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Flap flap flap! The Flying Superhero is coming to the city! Butheis still learning on how to become a real hero. The first stepisto take a cape and fly around the city. Can you train him howtofly? Control: Tap to fly How to play: - Keep flapping -Avoidbuildings - Get as many points as possible Features: - Superb2Dgraphics - Fun gameplay - Amazing sound effects - Best flappygameof 2019 Play now and become the best superhero trainer you caneverbe!

App Information Flying Superhero: Flight Training

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    Flying Superhero: Flight Training
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    January 28, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Nixerd Hero
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Rope Ninja was a good hero. He helped many people in the BlockyCity to build and craft this very world. His trusty hook and ropehelped many construction blocks to be done. But accident happens.When building the city, a giant diamond block fell from the sky andhit the Rope Ninja head. The superhero fallen instantly and dead.Not long after that, the dead Rope Hero has been resurrected by agroup of evil scientist of mafia for criminal purpose. Given a newblack suit, the Rope Ninja hero soon become the Dead Rope Ninja andthis fallen superhero is ready to take out everything on his path.The diamond blocks on Blocky City was stolen by a group ofcriminals led by an anti-hero called the Smash Monster, a mutantmonster that is war ready to destroy the blocky world. Dead RopeHero is called to complete the task and eliminate all targets.Would he be able to do this mission? Features: - Swing like aspider hero - Craft your story! - Amazing 3D graphics! - Ultra nicegameplay - Criminals, mafia and thugs to defeat - Epic Boss fight!Defeat the incredible Smash Monster! - One of the best 3D actiongame of 2019 Download and play the best blocky city of spidersuperhero!
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The agent of D.E.A.D corp, Mr. Jake Spider is experimenting on theDead Rope Ninja's battle suit. He is obsessed with spiders and hetried to make a new exosuit based on a spider. He did it. He becomethe Spider Cyborg. Slowly but sure, he started to replace his bodywith this titanium-based spider-like exosuit. Mutant Wolf has beenwandering around for long enough near the D.E.A.D main HQ. He issent by the Mr.X, leader of the X Associations of the Mutants toget the secret titanium mine map. This mutant Wolf is just avolunteer of the x mutant whose DNA combined with the DNA of awolf. He become the werewolf, mutant Wolf with super regenerationsuperpower, super strength, super speed and diamond claw. Themutant Wolf has defeated many of the D.E.A.D guards and begin toenter the inner HQ. But Spider Cyborg comes out and break thefight. Kicking the mutant mutant Wolf to the outside and try tofinish the fight on the street. With the titanium spider suit, heis trying stop the mutant Wolf once for all. Features: - Pick yourfavourite hero! - Futuristic graphics! - Fun and cool gameplay! -Play as the Spider Robot or the Alpha Wolf! - Epic mutant andfuturistic robot clash! - Impressive fighting moves! - Very nice 2Daction game of 2019 Download and play this mutant vs robot fight!
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Since the Incredible Smash Monster attack on Blocky World, theblocky world has become an unsafe place for everyone to craft theirbuildings. The blocky evil company of Amazing Dead Ropes and hisrobots has risen. They plan to remove the evil and acting as homecoming vigilante. Flying Superhero, aka Delta Man is the policebest warrior. This super hero with superhuman power will bepowerful enough to destroy mutant Smash Monster from Crime City andthe evil company of Dead Rope Hero and his futuristic robot. Theevil company of Dead Rope is planning to stop the crime themselves,but they are also a threat on their own. They will try to mineevery diamond, gold, iron, steel and copper in exchange of falsesafety they give to the people of block world. It's up to theblocky world cops and Flying Superhero to stop both criminals andmafia of blocky world. Features: - Craft your own destiny! -Survive in the blocky arena! - Amazing 3D graphics! - Extra awesomegameplay! - Evil mobs to fight! - Another best 3D action game of2019 Download and play the best blocky world arena of superhero!
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The Negabot Virus continues to overrun the many robotmanufacturingfacilities in Hero City! Civilians have been evacuatedand theNegabot Troopers must be destroyed! Charging into thefacilityunder the orders of the Supreme Military Association ofSuperHeroes (S.M.A.S.H.), The Fire Fighter leaps into action tosaveHero City. The Fire Fighter, Rain Hale, was once aregularfirefighter, maintaining peace and responding to disastersin HeroCity. But due to exposure to ChemVx6, he gained the powertogenerate fire and swore to use his newfound powers to combatanythreats to Hero City. Now, his task is to infiltrate arobotmanufacturing plant and destroy as many robots as he cantodistract the Nega Artificial Intelligence, so a team of hackerscanshut down the production systems and remove the Negabot Virusfromthe robot manufacturing facility. Play as The Fire Fighter, andhisawesome fire powers to destroy the Negabot Troopers beforetheydestroy Hero City. Be the hero of the day and save Hero Cityfromthe robotic menace! Features: -Great 2D Graphics! -CombatEffectsand Sounds! -Simple Controls! -Multiple Robot SmashingLevels!-Upgrades! -Boss Fights! Save the day as The Fire Fighteranddestroy as many robots as you can! Download now and play thisepic2D platformer shooter!
com.Nixerd.Hero.CaptainMegaStar.RobotFactory 0.3 APK
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The Negabot Virus has taken over the robot manufacturing facilityin Hero City! Civilian lives are in danger of the threat that isNegabot Troopers! These merciless, heartless, mechanical monstersdestroy everything in its path to turn them into resources to buildtheir next set of troopers. It is the duty of the Supreme MilitaryAssociation of Super Heroes (S.M.A.S.H.) to stop them fromdevastating Hero City. Captain Mega Star, John Redson, is theChampion of the Super Star Soldier program and is the first torespond to the Negabot threat. Deployed to the largest roboticmanufacturing facility taken over by Negabot, Captain Mega Star'stask now is to destroy as many robots as he can to distract theNega Artificial Intelligence so a team of hackers can remove theNegabot Virus from the robot manufacturing facility. Play asCaptain Mega Star, and his favored G-8 Gattler Gatling Cannon todestroy the Negabot Troopers before they get out of hand. Be thehero of the day and save Hero City from the robotic menace!Features: -Great 2D Graphics! -Combat Effects and Sounds! -SimpleControls! -Multiple Robot Smashing Levels! -Upgrades! -Boss Fights!Save the day as Captain Mega Star and destroy as many robots as youcan! Download now and play this epic 2D platformer shooter!
Black Whip vs Thunder Speedster Street Brawl 0.5 APK
Nixerd Hero
The black mafia is a powerful gang that control huge variety ofcrime business. It has many notorious members as the high rankingofficer. One of them is the Black Whip. Black Whip is a villainthat is a combat expert. Her most favourite weapon is the energywhip. The black mafia is targeting the D.E.A.D corp as they storemany futuristic alien technology for their own good. Thecorporation is heavily guarded by tons of bodyguards and eliteguards alike. Thunder Speedster, in particular is the black mafia'starget. They want the technology of Thunder Speedster's suit, as itcould produce a very high voltage of electricity and move the userin the speed of flash lightning. Black Mafia then send their goonsof mafia, criminals, thugs, mobster, gangster and such. Thecorporation know this and send their bodyguards and their besthero. Who would win in this epic clash of superhero factions?Features: - Choose your faction! Black mafia or D.E.A.D Corp! -Cool flashy graphics! - Awesome, fun, and thrilling actiongameplay! - Choose from 5 heroes, Black Whip, Thunder Speedster,Incredible Hero, Spider Cyborg and Dead Rope Ninja! - Heroic actionmoves! - Amazing 2D action fighting game of 2019 Play this coolchampion contest of two factions!
Superhero Champions: Street Contest 0.3 APK
Nixerd Hero
The world of superhero, hero, and villain is being threatened by anunknown power. The doctor with unknown power threatened to destroythe marvellous universe and its champions if they don't follow hisgame. This strange looking doctor is gathering all of the heroesand villains alike to invite them in a deadly championship fightingcontest. The winner of the contest will be granted anything theyever wanted in this multiverse. Many factions of the marvellousuniverse from all over the future galaxy has gathered. The herofaction, the crime faction, the D.E.A.D corporation, the guardiansfactions and many more has gathered and picked their champion tofight for their faction. After a long fight for elimination stage,there are 14 champions left to fight this epic battle of thehistory: Flying Superhero, Incredible Hero, Dead Rope Ninja, SpiderCyborg, Smash Monster, Mad Monster, Thunder Speed, Black Whip,Mutant Wolf, Iron Cop, Captain Megastar, Super Soldier, JusticeBot, and Punch Hero. The champions are going to fight and survivein an epic proportion with their heroic power, speed, strength,abilities to save the galaxy, universe and futuristic multiversefrom the evil force and to avenge the world for justice. Prepareyourself for the largest epic fighting action game on the history!Features: - Choose your favorite heroes! - Many cool abilities -Awesome, fun, and thrilling action gameplay! - More than 53 heroesto choose! - Amazing graphics! - Best 2D action fighting game of2019 Play this futuristic championship to save the universe!