In 2018president election you are elected as president of US which isgreat victory for you. Dye your hairs, comb backward and ready fortaking presidential oath and get ready to rule on country. Expresident, prime ministers and chief ministers are invited in youroath ceremony so prepare your first presidential speech to addresswith them and show them that you have great ruler abilities. Afterrefreshment go outside where the helicopter is waiting for you totake you president house. Defiantly you are crazy to play this gameso what are you waiting click the download button and enjoy thispresidential game to rule the country.This game is multi task gameespecially for those who wish to fly helicopter. The president iscoming sit in helicopter cockpit and ready your helicopter to takeover. Show your professional pilot skills with perfect take off andbe aware from air traffic, follow the instructions of helicoptermeter for make a perfect direction towards president house wherepeople and president staff is waiting for warm welcome. Land yourpresidential helicopter in lawn and open the heli door and wait forexit of president from helicopter. Become a good helicopter parkerwith making perfect parking of helicopter. The president is givinganswers of media anchor senior person about victory and futureplanning about country so hurry up take your helicopter away fromthere and do not interrupt between president press conference.Different helicopter and president levels are designed for you andeach one is best than the previous. Intuitive controls, amazinggraphics, president well designed home will give you real feel ofpresidency and helicopter flying so enjoy this game for severalhours . NO wifi no problem just install one time and play itforeverThe gameplay is all about to test your presidential rulerskills and your skills to fly helicopter and parking just tap onmobile screens and rule on all country.FeaturesThe most addictivepresidential gameReal feel of president who is ruling oncountry2018 presidential elections on play storeMulti tasks gamelike president and helicopter pilotNo wifi no problemHours of fun
Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime Fighter 1.1 APK
Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime FighterAnother masterpiece for the lovers of superhero women games. This time survivalgames craft brings grand twist in superhero women action games.Tellother superheroes who’s the super hero by some epic action.Bestthing about Superhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime Fighter isthat it will provide you with all the fun of best superhero womengames in the world and new super hero game. Fight with league ofjustice against army full of ghosts to save the land survival fromthe evil women warriors wonder. You are a master of arena battleand a super hero for your sisters.Combining the excitement presentin city survival games and female superhero games with theresponsibility of rescue mission with flying hero makes this flyingsuperhero simulator one of the best female superhero and ninjasuperhero assassin girls games.Here you get the chance to be asuperhero girl, fighting the world with her flying super powers allover the vice town with the flying monster superhero girl powers inthis wonder warrior women superhero games. Prove that you're a partof league of superhero wonder warrior women heroiens, fearlessfighter, king of gods and bring legacy of justice's dawn to savelives by killing 3D Serpent Tribe's army of dead becausesuperheroes never die because this is going to one of the bloodiestsuperhero wonder warrior heroes battles.This is a war againstjustice squad night rebel deadly criminals & antagonistterrorist so you need to come in war superhero women fighting gamebattle ring arena with full strategically mind to dominate thembadly. Follow the line of city confrontation to demolish the hidesecret badly lords with heavy gun fire & machine gun shootingincluding sniper. Use all assault sniper rifles to show them theirdoom with exciting & thrilling superhero battle adventure offighter air battle beam.Download & play the most amazingjustice squad League City game of critical gangster strikesuperhero online games.The monster superhero women immortal godsbattle not only gives you the joy of winning but also provides youuniverse rivals take down challenge. Fight like cat hero women,wonder warrior woman, black heroien widow, thunder girl, superherowomen, superheroien and featuring the alien Predator women to keepthe glory of superhero women power. Keep in mind that this is realsuperhero women vs superhero girls contest you will have to defenseyourself from superhero women power attacks. Knockout yourcompetitor with your super power punch on the face and super kickin the battlefield in this monster super hero combat. So, acceptthe challenge of the monster heroes and king of gods, get ready forthe robot ring fighting battle in this marvelous immortal beastmonster clash.Arcade vs knockout counter fighting round with otakuvs harissa, superhero women vs canfual, ninja girl vs cat hero.Kung fu fighting action well known in this game. Liberal smashadventure attack is very important to winning champion worldbattle. Fulfil your imagination to be a king of kung fu fighter.Youare on the right track to get your daily adventure doze with thisfantastic fighting games and boxing games! Control, Punch, JabPunch, Super Punch, Super kick, Flip Kick and fight with allopponents carefully and defeat them badly, told them who is theboss. You will enjoy the features of all other fighting games andring fighting games in this Grand Super hero Fighter ProgameSuperhero Women Immortal Gods Kombat Crime Fighter Features :🗡️Real Sounds Effect of Superhero women Action.🗡️ Reunite league ofsuperhero girls.🗡️ Fight monstrous battles and be a woman monsterhero in ring arena🗡️ Amazing HD super girl stunts and graphics🗡️Fight Grand Battle with Wonder Warrior Women🗡️ FIGHT AND SURVIVELIKE A TRUE SUPER GIRL WARRIOR!🗡️ ACTION FILLED MISSIONSDownloadthis new superhero online game of 2018 and indulge yourself in anunlimited fun and action.
Superhero Immortal Gods City Street Crime Fighter 1.2 APK
Another master piece for the lovers of superhero games. This timesurvival games craft brings grand twist in superhero actiongames.Tell other superheroes who’s the super hero by someaction.Superhero Immortal Gods City Street Crime Fighter brings awide range of superhero fighting squad including the masked hero,action heroin, action hero, spider hero, light hero, turtle hero,superhuman and flying superstars to lead the City Rescue Missions.The dark evil forces are spreading through the city, everyone ispanic stricken. The tough guy and tough girl of the area are tryingtheir level best to be the rescue heroes save the children from theprevailing horror. You are fighting for justice of those innocentpeople so use your acute sight, become diligent to look out for anyflubber made by the super villain team to win the fight betweengood vs evil. Some masked vigilante wearing costume and having anysuper strength will come to your aid in secret identity. This willbe one mega gangster strike action league.In this grand karatefighting game, you will enjoy real championships between Chineseand Japanese martial arts superhero comic characters which usedifferent fighting styles including Muay Thai, Taekwondo, and KungFu. Use User-friendly controllers to control your hero fighter insuperhero fighting games. Grand Immortal Ring Arena Battle attackperforms to defend their team by opponent remarkable fighting freestyles which want to defeat you. Kung Fu Superhero Immortal GodsCity Street Crime Fighter performs arcade and knockout round. Useunique karate styles fighting and show flying kicking, superkickand martial arts skills. These styles show realistic fightingenjoyment. Three round of fighting, Last round are winning round.Show your bravery and power to destroy an opponent in ninjaassassin deadly battle. Arcade vs knockout counter fighting roundwith otaku vs harissa, superhero vs canfual, spider vs meodea,lighthero vs terra. Kung fu fighting action well known in thisgame. Liberal smash adventure attack is very important to winningchampion world battle. Fulfil your imagination to be a king of kungfu fighter. Show off your astounding punching, extreme kicking andsuper combo techniques to take down opponents after selecting yoursuperhero ring fighter.These superheroes have come head on to provetheir true worth in this remarkable Superhero Immortal Gods CityStreet Crime Fighter which is a great starter for real boxinggames.Choose from highly skilled Incredible bulk, Super Girl, lighthero, red superhero, ,fearless fighter, Fidget spinner Hero, BlueCaptain and Luminous ring fighters to ace the arena. Show off yourastounding punching, extreme kicking and super combo techniques totake down opponents after selecting your superhero ring fatalfighter.Play as real superhero to fight against deadly gangstersand show them who's the super hero. Take part in gangster fightwith real gangsters and criminals and make your city secure.Feelthe incredible metahuman power of warrior princess and flyingsuperstars.The mafia heist will fight back with utmost power anddark energy to kill the Super light hero in this superhero vscriminal fight in ferocious superhero fighting game. It’s the gameof flying superstars and combo heroes.Superhero Immortal Gods CityStreet Crime Fighter Features:• Magical superpower of superheroes.•Realistic fighting characters and Advanced New York like moderncity.• Assemble favourite super tag team.• Realistic Environment ofarena ring.• Real gameplay of fighting.• Use multiple street kungfu fighting styles• Karate death battlefield.• Ninja assassinaction Battle warrior.• Multiple characters for ultimate action.•Superpower unique experience.
Super Hero Rescue Flying Robot 1.2 APK
Enjoy the action based game and experience the super flyingadventure around the grand city as flying steel robot to rescue thecivilians.Your mission in super hero rescue flying robot game is torise and fly over the grand city, find and save lives of theinjured people waiting for help. You are the last hope for them flyin grand city and go to emergency situation, transport some injuredpeople on ambulance and some on your robotic steel arms forrescuing them.Some mafia criminals attack on your city for grandrobbery they want to destroy the peace of people. They decided totarget some specific places from your vast city, mafia is wellknown criminal gang and can do anything to achieve their targets sothe life of people are in danger you have to play as a real superrobotic hero to save precious life with using your robotic skillsand sniper firing. You are a grand futuristic flying hero steelrobot which is programmed to protect and guard the city. The grandcity police can’t do anything without your robotic help so be thefuturistic warrior flying robot hero steel legend in actionsimulator and to help the police officers in fighting against thecriminal terrorist strikeStart the operation to show off your supercombat squad skills, attack the criminals and save this grand thecity from all of threats and terror.Use your advanced super roboticgun and missile accurately and kill the gangster squad whereneeded. In this particular single player game we have designedcountless amazing robots with metallic look and cutting edgegraphics. If you are an admirer of robot games, then you must likerobots war. This robotic game brings out your survival anddefensive instincts with multi-reflexes and combat skills. It isnow time to put forth your fighting skills because this game playis so intense that it’ll blow your mind. Amazing city environment,super robotic rescue missions, great controls, high qualitygraphics and animated people will give you interesting game play.Enjoy the real thrill in criminal chase missions and be the superrobot steel warrior legend in action simulator. Features of superhero rescue flying robot gameDifferent amazing steel robotsheroAnimated People Grand City EnvironmentSuper Robotic SkillsGreatGraphicsAmazing GameplayHours Of funAll ages Enjoyment
Spy Survival Escape Prison 1.0 APK
Do you like prisoner escaping game then try this Spy SurvivalEscape Prison. Be the smart prisoner and take charge of big missionthis time for escaping from the prison of terrorists.Your wholelife will destroy in the imprisonment in a horrible prison kept byterrorist. In this free to play prison escape action adventure game, you have to Break out & escape jail to chase your freedom inyour city. You have been sent to a jail prison located outside thecity somewhere in the woods / jungle. Security in prison is highalert because its a jail like Alcatraz in the middle of someisland. No one have ever survived in the terrorist prison. You arethe hero of the nation and got caught by terrorists in a battle forfreedom of your country. You know that you do not belong here indangerous criminals so you have to plan an escape but beware of thecorrupt warden who has assigned police sniper shooters, k9 dogs,police security guards, cops , cctv cameras , police patrol carsetc to keep an eye on you. If you want your freedom again then itis the best time for you to plan & break out of this jail. Youbefriended other criminals & prisoners which helped you inblending in & collecting the information as well as theresources required. Its almost impossible to run away from thishigh security Alcatraz like jail.You are in jail among criminalslike mafia murderers, robbers and thieves for crime you have nevercommitted. You have spent more than 10 years with horriblecriminals and now you have fully learn all escaping tricks. Nowbecome a tricky man and make a super escaping plan from police. Inpolice ASI meeting all senior officers decide to transfer the oldprisoners from central jail to island jail from grand city jail. Sothis is last chance for you to escape and become best prisonerescape survivor of 2018. This spy escape survival prison game isspecially designed for prison escape lover so become a brave heroand dodge police to start your escaping life. The police snipershooters & polices guards are equipped with modern weapons& guns which means they won’t hesitate to shoot you if you tryto run away. It’s not just a jail break it’s a war for survival.You’ll have to move stealthy & use your stealth skillsthroughout this special mission in order to escape. You will face alot of shooting bullets during your escape mission so be ready toaim and shoot accurately and swiftly. Get ready to execute yourgrand prison escape plan by killing the corrupt police men. You arebeing watched through Cameras and security is all over prsioners.Police is equipped with all sort of modern weapons, guns & theycan also call the helicopters for the search of escaped prisoners.So run for your life and start your survival mission.Your inmatesare waiting for you on sea port and police is chasing you in policecars and helicopters. Run fast and fast to save your life becauseall police cops have authority to shoot the escaping criminal.Fight against enemy until your last breath of life to complete yoursurvival mission. Use your sniper skills to shoot all the policemen trying to stop you. This spy survival prison escape game isvery interesting and full of fun and adventure. There are differentverity of prisons and jails on every level. There are multipleescaping challenges and tasks which are not impossible. There isnot only one difficulty there are many difficulties and dangerousso you have to survive throughout the game to complete challenginglevels. This game is full of thrill and interesting. So be a bravecriminal and show your interpersonal skills. The game revolvearound your escaping skills that how you to dodge the police men tocomplete your escaping mission. Enjoy incredible map designed toguide for your escaping mission, intuitive controls and 3Denvironment which will give you real feel of escaper mission. SoDownload this prisoner escaping game & enjoy nonstop survivalescape mission without wifi.