1.0 / October 16, 2017
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This Flying Superhero Robot Grand City Rescue Hero Mission Game isa no task for ordinary super robots. Life of a super robot is hardas it is flying from one building to another at amazing supersonicspeed, rescue civilians and real steel robot fighting crime; is atrue superhero thriller. This action game will let you know realdifference between steel and flesh. In Flying Superhero Robot GrandCity Rescue Hero as a flying robot steel hero legend, you must beable to save innocent people and injured citizens in amazing robotaction simulation. There may be a security red alert, criminalattack and a combat between super loyal police officers and mafiagangsters where your help would be needed. Be the futuristic crimewarrior flying robot hero steel legend in real action simulator andto help the police officers in fighting with against the criminalterrorist trained squad. Use your advanced super flying roboticskills and advance power and missile accurately and kill thegangster squad where needed. Show off your super flying and combatskills, attack the criminals and save this grand peaceful city fromall sorts of mafia threats and terror.Fly over the grand 3Ddesigned city for suitable for robot flying to the ultimate heightfor keen searching and rescuing people in the emergency situationagainst crime and take them to the ambulance. Give a hard time tothe hateful criminals and mafia escaping from the grand city jailcombating some super police officers. Aim and super sniper shootthem away with your advanced super robotic steel gun and robotmissile in action simulator. Be the futuristic super warrior steelrobot and fight bravely against mafia and crime with the flyingpowers and other super powers to save the city and dismiss mafiagroups causing terror in the city town. Enjoy the real flyingthrill in criminal chase missions and be the super flying steelrobot warrior legend in action simulator.In Flying Superhero RobotGrand City Rescue Hero you are a superhero with amazing superflying powers and great abilities everyone looks up to you in timeof need. You can fly in air with no fear and you can move superfastbetween the buildings. Use all your super dangerous power andmarvelous strategy to protect and save the people from dying in thehands of criminals in the city. It is a new and superb superherogame on playstore, you feel relieved and powerful while you areplaying this game and enjoy the missions when you are solved.Superhero saves people in trouble and from accident and gangsterproblems. Gangsters are involved in the street crime in presence ofa superhero like you and perform other unpleasant activities incity. Superhero crime battle provides a great platform throughFlying Superhero Robot Grand City Rescue Hero game where peopleknow the power of superheroes.Play this fabulous super story toaccomplish the challenging missions. A gangster irritates innocentpeople so you kick the crazy gangster and fight gangster to protectthe people in vice city. Key Features1- Amazing superhero game2-Flying and fighting powers3- Challenging and hard missions4- Smoothcontrols5- Grand 3D city environment6- Amazing story

App Information Flying Superhero Robot Grand City Rescue Hero

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    Flying Superhero Robot Grand City Rescue Hero
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    October 16, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Superhero Fighting Games
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Grand Superhero Spider Water Slide Uphill Rush 1.0.2 APK
Super hero is all ready to have fun in full funky action foradventures! The real sliding and uphill adventure is on forsuperhero for fun. In this real 3D game of 2018 you will discover aworld full of fun and crazy adventures. The modern waterslide isinvolved in this grand superhero game. Let’s play this super spidersuperhero game with all the amazing and fun adventures. This 3Dgame is all about having fun in the modern water park and in waterslides, amuse your spare time with the real amazing modern parkviews and swings around you. Select your favorite character fromthe category, start the fun journey with full energy and passion.Being a super spider hero you are not always assigned to performyour crazy super heavy duties to rescue the city, rescue the peoplefrom burning and all that, you have all rights to enjoy and getrelax in the park or in water slides. Go and enjoy all the funadventures that come your way whether it is rush climbing waterslides or real parks. Get a lift of car to reach at your fun park,find keys and swing place. Get the experience of fun filledadventures of water slides, racing, realistic park walk, crazyspiderhero water slide climbing and fun sliding. Spiderheroes arenot only restricted to solve mysteries, killing the terrorists,grand evil mafia and realistic monsters. You have to enjoy yourlife with full fun and do crazy adventures to make it worthy. Gowith other super heroes to accomplish crazy fun adventures in thewaterslide parks. Be a crazy super spiderhero to enjoy all the funadventures with full grand crazy actions. Enjoy and take theclimbing water park slide with full Uphill rush action. Enjoy thefun filled waterslides with kids, sliding water and Rush Park inrealistic 3D view. You have got all rights as a super spider heroto take the water slides, enjoy rush water swimming views, see theplaying kids, take a racing rush lift in a car with modern 3Dsimulator. Enjoy the real waterslide superhero uphill rush withfull of fun. Go to the park and have fun with the water slides toenjoy your life. Splash the crazy water in the pool, have fun withhill slide uphill grand climbing rush and water sliding. Have funout of your responsibilities; get the fun of uphill real waterslideadventure. You being the crazy Spiderhero, Go into the swimmingpool and get the taste of swimming. Perform your restrict duties asa superhero spider man while having fun in the waterslide rushpark. Get the lift, find the keys and solve extreme adventures inthe crazy water parks. Be the best super spiderhero who enjoys hislife with the full fun adventure while rescuing the people time bytime; kill the grand evil monsters and gangsters to accomplish yourmissions. This modern waterslide super rush uphill climbing 3D gameis full of amusement and fun. Enjoy this 3D fun filled game ofwater slide adventures, this Grand Superhero Spider Water SlideUphill Rush 3D game is a mixture of the spider superheroes in thecrazy park adventures to enjoy. You might have played car racingdrifting games, mafia war games but you may have never played parkswing rush climbing hill water slide type of 3D games ever before.By playing this super amazing crazy piece of art you will forgetall the other fun filling 3D games. Get ready for the modern crazywater splash adventure of the year 2018. This is the bestwaterslide fun park uphill rush 3D game so far. Enjoy being a funliking spiderhero and have fun while playing this piece of crazyadventure. Key Features :• Stunning 3D waterslides and parkgraphics• Easy and smooth controls to move in the environment• Funparks, swings, water splashing, water sliding with HD graphics•Superhero having fun in water slide parks• Discover water parkenvironments
Spider Superhero Training Real War 1.0 APK
Spider Superhero Training Real War is specially designed anddeveloped for superheroes flying spider homecoming fans and citycaptain superhero fans. Get ready to play the most maniac addictiveand fantastic spider superhero simulator. Join the crazy toptraining leaders of avengers to fight against other monstersuperheroes. Real superhero city captain turned against counterlegend of star industry. Both world protectors’ superheroes aregood and trying to protect the city from monsters and bad peoplebut their way of thinking made them each other enemy. It is nowyour duty to use your real extreme superpowers and save the city asa superhero. You are a real spider superhero; all the city peopleare dependent on you. Save them, fly to the rescue using your realflying and incredible counter powers. This game completelysatisfied your need to rescue those in need. Be the real spidersuperhero and kill all the gangster and mafia. Counter the monstermafia and be the real superhero of city people. Be the one thateveryone depends on and fight the criminals.For this purpose youneed to learn and get counter attack training. Get the incrediblefighting and counter war training. Get ready to learn and fightthis war using all your instincts. Utilize your extreme flyingpowers and superpowers to get a strong hand on the crazy monstermafia. Fight the extreme war and win it with all the grace. Yourtraining includes, walking through the spikes, staying away fromdrums and bombs, getting a safe step inside the tunnels.Not justthis, you can also train yourself on extreme shooting skills. Youcan get kill, aim and shooting experience through this training.Spider Superhero Training Real War introduces this new thing oftraining without weapons and training with shooting weapons aswell. There is no platform yet to introduce this type of extremecounter mafia superhero spider training opportunity. Get thistraining in your mind, learn everything about extreme fights, andcounter mafia wars, killing and real shooting like a real spidersuperhero. You are having a training for real war against mafia,you have all the luck and rest is based upon this training that youwill get from none other than Spider Superhero Training Real Wargame. In this real epic superhero war, the hero forces are going tojoin for counter crime fury superhero battle. This is counter mafiaopen war against gangsters with real spider super hero. You are ahero warrior and a good spider superhero soldier in this extrememission of incredible heroes in survival city against the evilmonster. You are a real city superhero and have taken part in somany real wars and counter gangster hero battles, that's why youare the incredible warrior and survivor in this incredible elitecity. If you are looking for new fights and superhero war games,than Spider Superhero Training Real War is the real adventure thatawaits you in battle arena. So what are you waiting for, hold yoursuper spider hero gun and go for counter mafia wars in the elitebattle city. Use your strange elite mutant super spider hero powersand shooting skills in this escape incredible training mission.Best of luck for this counter mafia war and enjoy incrediblegangsters fight vs. Superhero Spider battle game.*Key Features* 1.Stunning 3D Environment 2. Explore the real 3D city in thistraining simulator3. Realistic bullet time effect4. Amazing actionpacked mission based game5. Various combat missions with superherobattle training6. Impressive 3D graphics, visuals and breathtakingcity views7. This spider monster game is totally free8. Veryrealistic sound effects
Grand Superhero Ninja Warrior Survival Mission 1.0 APK
Declare yourself a true ninja grand warrior superhero with themighty sword that can defeat any evil in this world. Fight like areal warrior ninja samurai assassin and a threating grand killerninja in this true shadow assassin survival ninja superherofighting revenge game of 2017. It’s no ordinary fight, it is a realroyal throne fighting game where you have to fight and kill like ashadow metal solider using your sharpened mighty samurai warriorsword against castle guards. Be the real ninja superhero warriorescape ninja and take epic warrior assassin revenge from the darkcastle enemies and its fully strong guards with your shuriken, themighty samurai sword, precise arrows, bow and using real trainingof martial art fighting skills. As a real shadow ninja fightingsuperhero, fight like a grand superhero ninja warrior of thishidden amazing mighty castle and free your country from the handsof king and his army and breakdown the prison to save your place,your people and your country. To survive through all this survivaland challenging mission you need to find the path how to enter andescape the assassin castle because all the doors are locked findways to win this war, find keys to escape this grand shadow castle,fight a real ninja to escape death and need some tricks to unlockdoors in this epic Grand Superhero Ninja Warrior SurvivalMission.Ninja warrior assassin survival superhero is going to fightan incredible superhero grand shadow survival battle with speciallytrained ninja enemies using super fighting and war skills. This areal assassin battle of shadow superhero warrior against shadowrivals for getting the royal throne back in no time. Be the realhero of your country, own this shadow victory. You are one of thereal heroes who don’t turn back. You the real survival and warriorsuperhero ninja shadow assassin warrior who belong to the grandroyal warrior family is on the mission to get back the grand royalthrone from evil king, get what actually belongs to you.GrandSuperhero Ninja Warrior Survival Mission is a real survival test ofyour grand martial art and survival fighting techniques and amazingkilling and fighting skills. Fight like extreme ninja fightersuperhero survival warrior and bring death to the ninja warriorassassin enemies. Make the best use of your grand samurai skills,sword power and shield to win this warrior heroes battle. It’s nowtime to show perfect combat fighting skills against the castleguards and ninja gate keepers and kill them with lethal fightaction stunts. Stick to your ultimate mission of getting the grandroyal throne back and rescue princess like a real ninja superherofor making your warrior ninja family proud and making the grand warsurvival possible!So, fight, kill, take revenge, survive and escapethrough this mad Grand Superhero Ninja Warrior SurvivalMission.*Key Features* 1. Different ninja fight missions2. Smoothand addictive gameplay3. 10 breathtaking assassination war missionsagainst armed soldier4. Amazing 3d Graphics, beautiful castleenvironment and best Sound Effects!5. Realistic fighting animationof castle guards6. Battle against castle guards & gate keeperslike a real superhero!7. Smooth onscreen touch buttons for shadowfighting game8. Free fight
Superhero Bicycle Rider : Impossible Tracks 1.0.1 APK
It's now time to become the real superhero bicycle rider tocomplete all the amazing and challenging missions on sky hightracks that are made with ramp in true limitless space. Unleash theexpert bicycle stunt rider by riding on a freestyle BMX with superhero to get real feel of real impossible off road stunt racing gameadventure. This is a new simulation and venture cycle Game of 2017where you can enjoy bike impossible racing on crazy robot bikewheels. This superhero true BMX stunts racing 2017 game offers youa wide variety of BMX tricks, mid-air ramps, tricky bike trackstunt and quad stunts in the stunt zone of extravaganza impossibleroads.Take control of your mountain bicycle to get the feel ofamazing thrilling bicycle adventure where superheroes are ready toride the modern two wheel cycles on crazy impossible tracks. Thedancing superheroes add the major fun in this simulation game. Theoff-road bicycle game will also help every cyclist to improve theskills on amazing tracks.. This spider boy needs daredevil drivingskills to get on these impossible tracks that only a legend candrive. Be the best cycle racer of this amazing track 3D game of2017 on impossible tracks that are made with containers!Flip yourbike on hard tracks while performing impressive aerobatic stunts.There are two modes for impossible bicycle driving one where youare true bicycle and want to have fun and second where you are atrue superhero ready to accomplish the achievement of being thebest person to work on these impossible tracks. Enjoy the superherocycling real adventure as a real BMX cycle stunts performer andrider of 2017.With Colorful HD graphics become a true BMX rider andaccomplish spectacular tricks while riding a bicycle inbreathtaking places all over the world. Just like in real BMX bikeracing of 2017, Superhero Bicycle Rider : Impossible Tracks is agame of skill that takings a few actions to realize but a biglifetime to master. This game is specially designed just for theBMX bike stunts lovers in this game you will perform fearless truestunts in the air and upon the water. Skater boy in this BMX boygame is a thief of fame who is grabbing popularity from someone andwants to escape with it help him to escape. Your pumped BMX isready for major stunts in VMX racing. You will feel the amazingskater adventures and extreme bike stunts in this cycling game tryto escape like a rabbit from this situation.Key Features 1- Controlyour BMX for complete the level easily2- Pedal your bmx for extremeriding 3- Enjoy the smooth controls4- Experience the adventure ofimpossible bikes5- Be the superhero cyclist6- Perform amazingstunts
Super Spiderhero : Amazing City fighting Game 1.0.1 APK
Welcome to Super Spiderhero : Amazing City Fighting Game 2018. Areyou looking for Super Spiderhero : Amazing City Fighting Game? Ifyes then fighting 3D game is for you. A US Army hero becomes realfighter in this superhero city survival game. The spider super herohas all power of horrified shadows fight & pluses all have thesame way to attain the real awards and be the real winner in afighting super battle. Get ready to play the most exciting extremecombat missions with super spider hero as a secret agent to killall terrorists in city. Super Spiderhero : Amazing City FightingGame gives you the amazing chance so become a legend and homecomingsuper hero at the same time. You’ll have gone to the battlegroundwhere an unknown terrorist of brutal battle is taking place. Useyour real super spider hero power to perform your duty as a monsterhero. Play as USA commando, the most frightening and thrilling 3Dgame of the year 2018. Prepare yourself with deadly mission againstcriminals, terrorists, gangster mafia robbers in Super Spiderhero :Amazing City Fighting Game. It’s an army action-packed 3D game& if you are looking for something new and real amazing armygame play then this is a right place for you. Are you ready to showyour wonder attacks with tricky killer fighting skills against yourultimate gangster mafia agents? It's time to be real super monsterspider hero. Become a spider hero to kill the criminals &terrorist and survive the city.This Super Spiderhero : Amazing CityFighting Game is especially for superheroes fighting fans who wantto survive the people from criminals with modern weapons. Become anUS army man and a super spider hero to face the all fightingchallenges in battlefield. Grand City has target of disarray &the monster criminals all over the grand city & they tried toprivilege their own territory. Situation is outside the control ofUS army. For ultimate survival mission of big city super survivalhero is required who can act as US Army hero for city people as thewhole city looks up to. You can move superfast like a spider to useyour strange abilities & you took to join US army to performsurvival duty in combat & help your city.In this SuperSpiderhero : Amazing City Fighting Game kills enemy monsterterrorists to prove that you are the best super spider hero of2018. The crime battle in the city is an astonishing game forhomecoming spider hero games lover. The monster Spiderhero combatis a survival mission game in the city where crime rate is risingday by day & this super Spiderhero in action provides you thechance to protect your city from terrorists & you are monsterhero at the same time and fighting for justice in the grand city ofcrimes. Super fighting simulator is an action-packed fighting gamewhere you have to use your modern weapons to fight against thecriminals. This war against crimes at the city & plenty ofchallenging missions and discover different survival missions inthe city of crimes.Super Spiderhero : Amazing City Fightingadventure game has a huge & free world war 3D environment.Action game for free has plenty of challenging super fightingmissions with realistic sound effects in homecoming spider 3D game.To get rid of you terrorists, mafia thugs & gangsters all thevillains in short made a plan to arrest people life. Unfortunatelythey prospered in taking you & made you a prisoner. They haveput you in a high security prison. Make your city a peaceful citythe World of Crimes. So become the super spider hero & enjoythe army Super Spiderhero : Amazing City Fighting Game.Key Features:1. Wonderful action-packed game in which fight against criminals2.Multiple survival missions & gangsters fight with modernweapons3. Remarkable 3D environment for combat & realisticcontrols4. It’s super spider hero time to enjoy the adventure5.Amazing sound effects & frees to play
Grand Super Ninja Warrior Turtle Hero Fight 1.0 APK
Join ninja in his strange mutant adventure. This turtle game is somuch fun. Try you best to pass all the difficult levels! Collectall amazing stars and you can get more scores. Enjoy the one of thebest mutant ninja platform games ever. Download Grand Super NinjaWarrior Turtle Hero Fight now and start playing this amazing game.It’s time for these mutant turtles to leave the pond, and take on aunique way to fight danger and crime! Clash of the heroes andmutant villains have just begin! Are you up for the strange warriorchallenge?!Use your super turtle warrior abilities to spin thistown around! Clear the grand city from thug mafias, gangster gangs,and criminals like super warrior turtle. Reclaim your turf withyour mutant ninja and karate skills! This game is a combined fusionof action, fighting, and RPG adventures. Embark on flying fightingmissions after picking your favorite super warrior turtle with acolorful texture. Use amazing fighting tricks and advance attackingpowers like a super ninja warrior to deal maximum damage. There arestory-based superhero fight missions to explore with two differentenvironments especially designed for thrilling action. Every singlemission has a unique warrior fight challenge to overcome, skill tolearn, and special attack, like mega mutant punch and kick! Protectgrand city civilians, children cars, and buildings from harm.Thenew and amazing ultimate ninja shadow fighter game is here takedown enemy elite warrior commando with dual sword blade slice andboxing skills in super turtle game. The warrior master teaches youand other super turtle and ninja tactics under grand fighter NewYork City sewer. Ninja training is over where you spend mutantteenage big city life to become a warrior and turtle super hero.Play Grand Super Ninja Warrior Turtle Hero Fight to step out ofdark shadow and takedown incredible monster with instant kill.Super hero mutant ninja got a new rescue mission with stealth fightand killing, stop devil ninja shadow from starting chain reaction.Swing the mighty sword blade and eliminate threat for hostage life.The strange mutant ninja warrior training is over its not someteenage high school game. Innocent live are at stake in this grandcity, use shadow ninja tactics and swing sword for brutal superherostealth killing. Play as mutant iron warrior ninja transform yourlethal turtle warrior skills to target super villains. Clear thearea of grand city as turtle super hero and face your dark ninjawarrior instincts. Your mutant senses raise you from teenage to askillful warrior strange ninja assassin. Super turtle is here tokill the crap out of bad guys and great gangster in grand city.Make sensei honored with ninja mutant training by rescuing innocentscientist from lab site. Kill the incredible superhero mutantmonster before they make an explosive full of deadly virus. Enjoythe warrior ninja shadow in this exclusive non-stop action GrandSuper Ninja Warrior Turtle Hero Fight game for free in your androidtablet and mobile.Key Features 1- Intense mutant turtle fightinggame with amazing infiltration mission2- Super game for non-stopaction games lovers3- Amazing fighting effects4- Smooth controls tohave a smooth thrilling fight5- Amazing tricks and mutant powers