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The only android sport game of this type: If you think you gotit,think again. This game needs focus and intelligence. The rulesaresimple: one image, 3 possibilities, how many points you thinkyoucan get ! The images are for all types of sports (soccer,football, fut, basketball, tennis, pool, cricket, baseball...) Onemistacke and you have to start over play and check yourlive scorein the ranking tab.

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123 kids 8.1 APK
games for all ages ( under 6 / 6 to 9 / over 13 ) +For kids under 6:A very fun way for kids to learn Numbers.Available in severallanguages:English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Portuguese,Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Japanese, chineseIt support widest rangeof Android devices.* Numbers 1-9.* Image of each Number.* Realsound and human pronunciations.*Learn how to write numbers.*Memorygame* Without any restrictions.Let your kids learn Numbers in aneasier way by relating each Number with an object.Very simple andeasy to use. +For kids 6 to 9 :*Math exercises +For kids over 13:averry fun car game +For parents:parents can see their kid's results
123 kids 6.0 APK
A very fun way for kids to learn German Numbers.It support widestrange of Android devices.* Numbers 1-9.* Image of each Number.*Real sound and human pronunciations.*Math exercises *Learn how towrite numbers.* Without any restrictions.*painting gameLet yourkids learn German Numbers in an easier way by relating each Numberwith an object.Very simple and easy to use.
the right number 1.1 APK
A fun, addictive and a very simple game.HOW TO PLAY:-At first, the game chooses a random number (the target).-You will start with the number 0 (the result).-You need to add or subtract the random number that will appearonthe top of the screen to make your number (the result) equal tothetarget.-You can also multiply your number or divide it by 2.The game has 6 levels :-Level 1 : the target is X ± 50 ( x is a random number)(example :if the target is 1450 ± 50 , you win if your number(theresult) is any number between 1400 and 1500)-Level 2 : the target is X ± 30-Level 3 : the target is X ± 20-Level 4 : the target is X ± 10-Level 5 : the target is X ± 5-Level 6 : the target is X ± 000 ( you must get theexactnumber)good luck :Dupdate :unnecessary permissions removed (geolocation, ... )
com.vito.numberar 6.0 APK
هذا البرنامج تعليمي للأطفال من سن 3 سنوات إلى 6 سنوات لتعليم الطفلالأعداد من الرقم 1 إلى الرقم 10 وكيفية العد والترتيب والمقارنةبينهم بشكل بسيط وتفاعلي يسهل على الطفل حفظ وفهم الأعداد بسرعةوببراعة فائقة وبشكل يجعل الطفل يسمتع بما يقوم بعمله. مميزاتالتطبيق:يحتوي التطبيق على ميزات كثيرة وممتعة ومنها:التعرف أكثر علىالأرقام من خلال التعرف على العدد في الصورةسماع الرقم أكثر من مره فيأكثر من تطبيق ليساعد الطفل على حفظة وقراءتة بشكل جيدالإستمتاع معالصور التي تدل على العدد أو الرقم بمجموعة ألوان يحبها الأطفالأسئلةتختبر مهارة الطفل في العد ومعرفة الأرقام بشكل ممتع وشيق وسهل يساعدالطفل على الإستمتاع بالتعلميعلم الطفل مهارة عد الأرقام وإتقانهابشكل صور محبوبة للأطفاليعلم الطفل معرفة كيفية العد والترتيبتصاعدياً من الرقم 1 إلى الرقم 10 في شكل لعبة بسيطة تجعله يتقن هذهالمهارةيعلم الطفل جمع الأرقام و إجراء عمليات حسابية بسيطة.ألعاببسيطة وسهلة وممتعه والتي تساعد الطفل أكثر على التعرف على الأرقاموالأعداد وإكتشافها وترتيبها-جديد: لعبة التلوينلعبة جديدة: ربطالنقاطمعلومات هامة:أفضل رؤية للبرنامج على جهاز tabالإصدار 2Thisprogram of education for children from 3 years old to 6 years oldchild's education numbers from number 1 to number 10 and how tocount and ranking and comparison, including a simple andinteractive easy for the child to save and understand the numbersquickly and brilliantly super way that makes the child Asmta whathe was doing.Application features:Application on many fun features,including: ContainsLearn more about the numbers by identifying thenumber in the pictureHear the figure more than once in more thanone application to help a child to the keepers and read wellEnjoywith the photos that indicate the number or number range colorsloved childrenQuestions that test a child counting the skill andknowledge of numbers in a fun and interesting and easy to help achild to enjoy learningChild teaches counting numbers and masteringthe skill of a beloved images of childrenThe child knows how tocount and know the arrangement upward from No. 1 to No. 10 in theform of a simple game to make it mastered this skillThe child knowsthe collection of numbers and perform simple mathematicaloperations.Simple, easy and fun games that help the child more toidentify the numbers and the numbers and discovered andarranged-jdid: Coloring GameNew Game: connect the dotsimportantinformation:Best viewed program on the device tabVersion 2
123 learn numbers 6.0 APK
A very fun way for kids to learn English Numbers.It support widestrange of Android devices.* Numbers 1-9.* Image of each Number.*Real sound and human pronunciations.*Math exercises * Without anyrestrictions.Let your kids learn English Numbers in an easier wayby relating each Number with an object.Very simple and easy touse.updates:-remove unnecessary permissions (geolocation, ....)-Math exercises-learn how to write numbers-classify the numbers inascending order.-painting game-new game : connecting points
where is the ball 3.0.1 APK
It is not as easy as you think ;)Many pictures are deceitful, andif you miss 3 times YOU LOSE !!The pictures are chosenrandomly.Please rate us to ameliorate the game and to add morepictures :D Have fun !!
Break Bricks Ball 1.1 APK
Break Bricks Ball is a new smash bricks game available on GooglePlay and boasts more features than every other arcade game.Let'sexperience a revolutionary brick breaking game that sets a newstandard of fun over any break out style game you’ve ever played!We've got 18 levels and 2 different modes of speed (slow, fast) foryou to conquer. Break your first brick to start a revolutiontoday!Game Features:- Two detailed worlds with 18 levels and moreto come- Colorful graphics that will leave you hungry for more-Engaging sound effectsHow to play: Control the paddle to preventthe ball from hitting the bottom. Remove all the bricks to levelup. You can turn off the sound in the stage selection screen(topright button).
WTF jokes 6.2.2 APK
Wtf jokes is the best memes app with lol pics from all over theinternet, it's a fun apps for teens Top collection of funnypictures (yoo Bro jokes, WTF memes, autocorrection fails, championgg fails, Funny quotes, funny comics, yo bro, sarcasm, knock knockjokes, troll face, rage memes, funny texts, embratoria, superheromeme, corny jokes, prank dial jokes, dumb blonde jokes ,PICTAILfail, aow jokes, yo mama jokes, cleverbot fails, iFunny jokes,Halloween jokes, doggies doggy pics, ninja quotes, wtforecastquotes, Trump jokes, beagle emoji, the genie jokes, akin naderjokes, memes ifunny for kids, lol sumo pics, hilarious jokes,halloween candy memes, chained criminals quotes, car crush fails,wtf facts, blonde jokes, wtforcast jokes and wtfast memes ...) Youcan also CREATE memes and make your own meme with our new memegenerator with the free meme maker you can upload your meme to ourserver and other users can comment, like it or share it (but youmust wait admin's approval before the your meme becomes live on theserver) with this app your going to laugh out loud house the onlyapp that has New funny pictures every day ( 10 or more Funny Picsand memes " joke of the day " ). free download any meme you cancontact us at: - our facebook page : FB.com/FP.jokes - 9GAG :9gag.com/u/jokeswtf - reddit : reddit.com/user/wtf_jokes